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The blaze continues nearly unhammpered! Many beings try pouring buckets upon buckets upon it, but nearly zero change to the fire! It is all around the Acadamy, burning and licking at its sides. Mirana is standing there, a strange box in her hands, she is twisting knobs, pusing buttons, and out comes her Crusher carrying a pair of beings out.

Arimia steps into the Academy district and looks around. On seeing Mirana she scowls and makes sure she's standing a good distance away. She turns her eyes toward the fire and frowns thoughtfully. After a couple moments she shrugs and starts working on some fire mathemagic to try and control the blaze, knowing it'll be too large to simply put out that way, and that her skill with water math isn't good enough to do the job.

Tzerya walking up the blaze with a look of surprise, she notices the few being rescued by Mirana. Knowing she can't really carry anyone out, she takes a stand and begins using fire mathemagic herself, hoping to aid in controlling the blaze and silently wishing she was a bit better with water. Giving that extra umph she focuses harder on making the blaze a bit more controllable, barely noticing the raccoon.

"Mira!" called out a hooded... rather large figure running up to the gravid vixen, grimacing once she reaches her cousin, the wolfess looked at the fire, and the sacred machine coming out of the blaze. "How many are still inside? do you know?" Kiall'a asked, looking down to her cousin with a rather serious look. "It looks like we need dirt to go with that water, it's not enough."

Dio rapidly makes his way over to the Academy district soon after noticing the bellowing smoke, accompanied by the heat and crackle of burning materials. He eventually spots a familiar vixen and soon makes his way towards her. "'ello there lass," he comments, peering at the box. "Quite an interestin' toy ya got there. "When did the fire start, if ya know?" Focusing on the math he had been learning in his spare time, he concentrates some fire math in an attempt to lessen the fire.

Mirana continues to shuttle people out using her machine, a few coming out singed, "Arimia! Tzeyra! Dio! Kiall'a!" She calls out, then notices that they are collectively trying to draw down the fire. Their efforts give some effect, but the flames continue. At Kiall'a's suggestion she nods. The burning continues to lick at the sides of the acadamy! From inside some screaming can be heard, though the words are far, deep behind both fire and building.

Arimia gives up on her attempts to control the fire, knowing it would take a lot more than she has. She looks around, ear twitching but otherwise giving no indication she heard Mirana. She walks over to where people have buckets and grabs one. She strips off her cloak and dunks the entire thing into the bucket. Once it's off it's easy to see that her right arm has been replaced by a gleaming, metal facsimile. Once her cloak is soaked she picks it back up, pulls it on, takes a deep breath, and makes her way into the building.

Tzerya takes a calm breath as she stops ffighting the blaze and looking around for a moment, "The blaze is far more potent than it should be.". Her left ear drooping she takes a deep breath before walking by the buckets of water and drawing the liquid from it as she began using water math. Hoping it was enough to shield her from the blaze she followed in, not as concerned with the scream as she was extinguishing the source.

Dio continues trying to help tame the flames as best he can with fire math, but it would seem that it had little effect, even with the combined power of multiple gifted. "Odd," he comments, ceasing his fire magic and shrugging off his coat and handing it to Mira. "Suppose if they're doin' it..." He grabs a bucket of water and pours it over himself, wetting his fur but doing little to take away his stink. That would require perhaps a metric ton of various herbs and soaps. With the some fire magic, he attempts to stave off the flames and enter the building in an attempt to assist those within.

Mirana continues to work more on getting people out as everyone starts to make their way in! Those on the inside will see people screeming, running around, and Mira's Crusher walking in and out carrying one or two at a time. No evidence of what cause it here, but the door to the deep vaults is completely off its hinges!

Everyone is running into the fire... with various intelligent ideas. Only a couple of people actually remain outside. It made Kiall'a sigh softly as she stretched, growing, increasing in size before she moves sfrom wolf, to dragon, a bright silver in the sunlight, removing her outer clothing to show the equally shiny armor beneath.

Shaytalis rushes over hoping to assist somehow, seeing the flames raging from outside. Is there anything, immediately, that her understanding of math can do? Is there an individual in immediate danger? Are there people trying to get out, or trying to get in? She looks for a region to locally manage the flames.

Arimia continues deeper before stopping. She turns and waits, then stares at Dio. "You. Smelly. Air magic this smoke outside. Try to clear things up enough so that those who are able to run an' walk can get out." She then turns back to the door to the deep vaults and walks through it, a hand disappearing under her cloak, only to reappear with a dagger in it.

The vaults certainly caught Dio's interest, but there were more important things at stake! Lives take much higher priority over the building and what materials lay within. "EVERYONE," he shouts, trying to grab attention of those around him. "We're gettin' out of 'ere. Follow me." Taking Arimia's suggestion, he begins using air magic to blow the smoke out of the building, making it much easier to breathe and see the way out.

