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It is a windy and cold day for the time of the year, but the docks are busy as always. Many laborers are working on both water- and airborne ships and some merchants offer up fresh fish. Kazel is casting her eyes about the docks, standing in front of the boarding plank of one of the larger airships, a ferry which is soon heading for Cliffside. Her arms are crossed as she waits to see who else decided to travel to her home city to either partake in or watch the tournament.

Edmund Widetail Good strides down the docks. Well, marches, really as his stride is nothing to be excited about. The short, stout Hippo makes his way to the airship and nods at the crew and attendants. "Sir Edmund Good," he announces himself, "Sent to represent his majesty at this tournament."

Zuri races up to the boarding plank. The small salamander stops to regain his breath, looking as if he had sprinted here. "Am- am I on time?" He straightens up, noting Kazel and smiling at her. "Miss Kazel, I'm here!" He steps up closer.

The mute nurse shark joins the others on the airship. She wishes to return to Cliffside for her own reasons, but she also would like to see what she can do for the event, at least helping with emergency response. She signs to the bat. <Do you need assistance of a mage before or after the events? I am afraid I do not yet know the rules.>

Cara runs towards the docks at a surprisingly fast rate. This occurs while she is shouting, Her legs keep pumping as she tries to make it through. As she makes to the docks, she skids to a stop directly in front of Kazel. She is apparently sporting a pair of black tinted glasses today and waves to everyone else before speaking, "Sorry I'm late. I got distracted by lunar dust showing up in my path and I had to cash it in."

The bat curtsies before the Hippo. "Greetings, Sir Good and to you three too. We are still here so you obviously have not missed us Zuri." She grins and chuckles into her fist before turning to the shark. "I do not think we will, it is a pretty well organized event. But you are of course welcome to watch."

After the pleasantries are exchanged, the group hurries onto the airship, which soon after sets out on its journey to Cliffside. The trip is largely uneventful and once the five beings arrive in Cliffside, they are promptly picked up and taken to the tournament grounds by a much smaller ferry the city offers for use on the special occasion.

The spectator area is at the bottom of the sharp cliff, with the city towering on the top, two small airships are docked close by, probably to take contestants back up after their turn. It is quite crowded.

Kazel coughs to get the attention of the group. "Alright, those who want to join can sign up over there and those who want to spectate should go find a nice spot."

Edmund adjusts the official chain of knighthood that he is wearing to shiw that he is in Cliffside in an official capacity and marches off the ship. He has no attendants, so it is apparent that the Crown is not especially concerned with this event, but wants a presence anyway. "Is there a place prepared for me?" he asks, "If not, I suppose I might as well compete!" He snorts a laugh, revealing slightly bucked front teeth.

Zuri is obviously excited at the propspect of participating, judging by how quickly he darts over to the stand where he can do so. His tail flits about excitedly behind him. The small salamander knows not the rules or what's about to happen exactly, so he peers up at the other beings lining up to sign up to try and catch snippets of conversation.

Cirra walks over to the hippo. She signs to him. <Sir Good, if I may.> She pauses, looking over towards the spectating area. <There may not be a space provided, but I can make your stay in my birthplace comfortable. Would you follow me?" The shark looks nervous.

Cara rolls her eyes for a moment, "Well, I better get this handled now." At that point, the feline promptly lights herself up as wings replace her arms and her fur becomes bright firey feathers instead. As the light show ceases, she looks down at herself, "Ugh, it always feels weird when I don't have fingers." From there, she walks over to the stand as well, "May I enter please?"

Kazel shakes her head at the knight. "I do not think so, but I am sure Cirra will take good care of you, Sir Good." The bat excuses herself and makes her way into the crowd herself, surprisingly enough not to sign up, or into the area for the contestants, but into the direction of a small podium, until she is out of sight.

A few minutes later a voice is broadcasted over the area, thanks to powerful air magic. "Welcome to this year's grand cliffdiving tournament. The main contest will start soon and even though most of you know the rules, I will go over them again. No magic, and no flying, only gliding is allowed. Anyone who is seen to give themself a boost through those means will be disqualified. You will be judged on airtime, distance and grace, the last of these will be decided by our three judges."

With that a loud sound, not unlike a trumpet is heard and the first being jumps off the cliff and spreads his wings.

Edmund smiles at Cirra, showing iff his bucked teeth. "Honored, Miss," he says, "You're the shipwright, aren't you? Silverlight or something like that?" He holds out his arm to Cirra, though it is rather low to be comfortable.

Zuri giggles. "No flying? Aww! Fine, I'll just do the whole 'not dropping very fast' thing then..." He waits patientily in line to sign up for the event, and then waits patientily in line again to wait for his own time to leap. The salamander being hears the first trumpet and scrambles to the edge of the line, trying to see the first contestant as he leaps.

