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After a long preperation the party is set, having had been told what to expect and to do they meeting point was set at the Guards office before Firmaments main gates. Their contact was waiting for them, A lean looking Feline in the guards offical uniform who seemed just a little to impatient for this all to get started.

The Coyote makes his way over contact, patting his pockets and nodding. He tugs his coat tighter and grins at the Guard. "I assume you're the one to talk to?" he asks, before looking to his companions for the duration of the mission, looking them over.

Kurnoc is already there, waiting with the guard. "This should be easy but... i've learned not to take things at face value.." he says, more to hismelf than the guard. As the others arrive he looks them over carefully, only offering them a simple nod.

Iorek slowly wanders his way over to the others, the canine mostly covered in a cloak he has coated in slightly different shades of mud, making it quite rigid but making good camoflague from a distance. He nods to the others, apparently waiting for some direction.

The Feline in question studies the three, giving Kurnoc another hard look before shaking his head. "When orders come down from a noble? You can never expect anything to go smoothly. Here I thought I'd have a quiet day." He answers, turning and heading into the guardpost to gather up the bundles given to him with the report. "Alright, from what I've been told you've all recieved orders, not that I've been informed of what they are but they include these." He answers, holding up grey, muted bundles of cloth to each one in turn. "There's a wagon outside waiting to take you towards Ther'ador and Serpents pass. I'd take a look in those bundles while on your trip, There's more then rations in there."

"Heyyy, Iorek! Long time no see," the Coyote calls, grinning wide before turning to listen to the Feline. The Freesword blinks, quietly accepting the bundle. He gently hefts the bundle, gauging the weight before looking to the other two with a smirk. "...Sounds like this'll be fun, eh?" he says. His tone may sound joking, but his eyes gleam with excitement. He's expecting the worst, and he's looking forward to it.

:kurnoc nods "I know, that damned fox." he sighs and then shoots the peppy coyote a glare. "he decided to gift us, eh? Better be useful.." he mumbles. "Iorek, He mentioned you. something about.. not letting you end up bed ridden?" he shrugs. "How do you two prefer to fight, up close or from a distance?"

Iorek shakes his head slighly with a sigh "Yeah, I bet he won't be letting that go anytime soon... But, we should take this serious, they will be dangerous and we will be ounumbered. Personally I prefer that the enemy is down before there is the possibility of a fight, ranged or close up."

The Cheetah snorts, shooing them towards the front gate. "Get a move on why don't ya? You're making me have to actually do my job and watch the gates." He comments, only slightly serious before he turns back to the guards barracks. "Try not to get to killed out there, I'd hate to have to deal with an Angry noble storming through the gates." Once the bundles are distributed, it's obvious that it is exactly as the guard said, the bundles are in fact cloaks, the muffled clink of jangling metal obvious when the packages are handled. Outside sits the Wagon just as promised, the driver a bored looking Black Rat. He chews on something as he leans back against the bench seat, spitting tobacco when he finally sees the three. "Ready to get on the road yet eh?"

"I'll take my battles either way," the 'peppy' Coyote replies, pulling a hood over his head, shielding most of his face. He rummages through the bundle and shoving the equipment into place. He looks to his companions before climbing into the wagon. "Let's go have some fun," he says, popping his neck.

Bazalt nods to the wagon driver. "we're ready to go, Yeah" he hops up and nods to Iorek as he pulls out the rapier and grins. "I prefer to use a bow-but i'm not useless if they get close. but honestly I dont think diplomacy will work in this situation-your welcome to try it but.." he rubs his face and pulls the cloak on, placing his new weapon as his hip. "just be careful.. creators only know what could happen.."

Iorek also nods at the driver before climbing on "I don't mean negotiation, I mean incapaciating the threat before they can start a fight. Though I'd rather not kill.

