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The tournament grounds are lit up like noon day in the fading light of the evening. A huge, open pavillion has been set up and stadium seating erected with hundreds of beings gathered in the stands along with a sizeable contingent of Creators. Some mingle with the beings, wearing ordinary clothes, but many more sit apart, wearing their odd fashions and fiddling with strange devices. A number of bizarre, flying machine servitors fly around the area, going about unknowable errands.

A table for contestants is off to the side of the stands and many beings wait in five lines for their turn.

Kazel smirks at the display, this is promising to be the most fun she had in weeks. The rodent joins the shortest of the lines for the contestants and lets her gaze fall upon the creators. Rare to see that many at once.

Crux strides in, wearing little more than a pair of well reinforced pants. He looks around, jaw tense, sticking his hand into his pocket to draw out a pair of brass knuckles. He slides one onto one hand, another onto the other and flexes his hands, assuming a fighting stance and throwing a few punches into the air. He looks at them and shrugs, walking over to stand in line.

Stepping into the line just behind the Crux would be a certain orange feline known as Lidara, whose eyes travel across the gathered crowd of beings and Creators alike with an evident sense of wonder in his eyes. It was definitely his first time seeing something like this... and exactly how fit he was to be a contestant here. At the moment, he wasn't wearing his usual backpack, leaving him without any equipment other than his robes, some brass knuckles worn on his right hand and a guisarme on his back... the later of the three he wasn't even quite sure if he could have. But if he wasn't supposed to have it, they'd stop him, right?

"No weapons, no magic, step on the plate, please," says a bored looking Creator as the three hopeful contestants reach the front of the line, "That includes your BRASS KNUCKLES," he says, the little translator machine hovering by his head translates as he speaks. As each being steps up, he consults a glass plate in his hands and nods. "Rat," he starts, "Middle weight. Ox, Heavyweight, and the cat is in Bantam weight." He points out three different fighting rings where beings wait their turns, and some walk away, licking their wounds.

Kazel cracks her knuckles and steps to the ring she was pointed at. She drops the staff she brought in case they were allowed at its side and waits for her turn.

Crux looks at his knuckles and shrugs, drawing them off and absently discarding them to the ground. "Works for me," he grunted, drawing his arms over his head and stretching out as he walked to the ring. Cracks and pops from his joints, drawing himself into the ring. He stands at the edge and bounces up and down, then walks to a corner, leaning back into it. Though fur cover his eyes, his brows shift as he looks around, curious about who he was fighting. He'd not seen many creators, and wondered just how big one would be that would stand against him.

Lidara gives a nod to the Creator, setting both the guisarme and knuckles off to the side. The feline does pause for a moment though, and, finally realizing who the ox in front of him was, finally waves and says, "Oh, hi Crux! Good luck!" After that though, he'd quickly make his way over to the ring pointed out to him, giving a quick stretch and crack of his knuckles as he does so. For the moment, the cat simple waits to be called into the ring, practicing a few different fighting stances as he does so.

There are a total of nine fighting arenas, each set up for one-on-one matches. It is not long before the trio are waved toward their respective rings.

Kazel's opponent is a medium sized Creator in loose fitting trousers and bare chested. His forearms and hands are carefully wrapped, as are his legs and feet. He is currently waving at the audience and talking to one of the little flying machines. He is bald, and it looks like his nose has been broken more than once.

Crux's opponent is worryingly large! Did Creators actually come in that size? He looks almost like someone shaved an ape being! The enourmous man is lounging on a stool and watches Crux climb into the ring.

Lidara seems to have lucked out! His opponent is a petite woman with dark skin and long, dark dreadlocks. She grins and the cat and gives a wink, raising her fists to fight.

Kazel cracks her knuckles and steps into the arena, a smirk on her lips. She eyes the creator up and down and gives a short bow to him, before readying herself and taking her battle stance.

Crux looks to the feline and smirks, nodding his head at Lidara. "And to you too sir," he said in a deep timbre. His eyes come to rest on the creator opposite him in the ring, his brows raising up to get a better look at the creator. He chuckles and stands up straight, punching his right hand into his left and cracking his knuckles. "This ought to be interesting," he said with a wide grin. He takes a few steps away from the corner of the ring towards the center. He draws hooves together and bows to the large creator. "Let the best man win," he said respectfully and sincerely.

Lidara wears a small smile on his face as he steps into the ring, giggling and returning the woman's wink as he looks his opponent over quickly. The feline wasn't one to underestimate someone due to size though, and soon that grin would disappear as the feline adopts a more battle ready stance, his eyes narrowing slightly as he does so. He seemed to be watching his foe quite carefully, and his stance was one meant more for defense than offense. It seems he already had a bit of a read on the woman... or, at least, he seems to think he does.

The Creator facing off with Kazel raises his fists and starts to circle the rat, keeping an eye on her motions and her long tail. No bow here, but then, Creator traditions are probably different. He does not bounce like a boxer, but keeps low, with his fists and elbows protecting his face and ribs. Then he darts in with a speedy jab!