The nurse shark smiles, nodding a bit. <Yes, how did you know? I'm Cirra Stormborn, proprietor of Silver Lining Shipwrights.> She bows a bit, taking the arm and awkwardly leading him to what she believes is a perfect seat. Her tail sways about behind her. <Should get a good view from here.>

Cara walks into the line and happens to be right behind the salamander as well. She immediately whispers to him as he watches, "Remember Zuri, you can use dedication forms too if they can fly." From that point, she watches the first contestant fall as she stays in line.

The first contestant lands safely and his scores are broadcasted by the same air magic that has been used before to explain the rules. The whole process is repeated a few times, each of the contestants having rather varying amounts of success, one even losing control for a moment and threatening to fall before regaining control and landing safely, but ungracefully, earning terrible scores in all three categories. Eventually Zuri is the next in line.

Edmund follows Cirra, nodding at her. "I've got a big enough nose that it gets into thing quite easily!" he says and guffaws at his own joke, taking a seat after Cirra. "Didn't know you were a Cliffsider, though!"

Zuri peers back at Cara, offering her a bright smile. "Well yea, I wasn't just going to jump like this. Salamanders can't fly too good, or glide for that matter." He waits patiently until he reaches the front of the line, and steps forward towards the edge of the platform. The salamander takes a moment to regard his surroundings, taking a deep breath of the cool afternoon air.

Zuri then rolls his shoulders, arching his back as he assumes his dedicant form - that of a winged equine being, a Pegasus. Two colourful, feathered wings sprout from his back, and after giving them a couple flicks to work out the kinks he leaps. He stretches his wings out to their full span and begins to glide, controlling his descent by tilting left or right as needed to keep the landing zone underneath him as he slowly spirals downwards.

Cara watches as the pegasus glides with a raised eyebrow. "Well, it's rather odd how something so adorable can glide so well. Then again, he probably knows how to fly too." The feline turned fiery phoenix sighs, "Well, if I'm right, I'm probably going to fall like a rock." She immediately moves forward as the line keeps going. "Still, that is rather impressive of Zuri though."

Cirra nods a bit. <Not something I like talking about. Here to remember a friend, actually.> She gives a weak smile to the Good, chuckling appreciatively at his joke. She watches the Salamander turn into a pegasus, and then take his jump. <That was pretty cool to watch, to be honest.>

Zuri's results are announced and he did rather well! He made it into the top five, which is pretty impressive seeing how he and Cara were some of the last to sign up and get in line. Once the salamander is lead out of the landing area, it is Cara's turn and the amplified trumpet sounds again, signaling her to jump.

Edmund claps boredly along with the crowd. "I confess," he says, "I had rather expected more excitement. Why, no magic allowed? In a Cliffside contest? Sounds preposterous! I assume they just mean that you can only use magic if you are sneaky enough that no one notices!" The little hippo is awfully loud for a small foreign noble in a crowd of Cliffsiders.

Zuri immediately hops back up and pumps his fist into the air after he lands on his hooves. The equine-salamander looks back up at the cliff he just descended from and waves, as if addressing the very far away Cara from this distance. He flaps his wings and takes flight momentarily to clear the landing area quickly and lands by one of the various groups of contestants waiting at the bottom.

<Fair enough, Sir Good, though this is the one event where non-mages are allowed to shine. It's a little weird.> Cirra looks around, hoping that her ward isn't making too much of a scene. She blushes deeply.

Cara walks over to the line and spreads her flaming wings out. Her brow is furrowed down and she whispers to herself, "I can't believe I'm actually doing this. I hope Kazel is watching." Then, she proceeds to drop off.

As the phoenix falls, she keeps her wings spread out in order to remain safe and attempts to follow the air currents. For a moment, she smiles, and begins to enjoy slowly falling down with a yell, "Yeah!"

The crowd cheers as Cara catches, either by skill or by pure luck, an extra strong air current and is carried far and long. When she finally lands, her results are announced, she made the second place! The tournament is not over yet though and a few more beings are still eager to jump.

The trumpet sounds and the next one, an avian, jumps and gracefully glides down, although not placing nearly as good as the tigress.

"I don't think I understand the point," Edmund says loudly, "They just. . . jump off the cliff and see hiw far they can go? Sounds like a game for children." He hesitates a moment, "Winged children, admittedly, but even so." The thick little hippo looks around the small grandstand. "Haven't they got refreshments or something?"

Zuri claps excitedly as Cara makes her way down, gasping at the fantastic display. When her (for now provisional) second place is announced he gasps out loud and shouts out "Yea, go Miss Cara!"