The driver gives a nod, turning before snapping the reigns as the wagon protests being forced to move. "Get comfy back there it's a long ride." He shouts back there way as they are off. The Journey is indeed long, having to go through many miles of road along the way. The Rat not truely helping with the time it takes as he remains quiet, keeping his focus on the road and the surrounding area in case bandits decided they were good pickings. It gets obvious as they get closer to the border, the snow falling a good indication as the temperature starts to drop, the driver grabbing his own cold weather gear with a huff. "Shouldn't be to long now."

The Coyote keeps himself occupied, going over his equipment, making sure everything's in working condition. He sharpens his blades, holding them up every so often to examine their edges. "So, how you been, Iorek?" he asks the Labrador. "Kept yourself busy?"

Iorek putting on his own cloak, getting the fitting just right. "I have been okay, did some scouting to get the lay of the land for this mission. Figured I might gleam something that would help but i'm not sure." He pulls the rapier a few inches from it's scabbard, apparently mesmorised by the detail on the blade as he looks it over.

Bazalt Nods slowly "I dislike killing but if we must then... there is no other choice." he also checks his gear-and, despite teh cold weather dosnt seem to mind it all that much, even with his cloak.

Soon the cart comes to a stop, the wind picking snow up in its wake as the Rat points towards a passage between two cliffs. "That's Serpents pass, from what I've hard from some of the locals that pass through here there's a small valley in the middle on the way towards Ther'ador. Some bandits have set up camp there, so be careful." He points out for them, giving them a wave as a send off. "Good luck out there. I've been instructed to wait for you three to return, or at least a day." He answers, pulling ou a pipe and giving it a light as he waits for them to depart.

Mal nods to the Driver, shoving the last of his throwing knives back into its scabbard before hopping out of the wagon and cracking his knuckles. "Alright, let's move," he says, grinning as he pulls out a dagger and looks around, surveying the scene.

Kurnoc hops off teh wagon as then arrive, nodding to the driver. "Thank you for brining us here." "the wolf Rolls his shoulders and streches slightly before starting to move. "you two ready?" he asks, tail flicking ever so slightly. "

Iorek takes a few deep breaths to psych himself up before hopping off the cart "Right, so we are all good on the plan? First recon, we get all the info we can. Keep it quiet and keep low and hidden."

The wind kicks up harder, snow a flurry in the air as it whips past the three while it snatches at their cloaks. The Entrance to the pass itself looms before the party, revealing nothing of its secrets as off in the distance a flicker of light can barely be seen, a lone traveler or a roaring fire in the middle of a camp is yet to be seen.

Mal waves off Iorek's comment. "We all know what we're here for, Iorek. We're all competent here," he says, looking ahead and squinting through the flurry of snow. The Coyote grits his teeth and tugs his jacket, though thankfully, his hood remains in place. "Come on, you slowpokes," he says to his companions over the wind, cautiously treading forward, dagger at the ready.

Kurnoc shakes his head. "just because we know what to expect dosnt mean we know what we'll find Iorek isnt wrong, we should play it carefully-at the very least the element of suprise will serve us well." he says, trudging ahead bow in hand, glancing back to make sure they stay together in the flurry of snow-not that it seems to really be bothering him all that much.

Iorek seems annoyed at how flippant Mal seems but shrugs it off. The Canine follows the others, sticking close to the passes wall so his cloak will help him blend in, pulling the collar tigher at the neck to keep out the wind.

The walls of the Pass steadily climb higher and higher, boxing them in until there is only two ways to go, forward or retreat. The wind still howls, even if it can not reach them now. Something scurries among the cliffs above them, sending a scattering of small rocks tumbling down towards them as the light starts to grow dim as the passage narrows. The light of the fire grows closer, the crackle of fire and the sound of distant laughter can be heard from what little wind stirs.

The Coyote's ears flick at the faint sound of laughter, his eyes dart upwards at the sight of tumbling stones. Mal looks to Iorek and Kurnoc before looking up, judging the rocky cliffs and wind, gauging how difficult it would be to go for a ranged assault. "So, now's the time to decide," he says to his companions. "Do we go in or snipe them off?" The Freesword eyes the other two, hoping one of them has something, because his throwing knives won't be helpful at long range.