Tzerya sighs at the sight of the chaos and debates trying to help coordinate people out while lowering the flames near the door, though to no avail as she groans, "Hmm stronger in here than out there I bet.". Hearing the orders from the fox to lion, she nods letting those two handle the current chaos as she looks to the deep vaults, their door completely off. "I'll make sure no one is still down there that needs out!", she shouts through the chaos, trying to send a few people in the right direction of escape as the smoke clears.

As the smoke disipates and the fires die down, the inside becomes more managable. However, a sudden quake shakes the whole building as Arimia and Tzerya approch the door. People scramble, topple, flail over each other. Mira outside is knocked to her arse, as are a lot of the people applying buckets of water and dirt to the remaining fire. The deep vault has no lights at all down there, completely dark.

Arimia fishes about in her cloak and pulls out a stub of a candle. She holds it to a bit of fire then starts to move through the vault. It doesn't provide much light, but the assassin is used to darkness. The quake doesn't seem to bother the 'coon either, with her having assumed the one behind it is a powerful mage anyway, such things were to be expected.

Kialla moved into the Academy, bracing herself and stumbling a bit at the sudden tremors! making her grunt some as she climbed back to her feet. Catching a glimpse of the open doors below as Dio made his efforts in rescuing the remaining beings inside. She took her time trailing down after Arimia and Tzerya. Her weapons reamaining where they are at the moment. The 'coon lighting a candle certainly made her easy to follow, once the dragon got down that far...

Dio takes a huge breath, happy to have a bit of air not tainted by thick puff of smoke. Still quite dry though, it would seem. The lion wobbles and attempts to keep his balance as the quake hits, noticing various poor beings toppling over in the process. "Come on lads! Pull yerselfs together! We're gettin' out of here." Counting on them being too paniced, he reaches for some beings and begins dragging them out. Starting with one by hitching them onto his shoulder and running back outside.

Shaytalis watches Kialla's path as best she can. If there is fire in her way, she tries to quell those flames that would block her travels. Ultimately, Kialla may vanish into the smoke, but Shaytalis continues to clear her a path so long as she is able.

Tzerya seems rather surprised, not having noticed Arimia approaching the vault during the panic. Looking down into the darkness, the rabbit is barely concerned with the darkness as she catches a bit of light from the raccoons candle, having spent enough time on the roads that it wasn't completely disorienting. Creeping along, she had figured that someone had been keeping the blaze going and was going to be more than happy to help drag them out, the state they'd be in still in question.

As Tzerya, Arimia, and Kialla march down into the vaults, Dio and Mira continue to try and rescue. A few are very very badly burned... and unfortunately, not reciving the full efferts a few of the poor beings.. don't.. recover from their burns, too far for even the most skilled journeymen and priests. Those still alive are shuttled out, with Mira tending to the wounded.

Inside though, as everyone moves in, the words become more and more clear, "Help! Help! They are Robbing--" then nothing.

Arimia flicks her ears at the words coming from deeper in the vaults. She frowns and picks up the pace, but keeping herself slow enough to not snuff the candle as she moves.

Shaytalis shifts her focus temporarily from surpressing the flames the reinforcing the structure. Looking for regions that may collapse, she draws upon the surrounding dirt and debris to fortify the weak points and hold the building steady.

Tzerya grimaces at the voice before it is silence and she curses silently, turning to Kialla with a nod before turning towards their path again. Keeping her focus now on the path as far as the light would shine, her wiggling as she moves behind the 'coon, making sure to keep pace as she prepared for something bad at the end.

After shuttling a being or two, cringing slightly at their burns, he returns to Mira and dusts off the many bits of soot, dust, and all sorts of dirty matierals. "It seems the others went down to the vault. I'm trying to get as many out as I can." Running back into the building, he continues to shuttle people out over his shoulder, yelling and roaring at people as he directs them back out.

Those inside and down in the vault hear nor see anything, just lines upon lines of tomes. Then... a light at the end of one of the rows. No talking, no sounds coming from there, just a light. Everything is very very quiet. Dark and quiet. Above Dio and Mira seem to be done getting people out, the priestess going to help those still alive, "Dio... thank you... I'll tend to them from here.

Arimia quickly snuffs out her candle and pulls her cloak about herself, doing her best to blend with the shadows in the vault. She starts to make her way toward that light, relying on her abilities and her cloak to keep her hidden from view as she nears.

Tzerya sighs at the sights, at least until she sees the flicker of light. Keeping low as Arimia snuffs the candle, the rabbit slows her breathing and focuses, waiting for a sound, a person, pretty much anything...a small hope that they'd get the jump on them if things went sideways, which it seemed the would.

