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A crowd has assembled in the tournament grounds. Many local business beings have decided to capitalize on the spectacle. Food vendors and 'relic' merchants weave among all the milling beings.

Down in the tournament grounds, a strange, dome shaped tent where several Creators in their strange (But recently stylish) jumpsuits are setting up some tables and directing the construction of a small stage. This could be exciting!

Cara is slightly familiar with Creator arrivals considering that she has been to a few of them before. However, their arrival is normally rather enlightening when it comes to learning about older races. She is currently wearing her regular outfit since it seemed appropraite considering the occasion. For now, she merely waits a good distance from the dome shaped tent. She leans against one of the vendors and watches from there.

Lyas has never seen Creators land before, and like so many others, the naturally curious cat could not resist the chance to observe the spectacle. The tabby gravitates towards the domed tent, stepping on toes here and there in order to make other beings move out of the way. His pricked ears show keen interest, but he eyes the Creators with a bit of a smirk - fur-less, scale-less and feather-less, they look naked despite their clothing.

Meanwhile, Lady Longtail is making her way across the tournament-field, seemingly trying to figure out where to go... Whether to go for the stands where the majority of nobles seems to be gathering, or whether to mingle in the crowd. On the one hand, the nobles would mean she'd have to interact with less people... On the other hand, the nobles would also practically guarantee having to interact with people. Decissions, decissions...

In the end, she opts for a place near the stands, close enough to the nobles to not be out of place, but far enough that interacting with her would require anyone to move closer to her, first.

Shira is in the middle of the crowd, which is rather bad for her, considering her small stature. She jumps up and down to get a look at the creators, but to no avail. Letting out a frustrated sigh, the glider wriggles her way through the crowd and towards the front where the action is, uttering hurried apologies at the stepping on toes and bumping into beings she does on her way.

"Hands off the stand, Miss," comes a pleasant voice, near Cara, "Unless you plan to buy something." The voice belongs to a rotund tanuki at the other end of the blue cart.

It is not long before the Creators have completed their stage. In fact, it almost seems to build itself. Literally. Struts and planks fly together and a stage unfolds from assorted scraps until a stage comes together, about five feet high, easy for most beings to see. A Creator male strides out onto the stage and waves around to the gathered beings before his voice booms out over the crowd.

"Welcome BEINGS of PROMISE!" he says, his translator obviously altering words that don't quite translate, "We are here to dazzle you with a show of CREATOR MAGIC!"

Cara sighs and backs away from the stand. From there, she walks over to the ground next to the stage, her tail waving through the air. As soon as she is close enough she stops. She raises an eyebrow for a moment, "Why would they be welcoming us?"

At the front of the crowd, Lyas chuckles at the display. Magic is hardly new. He's seen (and failed to understand) plenty of of mathemagic already; what was so special about the Creator brand of it? His interest fading, he begins to edge back into the crowd.

esponding to Cara's voice without looking to identify the speaker, the cat answers, "They might've forgot it's us who lives here and not them, don't you think?"

Flora, for her part, seems to be taking things as they go, so far. Her tail is flicking lightly behind her, and her gaze moving towards the creators, a brow raised. She's got not a single clue about what's going on, but that doesn't mean she's not going to keep an eye on things.

Shira continues fighting her way to the front, eager to see this creator magic. If they come all the way here to show it off it gotta be different than the kind she was using, right? The small being is nearly at the front of the crowd as she bumps into the cat that was already on his way back out before the show even started! Though she has little time to think about that as the force of the collision causes her to fall onto her butt.

The man on the stage waves a hand around to indicate four other creators, two females and a young male. "We are here with special permission from Mister Parson himself to share with you, the wonders of the galaxy beyond this world!" Another wave of the hand and there is an explosion of lights and strange music fills the air! A murmur of appreciation moves through the crowd.

Cara smiles immediately and upon seeing the explosion of light. Hopefully most of the magic involves spells that work like that. Cara immediately turns to address the sudden voice though, "They probably don't know our language."

"You could be right there," Lyas agrees, still moving backwards into the crowd - probably stepping on more toes on the way back than he had forwards. Probably. Turning his head at last to see the speaker, he nods and grins at her. "Cara! Shouldn't you be out punchin' elementals with your bare hands, or sommat?" It's at this point that he notices a weight hit his back, and jumps forwards a step. His first thought is to run his hands over his pockets and belt-pouch - it isn't uncommon for unsavoury Being to use a collision as a cover while pickpocketing - but, that done, he turns to see Shira on the ground. "Are you going to watch from there?" he asks, smiling widely. "Or mayhap you can crawl to the front?"

Flora is... Not exactly impressed, so far. Light is easy. Music is easy, too. Nothing overly exciting yet, so far. To be fair, a lot of things are easy for the creators, so it's going to take a good bit of effort to impress Lady Longtail...