Kurnoc, who is actually ever so slightly ahead of Mal squints ahead and Gets afew arrows ready. "first, we watch. even when we start attacking from a distance we want a quick way to get up close, and besides might be best to observe first before attacking outright." he says, pulling his cloak tighter.

Iorek signs to the others to keep quiet, low and slow. He inches closer to the others, waiting in hiding for something more to go on than laughing.

There is silence for a few more moments, the fire still a good distance away. IN front the path narrows enough that only two beings would be able to get through shoulder to shoulder, but it is easy to see that after that it widens out more as it enters the valley beyond. AS the wind blows their way again, they can hear that laughter continue, followed by the sound of music and the scent of alcohol.

Mal nods to Iorek before turning back to the noise, brow furrowing. He glances up again, and purses his lips before creeping forward slowly, hoping to get a peek at the potential bandit camp past the chokepoint.

Kurnoc Stoops low like Iorek, Creeping forwards as quietly as he can. <want to get as close as we can?> he signs back to the dog, ears twitching to catch any sounds he can.

Iorek pauses for a moment thinking. <slowly and keep to cover, we need to stay patient. Let Mal look first past the bottle neck.> He slides closer along the wall, a hand on the hilt of his blade. He looks over to Mal for a signal, keeping ready.

As both Mal and Kurnoc creep forward towards the entrance it's easy to see what's going on. It's a camp set up at the entrance, heavy cloth tents fighting to keep their position against the wind as a few beings huddle around a fire drinking. There's the jingle of a weapons harness, movement out of the corner of the eye giving Mal enough of a warning to pull his head back as a Drunk being stumbles across the entrance, the smell of booze coming heavily from the Bear as he stops to lean back against the stone wall to get his barings and his breath.

Iorek gestures to the other two <snatch and grab, silent and alive> before he grabs his sword in it's scabbard, a hand at each end planning to use it to choke the bear out and stop screaming. He inches closer as his heart races and when he has a clear angle jumps on the bear's back, going for the choke out.

Mal blinks, eyes wide at the close-ish call before he looks back at Iorek, giving him one short nod. The Coyote looks to Kurnoc, then the Bear before gritting his teeth. Mal looks to the camp, keeping an eye out before he darts forward, hoping to assist Iorek in dragging the bear out of sight, his dagger poised and ready should this go belly-up.

Kurnoc Frowns before singing, hoping Iorek can see it ;<going to make him fall backwards, be ready.> After he puts his hands around one of hte bears legs and pulls it towards himself, hoping it'd thorw the bears blaance off adn throw him back-and that the party below wouldnt hear any noise.

There isn't a shout, the bears mouth slams shut with an audible click of his teeth as Iorek's iron bared grip does its job of taking him off balance. His eyes go wide as the Mead mug hits the ground with a clutter, one foot coming out from under him by Kurnoc's efforst as Mal's weight helps to pull the Bandit into the shadows of the entrance with a struggle and muffled grunts.

Mal drags the Bear out of sight, pulling him around the chokepoint before darting back, pressing himself up against the rocky wall. "Got anything to hold him down?" the Freesword asks, glancing back around the bend to ensure the rest of them didn't notice anything.

Iorek hands some manacles to Mal before peering to the camp again looking or listing for any change and picking up the mead mug, dusting some snow over the spill.

Turning to the others he signs <I suggest a quick scout and maybe take him back for info.>

Bazalt helps Mal move hte bear, shaking his head after "I didnt think we'd be taking one captive." he whispers, frowning. "Unless you have anyth-" he takes What Iorek has offered snd cuffs the bear. <we could know him out, break something so he cant excape.. gag him with somethings so he cants talk?> he Signs in return, keeping a VERY close eye on the bear.

The camp is quiet, as quiet as it can be with people drinking, music playing and those who have drank to much staggering around. The bear himself is mostly placated as he sits down, swaying a little as he squints at the group. ". . .Say....who are you three?" He asks, his speech a bit slurred, the booze on his breath strong enough to knock a small being down as he tries to put two and two together.