Dio brings a few more people out, setting them in safe positions outside the building and close to Mira. "No problem, lass," he coughs, quite parched from all the dry air and smoke he had breathed in from before. Feeling that the situation was mostly under control, at least concerning those he could save, Dio takes a few moments to switch his soul gems around and heads back into the building and towards the vault with the others. Though, he keeps his distance, a ways off from the group and taking careful, quiet steps.

Shaytalis will continue working on the structural integrity, trying to keep the building together while people are inside. She watching for any new flare ups that might call for her to switch her tactics back to quelling the flames themselves. She remains outside, trying to focus her attentions on the structure as a whole.

Kialla returns Tzerya's nod... looking at Arimia, who headed the pack, of sorts. Grimacing, she remained silent as the cries of help were silenced. She does however, begin to do what Arimia is doing, blending into the shadows as best she can, really.

As people near the light it moves! Another row near by, further into the vault. Still no sounds though. The light bobs a few times this time. Then, flickers out, darkness overtaking everything once more, only for the light to show up again on the other end of the vault! The area is huge, could someone even move that quickly without making a sound?

Arimia frowns as the light 'moves' and starts toward the other end of the vault, moving a bit quicker.

Tzerya blinks a few times as the light switches places and she stiffles a laugh, this may have been similar to one of the tricks her and her sister used to disorient people. Slipping around Arimia, she doesn't change direction as she continues towards their original end.

Shaytalis works to calm the flames deeper inside the building, focusing her attentions on the hottest spots she can.

Dio stumbles through the dark vault, attempting to keep as quiet as possible, at least as much as the lion possibly could in his situation. Eventually he catches up with the group, though he recognizes that stealth may be a large factor in such a situation, so he keeps his typically loud mouth closed for the time being. His eyes snap towards the flickering light, bringing about intense feelings of curiosity. Perhaps it was some kind of magical illusion? Unfortunately, his skills in the magical arts were quite poor.

Tzerya closing toward where the light was a moment ago causes it to blink out entirely! Darkness overcomes everything again, though sound now can be heard from the direction Tzerya was going. The shuffling of feet, hooved and pawed! "I think they are on to us Bert!" calls a voice and getting a lot of shushing sounds at him!

Arimia starts to chase the sounds of shuffling feet, trusting her memory to keep her from stumbling, painting a picture of the vaults, what she's seen, in her mind. Knowing they've lost their surprise she calls out, "Someone get a light going!"

Shaytalis will move in closer to the structure once the entryway appears relatively stable, stepping inside and starting to work her control over the interior fires.

Tzerya snickers as she is proven right, a simple trick that the twins were more than familiar with, even if only one of them was present. Pulling a candle from her own pocket, she makes quick work with the fire math as the wick begins to burn, lighting up the area around her as she grins happily, looking for another item to light as she makes her way towards the voices.

After hearing the call, it would seem that stealth is now pretty much out of the window. He follows behind the bunny, and thus the source of the voice, while taking a moment to switch his soul gems. "Are ya sure ya wanna be goin' in there like that? Perhaps a plan first," he whispers, standing a bit with hesitation.

As they are spotted, and a fire lit, they can spot them! A pair of Kitsune in mage robes, with a burly looking beaver, and a manging looking badger. They are carrying a sack full of tomes, books, papers, but quickly drop it! They rush against any who would be approching them!

Shaytalis focuses her attentions upon one of the two kitsunes, thinking that perhaps one of those in the mage robes is responcible for the fires. She turns her mathemagic upon them, using air to slow their movements--clouding their vision with the smoke they've produced.

Shaytalis keeps a supressive wind pressing down against the retreat of the badger and his allies, the hot smoke choking their breath as the winds themselves push them down to their knees. She works with the same focus as she did on the building, finding the most sensitive points. A well placed gust finds their legs, knocking most of them down to their hands and knees if but for a moment.

Perhaps the lion just has an extremely punchable face? Or maybe, it was just his smell. For some reason or other, Dio managed to gain a lot of the enemy's attention, and of course the dangerous attacks that went along with it. A few attacks nailed him in various ways, a few cutting into his body and causing some bleeding, along with ripped clothes. In quite a bit of pain, he uses some of his ripped linen shirt to wrap around the bleeding areas, crouching down on one knee as the less damaged others continue business.

Arimia meets the charge from the beings raiding the vault head on. Almost. At the last moment she slips aside to start her attack. Once the fight is over, the poison from various wounds Arimia caused can be seen causing nasty discoloration around those wounds. And spreading. She turns to make her way toward the items dropped and starts looking through them. As she does she says, "They are lucky Selena was not giving a lecture today. If they were I would take my time with these ones for endangering her. If they live find out if it was just a raid for anything of value, or if they were after something specific." She has a few wounds, but nothing serious. Scrapes and cuts.

