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An Appointment was made, the date confirmed. Flora was escorted through the Solacious compound by a servant up the grand stairs towards the first door before him. The skunk looks towards Flora, stepping up to the door to knock. "Lady Solacious? Your Noonday appointment is here." He calls out, a response rather quickly returned. "Send her in please."

Flora seems to be dressed... A little nicer than usual. A white robe of sorts, clean of stains, although still emblazoned with the emblem of LongTech Industries. She's got a satchel filled with various papers and sketches, and she seems... A little more restrained than usual. Seems she's at least taking this thing seriously.

The Skunk bows, opening the door before Flora. "Presenting Lady Longtail, head ouf house Longtail." He announces her entrance into the Office. It's plush, definitely a change from the old office of Angus that Flora had seen, the room was inviting, a high ceiling with many bookshelfs crammed with old texts covering the walls. On the other side of it is a large desk, the chair having turned towards the bay window facing away from the door, a soft female voice emanating from the chair. "Charmed, good evening Lady Longtail."

"Flora... Prefers Flora, yes," the she-cat offers after a short pause, her tails swaying behind her, as she steps into the office with a small smile on her face.

"Flora has an... Idea, yes. But Flora needs the help of the other Houses to make it work," the she-cat concludes after a moment of contemplation, pulling out one of her sketches, although she's not unrolling it yet.

"OH an Idea?" Came the reply as the chair swivels, to reveal the rather non imposing figure of the Fennec sitting within the rather larger chair. "Good afternoon Dear, Flora you said? PLease sit, would you like some tea?" She offers, stretching over her desk to pick up the tea kettle to pour two cups.

"Flora, yes," the she-cat notes, as she takes her seat, and places the large sketch on the desk, still rolled-up. ears flicking, as she shakes her head. "Flora's not thirsty, no. As for Flora's idea... Promise Expo, yes. Gather the brightest being on Promise, have them show the newest discoveries for a month long," she explains, tails flicking behind her. She seems excited about the idea, herself.

The sketch is looked at, Flora recieved a look as well, before Lady Solacious smile grows as she sits, taking a drink from her tea. "I see, I see. A promising way to learn more about technology, and to show the public that Promise still grows even when war is upon us yes?" She asks, before setting down her tea. "Now I'm sure you came here to ask a few questions dear, so if I may. What can the Solacious house do for you?"

"That... And a good way for Sweetwater to show it's at the forefront of the scholarly arts, yes. Lord Blackback was interested in joining the project, on the condition that the other houses are, as well, yes," she explains, before gesturing at the architectural sketch. "Flora was thinking a specially made building for the purpose of the Promise Expo, yes. But it needs funding, first, yes."

Lady Solacious studies the sketches for a few moments, tapping a few claws on her tea cup in thought. "I see, So old stripped Tail doesn't want to commit unless others are there hm?" She answers, flashing a little bit of a warm smile. "Funding you say, how much do you believe will be needed for this? Do you have an estimate?" She asks as those large ears perk up and flick, her full attention on Flora now.

Flora nods and flicks her tails behind her. "Flora was thinking fifteen percent from each house, twenty from the crown, and the remainder being made up by Flora and House Blackback. Proceeds from the event would be split similarly, of course. Flora thinks the costs can be covered fully, if things go well, yes."

"As far as how much... Flora will have to do some calculations... The building, labour, catering during, security, yes. Not cheap, but doable, if the Houses all pitch in..."

Those same ears flick, that smile grows a bit as she folds her ands on the table. "Ah, but I feel that you may be able to cut down on your expenses with security at least. House Solacious can provide support in funding, and provide Security as well." She nods, picking up her tea once more. "It would also be a good way for House Solacious and Longtail to work together, they were both once good supporters of each other before the falling out were they not?"

"Those beings still need to be paid, no? But yes, Flora was actually hoping House Solacious could offer aid with security. Especially considering the other half of Flora's family, the Spyguard would be appreciated during construction, yes."

"But this means Flora can count on House Solacious, yes?"

"As far as cooperation goes... Flora would like House Longtail to stay away from being directly military, yes. Stay away from past mistakes, and move towards newer things. But Flora is more than happy to provide technology, if something useful is made, yes. And Flora is more than happy to accept aid, yes."

She gives a nod, tapping the table with a claw. "I think that can be arranged, and I know the perfect fox to do this. You remember my nephew Angus? I think he'd love to head this security situation. As for the funds you'll get that as well yes, I look forward to seeing what is shown there." She answers, her smile very warm as she nods. "Does that seem fair?"

"More than fair, yes. Flora will keep miss Solacious up to date on the proceedings, yes, and provide proper estimates once Flora has them... As for friend Angus... Flora is friends with friend Angus, yes. Flora will discuss things with him, yes."

"House Solacious is free to suggest atendees, of course, yes. Weapons-manufacturers, others. We'll consider everyone, yes."