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The captain nods at Peril, "You aren't being paid to ask time wasting questions. You bring the box and that blasted Barnaby and you get your pay." he assures, "Go on, those others are already getting ahead of you."

Peril shruged her shoulders and turned to Nemoric giving the tiger a broad toothy smile 'I guess it can't hurt to see how thing plays out. If the rat hasn't being strung up already he must have somewhere to hide and who better to catch him than cats hey?'

Nemoric smirks down at the smaller feline, "Then let us be off on this game of cat and mouse." Moving his hand away from near his sword, won't be needing it for a couple minutes at least.

Peril turned from the captain, casting her eyes down the street in the direction the others had gone to see if there was any sign of the pursuit still in progress

They have long since dashed off, alas, hmm, where could they have gone...

Following some contacts, Peril gets wind of a guy that trades in foreign 'curiosities', which surely some box from a sailor might qualify as? Hurrying through the back allies, they come across his tiny shop with only a little wooden sign that has his name on it, and nothing more. Clearly he is not advertising.

Nemoric continues to follow Peril, the large tiger in full plate 'striped' armor and a massive sword does more being around as a protector than gathering info. Besides something that big usually doesn't hurt to use as a threat if the info is hard to come by.

Peril checked her purse and looked about for onlookers, waiting for a moment when she could speak to her companion without fear of observers. Waving to the tiger and beckoning him closer to whisper softly to him 'Lets not let on were looking for a someone and lets avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves. If this guy is into dirty dealings for artefacts he is selling to privet collectors only which means money so you play the bodyguard but be subtle about it'

Nemoric looks down at Peril and archs a brow, tring not to smirk, "Subtle?" He's over twice the small feline's height and clad in full plate he's about as subtle as a punch in a face. "I'll try.." Moves to open the door for Peril unless she makes a sign otherwise.

Peril chuckled shaking her head and giving the massive armor clad feline a wink 'Just keep your eyes open and watching the room' patting the tiger on the thing she begins moving toward the shop

A black and brown furred individual shoves the door open as Peril moves to open it, "Move aside!" grunts the rat, trying to edge out around him in an irritable mood.

Peril quirted a brow at the rat suddenly standing right in front of her and broke into a broad toothy grin 'wouldn't happen to be fresh off a ship that came into port today would you?'

Nemoric makes a move to try to grab the rat by the scruff and lift him in the air, pulling the whole body guard card. "You should apologize to the little lady."

He ducks sharply, narrowly avoiding the incoming hand, "Creator take it," he curses, "I got places to be, get out of my way," he fumes, tucking something back to the side, "Aint got time."

Peril raises her hands up in front of the rat 'now now, lets not be hasty. I came here to buy but you look more like the supply kind of guy. so I am curious to know what you came here selling. Such information is worth a few coin to me'

Nemoric still stands there but gets ready to roundhouse the rat into the wall if need be, might be able to knock him out and drag him back to that ship. But he'll give Peril a moment to do her talking, just another every day hired body guard right? Least thats how it probly looks, beefy large armored tiger following around a tiny feline.

"Yea?" asks the rat, "You in the buying market? Sure thing. I got something worth buying. Something so fantastic you won't even believe it. Got a nice new soulgem, lost on its way to the royal court. How much you paying for that, sister? Speak quick, I got other buyers already lined up." he squirms to get past the two while he talks, in no mood to stand still, clearly.

Peril folded her arms across her chest, eyes narrowing as she continued to grin up at the rat 'ohh I would consider such an item very valuable, and I think I can offer you more than money. How about an easy way out of the city to go along with a sizable quantity of coin to line your pockets?'

Nemoric loosens his body a bit being ready to move at a moments notice, always facing the rat, its body guard 101. A big stoic wall, but peril's got him talking so he lets her keep at it, maybe no one will end up hurt after all... hopefully.

"Money and a prize," agrees the rat, "How much we talking. This thing's worth at least a hundred thousand," he huffs out, "You got that?"

Peril glances back at her companion, the massive tiger before returning her eyes to the rat 'not on me, but as I said, I came here to buy so i can offer a quite substance sum, however before we discuss that I want to see the item. I wont be swindeled'

Nemoric gets ready to move at a moments notice, helping the talking along a bit, "If it is genuine shall we get your purse for such a transaction Miss." Never hurts to keep up with the illusion the feline has the money by adressing her as a title.

Huff, "Out here, in the street? You joking. Tell you what, we can meet downstairs at the 'usual place'", he says, "Just after sunset."

Peril braught her finger to her jaw to tap lightly at her muzzle while looking at the rat thoughtfully 'I'd hate to have this chance slip through my fingers. how can I be sure this is a genuine offer?'

Nemoric stands by for now, wishing he was a bit more useful in this situation but only if he gives him a notion to try and take the rat down.

He shrugs his shoulders, "Who ever knows? But if I'm shitting you, then the brothers and sisters'll beat my tail around." It's true, sour deals get you no friends at the thieve's guild.

Peril shook her head, 'I would rather the deal was made somewhere less compromising to one in my position. How about eighty thousand crown and a free ride to a safe distance outside the city walls and from there wherever you wish to go is up to you for the gen to be in my hand within an hour?'

"Let's see the cash. Your bodyguard there can hold it, whatever. I'm not a mugger." Pride in the rat's voice. He's a burgler, not a thug, big difference.

Peril tapes a step back giving the rat enough room at least to get out of the doorway this entire deal had been going down. 'very well. I think we can make a deal of this' she says as she reaches into her chest fishing around and realsing the extra pouch stashed away there and pulling it out, the very loose material of her clothing offering ample locations to hide even sizable goods

Nemoric moves closer to Peril doing the whole bodyguard thing, his hand resting on his hilt. Wouldn't be much of a bodyguard if he wasn't ready to strike down a mugger. Standing guard over the small feline as she gets ready to show coin.

Once he can see the coin, all that glorious glittering crown. He is sold. He fishes out a small box, "Here you are, on my mother's honor," For what that's worth. He spins the box around, "You give that over, I'll throw in a free lock picking to sweeten the deal."

Peril eyes the box, looking it over to be sure it fit the captains description before giving the rat a nod 'twenty five thousand now, the rest when you have that box open and I see the gem for myself.' she says while idly swinging the purse heavy with coin back and forth from her hand

Nemoric continues to stand close to Peril, keeping an eye on the rat, "If he's throwing in a free lock picking as soon as the coin changes hands why not just pick it now?"

The rat offers a hand out, "Fine fine, no trust between thieves, eh? Twenty five. Just put it on the ground in front of me, no funny business."

Peril set the pouch down on the ground as instructed and stepped to one side

Nemoric keeps with Peril, watching the rat closely, of course theives that don't come through with sells tend to be treated very baddly with the theives guild.

A thin wire is produced, and the rat leans up against a wall, working it into the keyhole a moment with a soft sharp whistle as it clicks into place, "He was a damn fool for letting me see the key," he laughs as he pops the box open and reveals the glittering soulgem, a soft brown shade.

Peril pulls another pouch of coin out of her shirt extending both hands, one with the purse in it and other open, with palm upturned ready to receive the gem

Nemoric just continues to stand by, he's just the body guard after all, still ready in case the rat tries to make a run instead of completing the transaction.

Another day, another trade. The rat accepts the coin, surrenders the gem, and gathers up the begs, "Got my own way out, thanks chica, you take it easy." And off he goes, relieved of his hot merchandise.

Peril takes the gem from the box, not wanting to handle anything more than she had to and slip her hand back into her inner shirt, tucking it away out of sight and secure from wandering fingers.