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It is nearly dark on the docks and the waves lap gently in the cooling night air. The ragged figure of Amos Longtooth lounges against a stack of crates, staring thoughtfully out over the bay.

Cara calmly walks closer to Angus and out of view of anyone who might be looking and watches the bay as well. After all, he stared at where the today's targets were last time and she might as well wait for his signal. She stares out towards the docks, waiting for any signs. Hopefully, it will be more than just Amos and herself for this.

Millicent shuffles onto the scene, coming from one of the piers where her ship is tied down. The hood of her yellow jacket tugged up against the night, creating quite the vivid sight as ever. "Good evening. Well... Maybe not so good, huh?" She says, frowning. "Otherwise you wouldn't be calling on people at this hour."

Serana hums some, having been sitting at the docks as well... She got the message a bit earlier then the others sitting on the docks next to Amos and kicking her feet idly, metal tailfin silently tapping against the wood. She doesn't say anything, not yet at least. However she does toss a look to her Destiny, The large ship bobbing at anchor, deckhands working to keep her in shape. She could even spy the lookout up above the mainsail, keeping a steady watch over the deck below and around. She would shift upon hearing people, waving to those who arrived.

Amos looks over the three women with a frown. Not that there is much to be inferred by Amos Longtooth frowning. "Guess this is what we'll have to work with," he rasps. The scarred old tom turns his milky, blind eye toward a nearby ship at moor. "That is the Isharan brig Vengeance," he says, "I have reason to believe she is carrying a cargo of kidnapped beings along with whatever is on her manifest. Can't prove it, though. No one has seen anything more suspicious than a few drunken sailors. I need to get on that ship to see what I can see, and I need someone to buy me a little time." He looks back at the ladies. "Questions?" he rasps.

Cara raises a hand and asks, "Just how excessive are we allowed to go by any chance? Am I allowed to just board the ship as soon as it reaches the dock?" She looks to Amos with an unreasonable degree of happiness, her teeth looking incredibly shark from her smile. "Also, is there any chance that I might scare the ship off by mistake?"

"How would you have us create a distraction?" Millicent asks, tilting her head. "That's my only question," she offers, accompanied with a nod of acknowledgement to the others before settling her hands on her hips. "I'll be happy to help, but I'd like some guidance as to how."

Serana hrms "I think the Destiny could handle that one. She has the guns enough to harrass the ship while you two sneak aboard. That being said, if they are trafficking beings... a large ship such as the destiny might ttract some attention from pirates. Large ships equals large holds, and sailing out in the night like this will probably attract them."

"Up to you," Amos says, "Just don't light the ship on fire and try not to kill anyone. There are some. . . questions I have about some inconsistencies. . ." The scarred cat shakes himself. "The captain is not aboard and they are not quite ready to set sail," he rasps, "But they will sail in the morning if they are not inconvenienced. Break some important things if you can. And keep the crew occupied for as long as possible." He casts a sidelong glance at Serana. "Ship to ship combat?" he snorts, "In the docks? Probably unecessary." He casts a half blind look over the women, then nods. "Good luck," he rasps, then vanishes in a flurry of ragged coattails.

Cara turns to Serana and Millicent and smiles, "Okay, I have an idea. We could all just head up to the ship together and coordinate ourselves so that we take out all of the guards at once. That way, we won't risk dealing with reinforcements." The feline smiles for a moment, "I'm pretty fast so I could also try to lure the guards away by royally pissing them off too and then catch up once I deal with them."

"You could if you want, sure," Millicent says to Cara, adjusting the metal plating on her arm. "Well then. I'm good and ready for a brawl if it comes to it. No deaths, that way." With that, she makes her way off towards the ship in question.

Serana chukles "Drunken pirates... Could just show em a bit of leg, and promise a good time, then knock them out once you get them out of sight." she gives "They're pirates." she hums, rolling a pistol about in her grip "Probably be easier too."

she gives, following after Milllicent, with a flick of her tail, having stood up mid idea "It's worth a shot before smashing up the place."