Shira rubs her behind as she gets up. Her eyes find the feline's and she smiles. "Sorry! And yeah! Thats a good idea, actually, the crawling, I mean. But I am so close, I am sure I make it to the front without doing that." She giggles and squeezes past Lyas and between two heavy clans that block her sight.

Zuri slinks his way past another set of legs, still trying to find the front of the crowd. Heck, at this point he'd settle for anywhere that allows him to see even the slightest thing that's going on up front! He's spent a few minutes trying to navitage this veritable forest tightly-packed beings. He finally emerges somewhere on the side of the room, poking his head out to look at the stage, and panning to regard the crowd. The small pegasus-mander gasps as he spots Lyas not far from him, and re-enters the forest of legs only to emerge near Lyas again a few minutes later, about the time the music starts. "Hiya!" He calls out chirpily, before poking his head out to peer at the Creators. "Did I miss much?"

The Creators on stage are all smiles as the lightshow continues, creating whorls and and patterns in the sky, even in the light of day! The four creators each retrieve a fist sized white ball from a case and launch into flight, trailing light behind them as they zoom out over the crowd. But it is like no air mathemagic on Promise, there is no wind blowing them about, nothing to indicate that they are using air magic at all!

Cara rolls her eyes immediately, "Lyas, I'm not always punching out elementals." The feline finally notices someone sneak between Lyas' legs. She waves to Zuri and responds bluntly, "Nope, the show just started." Then, Cara sets her attention back to the show.

Lyas watches Shira go, a grimace on his face as she squeezes past much larger Beings: the little glider seems set to get herself knocked flat again very soon. Shaking his head, he turns to greet Zuri cheerfully, clapping the salamander on the shoulder and then proceeding to lean on him carelessly. "Ah, of course. Sorry. Sometimes you're punching golems, no doubt," he says to Cara, amending his earlier statement. His head jerks as he follows the movement of the white balls across the sky, tail twitching as he wonders if he could possibly get his paws on one.

Flora scratches her head, although she still doesn't seem all too impressed. After all, light is easy. Her tail flicks behind her, keeping a close eye on the various balls of light, tracking the primary orbs, and disregarding the ones they leave behind.

Shira squeezes through a couple more beings and has done it! She is at the front and can watch the show! And she does! Her mouth gapes a little at the spectacle on stage and she keenly watches.

Zuri peeks through the front of the crowd. He's keeping his wings nicely tucked, lest he risk having them crushed by the milling crowd. Ever the easy pegamander to impress, he's instantly enraptured by the display in front of him, gasping aloud and clapping happily as the creators take flight in seeming complete defiance of gravity, without wings or noticeable mathemagic. He hops up and down on the balls of his feet. "Wow! That's awesome!" He looks up at Cara and smiles brightly, giving her a quick wave in greeting before returning his attention to the show.

Rokarion arrives rather late to the show, he blames the low-level advertising compared to that park tour or whatever. Noticing the amount of beings here, the plant being sighs, glancing the flying creators before focusing his gaze on the blob of beings in front of him. The plant being decides to move to one side of the group and begins making his way through the beings there, knocking on a being's shoulder, telling another being that someone else is asking for him, and other forms of no so innocent misdirection.

It is easy to see the intended spectacle from just about anywhere on the tournament grounds as the flying creators zoom about over the crowd and the strange music with it's heavy percussion is easily heard all around. Rokarion's tactics seem to work though, allowing him to catch up to his little companion.

The older male Creator stops his zooming around to stand, unmoving in the air! "Release the MONSTER!" he calls out, his translator obviously changing whatever that last word was.

At his command, the now vacant stage suddenly splits open in the center and a horrible, gurgling roar issues forth! A long, slimy tentacle bursts up from whatever space lies beneath, followed by dozens more. Then some THING heaves itself up and floats above the stage. It seems to be all eyes and teeth and tentacles that writhe and hover with no effort from whatever the creature is.

Cara crosses her arms over her chest as she watches the show. It should be interesting to see how they're going to handle the giant beast. Of course, something seems a little on why they would bring a creature like that here. After all, it could actually hurt someone.

Lyas sidles behind Zuri, using the diminutive salamander as a shield as he watches the show. Not knowing anything of Creator magic, he wonders if the beast before them is real or not - but best to err on the side of caution, whatever the case. "Bet that glider's regretting getting herself to the front now," he says, to anyone listening. "So, Cara - what d'you think about puttin' your punching skills to use on /that/ thing?"

That's a... Curious development, to say the least. Flora's tail is flitting about, her eyes fixated on the sights before her. Still, there's no reason to worry, this is clearly all part of the show... Might as well wait and see where things go from here, no?

