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There has been a sign posted in the freeswords guild. A request has been made that all peope interested in alittle exploration to arrive at a set location to speak with the employeer of the job. The location is a smiple cave entrance, there are two heavily armed guards and a fox is sitting at a camp table and in a chair.

Bite slithers to the set location and asks for the employer, finally coming to the fox at the camp table. "Excuse me sssweetie i'm here about a job who do I speak to?" she hisses.

Arriving alone, Orso looks over the entrance to the cave. He has a massive two-handed swordstrapped to his back, the eight foot bear wearing simple but well-made armor, tunic and trousers. He moves over to the table, then to the vulpine, "So. We're going to be exploring a cave? Do you have any idea if there might be any dangers? Possible cave-ins? Hostile creatures?"

Fefneir wanders to the location to speak with the employeer. Following along with Bite,nodding to her Can always count on Bite to know the way to a job that needs done.

Walden the Armadillo shows up in chainmail and appears unarmed aside from the metal-plated gloves he wears. He has a pack over his hard plated back obviously carrying useful supplies. He looks entirely excited and eager, all wide-eyed and raring to go. "Did I make it?" he asks hopefully, seeing a couple others arriving as well as the fox and guards seated.

Not too far behind the Armadillo comes Felix wearing heavy armor of his own, a warhammer and rifle strapped to the Deer's back. Remaining quiet for the most part, he does offer a wave to Walden when he sees it, along with the others that are nearby in the area.

A slight adjusting from the fox as she looks at the two guards and nods to them. "Welcome. I'm known as the Broker. I have alittle task for this lovely group. There is rumor to have been creator ruins inside. But I've not been able to locate it. So, I would like us, I mean you guys, to go inside and find the ruins. THere are very old markings on the walls that indicate that the rumor is quite possibly true."

Bite smiles. She'd like to make out of this with some treasure if she can. "Sure sssweetheart we'll find it for you. Do we get a guide? Is there any danger?" she hisses and watches the fox.

Fefneir perks a large bat ear at taht, "A creator ruins you say?" Stroking his chin lightly could be an intresting to sight to see. Looking from bite to the fox waiting for them to answer the woman's questions.

Orso grunts in response, studying the entrance with more interest. "That, I would like to see. I am wondering what we might find inside then." He glances down at the reptillian woman, studying her curiously before looking back to the Broker.

Walden offers a wave back to Felix and a friendly smile. "Oh good. I was hoping I would get to work with you sometime soon," he says and offers his deer friend a pat on the back. He then nods to the fox, listening to what the Broker says about this task. "Wow, that's pretty exciting. Oh, think about all of the exciting history we could potentially uncover!" he exclaims, looking around at the others assembled with a big grin.

"Treasure sounds rather appealing." Felix remarks to Bite's statement, smiling slightly "The history we could find would be good too, of course." He adds before glancing back to Walden and nodding briefly "Put your skills to good use hopefully!" The Deer chuckles softly, obviously rather good natured overall.

He motions towards his two, evil looking guards. "Well these two gents refuse to enter the cave because they are scared, I'm all for enterting and all but but thats what you guys are here for. You'll be.. rewarded.. for your services." there is something to his words, something he is not saying.

Bite nods. "Alright then sssweetie. Anything else to tell us?" she asks as she checks her dagger and moves towards the exit, looking back for any last statements.

Fefneir shrugs a bit to that, "We'll see what you havn't told us soon enough, if you really want it handled this is probly your best chance to speak up." Moving to go with Bite, his hand resting on an odd sword at his hip.

Orso grunts softly, and since he happens to be part of the same group as Fefneir, he moves to follow behind the bat, checking the looseness of his new blade in its scabbard.

Walden rubs his hands together and gives a couple nods. "Well, if it's a dark place with a couple of frightened fellas, then chances are there's a reason why folks like us were hired, right? I'm sure whatever it is, we can handle it if we work together and combine our strengths," says the optimistic armadillo. He seems pretty content to stay near Felix for now; most likely that's the only person here he knows. "Is there anything else? Or are we all set?"

