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The doors to the King's Council chamber were closed tight, guards posted and ready on both sides for the safety of the representatives while the council was in session. Flora would have found herself escorted into the room before they closed the doors, and given a chair to the side in the room where she could see the council's table, and the podium she'd soon be ushered to once it was her turn to present her proposal.

Ten beings sat along the table, small plagues hanging above each chair to display their name and whom they represented.

The first, was a heavy set, older looking solacious gentleman, His fur graying considerably from his age. Corneleus Solacious, Military Representative.

The Second, was a, in all things considered, thin hippo gentleman with a rather fanciful suit and hat. Denarius Good, Naval Representative.

The third, a small mink woman, clad in some of the finest silks one can find in sweetwater. D'jinza Miyan, Commerce.

The Fourth is a stout looking badger, clad in his finest armor... Fredric Wellington, Guard.

The Fifth is a lanky looking raven, her feathers cleaned pristinly and a pair of glasses on her beak. Elenor Friedrics, Academy.

Standing out amongst all the tall individuals was a small mouse, clad in the robes of the creator church. Amilia Brighttooth, Creator Church.

Seventh upon the line was a thick bull, he seemed annoyed to be in fanciful clothing. Ben Strongheart, aggriculture.

The eighth was a sickly looking shrew in heavy clothing. Nathan Briggets, Public Works.

Nineth seat held a rather professional german shepherd, whom held a special clan badge on his jacket that had all the emblems mixed. Josemite Dagrand, Clan Representative. And finally, sat a large skunk woman, whom had a sickenly large amount of perfum on her. Desiree Blackback, Noble Interests.

Flora would find herself sitting for a fair few moments as the group of represenatives discussed various issues at the start of the meeting, no doubt a delaying tactic to help them try to gain an upperhand. Finally though the german shepherd rises and clears his throat. "I believe it is time the council recognized the main reason for our meeting today, I for one, motion for our current discussions to be withheld, and to allow Lady Longtail the podium, for her proposal."

Thankfully for flora, though a few seemed to be uninterested in it, there was a unilatteral cry of aye from the council, and the shepherd motioned to the podium. Lady Longtail, whenever you are ready."

"Please, do take the stand Lady Longtail." Mione's voice came from next to flora as the door was opened and finally closed. Tsking slightly as he adjusts his hair. "Apologies for my tardiness, I had a matter taking my attention for a few moments." The dapper figure making his way to his chair near the end of the ten, the plaque reading Council Chair.

Flora isn't exactly phased by the eleven beings present, her tails flicking lightly behind her. She seems to have come -especially- prepared, complete with charts, maps, and a scale-model of the building she wants to erect... She's had a busy week, certainly. In addition, she's wearing her dress, completely outfitted for the occasion. "Right, yes... As the council has already heard, Flora has been... Discussing some matters with the High Nobles and the King, yes," she offers, as she unrolls a piece of parchment that has been signed by each of the High Lords and Ladies, complete with the seals of each of the houses.

"Flora has a plan, yes."

"And would you mind elaborating on this plan of yours Lady longtail? M'not meanin' any offense, just curious." The Bull's words were strong and loud, most likely the noble used to hollaring at farm hands. "M'seein' plenty of stuff with you, so I'm plenty willing to listen." The Solacious and Good give a slight nod with the Strongheart as the Mink seems to roll her eyes slightly.

"Perhaps my good Sir Strongheart, we should not interupt the Lady? I am sure she will tell you the plan." The Mink's words smooth like her silk outfit as she motions Flora on.

Flora nods lightly, shrugging for a moment. "Right, yes... Flora was thinking... Everyone here knows that beings are to strive to the creators' image, yes?" the she-cat offers with a warm smile, a flick of her ears, a tailtwitch. "And to reach that ideal, magic and technology are key, yes?" she offers, before pulling out a sketch of Cliffside.

"And right now, Cliffside is the center of both, yes?" she continues, waiting for the council to consider her rethorical questions...

