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Cara enters the dining room and takes a seat at the table. Her stomach is still a bit full after last time, but otherwise things are okay. She sighs for a moment, "I honestly got things off on the wrong foot last night. I really hope Olloch shows up so we can patch things out this time." She merely sits quietly and says, "I'll have to pay for his dinner this time to make up for it."

"Damn right, you will," comes a deep, slightly wet sounding voice, "I don't usually get lunch invitations from Kendrac's chosen. What is it that you want?" The immense boar waddles in through the door and takes a seat on a chair opposite Cara, the chair groaning in protest beneath his weight. "And I think you owe me an apology before we do anything," he snorts.

Cara stays quiet for a moment and then she smiles as she sets her hands to her lap, "I'm sorry about last night, Olloch." She pulls her chair in and continues, "What happened was a bit of knee jerk reaction and myself acting on instincts. Most of my experiences and knowledge about the corrupt court involves them essentially trying to make bad deals with mortals that ultimately harm said mortals, but I honestly shouldn't have been so hostile towards you." She sighs for a moment as she notices that he appears to be slightly wet, "I called you here to ask a few questions because you are actually different from most of the members of the corrupt court. In fact, it actually has me wondering why you would want to affiliate yourself with them in the first place."

Olloch raises and eyebrow and gestures at the empty table. "Apology accepted. You are ignorant, just like your master," he rumbles, "Now. Food first, then we will talk." The boar thumps a heavy fist on the table a few times and the door swings open at his signal. A trio of servants from the inn enter bearing huge plates of food. Fruits and vegetables and fine meats soon fill the table and the servants exit.

"Now," Olloch says, munching on a turkey leg, "First, Kendrac gave us the name Corrupt. Nothing corrupt about us. Except maybe Akros, but that's sort of his job. What's your beef anyway? I'm going to just assume you're a big bundle of kneejerk reactions unless you got a real good reason to be calling me out in the middle of a party that I was quite enjoying."

Cara blushes with embarrassment, "Um, well. The thing is I was actually a little worried because I thought that you were trying to give the badger a bad deal. I perceived that to be the case because of my past experiences and I was being too quick to judge." The feline takes a moment to eat some of the chicken as well before continuing, "I'm sort of like that. I was also wondering if we could make a slight deal. I also wanted to make a deal though. I was wondering if you had any plans to ally your disciples with those of the other members of the corrupt court and I was worried that they might try to harm others in a way to appease you." Cara sighs, "Yes, I know it's short sighted of me, but I honestly don't want to have to fight them, nor do I want to have to fight you. You don't seem to have negative intentions for your followers, nor any goals that could harm innocent beings so, I thought that maybe we could try to work out a deal to make sure that no one gets hurt. What would you like?"

Olloch just stares at Cara for a full minute of silence. Well, not really silence, since he does not stop eating. "Is that really what you think we do?" he finally asks, sounding disgusted, "You think that we trick people into calling on us? You want a trickster and liar, then you just go talk to that antlered fool you've already pledged yourself to! None of us are here to take advantage of mortals. The TRUE Spirit Court least of all! All we've ever asked anyone to be is themselves. What my callers do on their own time is none of my business." He tears viciously into a thick steak, chewing intensly and still keeping his eyes on Cara, as if contemplating her.

Cara lowers her head in shame, "Well, I'm a little worried because of what happened. No one told me anything about this in the first place and the only reason I joined Kendrac was because certain followers of the corrupt court misused their power." She slowly chews on her chicken a bit more and she swallows, "I'm glad that you tried to talk with me about this. Also, I would like to know what you grant your followers though, so that I can know whether or not I should get involved in your business." She wipes her mouth off with a napkin and continues, "I want to make amends for what happened in the past and just settle this conflict peacefully. After all, one of your followers is a friend of mine."

That last bit elicits a bit of a smile from the boar. "That is the only reason I am even bothering to talk to you, Cara," he says, dabbing at his fat lips with a napkin, "Always remember that we are not our callers and our callers do not embody us. And who is to say what is a misuse of power? Is a storm evil? Is death evil? Are our natural appetites or natural decay evil? NO! And that is what we are, child. We are expressions of the world around you. My cohorts and I are no more evil than Law or Lust are good. Think on that for a while." He slurps down another goblet of wine and belches happily. "As for me? I bid my followers to partake of this world's bounty! I protect them from the ill effects of what some would call overindulgence and show them how to make the most of what they have. It is up to them how they use what I give them. Just like any other resource."

Cara nods, "Yes, I can easily understand that. So, I was honestly thinking that I could just try to make sure that your followers don't step out of line. By misuse of power, I meant trying to force their will on others." Before she can even continue, she stays silent for a moment as the gears turn in her head, then she takes a deep breath and sighs, "I really screwed up last night. Anyway, the only real problems that I have is that some are trying to force their will on others, like say, the beings trafficker, or the people that use their powers to force adoration for them." She stays silent once more and pushes the other plates of chicken toward Olloch, "Here, I'm sorry for being a hypocrite last night and after I did some thinking, I have good news. I won't go after your dedicants provided they aren't trying to force others to become your followers. Will that work?"

Olloch waves a hand in dismissal. "None of my business," the boar says, munching on his prodigiously large lunch, "That is between you and them. I couldn't care less. Just be a little less swift to judge those you don't know and the things you don't understand. Even Pyrrah and Akros have their good points if you look." Then the Spirit is too busy eating to talk any more. Looks like apology accepted.