"Well, rewards are good, indeed." Felix remarks, not mentioning the fearful guards or even asking what they might be afraid of. "Indeed! The key, regardless of what happens, is that we all stick together and not get seperated, that's when bad things happen." He remarks while nodding in agreement with Walden "I'm ready anytime, I suppose." As if to clarify, he reaches for the warhammer at his back.

"Ah, good good, do enjoy the cave.. you'll need torch light to see so I hope you came prepaired with some form of light." The mand the guards pace glances and then they all move towards a black tent.

The the cave mouth now unguarded seems to have the sound of running water inside, and the feel that the wind is being drawn inside. It's dark, it's dank, and it's possibly fully of enemies.

Bite approaches the black tent, and pulls out a prepped torch, sparking a flame effortlessly to ignite it. She looks to the others and offers to use her torch to light anything they may have that needs a light.

Fefneir draws out a torch from his pack and lights it from Bites, "Thank you dearie, Well shall we go see what has them so scared stiff?" Looking at the cave, feels more like going home to him, he's a bat after all.

Bite approaches the cave mouth, and pulls out a prepped torch, sparking a flame effortlessly to ignite it. She looks to the others and offers to use her torch to light anything they may have that needs a light.

Fefneir draws out a torch from his pack and lights it from Bites, "Thank you dearie, Well shall we go see what has them so scared stiff?" Looking at the cave, feels more like going home to him, he's a bat after all.

Orso steps up behind Fefneir and says to him, "I hope we can trust you to lead us out if we lose our light somehow, right Fefneir?"

Walden offers a nod and a smile to Felix. "Glad you're here," he says to him, and he pulls out a torch of his own which he ignites using some of his own power. Perhaps it was just more convenient at the time. "I think we'll be fine, folks. Let's just make sure we don't get in over our heads; if we come across something too dangerous, like a chasm or pit we just can't handle, let's not get overconfident."

For exploring a cave, Felix doesn't seem quite preparred as he doesn't even seem to have a pack with him to pull a torch from within! Sans torch, the Deer stays with someone who does have one, and someone he knows, in this case, Walden. "Yeah, who knows what could be at the bottom, spikes, or worse!"

The cave is deep, the deeper everyone walks into the confides of the moutain passage, they come across many passages, and massive open caverns with broken rock and uneven ground, some seeming rafted into an almost stare-like path ways in some places.

Bite takes note of the many passages and occasionally illuminates deeper into an offshoot with a bit of fire magic. She slithers down a winding path and examines the walls for any markings that will give them clues that they are going the right way.

Fefneir follows along behind Bite, drawing that odd sword at his hip, "So far not to different from other caves, save for the almost stair like formations." The blade of the sword pulsating slightly and a deep blood red, though could be the pulsing is just the light flickering from the torches.

Orso trails along the back, keeping an eye out as best he can, leaving his oversized sword sheathes for now, steps loud on the stone of the floor.

Walden keeps an eye out as well, though he seems concerned about the fact that there's multiple possible passages to take. "They're handy at least," he says. "The ones we go down at least could serve as little landmarks for making our way back."

"They usually put the good stuff near the bottom of caves." Felix remarks, a statment that might not be at all true! "And indeed, I say we should probably go down, less anyone has any clue at all as to where we might need to go?"

The path way soon becomes into what appears to be.. controled, designed paths and the it all stops opening into a large Cavern. Along every wall are runes, or well what looks like runes.

Bite follows the runes and looks over the walls as she moves by. They probably have some form of hint or will yeild some information as to what they're coming across down here.

Fefneir brings the torch a bit closer to the wall to look at a few of the runes a bit before looking to Bite, knowing she's a far better mage than he ever was. "Any idea about these runes dearie? You always did well with magic." Still following along.