Of everyone present, the shrew seems the most happy by it, the creator church representative nodding happily. Though at the mention of Cliffside, the Solacious gives a scoff and rolls his eyes, before motioning for Flora to continue... Oh he still held grudges it seemed.

Flora nods, her ears flicking lightly. "So. Flora was thinking... What if Sweetwater wanted to take that title? How would Sweetwater do it?" she offers, her ears flicking lightly. "One way to do it is to offer the best of the best a place, a way to show their craft, to show their work, and to find patrons for their arts," she notes. "And, more importantly, that way, sweetwater can show people that Sweetwater is commited, yes."

The council takes turns looking at each other, before slowly looking back to Flora. "... And your plan miss Longtail... Is to make a... building?" The Bull's tone hinted at his confusion, though the shrew scoffs."Hardly, though I have no doubt to believe such construction wouldn't be a boon for us to begin with."

"A boon for you perhaps mister Briggets." The raven speaking up as she sighs once. "Please, Miss Longtail, continue, and feel no need to leave us in suspense. That you have come here with all this signed, means you already have our undivided attention, and curiousity."

"Yes. But no," Flora notes with a smile on her lips. "This is a convention center, yes. LIke the big hall at the Academy, but bigger, for longer events," the she-cat notes. "During fall, it can be used to host fairs when the rain makes it impossible to have a fair outside," she rumbles.

"And the first such fair... Would be focused on magic and technology, yes. Both of which should be of some interest to miss Friedrics, yes?""

"You need not play to my interests Lady Longtail. Begining a process to end that craven academy in Cliffside is more than enough reason for myself, I assure you." The Raven gives Flora a solemn nod, before the Badger, Fredric Wellington, for the guards spoke out next.

"You will have to excuse my line of questioning Lady Longtail, as I am certain you have answered questions like these a hundred time over on your way here... But how exactly, does a... 'convention center' as you call it, attract these individuals here? As loath as I am to say it, I would imagine plenty are rather comfortable in their abodes in Cliffside."

"It is not the convention center that draws them here. It is the fair that Sweetwater will host. A month-long fair on magic and technology, possibly longer. New inventions, budding scholars, and so on," the she-cat notes with a smile on her lips, a flick of her ears.

"Flora has already secured Friend Selena for a spot, should the plan go through, yes," she notes, referring to the wolfess that worked out three-dimensional magic. "That should draw at least a small crowd of accomplished scholars, yes. And by offering those a place as well, and using the contacts of House Blackback for yet others, most of the main floorspace can be filled, yes," the she-cat notes, tails still flicking lightly.

"Well if you're planning on assistance from house blackback my dear, I -assure- you it should go swimmingly~" Desiree Blackback speaks up from her spot at the noble interest, smiling proudly as she seems to have long since made up her mind.

"I trust then, that you have a great confidence this will draw enough individuals to make it worth the effort then? Perhaps a bit more assistance and sharing from the academy might be in order? I mean no insult to yourself, but... Well, we have a larger base of scholars to draw upon." The Raven's words were professional in tone as she watched Flora.

"I believe it's safe to be less concerned on the attendance of guests, then the amount of man power that will be required to safeguard such a gathering." The badger speaking up as he adjusts himself in his seat. "After all, I have no -doubt- miscreants, and trouble will follow with such a gathering."

"With his lack of... Tact on the type of individuals to make trouble, sir Wellington makes a valient point. I believe it goes without saying that foriegn powers will sieze upon this opportunity to try and take stock of our technological capabilities, and plans." The Solacious speaks out as he looks to the Hippo, whom gives him a nod.

"Of course. Any contacts that are of interest should be considered," the she-cat notes to the raven, a smile on her lips. "Flora has already been given an assurance by Lady Solacious that House Solacious will offer its assistance, and of course, LongTech Industries will dedicate some of its personal guard to the project, as well," the she-cat notes.

