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Settled not far from the shipyard's offices, the Hyena Captain is combing over documents, mulling across the wording about docking fees and more while contemplating actually mooring her ship here. Squinting, she narrows her focus onto the fine writ, combing along the regulations with a hint of disdain curling at the corner of her lips.

A well-decorated solacious moves through the alleyways with intent. He's carrying the many medals of past battles won, and there's a fancyful, ceremonial sword at his side.

Soon enough, he's standing besides Scint, a smile on his lips, hidden just beneath that vulpine mask. "Miss Scint, if you would please follow me? We have some questions for you to answer back at the guard-post. Won't take long, I promise."

Rolling the documents into her hand, the hyena blinks a few times before smoothly sliding them into her satchel. A cold shiver riddles along her spine, its chill scintillation prickling the fur there as she tries to run through any scenarios that might have cause for her to be questioned... Nobody was there for that contraband acquisition off the isles, and THEY certainly wouldn't have reported it... it had been a good deal, after all! She purses her lips, though not in a prim manner as she inclines her head, "Of course, of course," playing a mask of pleasantry across her expresssion. She motions, "Lead the way." Her mind still races to try and figure what deal might have gone sour, a minute fever of worry teeming in her head.

"We won't take too long. You'll be back to your papers soon enough, we just need some information, that's all," the fox offers with a smile on his lips, steering Scint towards the nearest guard-tower, and up the stairs, to a small office at the top of the building, and allowing her to enter first.

The office is furnished relatively lavishly, similar to what one might expect from a high-ranking noble in the city guard. Curiously, there's not a single mark of house Solacious, while there are plenty of official-looking emblems resembling bird of prey.

Then, there is the unmistakable red glow outside the window, the glow of a city on fire... And the fox is gone, replaced by a similarly masked hawk with similar decorations. "We'll keep it short for now, miss Scint. You'll understand that I am not fond of breaking character, so you will not have many opportunities like this from here on out."

"If you have any questions about our... Game, its world, or what you can and cannot do with your character, I suggest you ask them before you leave."

An amalgam of confusion, shock, and relief all storm across the hyena's features, quite the mask herself, as she takes in the shift of the situation. The mixture finally signles down to homogenous relief, and she smooths over her vesting, "Ahhhh, it's you, sirrah. The Game! Mmm, I had been hoping to partake in it again soon. I do enjo the shared tales quite a bit." Shifting her weight on the heels of her boots, she sways a bit as she contemplates, her fingers curling agianst her chin, stroking thoughtfully. "Mmmn... so, th'situation for my character. What knowledge would I be working with? What experiences would have been common to one in such a situation? I've delved a bit here and there in Hist'ry, but, one can never be certain of its flow when in a story. The memory remembers memories as it is want to do!"

The Player stands besides the window, looking out over the harbour with a small smile on his lips, even if Scint can't see it from where he's standing. "There is a character-sheet on the table. You are allowed to make adjustments as you see fit. However, they will be reviewed. Understand that your character's first soul represents their natural abilities. The secondary represents their interests and characters. The first is set in stone, while the latter may change due to particularly... Impactful events," he offers, as he looks out the window, where yet another fire lights up, closer to the harbour. "Know that those events will not be common, and if you choose to change souls, the change, and its motivations will be reviewed, much like other changes would."

"You will have your chance to play again, but bear in mind that I run a great many of these games. You may have to wait a while," he offers with a smile.

Plucking up the sheet smoothly, Scint sits on the table's edge, legs crossed while propping on her heel and tush together. She combs over it, nodding her head slowly, "This looks rather right... Mmmn, Pirate first and Performer second. I do enjoy being able to entertain, but not being a naive soul, so to speak." Her lips curl into a catty smile, odd on a Hyena. She taps at the equipment portion, "Mmn, bein' th'age earlier, I'm sure none of the fancier tools of, well," she cocks ehr thumb and lets it fall, pantomiming the swan's neck of a wheellock, "kaboom. I forget when those were refined."

"Cannons, yes. Pistols, no. As you may recall, the soulless made significant contributions in that regard," the hawk offers, as he continues looking out over the city. "You understand that, should Nani leave the country, she is likely out of the story for a while, unless more... Drastic events happen?"

Thinking about that, Scint sucks in a breath through her tooth, "Mmn, there's any number of reason why a ship wouldn't succeed in makin' a voyage with refugees out. Survivin' such an event's a hard one 'course, n'less jumping ship with a strong knack for swimmin' lkong, torrentous distances... Or sneakin' aboard another ship.. or bein' captured by folks who don't wanna kill you..." She strokes her chin as ideas burble and boil in her brain.

"You have your plans, I have mine," the hawk offers, as he steps aside from the window, allowing Scint to see the fires. While the Castle district is largely safe, with many buildings made of stone and fire-resistant materials, Shanty town is brightly lit outside the wall, and the fire is readily spreading throughout the maritime and market-districts. "And the denizens of this world have theirs."

Nodding her head in assent and understanding, the hyena slides from her tush-propped angle against the table and wanders over towards the window to see if she can get a good glimpse over the goings-on out there, "This is truly... an amazing story."

"Should Nani wish to leave with her ship, she might need to make haste," te player offers, pointing at a large, burning stalk off into the distance. One of the ships in the harbour is already smoldering, although Nani's still safe.

"Would be a pity if she didn't make it, wouldn't it? That said... Any further questions about the world? Both mister Fenris and miss Stormborn had some pointed questions."

"Mmmnh... the world itself? Well, if my characer wouldn't know it, I wouldn't want to know much more than that, either. It helps prevent me from slipping out of character, y'know? The better for the story, but..." She look stowards the masked figure, "Will there be any consequences to me, the person, outside of the character should Nani... um... suffer a wroser fate?"

"None physical. The consequence of being out of the game. Should I decide so, you may make another character, although I do not grant the priviledge without good reason."

"You, however, will be fine, regardless of what happens to your character. Although the moments leading up to their death might hurt, you will be yourself before anything... Irreversible happens."

The hyena shudders and nods, "Good... good. Consequence, but, not, er, real consequence as it pertains to my body. I do not fancy experiencin' dyin' firsthand. Come close enough as it is."

"I said nothing about not experiencing it," the hawk offers dismissingly, as he looks out of the window again. "Anything else you wish to know?"

"Oh, I'm assumin' I would... I jus' don't fancy the prospect of it, so, I'll be doin' my damnedest to stay alive as Nani," says the Hyeana with a assertive nod, "realistically so." She taps against her chin while she gazes out, too, saying, "I can't think of anything more, to be honest. It seems pretty cut'n dry. I'm Nani, and I'm tryin' to survive and make a bit'o coin while doin' it."

"Once you exit the door, you are back in Sweetwater, with no way back without my assistance. I will ensure you know when your next session is," the hawk offers, as he returns to stare out the window...

The pirate inclines her head, and she says, "Looking forwards to the next part of the story, sirrah. And, thank you." She quirks the corner of her lips into a sassy smirk that's common for her before taking one last look towards the fire's glow. Better to leave before those fires intensivfy. She heads out the door with some elacrity of steps.