Tzerya pants in exhaustion, having opened with a massive burst of power, then a few arrows before she turned to some more basic healing options and tried to support. Giving a respectful nod to Arimia and Kialla. "That was very impressive.", turning her attention to the poor bruised lion, she cocks her head happily having seen him take quite a few blows, before giving him a curtsie. Looking around their enemies, she ponders on if they're going to survive.

The brawl over, growling, she returns to her normal form, Kiall'a maintaining her grim, but nuetral expression. "Nobody causes that much commotion without looking for something. I'm betting for the latter." she gives. She was able to avoid the brunt of any damage, crossing her arms as she returns to her normal, but still immense size... "We should be asking what is down here that begs to be stolen instead."

A pair of beings had run back in, mostly looking for more survivers, but hearing all the commotion below, rush into the fight as well! They take up arms and defend the soul gifted drawing enemy blade and spell themselves. Soon their foes are downed and the bag left open. One of the pair of beings look into it, "Wow.. they.. these are some old tomes!" she says and picks around in one, "What is... this one?" she asks and tries to read the book's cover, but it is in the First Language! Shaking her head, "Thank you all... some of these are irriplacable!" She says. The book she holds up has a great many fox tails for pictures in the center of it.

Arimia shakes her head and says, "No tellin' without them to tell us. These are the Vaults. It's where any knowledge of value is kept. Writin's from the time we came to Promise, forbidden applications of magic. Saints, probably that fat idiot on the throne's love letters from a mistress in Cliffside. Anythin' that can prove dangerous in the hands of the wrong politician, mathemagician, general, priest... It's in here. An' other things that ain't so dangerous, but are controversial. Place is a pain in the ass to get into 'cause of it." She stands up and steps away from the sacks, looking to those she'd fought. She idly turns her dagger over in her hands before walking toward the two who looked like they were the leaders. She bends down and quickly severs a pinky from each of them, before turning and starting out, saying, "Doin' things that could endanger Selena is a very bad idea. Make sure they know that's why they lost the fingers."

Tzerya seems almost intrigued as she hears a few of the tomes, her eyes lighting up before she notices the coon slicing off some fingers. Not saying anything, somewhat out of agreeing with the punishment for whatever reason and a bit out of fear. Walking up to the criminals, she nudges them a few times, "If you're alive and can speak, it would probably be in your best interest to start admitting what you were doing down here...you know, if you want someone to at least try to save your life.". Chuckling softly, she gives them a moment before crouching low, "What was your actual objective. Based on your little tactic that failed, I would suspect most of this was just for extra and you were after one specific item....what was it? If you lie, well...I'm sure we can get creative."

Still in quite a bit of pain, Dio stands back up on his feet and looks towards the tomes, catching a brief glance of some language he didn't understand. "I see the information is quite valuable," he grunts, holding his stomach and moving a bit closer to the downed group. Seeing as the questions he was curious about were already being asked, he stands and listens, putting pressure on his cuts to help with the bleeding.

The bandits seem to be lights out, and in as desprete a need of medical attention as anyone could ever be! One of them stirs a bit though, "Break.. into the Vault... under the Acadamy... good.. crown in the tombs there.. stupid... Bert.." and then passes out again. Thankfully they are quite out cold when their fingers are removed. If left alone they will either die to the poison or the blood loss! One of them is being helped up by one of the beings who came down, while the other takes the sack of books, "Could you all help with the other three... please, dying down here without a trial..." and she shakes her head.

Kialla also watches the 'coon take off some fingers... "Well, that's rather gruesome." she gave with a frown. Though, it was followed by a shrug as she shook her head. "Not that they deserve much better. I imagine the fire has already claimed several beings above." She gave, putting her size to use, though, she resolved to drag two of the troublemakers by their clothes/armor back to the surface.

Shaytalis starts to help bringing them. She carries one of the unconcious mages with her on the way out.

Arimia flicks her ears and looks back. She's wiping her dagger on her cloak. "If you want 'em out, put the damn books down an' carry 'em out yourselves. I ain't inclined to do 'em any favors, an' my efforts can be better served tamin' the last of the fires rather than tryin' to help beings who will probably be corpses soon anyway." She turns and continues on out of the vault to see if there's anything more to be done in stopping and ending the fire.

Tzerya stares at the bandits, knowing they won't be providing any information, though not having the heart to just let them die. "Yes, they still deserve a trial..", sighing at her lack of size, she is relieved as some of the others are able to carry/drag the bandits out, followingly closely behind as she prepares to at least stop the bleeding while some more proficient healers are gathered to handle the poison.

"Everyone deserves trial. Let their punishment be public. The families involved in this incident deserve to see judgement." While Dio was quite hurt, he still managed to put one of the smaller ones onto his back and began shuffling out of the room and outside.

Shaytalis will turn her attentions back to damage control on the building once everyone is out and the criminals are in custody. Using more care and finesse, now, she works with the other mathemagicians and workers to calm and eventually extinguish the remaining flames.