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It is cold, windy, and raining. So, a pretty nice day in Cliffside. This far from the city center there is not a lot of activity in the muddy streets, but a miserable looking coyote in an oilskin cloak is still standing atop a wagon outside of a garishly striped tent, hawking his wares.

"How about you, sir?" he calls to a passing goat with his collar turned up against the rain, "Perhaps you are looking for a change?" The goat, of course, ignores him and carries on his way. The coyote slumps a little and calls over his shoulder. "I told you, Monty," he shouts, "Cliffside was a bad idea!"

Rokarion yawned as he walked through the streets of Cliffside towards the rumoured place of the coyote merchant. The plant being eyes his companion before focusing again on the road, to him this weather was normal, if not enjoyable. "Hmmm, remember just get fleshcrafted then back to the room that I rented. I told my family I will be with you in Andrussya, and told Alfred to handle the society in our 'absence'. This will hopefully stop any inquiries for a while." Roka adds as he finally spots the tent in the distance, "There he is." the flower being says before leaning closer and whispering something to Zuri, before standing up and heading towards the merchant.

Zuri huffs, looking over at the fleshcrafter's wagon with some amount of apprehension. He'd spent all night thinking of something that would be the perfect disguise, and despite all of his careful planning he was still feeling uneasy about all this. He nods at Rokarion. "Okay.. I'll go in first then, I suppose." He stretches up to peck a kiss at Rokarion, then starts to pad over to the wagon, his tail dragging on the muddy ground behind him. As he nears the wagon he puts on his best, brightest smile. "Hello sir!" He says, addressing the 'yote. "What's this about?" He asks innocently, as if just someone genuinely curious about the whole idea of Fleshcrafting.

The coyote jumps in surprise, turning and looking around wildly before finally looking down to where Zuri is standing. "Hello young man!" he says, his shark's smile finding its place again on his face, "You are standing before the one and only Fleshcrafter!" He waves a hand dramatically at the tent behind him. "Just imagine," he says, "You could be anything you want! Anything at all! Are you looking for a change, my little friend?"

Rokarion nods at Zuri "If you wish, dear." the plant being answers back before he follows after the salamander. The flower rubs his chin as he eyes the coyote, "Anything? And is that change supposed to be permanent? And what is the cost of such a thing?" he asks curiously.

Zuri raises his finger, his mouth starting to form the beginning of his question before Rokarion interjects with the exact details that he wanted to know about as well. He nods quickly. "Yea! Andis it really anything? Like... can I change my spots and my color and my ears?"

"Oh yes, Sir," the coyote says, rubbing his hands together, Possibly in a motion of averice, or possibly just to warm them up. "Your imagination is the only limit, Sir!" he says, "But sadly, such a marvel is not cheap to maintain. For a bit of a thrill, I could give you a temporary change for a mere 500 crowns, but anything permanent? I fear that the machine spirit requires a modicum of Lunar dust."

Rokarion eyes the coyote then the tent, "I see, and let us assume that we choose this permanent option...what if we wanted to change again where would we find you?" the plant being asks, even if he already knew the answers to his questions an imae needs to be maintained!

Zuri wiggles his snout at the vendor. He lets Rokarion ask his question as he reaches into the breast pocket of his jacket and retrieves a small metal case. He flips the case open, revealing a collection of precious items of the kind a wealthy gentleman would keep close and safe - a metal tin with a scented sponge inside for dabbing on, replacement pins and cufflinks to fix wardrobe malfunctions, a diamond stud pin to hold a cravat in place, among other such sundry. He slides those objects aside to retrieve a small ampule somewhere in the middle of them, an ampule that shimmers with the residue of lunar dust near the bottom.

The coyote shakes his head apologetically. "I am afraid that refunds are impossible," he says, "I barely ask enough to cover the cost of running this marvelous machine. But should you feel you need another change, we are happy to provide. We will be here in Cliffside for a few weeks, but then from here we will be traveling into the northern countries. The marvelous Fleshcrafter is one of a kind, after all. I couldn't deny such a wonder to as wide a range as possible, now could I?" His eyes glitter with barely bridled greed at the sight of Zuri's case. "So what will it be, little friend?" he asks, holding out his hand for the lunar dust.

Rokarion shakes his head, "I was not asking for refunds, just the chance to use the machine again." the plant being says before nodding at the coyote's answer, "So, we might find you in Thera'Dor or Sweetwater then." he adds before rubbing his chin, "So, is there any side effects to this machine or is it safe?"

Zuri grips the ampule, wiggling his snout in consideration. "Mmmm.. anything I want to be.. anything I want to be.." He grins, his fingers flicking over the container in his hands. "An elephant." He says, sliding the ampule onto the 'yote's hands. "Light grey or silvery. Something exotic and refined, that will catch the eye." He pauses as Rokarion asks his question, then looks at the 'yote as he waits for the answer.

