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The ruined wall of Mossy Stone looms in the near distance. The afternoon seems somehow dim, despite the clear skies and shining sun. A trio of beings, a burly hedgehog, a lanky canine and a stout looking mouse are sitting nervously in a horse drawn cart, eyes darting around nervously while they wait. "Come on Hal," the dog says to the Hedgehog, "Ain't nobody stupid enough to go into zombietown over there. Let's just dump it here and go home!"

There's a soft pitter-patter of feet, and down the road a short, cloaked figure rapidly moves. As it gets closer, it's apparent that its running, only to come to a clean halt near wagon. Identity hidden, all that is heard is a female voice "I heard you needed assistance." She says, looking up, the face finally becoming visiable as Zalthar, her black and gold eyes taking a close look at the three farmers.

"Hello again," Millicent says, bowing her head towards the farmers as she approaches, before turning a frown towards Mossy Stone. "I haven't been back here in a long time, but I figured a pair of local hands would be useful. Maybe." She makes sure the metal covering on her left arm is secure before propping it up on the pommel of the sword at her side. "We'll put it where it belongs, don't worry."

A silver furred wolf makes his way up the road, his clothes obviously travel worn and filthy. He approaches the forming group, his mismatched eyes looking over each of them as is assesing them. He then smiles and states, "Are you the ones that posted the Job?"

Bazalt Flys along and Opon eyeing the Carriage lands witha thud and a sigh, his landing displacing some dirt as he Sighs "I'm here." The Dragon mumbles, Grumbling as he Stretches slightly. "I'm expecting the worst...." he says checking over his armor as he looks over the other gathered. "Ahh.. millicent.. was it? It's me, Bazalt." the Dragon nods-Glad to have her here, she knew how to fight, and there was going to be fighting...

The Hedgehog, Hal, give the canine a friendly punch to the shoulder. "See! Told ya that someone'd come to help!" The burly being retrieves a small box from the cart and opens it to show the Freeswords its contents while his companions scoot, not so subtley away. Inside is a little doll. A little mouse with a cracked and chipped porcelain head and ancient, tattered clothing. The doll holds a small box in its hands, something that might hold a ring or some other small memento. "Seems that this little gewgaw has been causin' us no end of troubles," the hedgehog says, holding the box out to Millicent, "No idea what it really is, but old Clyde here is the idiot that grabbed it out of the sto-"

"Only cause you dared me to!" Interrupts the dog, "I woulda left well enough alone and never come out here in the first place if some MORON didn't think he had to build the best scare house in Firmament! It was your idea to come out here and watch the damn shufflers!"

Zalthar stands on her tip-toes to look into the box, and her ears flatten "I am going to go out on a limb here and say you want us to put this back." she asks with a tone that's both incredilous and inquiring. "Wait, you're the three from /that/ haunted house." She furrows her brow and stares at the three farmers "Now, I might be wrong here, but didn't you say that you didn't want any fancy tricks and such? Just good, old fashioned, without involving magic and all that?" The cat sighs and lowers herself, shaking her head, looking at the dragon curiously.

Millicent takes the box firmly in her hands, fingers tight around it as she turns towards the town and takes a deep breath. "Where did you get it? From within the town, I mean. It is... Important to return this exactly where it came from. It's not wise to disturb the dead." Anymore than they already have been. "And I remember you, yes. Hello there, Bazalt."

Aruc looks to the farmers before stating, "Best scare house in Firmament? Never heard of it. Regardless, what makes you so certain that this.... doll is causing your troubles? And do you even know if putting it back will do anything?" he then turns to the dragons and states, "Ahh the shadow, you look a bit different then when we last met."

Bazalt Grumbls and shakes his head. "You.. Are Fools, for what you've done and your lucky the spirit didnt do more damage..." he stretches, wings shifting on his back as he looks up at the sky. "Lets do this while we have daylight....Please.." he mumbles, nodding to the lynx and Starting at Aruc. "Mrrm. Dragon sacred family." he says bluntly. "now, cant we get a move on?"

"That was the plan, Miss," Hal the Hedgehog says genialy, "We were just doin' a bit of research out here, see? And the doll is pretty damn spooky, you gotta admit. Thought it would make a great addition to the house. And it all went great till it turned out that little miss spooky there was actually haunted and all!"

