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The invitation goes out to to the Goat to meet Kilsa Ironsoul and speak with her on become a member of the Ironsoul defenders. The badger sits out in the courtyard waiting on the Goat to enter, The guards have been notified to let Mitchell in long as he has the invitation with her. She is dressed in the normal preistly robs and waiting on the Goat to arrive by sitting in the cool courtyard feeling the breeze.

Mitchell is lead in, and looks around most curiously, trying not to look slack-jawed in awe. He is very polite as is his nature as he's lead through, and then when he sees you here in the courtyard he smiles. "Good afternoon, Kilsa," he says as he approaches. He's in his usual clothing, having not even a permanent residence let alone a change of clothes. He keeps himself neat and clean, though, despite this.

The badger gives him a smiles, "Its rare to have someone call me by my first name so quickly. I am already liking you." She grinned and walks over to shake the goats hand, "We've met before and you and your friend left a nice impression on me, I wanted to extended you the chance to learn about and join the Ironsoul defenders." She pointed to the floor of the court yard shich had a emblem of a blue shield of the defenders. "We are a group dedicated to helping and rebuilding promise for the better of all."

Mitchell smiles and takes Kilsa's hand with both of his, giving a friendly clasp before letting go, "Ah, I was never one for formalities. Not much t'be formal about where I come from," he says with a little grin. "I'm glad. T'was a pleasure t'fight along side you and your companions." he looks over to the emblem and nods, "A worthy cause, somethin' I have been tryin' to do in my own little ways since a-comin' here."

"Good. Though I have a few questions for you before I can let you in. First of which is, What motivates you in this ravaged planet plauged by shadows, bandits and even worse creatures. So what makes Mitchell wake up and dediced to help his neighbor?" She asked while adjusting a few lopsided training dummies.

Mitchell smiles and thinks about that just a moment, "I've spent a long time atop a mountain, livin' in a place so rough that even the beasties can't get me. It's a hard life, every day a struggle, but a struggle just fer me. One day, I looked in m'heart and found it empty. Wondered why I bothered, what's the use in just livin'? So I left. Loneliness maybe, a desire t'see the world for sure. I met Astrid 'long the way, and then together we came here, and I ... I find m'self really carin' about everyone around me. It hurts me when they're hurtin', pleases me when they're happy. I feel r'sponsible to do what I can to improve their lot, in whatever way I can."

Kilsa nods, "Ah. So you seek fulfillment of the heart I know that feeling, I have done much to try to fill my heart with the love of all folks by making equipment and opening up an orphanage." The Badger smiles and nods her head, "So have you heard much about the Ironsoul Defenders?"

Mitchell smiles and nods in acknowledgement, "Exactly that," he responds as Kilsa seems to understand exactly. "Some; though what I know is ... ah, surface at best," he responds. "I know enough t'be interested t'learn more."

"We are a group dedicated to making sure that Promise is rebuilt, any gang can kill a bunch of shadows and be heros but we take it a step further, we will train farms to be able to protect their farms, we will help towns rebuild after bandits attacks and hunt down those that would harm them." She smiles widely, "I will do all we can to make sure that the group is aiding all. What we are not is my personal guard, If you see a child and my life in danger at the same time you must save the child over me. That is who we are, not some stuff group to protects noble. I want to help everyone form the lowest shanty down brothel worker to the good king himself. Equally."

Mitchell smiles more as you go on, he clearly likes this. His smile's probably as wide as yours by the time you're done describing it. He nods, "Self-sufficiency is necessary for long-term survival ... I know that as well as anyone might." He nods again, "And f'sure... I don't take much stock in nobles 'r' titles or th' like. M'grandfather would say, everybody eats, everybody shi--" He blinks and grins goofily, "Ah, a colorful way of sayin' we're all the same. Surely, th' child would have no hope, but you seem quite capable t'get yourself out of a scrape. So th' child goes first, not a doubt."

The badger chuckles, "My father used to say that all use the same chamber pot." She walks over the goat and give a hard pat to the goat back. "So do you have any questions for me?" She asked while grinning at the goat, "So far I seem to have ran my mouth without getting more of your input. So tell me what do you think?"

Mitchell takes the hard pat; it makes him lean forward just because you're so much bigger and stronger than him, but he's so well balanced that he doesn't have to shift his footing to 'recover' from it. He smiles and returns the gesture, "I like what I hear... and what I see. From what I've seen y'truly believe what y'say. I wouldna come, I don't think, if I hadna already faught with ya. But, I have trust in ya," he responds, looking up with a smile. "I s'pose I was curious, why th' postin' I saw was so ... er, lookin' fer males. Would y'all consent t'take Astrid as well, if she chose t'join and passed yer vettin'?"

Kilsa blushes a bit and shakes her head, "You'll have to excuse the flyer, I misinterpreted what the members of the defenders desireds when I had it sent out." She chuckles and give the goat a smiles, "I have not problem allow another female into the group though I will ask you now. Do you want to join the Defenders?" She pulls a small piece of parchment and hands it Mitchell with a quill and at the bottom is the contract mention a 10,000 crown sign on bonus for a year.

Mitchell ohs and laughs, "Oh, okay." He smiles back, and looks down at the contract. It's actually kind of a new thing to him... he's never signed one before! He actually reads it (OMG) as a result, and touches the paper and generally seems kind of fascinated by it. Assuming there's nothing outlandish in there about the defenders taking his spleen, he'll take the quill and carefully paint his name on the paper. His handwriting is really careful and surprisingly delicate, though it probably takes him almost annoyingly long to sign it.

Kilsa takes the scroll and smiles, "I'm glad you decided to join us, Your allowed to live in the barracks and eat any food not marked by another member." She chuckcles, "You can use the forge and any other stuff at your own discrection. Welcome to the group and enjoy. " She rolls up the scroll and places it into her robes. "Anything else?" She says while giving him 10,000 crowns.

Mitchell smiles and nods, "It's good to finally have a home, thank you for that," he says, earnestly. Clearly having a place to stay, even if it's some barracks, means a lot to the goat. "I'll tell Astrid, I feel she'll want to join as well. She feels much the same as I do." He grins goofily, "We both like t'stomp about and make a better Promise. I know she'd enjoy this as well." He takes the money, and bows his head a bit, "Be assured I'd join even without this," he mentions, again in an earnest tone.

The badger nods, "I'll allow you to look around and meet your fellow defenders as they come troughout the day. I will notify you when we need you to help in a mission." She grinned widely and contineus to talk, "You don't have to bow to me, I am not a king or a queen. I am just a blacksmith and a priest with to many titles." She chuckled and pats the goats back softly before walking away. "IF you need anything please be sure to come to me and anything other members." She calls out and waves like she is speaking to an old friend. "And most of all, enjoy yourself." She says before leaving.

Mitchell smiles and nods, "It's a pleasure to be a part of your group," he responds, and as you start to walk off, he waves a paw, "Ah, see you again soon, I'm sure. And I'm sure I will... thank you once more." He grins cheerfully.