Orso leans in closer to one of the runes, studying them curiously. Sadly, with no knowledge at all of academics, they're pretty much just marks to him. Shaking his head, he quickens his steps to catch up with the rest of the group, softly muttering to himself under his breath.

The sight of the runes on the wall certainly catch Walden's attention. He shines his torch on them for a moment, then reaches into a pouch on his pack and grabs a gem, putting another one back in its place. "Well, now, this should do the trick. Let's see if I can make this out," the armadillo mumbles, gesturing Felix closer. "Felix, would you be so kind as to hold my torch please?" he asks as he starts to study the walls.

Felix knows very very little about runes and other sorts of scholarly things, so he merely follows along with the others as they look over the walls. "Sure can, Walden." The Deer replies as he takes the torch, seemingly almost happy to be doing something to help for the time being!

The runes soo fade near a pile of rocks There is no clear paths now, just massive rooms.

Bite looks over the pile of rocks and begins prepping an explosive spell. "Stand back sssweeties." she hisses.

Orso moves back well out of possible range of any explosions and shrapenl, watching warily.

Fefneir moves back so Bite can use the spell, Reading his sword just incase and keeping an eye out.

Walden looks a little concerned as he hears Bite's words. "Stand back?" he asks. "What are you doing exactly?" He moves back away as instructed, and he nods to Felix, offering to take his torch back since he's done. "I can take that again so your hands are free for your hammer. Thanks, Felix."

"I don't think we should be blowing stuff up in a potentially unstable cave, honestly, less the whole place comes down, or opens up around us." Felix remarks softly as he returns Walden's torch, frowning as he steps back a few feet.

Bite blinks and casts her spell as she backs up, targetting something that hs sprung up at her.

Fefneir glances over as Bite backs up, shifting around to take up a stance infront of her before really looking to see what it was. "Everything ok?" What do you expect from a knight?

Then after such a slowly, the growls of the monster comes from around the rocks. A massive Krak, far larger than a normal one Krak crawls around the area. The creature roars at the grouping.

Vulneir says, "Hey, this cave is warm, you suckers can have the tent." Last words of Red Jowin."

Walden grips his torch firmly in his off-hand and takes another step back. "W-What the heck is THAT?" he stammers nervously as he lowers his torch and drops it in a safe place, then gets his supplies ready.

Orso stares at the giant lizard, then draws his oversized blade free, gripping it in oth ahnds and starting forward, trying to manuver himself between the creature and the less sturdy people present.

"Something to kill, seemingly." Felix murmurs in reply to Walden as he steps forwards, apparently ready to face this creature and prevent it from hurting anyone else in the group. "Just keep back if you don't think you can take it." He adds, warhammer being heft into hand.

The creature moves more into view as it hisses, Bite's attack seems to have sourched off a lot of scales along the greatures side, from the neck back. Though it seems to be 'guarding' something. A loud hiss as it stands there preping to attack.

Bite smiles and casts a cutting winds at its tail, aiming for the tip to lop it off. The spell is so fast it literally has no prep work, and packs an added bit of wind to push and keep them in place, making it harder to move.

Fefneir rushes forward, arching that wicked blade out to the shoulder of the large creature as if to cleave into the beast so the sword can draw at the creature's life as if tring to draw away a peice of it's soul with the slash.

Orso watches Fefneir carving into the Kark with that dark weapon, then grunts and just swings his own sword, the steel biting into its flesh, and doing some work towards cutting it down. Eventually.

Walden Walden now has his hands free. That is, aside from the metal-plated gloves he wears. "C'mon, Felix! Let's get this thing!" The armadillo charges at the big lizard swinging his fists. The metal smashes into the beast reinforcing the weight of his punch, softening up the beast and possibly doing some damage to it as well.