Clyde, the dog, bites his lip as he looks to Millicent. "Not totally sure," he admits, "I was scared out of my brain goin' into that city. But it wasn't too far past the broken gate. Big house, two stories. I remember there was some kinda crest on the door. Maybe a lion or somethin'."

Hal frowns at Aruc. "Buncha Freeswords sorta saved our bacon last night when some crazy ghost actually showed up in the scare house," he explains, "Figured this was our best bet to get rid of it."

Zalthar sighs "As much as I dislike the idea, yes. Let's not be here at night." She nods to the comparatively gargantuan dragon, looking up at him expectantly. She looks forward "Enough." she says, taking a few steps towards the city, talking to herself "Millicent, you seem to konw where it goes. So, logically, you should be near the front." the cat says, her voice carrying far louder than her tiny stature would suggest.

Millicent frowns at that, giving a slow nod. "Not Hearthwood, then. I think I know the place, yes," she says, tucking the box under one arm and drawing her sword with the other hand. "Are we ready, then? I don't want to loiter," she says, setting off, saying as she goes, "Did you get the box from the bottom or top floor?"

Aruc chuckles at the flustered farmer before stating, "Fine, I will put back your doll. After all, I am getting paid to do so." he then turns to the panda and states, "What kind of place are we talking about, I suspect an Inn or something allong those lines, am I incorrect?" shi then turns to the town, "I will take the middle or back of the formation I guess, I an skiled in the art of healing, a talent I assume we will need in a place like this."

Bazalt nods and They Scoops the tiny lynx up and places her on his Shoulders. "dont think i'm enjoying this-it's simply as you said, so you can see whats comming." the Dragon sighs and Grabs his Longbow, looking over it carefully before also taking an arrow. "shall we get moving then?" he asks, Wings shifting on his back as his tail flicks bbehind him. "i'm eager to get this done quickly."

"Top floor," Clyde says, "little sitting room."

"Well!" exclaims Hal, "That's settled! We will be here waiting. . . well, at least until dark."

The breach in the wall is wide enough for two beings to scramble over the rubble side by side. The streets are empty. But it is uncertain how long that will last.

Zalthar perks her ears and uses her newfound height to look around, trying to see where the building in question is. "Thank you kindly, Bazalt." she says, before turning to look at the others "I can enter directly in through the top floor. Might help speed things up, and get us out faster." she suggets.

"Not an inn, no," Millicent says, glancing around the street as she passes through the gap. "Top floor..." She wanders down the paths til she hooks to the right, moving down a side street. "Should be around here, somewhere. I went to school with one of the family's kids, I think, if I'm thinking of the right place."

Aruc looks around before crossing over the broken wall, moving carefully as to not upset any loose rubble, once on the other side he pulls out multiple spools of wire and states, "What Direction are we traveling in? I want to set a few traps to cover our exit."

Bazalt Grumbles. "becareful.." he says as he goes over teh wall. "and.. i can fly you up if I need to, Zalthar..." the dragon looks around carefully as he walks along. "I really want to get out of here quickly...." he Grips his bow tight and puts the arrow at the Ready, so he can shhot at a moments notice.

As the group crosses over the ruined wall, the little box in the doll's hand starts to rattle in a rather alarming way and a series of moans start to rise from the dark alleys and houses of the city. Looks like the neighbors know something is up.

The large house up ahead seems to be the best bet for the drop off. Decorative lions are placed at intervals on the ruined facade.

Zalthar doesn't wield her bow just yet "Baz, can you get me to the second floor, and hand the box to me once I'm there?" she asks, positioning herself so that she can slip into any window that's available. She also seems ready to abandon her draconic ship at the first sign of actual conflict, eyes trained on the house, ears turned to listen for threats.

Aruc looks to the doll and grimaces before turning to the others, "Someone mind seperating the doll and box? That might help a bit." He then begins to mentally note the direction the moans are coming from, adjusting the placement of his remaining tripwires to best suit their probable approach.

Millicent keeps her grip on the doll and box and shakes her head. "I'm taking it in through the front door," she says, not breaking her stride as she makes her way towards the house. "No need for over the top theatrics. The main opposition will be outside, most likely. And no, I'd prefer to keep the two together," she says plainly, grip tightening around the hilt of her sword.