Shira's mouth continues to gape as the monster comes out of hiding, her eyes darting between creators and creature. Several beings around her, though by far not all, seeing how they are as distracted as she is, take a step away from her as what seems to be small sparks flow down her spine and make her fur there stand up.

Zuri visibly tenses as the tentacled monster appears. It reminds him of another creature he's encountered in the past. An encounter that was not very pleasant. He's still amazed enough that he smiles. "Wow, that is one fancy illusion!" He giggles, then looks back at Lyas with a smile. "It's just like when Captain Bellamy was trying to calm everyone down about Kitsunes, they had a public illusion show of sorts. You can do a lot of cool stuff with it!" He looks back at the creature, and allows himself to bite his lip after letting out a little nervous snort. That thing looks -too- real for him, even...

Rokarion continues his mischievous path until he reaches a blue short being. Knowing who he is, the plant being decides to simply stay there since the view was good enough from here. The flowerling quickly takes out his notebook and pen as the strange creature appears to the crowd, now this is what he came here for. Watching the creature, Roka begins to draw a sketch of it, wondering if he could catch a Creator after the end of the show to question them.

Zuri's reaction basically sums up the general reaction of the crowd. There is some nervous applause when the creature appears, and scattered murmurs of interest.

Then the thing destroys the stage.

The thing's rolling, red eyes all seem to focus down at it's former prison, then it raises a collection of mismatched tentacles and smashes the structure into splinters! Someone screams and beings are scrabbling to get away from the ruined stage!

The magically flying Creators all produce short rods or wands of some kind from their belts and whiz around. "Have no fear, BEINGS of PROMISE" calls out the older of the two females, "The MONSTER cannot hurt you while we are here!" She zips forward as one of the creature's tentacles reaches out toward the crowd, extending her wand. A sudden crackle of lighting leaps from the slim rod and strikes the extended tentacle and the beast sucks it back to its central mass. The other creators are doing the same all around the thing.

Cara widens her eyes immediately and backs away from the remnants of the large stage. She glares directly at Lyas, "You just had to press your luck with that statement, didn't you?!" She shakes her head in response and shouts to the rest of the audience, "Everyone at the front needs to back away now!"

Lyas shrugs nonchalantly, though his tail has fluffed out to three times its usual size. "Gotta push my luck, else it goes nowhere," he tells Cara. He puts a hand to his sword and half-draws it, then releases the blade clumsily in order to avoid slicing a panicked Being rushing by. Cursing, he shoves it back within the sheathe, then darts forward, clearing the crowd. "If this's their idea of a good show..." he grumbles to Zuri as he moves.

Far too practiced to be an accident, certainly. The 'monster' isn't eactly harming anyone, and the creators are already surrounding it. Even if Flora has no idea what's going on, she's pretty sure all of this is part of the show these creators are trying to give them... Even if she doesn't understand a thing of what's going on.

Shira looks to the sides, rather nervously, making sure everyone is alright. Her fingers dance across the grip of her short sword, though against such a creature it would be a mere toy either way. Sparks still run down the small being's spine as she decides to do nothing, neither move away, nor attack, just watch.

Zuri takes a step back when all his friends take a step forward. Cold sweat beads up on his brow as he regards the writing, flailing creature with dread. As it smashes the stage and it's surroundings to bits all hope is abandoned that the creature may be an illusion. He's not at all assured by the Creators' attempts at cowing the nightmarish creature into submission, and quietly reaches for his scabbarded sword and dagger, his hand at the ready to draw them if things go south like his friends seem to be expecting it to.

Rokarion shakes his head in exasperation as beings begin panicking and running away, making the plant hold his book close to his chest as he dodges the fleeing people. With that out of the way, he decides to what used to be the front of the crowd before he resumes his scribbling.

The Highlady is an island of calm apathy in a crowd of frightened and suddenly defensive beings. Some of whom are drawing weapons and prepping their own magic. But it seems that the Creators have planned their timing well. Before anyone can do something rash, the four Creators form up into a diamond formation, hovering in the air before the monster. It reaches forward with a hundred tentacles, only to find itself in the path of four beams of searing white light.

The creature explodes into a shower of glowing, fluttering flower petals!

Cara almost begins to rush forward, but then the beast explodes into a shower of flower petals. As the petals fall down over everyone, she takes a deep breath and regains her composure, "For a second there, I thought that I would have do something about this." Her tail also relaxes and her fur is no longer standing on end.

Unlike Cara, Lyas isn't so quick to relax, fur still standing on end as he stares up at the stage in disbelief, mind working desperately to catch up with the events. "Those fucking... really? What the fuck!" he growls, sheathing his blade angrily. Shaking his head, he slinks backwards a few steps, to where Zuri is waiting. "Can you believe 'em?" he asks with a grimace and a dismissive laugh, sticking his hands in his pockets.

