List of Souls

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List of Combat Souls

Soul Obtained by
Aranian Solve the mystery of Aerie Rock. (Requires welcome amongst the Aranians)
Army Magician Freeswords'
Bard Lunar Store
Berserker Lunar Store
Cannoneer Token Store
Champion of Light Web Mission (Where shadows fear to tread)
Crusader 30 Priest, 30 Fighter
Dark Knight Lunar Store
Dark Magician Shanty Town Store
Duelist 30 Rogue, 30 Fighter
EarthShaker Lunar Store
Fighter Freeswords'
Golem Crafter Freeswords'
Gunslinger Muskets, Firearms and Powder
Hearth Magician Freeswords'
Journeyman Freeswords'
Jeweller 20 Jewelcrafting, 30 Craft Apprentice
Lightning Caller 30 Army Magician, 30 Mage Adept
Machine Priest Attain 12 in Creator Tech proficiency
Mage Adept Freeswords'
Monk Eastbank cabin store
Ninja Web Mission (Story of Zanzulek), followed by boss at Eastbank Forest
Parent Players start with this
Priest Freeswords'
Rogue Freeswords'
Samurai Lunar Store
Scholar Freeswords'
Shrouded Assassin 30 Dark Magician, 30 Rogue
Standard Bearer 30 Crusader, 30 Champion of Light
Street Fighter Web Mission (Fisticuffs)
Trauma Mage 30 Journeyman, 30 Hearth Magician
Treasure Hunter Token Store
Windrunner Lunar Store
Winter Witch Northwarden Canyon quest, starts on the Aurora in town.

List of Social Souls

Soul Obtained By
Academic Buy at Academy
Actor Freeswords'
Courtier Freeswords'
Merchant Freeswords'
Noble Comes with the Noble Born, Foreign Nobility, Royal Born or Knighted perks.
Performer Freeswords'
Unseen Thieves' Guild
  • Social souls do not gain XP from combat and can only gain XP from a) non-combat missions, b) roleplay or c) social actions.

List of Crafting Souls

Soul Obtained By
Alchemist 30 Craft Apprentice and 20 alchemy.
Blacksmith 30 Craft Apprentice and 20 metalwork.
Craft Apprentice Craft School
Golem Crafter Freeswords'
Jeweller 30 Craft Apprentice and 20 gemcrafting.
Tanner 30 Craft Apprentice and 20 leatherworking.
  • Craft souls are like social souls, save that they also earn XP from crafting items and craft bounties.
  • Golem Crafter is a hybrid of a craft and combat soul. Golem Control is used as a crafting skill in determining the cost of crafting golems, as well as a proficiency in equipping them.