The ship is a large brig with three square sails. It is not attractive, but it is obviously well maintained, to anyone familiar with ships. The sides and decks are well oiled, even if it is done with cheap, dark grease and VENGEANCE is stencilled in bold letters on the side. The figurehead is a rather frightful looking Gator woman showing wicked teeth and unrealistic bosoms. The gangplank is lowered and the dock well lit by kerosene lamps. Two burly guards man the gangplank, a huge ape and an equally large gator scanning the docks in a bored way while several others wander the deck. From somewhere aboard comes the sound of a concertina and shouts that might be a gambling game.

Cara sets her knuckles up and they immediately start glowing white as she runs up to the guards. She smiles for a moment and playfully winks to the gator and the ape. From there, she attempts to pummel the gator with her currently glowing knuckles.

Millicent makes her way along with Cara, pausing as the feline jumps into action. That doesn't leave her much choice but to do so as well, flashing a punch towards the ape's gut, trying to bring them low and stifle their ability to cry out.

Serana flicks her tail some, sighing as she watches the duo jump into the fray.While they were occupied, she would slip into the water, climbing her way up the side of the ship after taking out two of the lights closest. She'd try and get a good hold on the ship and starts pulling herself along it. The duo would most likely attract the attention of the other guards on the ship, which might give her an opening to slip in and take a look. Maybe even damage something once she gets to the magazines."

"The hell?" cries the ape, reaching for a whistle around his neck, but he falls with a grunt to Millicent's punch as the gator eats dock wood. The pair of them did not even have a chance to cry out and lie groaning softly on the dock.

At least the gangway is clear.

Cara looks at the whistle for a moment and yanks it away from the ape before sighing for a moment, "You won't be needing this. I'll go on ahead and get to work on breaking the sails." She nonchalantly walks past them and onto the gangway leading to the ship, "Want to come along, Millicent, or just keep them unconscious?"

Millicent nods at Cara as she takes the whistle. "I'm going to hold here. Make sure they stay out. I don't want them waking up and going to crash Amos' party, you know? Should be fine out here."

Serana hums, grunting as she pulled herself a ways up, in the time those two would clear the gangplank, and ensure the two pirates wouldn't cause any trouble. She would clamber her way up to the deck level, even herself with the deck to check for activity up there, should a passing guard come, she'd slip up and pull him over for millicent to deal with after tossing him from deck to dock.

No one has yet noticed the surprise incursion, but that is not likely to last as Cara comes swaggering onto the deck. Four sailors roam the deck with lanterns, and there is a gathering of sailors toward the rear of the deck near the entrance to the hold. Probably some sort of gambling game from the sound of it.

While no guards are especially close to Serana's position, one of them IS walking toward the gangplank. "Hey!" calls a comparatively small fox in raggy sailor's garb, "You aren't supposed to be here!" He reaches for the whistle hung around his neck.

Cara waves to the four sailors and calls out to them, "Hey, boys! Want to have a little fun? You may want to put those lanterns down because in case you haven't realized," She immediately stops and prepares a mixture of fire and air mathematics, "One wrong move and this whole ship goes sky high. Oh, and don't bother with trying to beat me. I'll just light up." She immediately shrugs and dashes over to the four, her fists raised up and ready for more pummeling.

Serana flicks her tail some, slipping over the railing and getting some time to concentrate. She'd slip out a small flask, chugging that a bit before she goes on the offensive, trying to circle about, but keeping mind of the other guards, then again... if something didn't happen soon...

On the docks, things are mostly quiet for now, with the only sounds coming from aboard the ship as a high pitched whistle fills the air and men start shouting. And the soft moans of the downed guards. Somewhere in the darkness, just outside the lamplight comes a brief sound of flapping canvas, but it vanishes as quickly as it came.

On deck, Cara's punch lands just after the scrawny fox blows his whistle, blood fountaining from his crushed nose as his skull cracks with a sickening crunch. So much for not killing anyone.

The other sailors home in on the sound of the whistle and the fox's earlier shouting and come running. The other three guards on patrol blow on their whistles and whatever entertainment was going on near the hold is forgotten as six other sailors of various descriptions come rushing toward Cara. "She's killed Bones!" one of them shouts, pulling a pistol from a gun belt and firing!