Bazalt Frowns "keep the Box and Doll together.." He Stares at the Panda and sighs. "Fine...WE'll do it your way...." he Twitches slightly, Griping his Bow tighter. "I..Dislike being here..." he mumbles, Looking around slowly. "atleast it's not night time..." he glances to the sky as he says this. "yet."

Since Millicent has the doll, there is not really much anyone else can do about her stance on its possession of the box.

The streets are not going to stay clear for much longer. Or any longer at all as several zombies start to shuffle into the streets and a strange fog starts to ooze from the alleys.

Zalthar sighs and glares at Millicent "Then whatever you are goign to do, by the Creators, do it." She says, leaping down from the dragon's back and drawing her bow "We'll cover you from out here, just get in, get out, and don't cause trouble." The cat seems to have acquired a more commanding tone, staring down the approaching horde, nocking an arrow.

"Yes," Millicent says simply, starting into a light jog towards the building. She wasn't going to let anything get in the way as she approaches the door, only slowing once she gets there to nudge the door open and let herself into the building, already looking for the stairs.

Aruc chuckles at the zombies, before drawing his blade and looking over his shoulder, "Are these pathetic looking creatures what everyone is so worried about? I have to say I was expecting something more." he then readies himself. "This will go quickly enough."

Bazalt Just shoots the wolf a glare. "being full of yourself and underestimating your oponents will get you killed, and quickly." He growls as he eyes them, tail flicking from side to side. "whatever happens we do NOT want to get stuck here after dark..." he says holding his bow and arrow at the ready.

The shuffling horde is closing on the building, but so far the path ahead is open, even if the path behind does not seem like it will last much longer. Especially as the temperature drops and the swirling fog rises to fill the air. There is a whistling shriek and SOMETHING streaks through the mists toward Aruc!

The stairs inside the old house look sketchy at best, the old wood looks rotted and several of the steps are broken.

Zalthar, having already nocked an arrow in her shortbow, turns immediately to face the shrieking noise charging Aruc, letting loose an arrow "Bazalt, can you see anything?" she asks, before turning to Aruc "And you, wolf, what is your status?" the cat calls, already loading another arrow onto the string.

Millicent frowns at the stairs, moving over to start her way up. If the farmers had managed it, she should be fine. She's careful all the same, though. She did probably weigh a fair bit more than the farmers did. Her sword is replaced in its scabbard, keeping one hand free in case she needs to catch herself- And to prevent falling on her own sword, should something give way.

Aruc grimaces and attempts to identify whatever attacked him, "Damm thing slices my jacket like it was nothing. But otherwise just a cut." he glances to the cut and reaches his left hand into his satchel to produce a glass flask which he quickly quaffs. He then readies his one handed, (right) hold of his blade for a counterattack if the moment presents itself.

Bazalt Growls and shoots his arrow at one of the zombies before drawing another and taking aim. "also. we need to think of other ways out! and no I see nothing but lots of nasties.." HE Grumbles. "Makes me wish i could breath fire...oorr atleast knew fire magic."

The stairs crack and shatter beneath Millicent's weight, though she is able to react quickly enough to throw herself to the upper level.

Among the growing moans of the shambling zombies obscured in the thickening fog are the shrieks of vague specters, skeletal fiends with great scythes in place of hands that swoop in to attack the poor souls fighting in front of the house. One manages to strike Zalthar a vicious blow and to slip through Aruc's guard to land another scathing slice, though Bazalt manages to deflect all comers for the moment. Bazalt's shot manages to lodge itself in the eye of one of the approaching zombies, but this does not look like a fight the party can win this way!

Zalthar reels backward, and grunts as she falls to the ground as her shirt reddens with a slash right across her abdomen. "Shit, they're fast..." she mutters, trying to roll out of the way. In desperation, she reaches out to her fellow shadow mentally <Baz, I need help! They can't reach us in the air!>

Millicent quickly catches herself and pulls herself up to the second floor landing, grunting to herself as she rights her standing. She wastes no time, glancing around to take in the surroundings before she moves off towards the sitting room, doll in hands as she seeks a spot to place it.

Aruc looks at the second bleeding wound on his chest and looks to the others, "We can't fighht these damm things out in the open Get the feline inside! We can atleast restrict the fucking specter's movements that way!" he then makes a run for the building Millicent is exploring.