See? All part of the show. Still, Flora shakes her head, keeping her eyes on the stage, watching the beings below slowly but surely come back to rest, her tails twitching as she leans back, trying to figure out the what and the why behind this while thing...

Shira squints at the exploding creature and blows a petal away that was about to land on her nose. The sparks on her back have calmed down and vanished. Her left ear twitches as she runs her hand through her hair, while the other lets go of the grip of her sword. Looking around herself she notices that one of the few to remain in the first few rows is the feline she bumped into earlier. The glider decides to head over to him, since now the view is very clear even from there. "Well that was something, wasn't it?"

Zuri feels his hand tremble, his fingers rubbing up against the hilt of his twinned blades. He forces himself to relax, and smiles nervously as he tries to play it cool. "Haha.. wow, that was pretty good!" He tugs his jacket back over his weapons, concealing them again. It's as if nothing ever happened. He claps happily and smiles wider. "Nice, well done! Well done!"

The flying Creators zoom over in a formation pass, trailing patterns of light. The crowd of beings start to applaud, hesitantly at first, then growing to an enthusiastic wave of cheering. The quartet zooms up to the corners of the shattered stage and raises their wands, making the pieces of the shattered stage fly together as if nothing had ever happened!

Rokarion looks up and keeps drawing as the situation unfolds, ignoring the panicked beings, it is as if some of them never went to the circus before, philistines. The young jasmine quirks a brow as the creature explodes into flower petals. Looking down on his sketches, he ponders if that creature actually exists or was just a product of the troupe's imagination. Shrugging, Roka looks backwards to check if his salamander was still about, giving him a wink before looking back at the now destroyed stage.

Cara stares at the shattered stage and she claps her hands as well. As she claps, she glances over to Lyas and chuckles, "Just stay calm and be glad that we didn't have to kill it ourselves." Although, the strange thing that was noteworthy was putting the stage back together. The stage must have a been an illusion along with the monster. Either that or that actually happened and someone could have gotten hurt.

"You could've taken it," Lyas scoffs at Cara, breaking out into a proper grin. Looking down at Shira, he throws his arms up. "it was something, alright. Not sure what yet. Gonna take a minute to try and figure that out." So saying, the cat marches up to the base of the stage, giving it an experimental kick.

Flora is still slowly watching, tails flicking, eyes moving out over the beings and the creators. Her brow is basically constantly raised at this point, watching the whole performance... Sure, it looks fancy, but still... That's not really the extent of creator-magic, right?

Shira does her best to not look too amazed with her clapping, so it comes off rather slow and uninvested in the whole thing, which is not true at all. She eyes the cat and smirks. "Are you saying you were scared?" Her smirk is crooked and she draws up one corner of her mouth quite a bit.

Zuri notes the plant being looking at him, and gives him an energetic wave right back. The small pegasus relaxes properly now, settling back into his previous position to enjoy the show, slapping excitedly now. "Yea! Nice! That was great!" He looks arond at his friends and smiles, snorting cutely. "That was fantastic! These guys are real talented."

It looks like Lyas's toes are in for a rude awakening, because the stage is very real and completely solid!

The fliers land lightly in the center of the stage, smiling and waving at the cheering crowd. They strike a pose to one more explosion of sound and light before quickly turning and running off the stage to the safety of their domed tent. Looks like the performance is over.

Cara shakes her head as Lyas attempts to kick the stage. "You could just touch the stage to test if it's an illusion. That way you don't risk breaking your toes." She merely waits for the inevitable shout to occur.

Lyas yelps and hops back, wincing a little. "Okay, right, it's real," he admits, then turns to fix Cara with a crooked smile. "Hey, something needed kickin' round here, and it was the closest thing in reach. Also the least likely to get me arrested." He glances after the Creator group as he speaks. The cat does not appreciate having a shock like that thrown at him for the sake of entertainment. And that's a good enough reason, he figures, for some valuables to go walkabout from the tent tonight, if he can get in...

Shira huffs a little as she is ignored, but then again she was just making snide remarks. She crosses her arms behind her head and stares at the stage that had just so viciously defended itself against the wicked attack of the feline. Once she is satisfied with whatever she was looking at she turns around and looks for the best way out of here.

Zuri blinks. "Wait, wait.. that's all? Aww.." His act is almost convincing.. almost. From the way that show had him shaking it did everything just right and worked as intended. "Still, great stuff!" He makes sure to snatch a flier before he flicks his wings and runs off to go and find Rokarion, to leave and go back home.

Rokarion shrugs as the show ends before closing his book and nodding at the salamander who came towards him.