Cara performs a surprisingly fast dodge and moves to the left of the bullet's path. Her hand, still holding the same fire and air magic from earlier, is waved in the direction of the six guards rushing at her. "Warning, you may not want to attack me, because if you do, we all go sky high!"

Millicent perks her ears at the sound of the gunshot. She looks up towards the deck and calls, "Might want to make a break for it now!" She suggests, before taking a ready position at the bottom of the plank should any seeks to come over for her.

Serana sighs, more... This was shaping up real bad. Man, this was worse then the time she went after that one good... Killeed everyone but let her and her kids get out the window. Sloppy job that was. Either way, outside of the self-loathing there for a second, she jumped at the chance to get below-decks... All the ruckes above was sure to catch some atention, and there was a magazine that needed setting off. Sorry Cara, Disabling the ship was priority for the moment, and besides, if she got captured, at least she'd know where the hostages were!

There are shouts and cries of pain from the attacking sailors as the first three are caught up in the wave of heat from Cara's attack. But one of the patroling sailors has closed the distance from behind and swings a heavy billy club at the back of Cara's head, while another has drawn a pistol in imitation of the earlier shot and fires!

The route to the hold is wide open. . . except for one of the patroling sailors who was coming from the other way! Serana draws his attention and he cries out, pulling his own billy club while holding his lantern in the other hand!

On the docks, Millicent's attention is quickly drawn to the sound of approaching footsteps and a slight, male goat comes to a stop at the edge of the lantern light. "Oh dear," he says in mellow tones, "We certainly can't have this. You really ought to tend to the wounds of your shipmates, my girl." There is an odd resonance to his words. . .

Cara leans to the side of the club swing as it swishes through the air. As the bullet is fired, she positions herself away from the bullet shot and puts the swinging sailor in front of herself and gunner. She glares at the club swinger and yells out, "Do you understand a word I'm saying?" With that, she instantly swings one punch directly at the sailor swinging at her.

"My shipmates...?" Millicent seems confused for a moment before looking down towards the ape and the gator that had been knocked down earlier. "Oh! Yes, I think I had run over to investigate..." She steps over to the ape's side, kneeling down to look him over. "I am not so good at tending wounds, though."

Serana Growls "This is not my day, and you, kindly, need to die." she growls, very much unlike how she normally carries herself, Feral and thirsty. She'd pull one of her two pistols, and the harpoon from her harpoon gun. Firing the pistol first to get him moving before charging, a mad fury in her eyes, almost black and lifeless.

"Only do what you can, dear," the goat says, striding past Millicent, "I will do what I can to calm things down on board."

On deck, the billy club wielding sailor folds over Cara's vicious gut punch with a whooshed exhalation and falls to the deck, his lantern tumbling with him, though the flame within simply sputters and goes out as fuel starts to leak onto the deck. There must be some clever artistry in the design. The sailor attacking Serana fares little better as he takes a short range pistol ball to the leg. He cries out and staggers, trying to regain his footing.

"Be still," comes a firm command from the gangplank, where a figure is silhouetted against the lantern light, though a light seems to beam from his forehead as well. All the sailors instantly freeze in their attacks, and lower their weapons as strange harmonics echo across the deck of the suddenly silent ship.

Cara glares at the figure for a moment and she instantly glares at the figure on the other end, "Okay, going for that was a terrible mistake on your part." She sighs for a moment, and a combination of fire and air magic is combined, before it quickly becomes a gathering of electricity. Then, she aims directly at the figure in the distance and sends out a shot.

Serana is caught up, unable to stop her momentum, she takes advantage of the still sailor before her and buries the harpoon in his side. Removing it quickly afterwards, the shark would continue on, diving belowdecks, second pistol at the ready, just in case.

Millicent blinks a little, straightening up and glancing around. That was odd, and she bets she knows why... Not that she's going to pursue. Instead, she acts as if she were still bound. She takes up straight pose at the bottom of the gangplank, in case the being should try to run. But for all intents and purposes, she was 'still.'