Bazalt Growls and Frowns "Anyone with air magic...Help try and push them away-think Explosion of air." after His hopefully effective Spell HE Grabs The lynx and runs for the door. "C'mon Zalthar... " he says softly. Of course he Could fly out woth her and leave the others..maybe..hrnn.. what to do.

The upper floor is tattered and damaged, and surprisingly quiet. As Millicent ducks into the ruined drawing room it is evident that it was once beautiful and opulent. The once lovely curtains hang in rotten tatters and a number of fine paintings on the walls have faded in the wan light filtering through the shattered windows. Otherwise, the room is largely undamaged. Various curios and knick-nacks lay around and line the fine mantle above a large fireplace. Above the fireplace is a large, covered portrait, though parts show through the rotting drapes.

As the others tumble into the house, the fog stops behind them at the door. It looks like they may have bought themselves some time. With Bazalt's help, even Zalthar, wounded as she is, makes it safely in.

Zalthar grimaces and looks at the stairs "I knew the front door was bad..." she mutters, before glaring at the door. her breathing is heavy, but even now, she's nocking an arrow, training it unsteadily towards the hordes outside, quickly dropping both bow and arrow as she goes to grip her abdomen "Fuck..."

Millicent narrows her eyes, glancing around the room before seeking out a place amongst the decorations, one that probably lacks more dust than other places, given the recent acquisition, to place the doll at. Once done, she takes a step back and dusts her hands off, making for the stairs once more.

Aruc grimaces and rushes to Zalthar, He move quickly to remove the feline's clothes and begin using a herbal remedy, pulled from his satchel on the wounds, following it up with a tight wrapping of bandeges to halt the bleeding. "Shit, you are injured... badly.." he turns to the dragon and states "Keep them out! I need more time to make certain they live!"

Bazalt FRowns "Bandages it-Make sure she Lives!" The DRagon Growls and sighs "I'm going to Try to see if I can keep up a Wind.. wall barrier thing..." HE Takes a Deep Breath befre standing inforn of the two and spreadding his wings and getting to teh magic. "Ok.. here we go.."

The stairs don't look like they are going to be a viable way back down. The ruined stairs lie in splinters down on the main floor.

Outside, the howling and moaning has escalated and the fog has become so thick that nothing is visible through the windows or open door except swirls of grey. Aruc's field work stems the bleeding for now, but little Zalthar is not likely to be ready for action anytime soon. Which is a problem, since the shadows of several shamblers are becoming evident in the shattered doorway.

Zalthar narrows her eyes at Aruc "No shit." she mutters. Seems like she's barely holding back the desire for murder as the wolf works with her, hissing loudly as she grips her abdomen again, mouth curled up in a snarl. She sighs and closes her eyes, taking a few deep breaths, before grabbing her bow in one hand, and loading it with some arrows. The cat then opens her eyes, and, with death in her gaze, takes aim at the figures standing in the doorway, firing as fast as she can.

Millicent peers down the broken stairway and frowns, before crouching a little. She steps forward and drops off back down to the first floor, reaching out with the metal shod arm, preparing to rake the claws of it along the wall to slow her fall, if needed. "Alright, time to go. We need to push our way out of here," she calls.

Aruc looks to the dragon and sighs, "I don't think that will buy us much time... In all honestly you should get the feline out of here... Drop them off outside of danger and meet back up with us." he then grins to the red panda and states, "The streets are a death trap, Fucking spooks are too damm fast, our best chance it to move from house to house."

Bazalt Growls And Sighs beforeGrabbing his bow and some Arrows. "Time for me to fire AS fast as I can.." he says softly before nodding and shooting like no tomorrow. "Yeah No shit-Easier said than done however." The dragon Grumbles. "I can try adn blast of air to knock them away but.. who knows if that'll work?" he says, not stopping his hail of arrows. "Ideas?" he asks millicent, Ignore that Damned stupid Wolf.

The swirling fog starts to ooze its way into the room, hesitantly, like a probing tentacle. The shambling corpses start to press into the room, but between Zalthar and Bazalts hail of arrows, the zombies are briefly repelled, Zalthar dropping two and Bazalt managing to drop three of the abominations.

Zalthar drops her bow once more, closing her eyes "That's all I got..." she mutters, relaxing now that she's out of the zone "Give. Them. Hell." The cat just opens one eye to watch the scene, a welcoming, if not rather twisted, grin on her face "Should make for a good show on the way down."

