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Siyu has set up for his shift again. Tea and boardgames, good proper items, all ready to go. The rodent humming a bit as he makes sure everything is in place and cleand.

Fenris enters the Twin Pillows in his newest guise as Denali, the boy-toy fix dancer. Today the androgynous fox is wearing those tight leather pants again, along with a bevy of new, red ribbons. "Hello, Mister Siyu," he says, bowing with his arms crossed over his bare chest, "I am here to work!"

Siyu looks up as he see's who comes in. There's just a moment of shock on his face. It depends on how focused you are at looking at Siyu, but shock, worry and anger flash before being replaced by a calm serene mask again. "Ah hello Denali. Please have a seat, no ones around to work yet though." he swishes back behind the counter and opens up a case.

Uh oh. Something is up! Fenris is no stranger to Siyu and his expressions and he certainly caught that one. "Is everything all right, Mister Siyu?" he asks in Denali's high, warm tenor, "Have I done something wrong?" A look of panic crosses the young fox's face. "Is it the money?" he asks in terror, "I can return it! I only spent a little! Will Lady Jessica not hire me?" He does not sit, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

Siyu shakes his head a bit, "No the money is fine. Sit I have some questions to ask you. You mentioned a man who helped you in the slums...what was it again?" another click and the rodent will set his hands on the counter. In sight again, though he's leaning forward across the counter and looking at the fox. "I heard a curious thing about him..."

"Amos?" Denali asks, then his countenance darkens, "Don't you listen to a word of it, Mister Siyu!" The fox's shoulders stiffen in anger. "Mister Longtooth is one of the best beings I know!" he says, "He would never do anything dishonorable! I even offered him my. . . services, but he turned me down and helped me for free! He is a good man!" The slender fox seems a little out of breath after his outburst.

Siyu nods his head a small bit, "All right. I had heard...the two of you, were around when Lord Angus Solacious was injured, something about him picking a fight with a house? A nubile young fox was seen escorting him around, I assume that was you hm?"

Denali relaxes a bit, his ears laying back in embarrassment. "Oh," he says, "Yes, that was me." He looks ashamed at his outburst and at what he had revealed about himself. "Mister Longtooth asked me to help the Lightbringers with a distraction," he confesses, " He helps them a lot."

Siyu clicks his teeth. The young rodent isn't a spy, or anything close to it. He most certainly doesn't have the training to be a master interrogator. A small debate goes through his head as he tries to figure out how to phrase it. "Specifically what I heard is that the one eyed Longtooth stepped into an alley and then you popped out, with Longtooth no where to be found." a hand moves back under the counter.

Denali looks even more worried and ashamed. "Well," he stammers, "I was sort of with a client. . ." the fox trails off. "Amos knew where I was and took care of my. . . obligations for me," he says, "He sent me on in his place to help." The foxy boy-toy sags into a seat. "You're going to turn me out, aren't you?" he asks despondently.

Siyu takes in a breath, and decides just to go for it, "Are you a Kitsune?" he asks bluntly, the rodent's blue eyes alight, looking particularly sharp. He's focused quite intensely upon you. Looking for a twitch a tell, anything at all that would show a lie. His jaw sets hard.

Oh! So that was it! Looks like the visit with Bellamy had not exactly set poor Siyu's mind at ease. Denali's head jerks up. "What?" he asks in surprise, "How did you? I mean, yes. But why should that matter?" The lithe dancer stands and turns around suddenly revealing two bushy fox tails. "Is - is something wrong with me being a kitsune?"

Siyu strums his fingers upon the counter, the other hand not visible, "A kitsune who ingrained himself to Lord Angus Solacious, worked his way into Lady Jessica Blackback's establishment, and serviced Lady Cassidy Solacious and Dame Natska...who are you, I have the feeling that is not your true face."

Denali turns back to face Siyu. "What are you talking about?" he asks, worry on his vulpine face, "I helped Lord Solacious home after a building fell on him! Lord Jera told me that I might find work here!" The fox dancer looks like he might break out into tears. "Here," he says, fumbling at his sash and producing Siyu's coin purse, "It's almost all still there. I will go if you don't want me." He holds out the pouch to Siyu. "Two tails can't change their faces, Mister Siyu," he explains, "That is something only a few, powerful Kitsunes can do. Most of us are just ordinary folk."

Siyu narrows his eyes again, "Keep it, I am not one to take coin once it has been given. But yes, you should go." is his final word. His eyes still focused very intently, as if expecting something to happen. Rodent looking on edge.

Denali did not realize that Siyu had been so shaken up by this whole Kitsune thing. Maybe he should convince him to have another appointment with Bellamy, and soon! Denali holds the money pouch against his chest for a second, then seeing that the kangaroo rat was deadly serious, he carefully stows the pouch back under his sash. "As you say, Mister Siyu," he says, thin frame shaking a little as he crosses his arms over his chest and bows deeply. Then the dancer fox turns to leave, careful to look as non-threatening as possible. His second tail having vanished, only one bushy fox tail lays tucked between his legs.

Siyu lets out a low breath as the fox leaves, and he will take the pistol out from behind the counter and unload it. shaking his head a bit. He WAS hiding something. The rodents ears flick. Several of his friends knew this kitsune who had arrived mysteriously. He has to investigate more. Or get better at finding lies.

Fenris shakes his head sadly. Too bad things had turned out that way. Establishing Denali at the Pillows might have been awfully handy. But then again, having him thrown out might be just as useful. Just a different kind of network is all. Denali sways uncertainly across Mange square, just in case Siyu is still watching and slumps onto an available bench to sit for a while with his face in his hands. He could not believe that Siyu was so frightened about Kitsunes! Hopefully he could help his friend. He would have to talk with Angus to establish Denali's identity with his fellow Lightbringer sometime soon.