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It is a little later in the afternoon, and it appears Lady Longtail works fast. Already, a being with a sacred doctor is standing by the entrance, scanning those that would want entrance, and another such being is scanning those that enter or leave the premise of the mansion behind. It appears she's taking things seriously.

The lady herself is currently wandering the store, making sure everything is in order and everyone is still enjoying their time.

Allista blinks at Flora's efficiency, grinning as she waits for the Machine Priest to finish scanning her. Then the coyote wanders into the store proper, looks around, and whistles. "Ohhh, whaaat?" she asks, walking up to one of the photos. "What a nice dr- photo?" she asks, head tilting.

"Flora has made... Two inventions. Three, counting the thermometer, yes," she rumbles. "Photographs. Pictures in a mere ten minutes. Pens, writing-utensils without the spills. And now, thermometers. they are not finished, but Flora has the fullest confidence that they can be sold within the week.

Allista looks over at Flora and gives the tigress a happy smile. "Oh? Writing utensils? I had heard about them..." she blinks, then, and her tail wags. "I've been playing about with charcoal sticks, but they are quite the hazard to my clothing."

"Every customer files out a registration-form, of course. It allows us to keep track of their products, see any patterns in the defects and offer better advice to keep their products lasting longer. It will also allow us to see when a pen needs cleaning, or something else."

"And of course, in the unfortunate event that a product is tampered with, we can close an account and deny service. Fortunately, we've only had one such event yet," she rumbles with a small sigh, before flicking her ears. "Flora imagines miss coyote is here for another purpose, though."

Allista shrugs her shoulders. "If the pen works as well as it looks, I'll pick a couple up. Really though, I just wanted to see how LongTech ran things." She grins, then looks back and forth. "You keep stuff under pretty tight wraps though, huh, Lady Longtail."

"We ARE a technology-firm. Revealing our secrets would be... Detrimental to our profit-margins," the feline rumbles, a smile on her lips all the while, before nodding along. "Besides... When does a store ever reveal the smith's work-methods?"

The coyote laughs at that, looking back at Flora. "When the smith wants to impress people with their expertise and craftsmanship, High Lady. When their mastery of their work transcends mere craft and becomes art." Allista's tail wags, and then she shrugs. "But point well taken, I certainly can't begrudge anyone their security."

"Now, Flora has heard... The announcement earlier today. Flora does enjoy listening to the employee-talk in the courtyard," the tigress rumbles with a small smile. "Flora was almost expecting someone here already, yes, since Flora has heard about a coyote setting up shop fighting the Red Fever... In particular, a coyote whom was rumored to be at the councilmeeting, today," she rumbles with a raise of her brow, a flick of her tails.

Allista nods her head. "News travels fast, doesn't it?" she asks. "Yea. I'm just a simple business woman, Lady Longtail, and I figured Shralestra would have plenty of healer guilds of their own... but I can't pass up a chance at the reward your King Good offered." She shrugs her shoulders. "So what did you expect me to be here for, then?"

"Well, since miss coyote would've seen the thermometer Flora showed to the king... This particular one," she rumbles, pulling out the small disc, no larger than a hockeypuck, displaying that needle, before calling a being over to apply heat to the underside, watching the needle tilt in a clockwise direction. "A most remarkable device, would miss coyote not say? Would... Be a great help in determining who is ill, and who is not, would it not?"

Allista shrugs her shoulders. "The tool is only as good as the person using it," she responds. "You can give a carpenter a square, but if all they see is a hammer it won't help their walls any. You could give a merchant the most precise set of weights you've made, but if their scale is tilted it won't help. What is it calibrated to? How fine are the measurements? How easy is it to use?" she asks, ears twitching. She watches the needle, though, already thinking through numerous uses for such a device/

"This one? It is uncalibrated yet. It is a qualitative device as of right now... However, when we're done, it will be matched to the highest standards. Those of the Creators themselves. And as you can see... Flora has just handed it to a being who's never used one before. Since this here... Is the very first of its kind. Flora will have it back now, yes."

"Right, right, anyone can warm something up. But how easy is it to actually use? To read and interpret?" Allista grins. "You know, Lady Longtail... miss Flora, if you don't mind. I was thinking that the King wants information. The King wants to know about how this Red Fever thing works. And we don't really have a lot of good ways to talk about it!" Allista pauses, and nods her head. "I mean, heck, I have enough trouble getting engineers and mechanics to work on building the same thing; someone wll say they need an arm-length rod of iron, and then you have to ask if it's a bear's arm or a wolf's arm and how tall are they and..." she trails off, shaking her head. "Ehn, sorry, I get distracted some times." The coyote is quiet for a bit, then smiles at Flora. "The thermometer certainly looks quite handy, Flora, and I am sure I could use a few. But what I really wanted was to ask if you had any employees or contacts that might want to work on the Project. I wouldn't, of course, ask them without asking you first."

Flora smiles and shakes her head. "All employees of LongTech industries are... Under contract to not make outside associates," the feline rumbles. "And considering the project entails putting them in danger, no... Flora will not support this endeavor from the front line. Here, Flora can assure their well-being. There, Flora cannot. Flora can provide long-term assistance in the form of thermometers, potentially cameras, if the funds are there, but the beings working for LongTech Industries will not go into the dangerous areas of Promise. Flora apologizes. As for helping innovate... Any discovery made by a LongTech Industries' employee is to be reported back to Flora, and is to be considered property of the company."

"... huh!" Allista answers. She considers that for a long moment, then nods. "Alright. Thank you for your time, Flora, I appreciate it, and may you have success." She starts to turn, then pauses and turns back to the tigress. "Oh! Before I go. I do want a pen or two. Are there different types, or all mostly the same?"

Another rumble, another smile. "We offer two models. The more expensive one comes with half a year of free service... Beyond the price of ink, of course. Ink will cost extra, and we have our inks of differing cost, color, and quality. Simply fill out a form, and the clerk will have one finished up for you in the back, yes. The form, we keep, of course."

Allista grunts. "How hard can it be to service?" she asks. The coyote moves off towards some of the cheaper looking ones, then waves at the clerk. "Hey! Yea. Two of these? Please?"

"It is not too hard to maintain... For a LongTech Industries employee. It is, however, a lot of work. The pen is a precission device, and will almost definitely break if one tries to service it themselves. LongTech Industries offers service priced at affordable rates. Cleaning, trice a year, and such."

"The inner workings of our pen, miss coyote, are a closely guarded secret," she rumbles, ears flicking lightly.

"Of course, if you ever plan on developing anything big... LongTech Industries always has a place. And while the invention may be property of LongTech, their discoverers are recorded, and of course, rewarded properly."

Allista grins at that and nods her head. "Ahhhh, gotcha, gotcha," she replies. "You guys would do Cliffside proud. I think I am quite happy making my own place, but I appreciate that offer, too."

"Very well. Now, if you will excuse Flora... Flora has to get back to work."