Aruc glares at the dragon before returning his attention to the issue at hand. "The zombies we can handle... its just those things in the mist that are doing the dammage, without knowing how to effectivly counter them we are more or less boxed in." he the looks to the Panda, "any ideas?" As he states all of this he readies his blade to strike down the next of the walking dead to pass through the entrance.

Millicent draws her sword and rolls her shoulders, nodding. "I've got a plan, yea. We're going to advance, and cut down everything that gets in the way. I know my way through the fog, I grew up here. And we don't want to be held up here trying to hold them off through the night. We will tire. They will not. And honestly, I'm not seeing any better ideas. If we can move quickly, we can probably outpace them." She moves to take a position by the door, sword held in both hands as she settles into a defensive stance.

Bazalt nods to teh panda and hefts the Lynx onto his back, Holding her tight and using his wings to keep her there. "I'm Ready...I'll show them just how deadly this bow of mine can be.." the wolf nods, taking a deep breath." i'm guessing we arnt stopping once we start?" he asks her, Twitching slightly.

The windows around the floor of the house shatter as the shambling dead start to climb through the ruined sills and the mist starts to flood the room! Looks like it is now or never! Unfortunately, the gravely wounded Zalthar has fallen unconcious!

"No brakes. We're going... Now!" Millicent calls, starting out the door to take the lead, sword at the ready. "Stick close, keep your guard up. We'll be out of this in no time if you keep your mind on the task ahead. They won't chase us once we're out."

Aruc grimaces and follows after the Panda, doing his best to keep up the pace and ward off any of the undead that wander too close.

Bazalt Nods and Rushes with that Panda "then lets get this done" he roars, following her closelt and shooting Arrows, Smacking with his Bow-Stabbing with Arrows, using his tail, anything to keep tehm away as he moves with her.

Zombies throw themselves from everyside at the fleeing freeswords and spectres shriek and swoop from the air. Millicent manages to block all comers and Bazalt's draconic form weaves and dodges skillfully, poor Aruc manages to take yet another glancing blow. He is not going to be able to keep going if he sustains any more damage.

Millicent glances towards Aruc, grimacing a little but she presses on. "Keep it up, now. We're not far off!" She says, trying to provide encouragement in these dicey times. "Once we round this corner, we're in the home stretch." Her blade comes up to ward off an incoming blow, not halting her momentum as she makes her way down the street.

Aruc grunts in pain and clentches his jaw, but continues on regardless. He reaches into his satchel for some herbs to numb the pain and patches to halt the bleeding.

Bazalt Pushes Aruc along as he Is behind him, still avoiding and Stabbing shooting anything else he can to those that are Close. "NO-ONE DIEs, KEEP MOVING." he should, sings Still Squeezing Zalthar to his back with his wings. "We can make it!"He growls jumping over a zombie's arm.

The furious whirlwind of Millicent's blade helps to cleave a path through the angry dead and the oppressive mist begins to thin as the group approaches the gap in the wall. She also manages to fend off the worst of the attacks against Aruc and Bazalt, though a pair of flying spectres manage to slip past her to strike glancing blows at both wolves.

Millicent huffs and puffs as the path is cleared, tail bristling. "There, the path is open," she says, raising her sword and pointing it towards the gap. "Go, go!" she calls, pressing forward on the last charge. "I'll bring up the rear, get yourselves out and we're free."

Aruc passes over the rubble and escapes the ghastly town, stumbling off to the woods to treat his wounds and rest.

Bazalt nods to her And Growls as his left arm, his Bow arm gets a gash from teh attack, but that Dont stop him from Firing off a few arrow as he goes "hold on Zal-I'll get you help." he says softly, running for it as soon as the gap is made.

The fog is non-existent beyond the walls, and though the moans and cries of the restless dead follow, none of the shambling corpses pass beyond the walls. The trio of farmers still wait, albeit at a good distance from the walls, and the stout mouse looks ready to whip the horses into a gallop at the first sign of trouble, but they are still waiting.

Bazalt attaches his Bow to his Quiver before his Shifts Zal round into his arms. "Go, And NEVER do somthing this Stupid Again." the Dragon growls to the farmers. "Zalthar...I've got you.." He says, begore Laounching into the Air and flying towards cliffside, he needed to get this lynx help- and fast.