"Of course, any assitance from the guard would certainly be appreciated," she notes with a smile on her lips, before turning to the Solacious and the Hippo. "Of course... Except it isn't -just- Sweetwater's technologies on display. Contacts in Cliffside, Shralesta, Thera'Dor. All beings are welcome, and, more importantly, encouraged to show their research and their results."

"Although Flora is not quite in a position to make her results completely free, Flora believes important developments should be available to every being, yes. This is why the church has a copy of all of LongTech's work, to be made available as soon as LongTech no longer needs them to be private to offset the inital costs and production-costs, as miss Birghttooth can confirm," she notes. She's met the mouse once or twice when delivering her reports to the High Priest. "By freely exchanging discoveries from everywhere on Promise, beings advance, yes."

"They may be bringing their technology here Lady Longtail, but it is to our doorsteps, and in our city. To say espionage would not occur, is to deny a trueth that is very evident." The hippe adjusts his fanciful jacket with a sigh. "As well, it goes without saying that with the induction of solacious and your guards, we have the chance of a good bit of safety. I am sure as well, the guards could assist?" The hippo glancing over at the Badger.

"We're stretched far enough thin, that I cannot promise a substantial presence I am afraid. You of course understand Lady Longtail, that an event such as this holds more than the threat of crime within it's halls. Many will sieze on what they believe to be golden opportunity to commit crimes while our attention is turned. If anything, the guards will need to have damn near every man mustered and on patrol through the city... If not for a show of security to the foriegn visitors."

The Solacious gives a slight huff. "A free flow of information and technology is a fine idea, but I believe in some undue optimisim we forget this information may very well flow to the Dogs that have hounded at our doors for years!" The Fox huffs and flicks his ears.

"And perhaps -you- should remember that they hardly need a fair to defeat us with technology Lord Solacious. Perchance you can recount for all present how our 'vaunted' technological and magical advancement has aided us during conflict with them?" The Mouse speaks up calmly, an awkward silence falling over the council as the Solacious huffs and turns his head from the woman.

"Ultimately, a being will only display what they want to display... As far as espionage goes. Most of what's developed at the academy is public knowledge, albeit not far-spread unless word of mouth spreads the news," the she-cat notes. "This way, we can draw far more knowledge to Sweetwater. And perhaps more importantly, by showing them proper hospitality, it means Sweetwater can retain those beings and their knowledge... It might not take Cliffside's position at the top, but it would certainly strengthen Sweetwater's own position."

"... Well, with those concerns and... Grievances aired... I have but one question for you Lady Longtail." The Mink smiling as she rolls her shoulders gently. "And well, I believe we all know it's why you're here today, and the cause of some worry from some... But, how do you plan to finance this noble endeavor?"

"If you all hve been able to view your copies of the contract," the she-cat notes with a smile, a flick of her ears. "The houses will each pitch in. House Solacious and House Strongheart are fuding fifteen percent of the project each, as well as offering their resources, where relevant. House Longtail and House Blackback are pitching in twenty-five percent, and the remainder is footed by the Crown," the cat notes, ears twitching. "In addition, the fair itself will cost a very modest fee for attendance, a couple of scepters, food sold on location, with a small fraction of the profits going to further funding the fair... Flora does not imagine a huge profit, but if things go well, the costs running-costs should be covered, and the initial costs can be offset with the continued use of the district and the center afterwards."

Kalt The Shepherd looks to flora as he bridges his fingers. "Twenty Percent to be provided by the crown..." He sighs slightly and rubs his temples. "The belief it is to be made up, is appreciated, but I serve to plan in the scenario that does not go as planned. In that regard, perhaps we could propose a small tax on some trade goods to help cover the fees..."

"Hardly! There are enough proposed taxes on trade goods, and should you stand to push money from traders you shall swifty find yourself in a country with no gold!" The Mink huffs out. "Why do you not see to reducing the funds for the military. We've only had tripe disputs for them, perhaps coin can be taken from there."

