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Fenris leads the way from the Freeswords' Inn and down the street toward Saints' Square. "Now, I know that you are used to sleeping rough," he says to Bazalt, "But this place really isn't all that fancy. It's really just a little extra space someone was not using." The shops and inns of the main concourse give way to the great plaza in front of the Creator Church. "It is comfortable enough, though," he says, "And there is a bed. Just let me know if there is anything else you think you need." He eyes the wolf's shadow pendant. "Or if anything is confusing to you."

Bazalt nods to him. "Yeah thanks." he seems rather.. Quiter now, anhe trys to act as.. normal as possible, probally not wanting people to notice him and in doing so he holds teh plate of cakes up higher, partically hiding his pendant. "I.. just nicer to sleep better" he smiles to him ever so slightly

From of the Inns that dot the streets adjoining the Saint's Square exits a small salamander. Zuri peers up at the blessedly clear sky with a smile, then starts heading up towards the square proper. He's dressing rather lightly today, all the better to enjoy the sun with.

Rokarion follows along after Zuri. The plant being is dressed in his usual attire as he walks down the street with salamander, his attention taken by his sketchbook as he reads over some notes.

Fenris laughs. "A good night's sleep can make all the difference," he agrees, "Now, I think I got all the chemicals and the smells out of the place, but I am not positive. My nose was pretty much dead by the time I finished, to tell you the truth." He leads the way through the square, ignoring the peddler and hawkers selling their religious gew gaws. He knew enough to spot a fake when he saw it. Catching sight of the familiar Salamander/Jasmine duo, the tiger raises a hand in greeting, since their course will take them right into the pair's path anyway.

Bazalt nods to him "It's ok, I'm just gald to have a place to stay." he smiles to him and then frowns slightly as he sees the two walkin along. "uuhhh.... I'm still.. getting used to.. talking with people.." he says quietly, slowing down his walking speed slightly. "I...." he Trails off and just stares at the Plant and the Salamander.

Zuri smiles brightly as he spots the unmistakable fluffy tiger waving at him. He picks up speed, breaking slightly away from Rokarion as he hurries to meet Fenris. "Hi Mister Fenris!" He chirps out jovially, tail whipping energetically behind him. He glances at the wolf accompanying him, and greets him with that big bright smile of his. "Hi there!"

Rokarion closes the sketchbook and raises his head to meet the feline and his friend as Zuri breaks pace to meet them. Rokarion nods his head towards the two as he reaches the group of beings, "Greetings Fenris and Fenris's friend."

Fenris can't help but grin and the stark contrast between Zuri and Rokarion. "What are you two up to?" Fenris asks, then catches himself. "Sorry," he says, "I should have made introductions first." The tiger pushes Bazalt and his plate of sweet cakes forward. "This is my new friend Bazalt," he says, "Bazalt, this is Zuri Pondleaf and Rokarion Aneanas." He puts his hands on his hips and nods toward the far side of the square. "We were just going to get Bazalt all set up in my old loft," he explains, "You two are welcome to tag along, if you like."

Bazalt Blinks and moves too far forwards and he ends up collapsing on the ground, Plate of cakes tossed at the Two others as he lands on his front, blinking. "I.. ah...Err" he says as he looks up at them, frowning. "S..sorry!" he stammers, no dobut blushing under his dark fur.

Zuri blinks as the almost comical series of events takes place in a split second. The salamander's instincts kick in as two sweet cakes fly in his direction, the salamander catching one with his hands, while the other impacts onto his knee. "Uhm... thank you?" He giggles. "That's the most unusual way I've ever been gifted a cake." He kneels down to have a look at Bazalt. "Are you okay?"


Rokarion purses his lips, "I am pretty sure I never mention my family name for a reason, Fenris. I assumed someone who kept his hidden would understand." the plant being says in his usual nonchalant voice as Bazalt falls down. Rokarion turns around looking at the fallen wolf, "Are you okay, Bazalt?"

"Whoops!" Fenris says, surprised at Bazalt's tumble, "Sorry, kid! Didn't mean to push so hard!" He helps the wolf to his feet and leads him toward a narrow alleyway. "Come on," he says, "The place is right over here. Let's get you cleaned up." He turns a smile on Rokarion. "Really?" he asks, "I did not know! Sorry! And I don't keep my family name a secret. I just don't have one." The tiger's spirits are not dampened by Rokarion's reprimand. "I'll be more circumspect in the future."

Bazalt Blinks And Rushes to his feet, lookng at the sweetcakes and then the mess he just made. "ACk-I.. S..sorry!" he mumbules, as he looks at them both. "y..Yeah I'm fine.. sorry..." He stammers, his shadow pendant covered in sweetcake. "I... Ahhh.." he just loks at the mess and scene he's made and Gulps.

Zuri digs into his sweet cake before anything else. What else would the sweet-toothed salamander do. He munches happily, tail flitting playfully, and finally swallows. "Wow, good stuff! Is this from the Freeswords'? I wish I knew how they make these.." He peers between Fenris and Rokarion as they walk along down the alleyway together, but decides not to get involved in that conversation. Instead he centers his sights on Bazalt. "Hi there Bazalt! Nice to meet you!"

Fenris stops at a little door in the alleyway and produces a key, unlocking it and swinging it open. "Right upstairs," he says with a smile, letting Bazalt lead the way. The stairs are narrow, and a little worn, but in good condition. They lead up to a little landing, then back up to a second storey where the terminate in front of another locked door.

Bazalt blinks And rubs the cake off his pendant. "I..yeah It's from the inn.."he nods and gulps, taking a breath as he smiles weakly to Zuri " I.. i'm not too bad.." he mumbles to him. rubbing a few cakes crumbs out of his fur as he notices they've stopped. "I... AHhh. me first?" he Tilts his head, looking up curiously without moving.

Zuri follows along patiently, still munching on his sweet cake. No sense letting something delicious go to waste! "Mmf. Thish plash ish nish!" He manages, mouth half-full. After swallowing he's a bit more coherent. "Did you use to live here, Fenris, or was it just like a family home or something?"

Rokarion follows after Zuri focused once more on his notebook. "Zuri, do not talk with your mouth full. Makes it hard to understand. " he says as he looks around the place

"Just a place I thought I would live when I first came to Firmament," Fenris says, "But I am traveling so often that it is just easier to keep a room at the Freeswords. I keep this place for others who need it" He waves Bazalt forward. "You have a key."

Bazalt nods slowly and then heads up. "Yeah. sorry I,.. just.. getting nervous.." HE takes a deep breath andpulls the key fro it's pocket- unlocking the door and headding in, looking around as he does.

Zuri nods quickly! "I like it! I used to live in a place like this down by the Maritime District. Altho, 'like this' is very generous. My rent was probably a tenth of what you'd pay for this place.." He giggles. "Beggars can't be choosers. Literally.."

Rokarion closes his notebook again and looks around, "Hmm, looks acceptable." the plant being comments idly.

The loft is actually quite nice, if small and rather spare. There is a little, low bed and a small wardrobe. Otherwise, there is a little writing desk and enough room for a couple of beings to stand. There is a lovely view of the Square and the church through the large window.

"All yours," Fenris says to Bazalt, "For as long as you need it. Just take care of it. You know, this is the room where Highlady Longtail managed to invent her camera?"