Well, looks like Cirra has to keep her ward entertained. She gives an exasperated sigh, sings <Wait here>, then runs off to the concessions, buying one alcoholic beverage (her favorite, to share with him the taste of her former home), and a snack. She dashes back, hoping she didn't let Edmund get into trouble. That big mouth of his is probably upsetting some folks. Herself included, since her late friend used to enjoy this event.

Cara lands on the ground in surprise and walks directly over to the winged pegasus. "I completely expected to wipe out and fall onto the cliff." She laughs for a moment as she hides the fact that falling into the cliff happened many times in the practice sessions.

The last two contestants are rather unspectacular in either direction of good and bad and place somewhere in the middle field of the contestants. The trumpet sounds again, but this time playing a longer melody, announcing the end of the main event and Cara is soon approached by an official looking badger who asks her to come with him to the podium.

Meanwhile Edmund is starting to get some rather unpleasant looks at his rambling, now that the crows is no longer focused on the contestants. Though, so far, nobody is saying anything.

Edmund is glad to see Cirra and the bounty she carries. "Ah! Delightful!" He calls, "Nothing like a treat or two to liven up a spectacle, eh?" He gladly takes the offered treat and sits back to watch the awards. "Not a bad showing by ours though, eh?" he offers, "I liked the little lizardy fellow who turned into a chickenhorse."

Zuri offers Cara his brightest smile. "Not even close! You did amazing! I think you might be a natural at this kind of stuff." He giggles. "I generally fly more than glide, I don't really practice it much. I think I'll do way better next time."

Cirra breathes a sigh of relief as the hippo starts talking about the event in a positive tone. She signs to him. <It was rather interesting, yes. I'm rather surprised, but I actually haven't met anyone from our contingent until this trip.>

Cara smiles to Zuri and then walks along with the official and blushes as she walks to the podium. It's not like she deserves this though. After all, everyone probably is more used to flight than she is. Then again, she did have experience falling from cliffs. It's still a wonder as to how she managed to survive those various falls.

Once the feline and two other beings, both avians, are led to the podium the announcer speaks up again. "Congratulations to our three best placed contestants!" The crowd cheers and applauds loudly. And the announcer, a stork, steps up to hand each of them a valuable looking cup. The one for Cara is made from solid silver and looks quite valuable!

The award ceremony is quickly over and some minor contests get announced while about a third of the crowd is slowly starting to make their way away from the grounds, now that the main event is over. There is work to be done for your average being after all.

Kazel is quick to show up once Cara leaves the stage and congratulates her on her great place before following her back to Zuri.

Edmund crunches and munches on the bag if boiled peanuts Cirra brought him. "Can't say it was worth the trip," the hippo says, "But a good diversion to start things off I suppose." He joins the other beings from Sweetwater. "Well done and all that," he congratulates the competitors, "What say I treat you all to a meal!"

Zuri claps excitedly as Cara is handed the award. He bounces on his little hooves as Cara and Kazel walk down from the podium towards him. He turns to Edmund, straightening up as he recognizes him. "Your Grace!" He smiles. "I would not say no to a meal, truth be told. This gliding stuff is hard work!" The pegasus-salamander's wings flutter pointedly.

Cirra follows Edmund to join the competitors, acting as impromptu bodyguard for his exuberances. He really is a handful and she hopes that she doesn't need to babysit him all the time.

Cara hears the words and instantly switches herself back to her furred feline self. At that point, she runs directly over to the small hippo and shouts out, "Yes! I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse." Then she remembers that there is a horse in the audience and blushes, "I didn't mean that literally though."

Kazel grins. "They no longer need me around here, so I would be up for food. And congratulations Zuri, you did quite well yourself."

The event seems to have split into three different contests going on at the same time and each with much smaller crowds, both attending and watching them.

"Excellent!" Edmund says, clapping his thick hands once, "My first time in Cliffside. Anyone have a recommendation?"

Zuri bites his lip. "I've been to Cliffside a few times, but never stayed over for a proper meal. I know they have lots of nice fruit from up north, and the crops up here are different. Oh, and uh.. " He grins. "Chocolate. That's the best part. Chocolate!"

Cirra nods. <I think I know a good place. It's a bit of a walk, but not too too far. Used to go there after university for a meal with friends. Though it is rather commoner food if you don't mind, Sir Good.> She blushes a bit.

Cara shrugs her shoulders for a moment, "I'm game with anything as long as it's all you can eat." The feline promptly points to the small hippo and continues, "And he's paying for it."

The group falls in line behind Cirra, who quickly leads them away from the tournament grounds and back into the city and into the aforementioned tavern where they have a delightful dinner. A few hours later they are already back on the airship heading to Firmament.