The behemoth facing Crux lumbers to his feet with only a grunt in greeting. Maybe he does not understand Crux's words. There is no warning, and no finesse as the giant charges at the musk ox!

The dark-skinned woman sways forward in a strange, dincing sort of step, weaving in a strange pattern as one of the flying machines swings around the ring. She makes a feinting punch toward Lidara then drops into a leg sweep!

Kazel is hit by the creator which has her surprised for a second, but she quickly positions herself at his side with quick step. She reacts quickly and takes a strong swing at the creator's spine with her left fist.

Crux's hooves take a more steady stance as the creator stands, hoofs heavy and sure. He's surprised by the sudden lunge, taking a blow, but his large mitts grabbing at the creator's frame. He grunts at the impact but tries to use the large creator's momentuum to trip him up, leveraging it to throw the creator to the mat behind him.

Lidara doesn't quite seem to fall for the feint, doing no more than twitching a little in response to it... he does not, however, notice the leg sweep until it is too late, and in a moment the feline would impact the ground with a thud. He quickly rolls to the side and begins to stand up in one quick motion, swinging to lash out with a swift punch right into the Creator woman's gut as he does so.

The bald man does his best to avoid Kazel's strike, but is not fast enough and takes the hit on his back with a sharp grunt. It does not slow him down much as he turns the momentum of his dodge into a vicious backhand directed at Kazel's temple. It seems that maybe not all Creators are so frail as the scientists.

The beast wrestling with Crux seems to be evidence of this as he not only withstands the musk ox, but drags him to the ground, flopping his own gargantuan weight on top of the poor bovid.

Lidara is not faring much better. His wild swing at the dreadlocked woman meets nothing but air as she seems to vanish before his eyes! But it is no magic trick, only an acrobatic back handspring that send her foot speeding toward his chin!

Kazel does her best to avoid another hit from the skilled fighter and succeeds. Her ears flatten slightly as the hand misses her head and she is quick to counter, launching her fist at the creator's stomach with full force.

Crux grunts and bears his teeth underneath the large creator. He draws a hand back, balling it into a fist, trying to leverage the man up with his other hand before driving a strike into the creator's chest with as much force as he could muster while being pinned underneath the massive creator. "Off of me you furless freak!" he bellows.

Lidara blinks as the woman suddenly disappears from his vision... only for him to spot her again just in time to see the foot strike his chin. The feline staggers backwards slightly, though quickly regains his balance. His eyes narrow and lock onto the Creator woman again, muttering, "Well, you're certainly just as much of a challenge as you look," before lashing out with a quick kick.

The bald fighter seems to have recovered from the hit he took and dances lightly back out of the way of Kazel's brutal strike, then steps into the opening to deliver a vicious fist of his own!

Crux's opponent is as immovable as a stone, and just a little squishy. Being buried under this mountain of a man gives Crux the opportunity to examine Creator anatomy in a way that he never thought possible. The behemoth makes a snatch for one of the musk ox's arms to attempt a submission hold.

The dusky skinned woman tosses her dreadlocks. She may not understand Lidara's words, but it is evident that she gets the gist, because she blows the feline a kiss before launching into a series of acrobatic kicks!

Kazel gets hit, and its quite nasty. The rodent staggers back and takes a deep breath, clearly angry now, she lets out a roar and charges the bald man with a tackle, trying to knock him from his feet.

Crux grits his teeth, arm drawn back and pinned, aching in the joint as he struggles to free it. He refuses to relax the arm, fearing what the otherwise silent creator might do if he were to let fighter take his arm. He looks at the creator and snorts, then quickly jerks his head, trying to jab one of his sharp horns into the creator's face, hoping to hit something soft and vulnerable.

Lidara grins and shakes his head slightly at this kiss, though he doesn't drop his combat stance. Of course... a combat stance isn't going to ensure that he can actually avoid blows, dodging to the side a second too late to avoid the Creator's kicks. He's sent staggering back again, this time further than before, and it takes him a few moments to regain his posture and ready himself once more, long enough that he doesn't seem willing to go in for another attack quite yet. The feline was beginning to sweat slightly now, his breathing coming out in light pants. Even someone with as much energy as him can only take so many hits in a row before it starts to drain.

Baldy sidesteps Kazel's berserk rush and lets her charge past him. Her enraged momentum sends her crashing to the very edge of the ring before she manages to pull of short of stepping out of bounds. He is not about to let this opportunity pass him up and he directs a powerful punch toward the rat's exposed kidneys.

The huge Creator jerks his head away at the last second, rolling off of Crux and freeing the bulky musk ox. The big guy is pretty speedy for his size as he hauls himself back to his feet and assumes a sort of wrestling pose, arms spread wide and circling toward the still prone ox.

The woman facing Lidara is wearing a slightly predatory, and brilliantly white smile. She dances back a little, doing a backflip with a little hop before taking a running leap toward the feline in a powerful, spinning kick!