Iorek puts a sleeper Hold on the bear while he goes back to the group, looking around. whispering 'we need to be quick now we have a time limit.'

The Coyote shakes his head, cuffing the bandit before signaling, <We're already here. We can't take him without arousing the suspicions of the other bandits. If we take him, they'll boost defenses. If we leave him, he'll tell them what's going on and they'll boost defenses.> The Freesword glances back to the camp before continuing, <We might as well keep going. If we can apprehend all of them, good. If not, we start slitting throats.> Mal squints and looks back the way they came. Never know if they have some patrol out and about...but with a racket like this going on in the camp, it's doubtful.

Bazalt Glances around ears perked. "From the sounds of it they might not miss him straight away but..-"he raises a brow at what teh bear said in his drunken stupor before Iorek knocks him out. "we.. might be able to sneak in semi-easily.. If they are all as drunk as him, taht is..."he rolls his shoulders. "But thats VERY risky of course..."

The glint of Steel and the sound of rocks dislodging give enough forwarning as Arrows spark against the stone wall and floor, barely missing Mal's armor as a female voice rings out. "That's quiet enough skuling thank you." The speaker herself is visible, a Silver Vixen in molded leather and hides, a longbow with another arrow notched. Idential to the multitude of others as it seems they've been flanked. "We usually don't have bandits stupid enough to hit one of our caravans out here where we have the advantage, mind telling me why before you can't?"

Mal blinks. "Wait, you're not bandits?" he calls out after a moment. The Coyote slowly sheathes his dagger before holding up his hands. "We came out to investigate reports of bandits," he explains, looking to his companions, grimacing. "...Can we get a redo on this first impression? I don't think we did so well..." he says after a long pause.

Kurnoc, bow still in hand Blinks "Ah.." he says, shaking his head "I'm sorry we seemed to jump to conclusions... BUt we've been sent to deal with bandits.. and i guess we assumed you lot were bandits.... we should've asked first, i suppose... but.." he bows his head. "you have my Apoligies, I'm with the DSU-and I feel like i should've been paying more attention...." he sighs and rubs his head, still on edge.

Iorek flashes a badge and checks the bear is still conscious. Feeling rather embarressed and not sure what else he can add, remains quiet, holding his hands up, the badge in one hand.

The Bow is lowered, but not fully put away. "Looking for BAndits? Here?" She asks, her head tiling a bit in confusion. ". . .Well I see." She gives the command for the rest of them to lower their weapons before making her way down the side of the wall. "Only other people I can think of are at the other side of the VAlley, we haven't managed to get close enough to see if they are bandits or not. But they sure are loud and nasty either way."

The Coyote nods, looking rather sheepish. "Do you happen to know a quick way across?" he asks, eyeing the Fox. "And, uh, sorry about the Bear," he adds, glancing at the unconcious Being. "You have the key for those manacles, right?" he asks Iorek.

Kurnoc fully lowers his bow. "Angus will laugh at me for this.." he chuckles slightly. "Yeah sorry....Suppose this is what we get for overreacting.." he looks to the bear and grins abit. "he shouldnt be TOO hurt..and i think he'll pass it off as being drunk so.. no harm done?"

Iorek puts the badge away waiting for the others to converse as he unlocks the bear's cuffs. "He'll be alright, he's just unconscious. My apologies."

There is a bit of a sigh from the vixen, who rolls her eyes and nudges the bear. "Buron isn't the best individual to deal with when drunk, so I guess you did us a favor. Come. Most of our scouts and hunters are to drunk at the moment to give you directions towards the other group tomorrow once they sober up. If you can keep your hands off your weapons you may spend the night here."

Bazalt nods slowly "Yeah...thankyou.. concidering what we did and what you must've overheard" he smiles weakly. "thank you for giving us a chance.. heh... he rubs his face and sighs "We should probabaly tell our driver not to wait for us, dont you think?" he says to the othertwo. "Mind sending someone back for us or something... please?" he asks the vixen.