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A series of rapt knocks at the door, and the current on-duty butler's voice sounds. "Sir Angus? There is a... Commoner here for you. The younglady appears to be exceptionally... Excited, and claims to know you," the rather nasal voice of Jarvis sounds, halting a moment.

"Should I send miss Flora in, or would you rather I escort her off of the premises?"

Angus looks up from his papers, placing his quill back into the ink pot as he cocks an eyebrow. "Flora? Of course, send her in." He stands up and walks over to the coat rack, putting on his vest to look a little more presentable since well....He was in his own home, so he had to at least try and look like a noble for once.

"As you wish, Lord Angus," Jarvis continues, before opening the door and... Well, Flora's already dashed inside, carrying a large wooden box. And more importantly, unsettling Jarvis, whose face is quickly contorted into a frown as he mutters something under his breath.

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Soon, he regains his composure, a rather forced smile on his lips. "Announcing miss Flora, milord. If there is anything else I can do for you or the younglady?"

Angus shakes his head as he finishes buttoning up his waistcoat. "Thank you Jarvis but I believe that we are fine for now, you can go back about your buisness." He gives Jarvis a smile, cocking an eyebrow as Flora carries in a few things. "I'm....guessing you are here to show me something then?" He asks as he leans back against his desk, moving a few papers and an ink pot out of the way so he doesn't stain his clothes.

Flora nods lightly, making sure the door is closed as she sits down and puts the box in her lap. "Flora made... Made a picture, yes. Made it in ten minutes, too," she mumbles, pulling a small, pocket-sized image out of one of her pockets, displaying her, the puzzler, and Dupree. "Flora also has bigger ones!" she adds, holding out her hands to give a rough estimate of the size of one of the poster-sized ones.

Angus blinks. "A picture in ten minutes? My, you must be one amazing artist." He leans down to look at the picture, staying quiet for a few minutes as he looks it over. "......How did you create this? It doesn't....look drawn, or painted." He mutters, turning to look at her gestures as she talks of posters.

"Flora used her... Mister puzzlefox called it a camera. Flora likes that name, will use it, Flora thinks," she mumbles, before holding up the box and placing it on the table. "Flora uses this," she mumbles, pointing the device at an object in the room, before tapping the crystal-based glass on top. "looks through this, then presses these, to make the image sharp," she mumbles, tapping the runes on the side to demonstrate. "Then Flora taps this, and..."

The moment she taps the rune, the mirror snaps up, blocking further vision of the painting she was pointing at, and allowing the light into the back. "If Flora had put the right thing here, she would have to wait ten minutes, then remove it. And then Flora needs to fix the image."

Angus nods slowly as she demonstrates, keeping silent as he watches. "So...this thing is able to take pictures of....anything that you point it at? Just takes ten minutes?" Standing up he walks over to Flora's side, trying to get a closer look at the 'camera' "And a spirit even allowed you to use it on them?"

"Yes. Mister puzzlefox allowed Flora to take a picture. Flora had a riddle for him, yes yes. He had the answer, but said Flora was 'the first on this world', or something like that," she explains with a big grin on her snout, her tail swishing delightedly behind her.

"Once the ten minutes are up, the mirror goes down again, and Flora can remove the image and put it away to fix it later."

Angus looks over the camera once more, reaching out to nearly touch one of the runes before he looks to Flora. "So why show me this? It's an amazing invention, but I believe the king would be able to use this more then I?" He asks as he stands up, wondering what exactly Flora would need of him for this.

Flora nods and mumbles softly. "Well, that's what Flora is here for, yes... Flora... Flora doesn't know how to get the King's attention, was hoping maybe friend Angus could help," she mumbles... "Flora would like to take the King's picture as proof, and show the picture of Mister Puzzlefox, but... Flora would have to meet the King first... But Flora doesn't think Flora could make a good case for her showing this soon... Flora would have to wait months."

Angus nods as he walks over to his desk and starts searching for a blank letter. "Well, I could write a letter I would have to adresse it to Mione since he is the kings adviser and everthing must be cleared through him." He answersm turning to give her a smile. "I can see this new invetion could do wonderful things for many people, including the military...."

Flora raises a brow lightly, before nodding a tad. "Flora... Flora thinks she understands. Protocol?" she asks tentatively, looking up at Angus a moment and nodding faintly. "Flora... Wouldn't know about the military, but if friend Angus says so?"

Angus shrugs his shoulders. "Imagine a scout carried one of those around? Ten minutes and they could have a detailed picture of enemy lines, unkown ships. Wouldn't have to rely on information by mouth and drawing." He answers as he grabs his quill and starts writing. "would save time, and many more lives."

A short nod, a small mumble, and Flora seems to get the picture, grinning broadly. She hadn't even considered her invention might save lives at some point! Her tail flits about, and her ears twitch lightly as she looks at her camera again, mumbling softly and looking it over to make sure everything is functional. "Flora thinks it can be made smaller, if Flora has better lenses. Or more lenses," she mumbles idly, poking lightly at some parts.

Angus looks at his letter, placing his signature on it before blowing on the ink to help it dry faster. "I'm sure that the King would help you with such things if he likes it? Personally I believe that this is a wonderful invention to be honest." Folding up the letter he places it in an envelope, taking a burning candle to drip hot wax onto the seal before pressing his ring into the wax.

Another smile, another flick of Flora's tail as she looks at the letter, tail flitting and her ears twitching lightly. "Flora likes her invention a lot, too, yes yes."

Angus nods as he holds up the letter and turns to smile at Flora. "Well it is a nice invention, and I hope this letter helps it get recongnized by the king himself." Walking over to the door he opens it and flags down a passing Servant, giving them instructions to hand off the leeter to Jarvas so that he could get it sent off to Mione.

Another nod. "Flora isn't quite sure what to do next, though... Flora needs more ideas... Lots more ideas," she adds for a moment, sitting down in her chair and sighing lightly as she looks around. "Flora... Flora would need some better clothes if she does meet the King, doesn't she?"

"Yes, yes you would." The fox answers, looking over her attire. "...Didn't Asher just open up a tailor shop recently? Maybe he could help you with that." Angus shrugs his shoulders and smiles. "I'll even offer to pay for it? ....My treat?" He offers, knowing she will probably decline it rather quickly.

"Flora... Spent a lot on her pictures... Doesn't have a lot left... But Flora will pay back friend Angus as soon as she can, yes," she mumbles, frowning lightly at the suggestion that she might be in debt to Angus. She doesn't like debts.

Angus shakes his head and waves it off dismissivly. "Consider it an investment in your invention, considering how useful it can be to the army. No need to pay back." He smiles, placing his hands on his hips as he looks down at her invention. "Would you like to leave that here in my study while we visit the tailor?"

Flora nods a little, before mumbling. "Flora will still pay friend Angus back. Flora... Guesses we could go now? And Flora would prefer keeping it with her, no," she mutters, before looking at the door and putting her camera into the bag she carries around.

Angus smiles as he walks over to open the door. "Well, if you wish we can wait till later to get you a new outfit? Allow you some time to put your camera in someplace safe so you don't have to lug it around?" He offers, tails flicking.

Flora nods a tad, before looking to the door. "Flora has a room on saint's square... Flora could drop it off on the way to the shop, yes. It's okay, yes yes," she mumbles, tail swaying behind her.

Angus nods as he picks up his hat and straightens it. "Well then! Let us get started." He gives Flora a smile as he pulls out the key to his study, locking it behind them both as he starts walking.