Kazel dodges another blow and grabs the arm that would have punched her in an attempt to use her opponent's momentum against him and, seeing how her charge had her at the edge of the ring, throw him out of the ring while stepping further towards the center herself.

Crux rolls his previously pinned arm as he gets up to his knees, eyes watching the creator. His head drips for a moment, almost as if he were going to charge with his horns, but stands up straight, drawing a leg back and assuming a boxer's pose. He walks closer to the creator and plants his hooves firmly once he's in range, swinging for the man's jaw with a right fist as his hips turn into the blow.

Lidara returns the woman's smile, though his is somewhat tired and likely fairly battered by this point. He... even dances around her a little bit as she moves back, though, again, the cat... wasn't quite quick enough to avoid taking the blow, which knocks him off to the side a little bit. The feline continues to sprint forward though, further than the blow would've sent him, until finally he bounces off the edge of the ring and charges back towards her... only to dodge to the side at the last moment and promptly attempt to plant his knee in the woman's side.

The bald Creator grunts as Kazel siezes his arm, but he does not go anywhere, wrapping his free arm around the berserking rat's throat and locking his foot around her leg, then giving a hard yank to break the warrior's stance.

Crux's blow lands hard on the huge Creator's chin, rocking his head back. The behemoth blinks stupidly and reaches up to wipe away a bit of blood from a split lip. He grunts, nods at Crux in acknowledgement, then charges once more!

Lidara is not so fortunate. Due to his slowed reflexes, his opponent is ready for him. She grabs hold of the attacking foot and crab walks quickly sideways, dragging the feline along with her and trying to throw him off his feet.

The strange flying machines whirl about the three fights, beeping and flashing. The machine spirits inside must be happy with the spectacle.

Kazel squirms and contorts herself, trying to break the creator's grip. The rat grits her teeth and uses all her strength to try to break out of the grip of the creator, while whipping at his leg with her tail in an attempt to surprise him since he is probably not used to tailed opponents, even though it is unlikely to help, the rat is starting to get a bit desperate.

Crux tries to dodge out of the way, but his hooves are too slow, though his stance, as sure as ever, allows him to catch the charge. He grins widely, showing off his pearly white herbivorous teeth. "Well, this is kind of fun," he says, holding the creator's arms firmly. He rears his head back, eyes closing as he slams it forward, trying to headbutt the creator right on the crown.

Lidara lets out a squeak of her surprise as his foot is grabbed and he's dragged forward by the Creator woman, leaving the feline sitting there and doing perfect splits. Other than a wince when he hits the ground though, he doesn't seem too fazed by his current position. It seems that the cat is rather flexible... and likely at least a bit used to doing the splits too. He's quick to get to his feet again, and this time he prepares himself for what could very well be one last attack.... The moment he's on his feet again, the feline drops himself down, elbow first onto the woman.

The bald creator twists gently, pushing Kazel even more off balance and gently stepping on the lashing tail. He raises a fist high and plunges it down at Kazel's throat! only to stop just short. The bald man grunts and nods, then releases Kazel to fall gently to the floor of the ring. It seem that he has decide this match is over.

The Creator behemoth grins as the Ox rears back to attack and does exactly the same thing, he throws his whole strength and weight into a headbutt of his own! There is a satisfying sound like two ripe coconuts banging together and both combatants stagger backward!

Lidara's plan was a good one, but his opponent is just too fast. She slips out of the way of his attack and allows the feline to flop to the ground before laying a foot on the prone cat's throat. She looks down at him and quirks an eyebrow.

Kazel huffs and gets up from the ground. She twists her neck a couple of times and rubs at her neck before leaving the arena and getting her gear so she can leave. Fighting without weapons is not her strong suit.

Crux staggers back, arms out as he tries to maintain his balance. After a moment he draws a hand to his head, groaning and slowly shaking his rattled head from side to side. "Damn, you creators have thick skulls." He gives his head another shake and tries to collect himself, swaying a little as he positions his hands and hooves into a boxer's stance again, though his balance is weak, stumbling from one side to the other as he tries to focus his vision.

Lidara whines a bit as he collides with the ground, rubbing his side for a few moments and rolling onto his back... only to feel the Creator woman's foot right on his throat. He wiggles around for a moment before sighing and tapping her foot, looking up at her with quite the battered smile as he does so. "Alright, you win.... Wow... you're really quick.... And this is going to hurt tomorrow...." She may not have understood his words, but... hopefully she understood the gesture.

The three beings' opponents are all gracious in victory. Except for Crux's mammoth opponent, who actually topples and lands hard on his butt, blinking away stars. Looks like the ox actually managed to come out on top! The audience cheers and applauds as both winners and losers are helped down from the rings and tended to as the next fights get underway.

The dark-skinned woman, helps Lidara to his feet and pats his fuzzy head, giving him a wink before she saunters away.