List of Recipes and Modifiers

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Equipment is vital to your character's function, and the game has a wide array of both recipes and modifiers to suit your character's needs.

List of Recipes

Recipe Obtained by
Activated Herbs Secret Store
Advanced Defense Golem Web Mission (Advanced Golem Models)1
Advanced Offense Golem Web Mission (Advanced Golem Models)1
Air Elemental Solve the mystery of Aerie Rock.
Angered Promise Academy
Axe Craft School
Basic Defense Golem Web Mission (A Golem Maker Introduction)
Basic Offense Golem Web Mission (A Golem Maker Introduction)
Basic Prosthetic Limb Academy
Battlefield Purification Academy
Black Book Craft School
Blasting Rod Aranian Machine Sanctum
Blunderbuss Craft School
Book Craft School
Boomerang Firebough Mountain quest
Buckler Craft School
Calcified Flesh Academy
Caltrops Aranian Storehouse
Chain Armor Craft School
Chemical Barrels Craft School
Cutting Winds Academy
Dagger Craft School
Distracting Cloak Thieves' Guild
Distracting Tactics Secret Store
Dulling Potion Starter quest from Greg Teachcraft
Ebon Bandit Camp Contraband Trader
Entertainment Tools Craft School
Field Medicines Craft School (Buy, or Greg Teachcraft)
Fire Elemental Defeat the Elder of Firebough Mountain (Boss)
Fire Whip Secret Store
Flame of the Creator Academy
Forging Tools Craft School
Gem Hammer Craft School
Gilded Armor Craft School
Glassware Craft School
Golem Grasper Firearms Store
Grim Grimoire Bandit Camp Contraband Trader
Guided Longbow Secret Store
Guiding Wind Academy
Guisarme Craft School
Hailstorm Aurumrock Isle Store
Hand Cannon Mossy Stone Store
Hand Crossbow Web Mission (Silvervein Shuffle)
Harassing Monologue Craft School
Heartfire Poison Bandit Camp Contraband Trader
Heavy Crossbow Secret Store
Herbal Supplements Secret Store
History Book Craft School
Hydration Secret Store
Imbued Quill Craft School
Inspiring Shout Craft School
Jewelry Craft School
Knuckles Craft School
Lance Craft School
Large Glyphs Craft School
Leather Knife Craft School
Life Drinker Danny's Dark Delights
Long Spear Craft School
Manual of Facts Mossy Stone Store
Martial Training Mossy Stone Store
Martial Staff Aranian Storehouse
Mathemagical Robes Token Store
Metal Ingots Craft School
Musket Craft School
Padded Armor Craft School
Parma Craft School
Parrying Blade Craft School
Perfume Craft School
Prepared Speech Craft School
Primitive Pistol Firearms Store
Primitive Shotgun  ???
Purifying Tincture  ???
Ranger's Jacket Craft School
Recovery Tale Craft School
Repeating Crossbow Secret Store
Sabre Aurumrock Isle Store
Sand Storm Academy
Sap Academy
Saturated Academy
Savage Martial Arts Danny's Dark Delights
Shaded Hex Academy
Sharp Coat Academy
Sheets of Cloth Craft School
Shell of Darkness Danny's Dark Delights
Shimmering Armaments Academy
Short Bow Craft School (Buy, or Greg Teachcraft)
Shroud of Mist Academy
Sleeping Powder Thieves' Guild
Smith Hammer Craft School
Snare Craft School
Spiked Shield Secret Store
Staff Craft School
Stirring Speech Academy District
Stone Block Craft School
Street Clothes Craft School
Subtle Cape Thieves' Guild
Suffocate Academy
Support Frame Firearms Store
Swift Sword Craft School
Sword Craft School
Tainted Vitality Danny's Dark Delights
Thick Armor Craft School
Thunderbolt Aurumrock Isle Store
Tower Shield Mossy Stone Store
Trained Physique Mossy Stone Store
Travel Hardening Eastbank Cabin Store
Triage Kit Aurumrock Isle (Surgeon McArthur), or buy from store.
War Hammer Craft School
Ward Rune Aranian Machine Sanctum
Water Breathing Academy
Water Elemental Academy
Weights and Measures Craft School
Zweihander Craft School

1: These recipes are mutually exclusive. You cannot obtain both on one character.

List of Modifiers

Modifier Obtained by
Charged Secret Store
Creator Inspired Secret Store
Crystal Encased Eastbank Cabin Store
Crystal Sheened Eastbank Cabin Store
Crystal Studded Eastbank Cabin Store
Defensive Aranian Storehouse
Depleted Secret Store
Draining Danny's Dark Delights
Dull Craft School
Energised Defeat Autominer (boss)
Enhanced Craft School
Exemplary Craft School
Fast Craft School
Faster Craft School
Fastest Craft School
Fine Tuned Secret Store
First Rate Craft School
Flammable Academy
Guided Guided questline, starts at Bandit Camp.
Heavier Craft School
Heaviest Craft School
Heavy Craft School
Innervated Secret Store
Large Craft School
Light Craft School (Greg Teachcraft)
Medicated Secret Store
Miniature Craft School
Perfectly Tuned Secret Store
Poorly Tuned Secret Store
Precisely Tuned Secret Store
Practice Token Store
Protective Aranian Machine Sanctum
Pure Lay the ghosts of the Gravefells to rest.
Reinforced Craft School
Resistive Aranian Storehouse
Sharp Craft School
Sharper Craft School
Sharpest Craft School
Slow Craft School
Small Craft School
Tiny Craft School
Titanic Defeat Leviathan (Boss)
Toughened Craft School
Venomous Craft School