The sillhouetted figure steps agilely aside as Cara's lightning strike slams into the ships railings and crackles along the ship. He strides purposefully across the deck, staring directly at her, though his eyes flicker a moment toward where Serana has vanished below decks. "Murderer!" he cries, turning his full gaze toward Cara, "Stop her!"

The rigid sailors on deck spring immediately into action, chasing the shark into the hold!

Cara struggles for a moment, and fires a small burst of air magic.

Millicent draws her sword at the cry of 'murderer' and the sound of many feet chasing below the decks. She, however, runs up onto the deck, looking ready to chase them, as well. Instead, she stops behind the goat, making him the target, instead, once the deck and crew's attention is elsewhere. A thrust and she tries to take the being from behind, hoping her guise gives her the surprise element she needs to impale through.

Cara struggles completely for a moment and stops. "Wait, this doesn't seem right. Shouldn't I be hitting someone else?" She turns around for a moment, "Oh, now I remember." She stops completely and sits down.

Serana winces at the hit, the blast launching her about a foot. Thinking quickly, she shot her own burst of magic but... it wasn't enough to send her over, instead slamming intothe railing... Hard. Coughing to regain her breath she glared at the goat being across from her, standing and shaking her head. "Bye." she offers, before slipping overboard once she caught her breath. Her hand, though would assist her, slowing her down enough to reach the first gun-port. Slipping through that way, this completed, she would make her way swiftly to the magazine, taking her used pistol and setting it to spark enough to cause a fire.

The goat watches the fighting and scrabbling on deck with keen interest and does not notice Millicent until it is almost too late. Some catch in her step, or some sixth sense must have alerted him at the last second, though and he scrambles in an attempt to dodge. It saves his life, but only barely as Millicent's expert thrust scrapes along his ribs and cuts a deep gash under his arm! "HELP!" he cries, his loud voice echoing through the night time air, "ATTACK! PIRATES! MURDER!" The other sailors take up the cry and somewhere in the shipyard bells start clanging!

Below decks, Serana finds her work interrupted as she is grabbed by the shoulder and spun about to find the scarred, milky eye of Amos Longtooth glaring down at her. He shakes his head and waves for her to follow him to an open cannon port on the far side of the ship.

Cara calms down for a moment and no longer feels any mental compulsions. She growls in frustration, "That lousy little bastard! Okay, out of all of the people that I hate, he is now at the top, but that can wait till later." With that, she runs off the ship and leaps to the dock.

Millicent flashes a little grin. Two could play that game, and she was known in the docks! "Caller! There's a cultist on the loose!" She calls into the night before take her flight, more than eager to return to her own little fishing ship.

Serana flicks her tail. Silent, she nods and follows the cat, metal-tailfin staying away from the wood to keep her silent as she moves.

A mob of angry and confused guards and sailors flood the docks, some rushing up the gangplank, some peering into the water and some hurrying to help the abused guards down by the moorings. The gravely injured goat tries to point after the fleeing Millicent and Cara, but faints from blood loss before he can set anyone on the trail.

Belowdecks, Amos leads the way from the cannon port, slipping into the water and stroking slowly and gently away from the ship. From the stormy look on his face as he pulls himself from the water some distance away, he is not especially pleased with the way things went tonight.

Cara lowers her head in shame. "This is my fault. I let myself get carried away and that jerk got me carried away. Okay, that fucking tears it. I honestly didn't want to do this, but I no longer have a choice. If those jerks are going to keep doing this, then I might as well work for someone who can help me with this." She turns to Amos and puts her hands in her face, "I took a chance to kill them now, but he had mind control. Can I have another chance, please? I'm going to make sure this won't happen again."

Serana slips out after the cat, sighing more... "It wasn't my idea to wander up and start a brawl to begin with." she gives. slipping out of the water after Amos, growling some "Did you find what you needed?"

"I found enough," Amos rasps with a frown, "Though I could have done without two deaths of possible innocents." He gives a pointed look at both Cara and Serana. "I've seen drunken brawlers who handled themselves better than you." His harsh frown softens a little. "But the presence of a caller complicates things," he admits, "I'll let you know if I have any more work for you." The old tom then distributes a bit of monetary reward before dismissing his distraction.