"Of course, my friend," the coyote says, making the little container of dust vanish as if by magic, "Anything specific?" He hops down from his perch and leads the way toward the tent, holding the flap open for the pair to enter.

Inside is dry, if not much warmer than outside. Another smaller canvas tent is set up inside, probably to protect and hide the machine itself. A hefty mole sits at a panel of buttons, dials and other controls. "Are you tired of being the little guy? Want to try for a whole new look? I imagine we could even take care of that little tooth problem of yours," the coyote says, tapping his own lower canines. He then turns his salesman's smile on Rokarion. "No side effects at all!" he says, "I can guarantee that it is perfectly safe."

Rokarion nods his head at the coyote as he follows along, "So, I see. Well I guess I will wait and see what happens to my friend before choosing for myself. I can understand where he is coming from, change is the spice of life." the jasmine says maintaining the air of wealthy, bored aristocrats that Zuri seemed tried to convey.

Zuri chuckles. "Nah, I quite like being my height. Imagine if all my clothes no longer fit! Hm.." He taps his own tusks. "Actually I was more hoping you could make them bigger. You know, elephant beings are known for their prodigious tusks, after all." No need to mention those silly Firmament hippos. "Alright, let's see what your machine can do. Where do I stand? Do I have to do anything?" He walks towards the machine, ready to follow instructions as they are given.

"Right this way, Sir," the coyote says, leading Zuri to a non-descript box of some kind of strange, dark material, "Just step inside and try to stand still. The process can feel strange, but it is much easier on you if you stand still." He closes Zuri into the dark box and goes to join the mole at the control panel. This should be exciting!

Zuri steps into the box, blinking as it's closed and he's surrounded in darkness.

Zuri steps into the box, blinking as it's closed and he's surrounded in darkness. He nibbles on his lip nervously, his stomach tinging with butterflies as he starts to get cold feet about this entire thing. He takes a deep, calming breath. This is a necessary step in the plan. He fidgets nervously, waiting for the machine to do.. something. He briefly wonders if it will be painful.

He does not have to wait long. It is only a moment of anticipation before mathemagic in impossible shapes and dimensions burst into a rainbow of colors and whirl about doing their unimaginable work. Zuri's deep breaths become gradually deeper and deeper as his chest rises without falling as far each time. There is a strange pulling sensation as his shoulders broaden and his arms and legs start to stretch the material of his clothes a bit while his long, thick salamander tail quickly dwindles. The coyote spoke true, the process is not painful, but the experience would be hard to describe. Like having numbing ice in your bones while your muscles become to warm and melt.

Zuri shudders as the unfamiliar, unnerving sensations assault him. He feels himself stagger slightly to the side, but stays in place as his balance readjusts to no longer having a tail. He bites his lip and waits for the process to reach completion.

The little salamander's tail shrinks away until all that is left is a whippy little thing that sprouts a shock of vibrant, fox red hair at the tip. His hands and feet grow broader and thicker and his wiggly little snout starts to stretch and grow. It twitches as new muscles develop in the slowly growing trunk and his upper eyeteeth slowly grow into an impressive pair of tusks. Strangely, his lower canines also seem to be growing! The slowly develop into thick, boarish tusks that push out on either side of his trunk. The small elephant to be feels a strange itch on top of his head and on his chest as a thick mane of fiery hair sprouts from his scalp and between expanding pectoral muscles.

Zuri snaps his mouth at the unfamiliar sensation that four large tusks offer him, compared to his previous two small tuskies. He's probably got quite the mean-looking face now, and that's before he realizes he's got something a little extra sprouting out the front of his face. He twitches his nose, or what he percives as being his nose, making his trunk flex and curl all on its own. This.. this is weird.

As the newly minted elephant's trunk grows to its full length, the last touches are developing across his compact, but thick frame. A thick carpet of curly red hair spreads across his chest as his blue skin gradually grows thicker, rougher and fades to a pale gray that is very nearly white. Then it is over. The lights wink out and the door opens, allowing the little pachyderm to step out.

Zuri gingerly steps out of the box, testing his gait as he adapts to walking around without his tail dragging behind him. He licks at his tusks, trying to get used to their presence as well. "Woah.. that was quite the ride!" He says as he walks out. "Is there a mirror here somewhere? I want to see!" His tiny widdle tail whips side to side excitedly.

Rokarion keeps his eyes on the machine as the process starts until it finishes. The plant being raises a brow as the salamander returns a...rougher elephant. "Fascinating." the plant being says as he steps closer to Zuri, "Hmm, how do you feel?"

"Very nice, Sir," the coyote says, scurrying over, "I believe we have something here." The coyote pushes aside a length of canvas on the side of the machine revealing a passable mirror. The former salamander can examine himself to his heart's content. It looks like he may have to change up his wardrobe a bit, since everything seems a little tight on his stocky new frame. Aside from the wide space for his now thin, whippy tail.