"I will remind our good merchant representative, to not think herself fit to dabble into the deciding of funding for our forces! While you may be good at stretching your coins, you will swiftly find an army and navy do not act in such a manner." The Solacious barks out before the Hippo places a hand on his shoulder.

"While my good solacious speaks harshly, he speaks truely. We cannot risk in turbulant times, to lower our already low funding for our military. Not until we have a point of sustainable peace." The Good sighing slightly to himself.

"... Perhaps... The answer may lay closer than we believe." The Shrew speaking up as he clears his throat. "I would propose a flat road tax, not upon the standard citizenry, but upon all carts and shipments recieved during the time leading up to the festival, and after. The visiting individuals will pay what is mostly to them a paltry amount, as we can charge this to the traders coming for the fair as well. This will allow us to cover a short term expense, without greatly angering the populace, impacting our military, nor harming trade. As I am certain even the most frugal merchant will see it as a small price to pay for a large time of profit."

"The funds are already arranged, although how they are to replenished is certainly a question to discuss, yes... However, Flora is not in charge of the Kingdom's coffers, and while Flora does like the idea of a road tax, ultimately, it is up to the King, yes? Flora is sure Mione and the Council can discuss the matter more effectively with the King himself, yes," the she-cat notes, smiling brightly, as she procures yet another document, as well as a set of pens, one for each being. "A small gift from LongTech. Flora figures it is appropriate, yes?" she offers, as she passes the document, seemingly an addition to the contract already signed by the nobles, requiring at least five signatories from the council, but with enough space for all ten, plus Flora and Mione to sign.

The council looks to each other then to flora. Mione clearing his throat. "I assure you lady Longtail, they were only debating it amongst themselves. The matter of ensuring the kingdom's coffers remain full, is a rather... Heated topic amongst us. But with no further questions, I move to pursue a vote from the council before we sign onto a contract. All in favor of pursuing this venture claim Aye."

The hands of the Raven, the Shrew, The bull, The Mink, the Mouse, the Skunk, and the german shepherd raise. Giving Flora the support of the academy, public works, noble interests, clann interests, the church, merchants, and aggriculture as the proclaim Aye.

"All against?" The Solacious, Good and Badger remain silent for a moment before raising their hands.

"Then the vote passes with seven against three." Mione smiles once as the contract begins to move around, those whom had voted aye signing onto the contract while the three whom disagreed withhold their signatures. Finally, Mione is left to sign, before he moves to slide the contract to Flora. "If you would, Lady Longtail?"

"Of course," the she-cat notes, as she signs, and carefully applies some wax to press her signet-ring into, applying the seal of House Longtail, before applying a second drop for the seal of LongTech Industries, similar, but not quite the same.

"Flora will provide photo-copies to the Crown, yes," the she-cat notes, as she carefully rolls up the contracts, and other assorted paperwork. "If there is nothing else the council wishes to speak about with Flora?" the cat questions, carefully stowing away the various pieces of paperwork.

"I believe it is safe to say there will be no further questions Lady Longtail." Mione giving a slight smile. "You have explained much here, and you already have sufficient backing. The funds will be located, and hopefully this endeavor will prove fruitful." The Solacious scoffs at that but remains silent. "But, if you will excuse of lady longtail, we have more proposals to discuss with each other."

"Flora will see about starting construction of a new segment of wall as soon as possible. After that, construction proper can begin, yes," Flora notes, as she gestures two of her own guards, who've been standing silently on the sidelines, to carefully carry her scale-model of the convention-center along, once again covered in a cloth. "A pleasure, yes," she notes, although it doesn't seem she really considers all this courtly stuff an actual pleasure. Still, the deed is done, and she leaves the courtroom with a satisfied smile on her muzzle...

Mione gives a smile and bows slightly, the few friendly faces offering her a polite wave in departure before the doors are closed behind her. "Now, about the new road..." It seemed she survived it!