"Should you be up this close Walden?" Felix calls as he swings his warhammer forwards in an arc towards the beastie, doing his best to avoid the others that might be too close to the creature, wouldn't want to accidently hit anyone else!

The creature it hit from all sides, it's hisses growling low at the group as it finally attacks back focusing on Walden as it claws rack across the mans body but doing very little damage. HIssing and spitting it seems to start retreating.

Bite smiles and preps, then fires a spell of flames. She's incinirated kark before, groups of them, she expects this one to fall just the same.

Orso waits to see if the Kark falls under Bite's flames, then moves in to swing his weapon again, trying to catch the lizard in a vital area with the massive blade.

Walden is grateful for his chainmail and his tough body being a member of the Shelled Clan. He winces just a little, but ultimately he seems undeterred by the Kark's aggressions. "Felix, I'm a combat medic, not a doctor. I... MAKE... bones break jsut as much as I fix 'em!" he calls as he pounds his reinforced knuckles against the beast as he finds a great opening.

So lets set, Lizard BBQ ANYONE!, the Massive Glowing Kark soon falls to the side after distrubing the rocks that Bite had be getting ready to blow up, under them is what APPEARS to be some sort of panel.

Bite slithers closer to the creature, dagger in hand to ensure it is dead. She looks over the panel with interest. "Sssweeties there is something here." she hisses as she looks it over.

Orso wipes off his weapon and resheathes it, then moves after Bite to the panel, bending down and studying it. "Hmmmn. Wonder what that opens to." He doesn't actually make a move to open it though. It could be trapped!

Walden steps away triumphantly from the burning beast, gazing back into the darkness from whence they came. ...And then he winces, shaking his hands. "Ow ow ow... that kinda hurt a bit," he complains. "But my technique's getting a bit better I think. So... So hey, what's that over there anyway?" he asks as he gets out his field medicine to patch up the minor little hit he took, and he smirks at Felix as if to say 'told you I'm fine'.

Putting his warhammer back in it's place, Felix takes a moment to glance at the pannel that was revealed before shrugging and stepping back again. Responding to Walden he laughs a touch "Lucky he didn't do something worse to you!"

Bite does her best to identify anything wrong with the panel before tilting her head. She steps back from it and looks to someone else who might be more suited to safely open it.

Orso sighs, and then settles down onto his heels. If nobdoy else seems to want to open it, he reaches down to do it himself, tense as though expecting something to leap, or explode, out at him.

Walden looks at the others with a bit of confusion. "...Nothing?" he asks. He finishes fixing himself up as Orso goes to open the panel. "Hey, um, I've got your back, you know?" says the helpful armadillo, getting in position to take action if something springs out.

Felix remains where he is, watching and waiting for something to happen as he stays on his guard. His weapons aren't drawn at the time, so he doesn't seem to expect too much.

THe odd, forigne panel sits there, nothing flashing, noting moving.. just there.

The small 'button' is stiff at first and it works, but nothing happens. A few minutes later, across the open cavern the sound of rocks falling and making contact with some other type of stone are heard.

Bite watches across the cavern, waiting for the stones to settle so she can go and see what they are making contact with. She slithers slowly so that the group can progress as one.

Orso stares over at where the rocks fell and sighs. "I suppose that was something to collapse the tunnel if they were invaded or something?" He shakes his head. "I guess I shouldn't have pushed that button.

Walden looks around as he hears sounds. "Like stones grinding," he observes. He stretches a little and nods to the group. "Well, actually, I bet something opened. A secret passage leading deeper in. Probably we'll find our crazy ruins inside since this is obviously man-made. Shall we? Oh... By the way, my name is Walden. It's a pleasure to be working with you folks!"

"Most likely opening, as Walden here says." Felix murmurs in response to the others "They probably wouldn't have set a collapse button closer to the entrance than what they were trying to hide, maybe." He shrugs and starts off on the path towards where the noise came from, with Walden's introduction he offers his own name, too "Felix is mine."