The coyote turns his attention to Rokarion. "And you, sir?" he asks, "Will you be availing yourself of our singular service?"

Zuri observes himself in front of the mirror, turning side to side. "I love it!" He says as he turns back to Rokarion. "It's the strangest feeling in there, I can't quite describe it. It's not painful, however, not at all!" He turns back to the mirror, his hand moving up to comb his wild, fiery hair to the side. "Mmm.. nice."

Rokarion looks at Zuri and nods his head before shrugging at the coyote, "Yes, sure. This trade season has been profitable." as he takes out a small pouch from within his coat and retrieves a small vial filled with dust before giving it to the coyote.

The young plant being begins to enter the machine as he gives his own instructions, "How about a Caucasian squirrel, no fancy fur colouration, maybe eye colour to green, but other than that I want my physique and height to remain similar to now."

The merchant takes Rokarion's payment with that shark's smile and makes it vanish as quickly as a magian might. "As you say, Sir," he says, leading the Jasmine to the box, "Just a reminder, that holding still helps keep things comfortable. Any special requests?"

Zuri turns away from the mirror to go stand near the entrance into the tent. He peers outside before looking back at the box, settling down to wait for Rokarion's turn in the strange machine to be completed. He shifts his lips around his tusks again. It's going to take a bit to get used to this..

Rokarion shakes his head, "Nothing other than what I said really, hmm, maybe keep the fur light brown with a darker colouration on the back?" he adds with a shrug.

The coyote nods and closes the door behind Rokarion. It is only a short wait until the chamber burst to life, maths whirling wildly around Rokarion's form. The changes are instantly apparent as his waxy flesh shifts from the green of a healthy plant to a pale pink. The petals that crown his head slowly retract with a strange, not quite headache sensation as his ears slowly grow to triangular points and inch their way up his head.

Speaking of ears, the way that Zuri's flap in the breeze from outside is another rather strange sensation. Elephants are really quite different from salamanders.

Rokarion remains standing as the new sensation hit him, the plant being eyeing his hands as they turn from green to pink, "Oh, by the way, and for the hair, blonde perhaps might fit best." he says loud enough to hopefully be heard from the outside.

Zuri eartwitches, at first thinking he's got some manner of bug crawling up his side. After he rubs the back of his hand against it trying to brush off the nonexistent creature, he realizes his mistake and blushes lightly. "Mmh..."

There is a grumble from outside the box, and Zuri can see the coyote and mole scrambling with the controls, trying to make a last second change.

Inside the box, Rokarion's changes continue as a strange, stretching and pulling sensation starts at his tailbone. Things are definitely changing back there as a long tail slowly squirms forth, vertebra by vertebra. Light fur starts to sprout from Rokarion's skin and it itches in a rather remarkable way. Especially on his scalp, where his prized petals have completely vanished.

Rokarion idly stretches his neck as the changes continue until he finally notices the fur growing all over his body. The plant being bites his lower lip as he decides not to scratch the itch, no one knows what might happen if he does that.

Zuri crosses his arms, waiting out the process patiently. He shakes his head, making his trunk waggle slightly.

That little lip bite becomes particularly noticeable as Rokarion's incisors grow and become a pair of sturdy buck teeth. Soft, sandy colored fur fills in down his throat and chest and under his arms while darker, rougher, charcoal colored fur fills in on his back and his arms. Thick, fluffy fur grows from his long tail as it curls upward to lay against his back. At the same time, a long, wavy mane of flaxen hair is growing from the new squirrel's scalp where his pointy ears perk through. Soon, the process comes to an end and the door slide open.

Rokarion takes a deep breath, eyeing his hands as the process seems to finish and licking around his new incisors. The squirrel previously known as a jasmine being, gives his now more noticeable fifth appendage a few wiggles before finally stepping outside the machine. "So, what do you think?" Roka asks Zuri before looking back at the coyote.

Zuri smiles at Rokarion, his lips curling around his ample tusks. "That looks wonderful! I can hardly recognize you!" In fact he can't recognize him, at all. He's practically a whole different being. He steps forward to examine his lover up close. Yea.. this is gonna work, he thinks to himself.

A little blue salamander and a willowy jasmine walk in, and a stocky, fiery haired elephant and a blond maned squirrel walk out. Just another day's work when the Fleshcrafters come to town. "Thank you for your business, gentlemen," the coyote grins, swaggering up behind the pair, "I hope that you are both satisfied?"

Rokarion giggles and poses in front of Zuri, "Indeed, even I am having doubts if this is really me." Roka answers then nodding at the coyote, "Yes, this looks good. We might keep the looks until we finally get bored again, who knows we might see you then for another service."

Zuri smiles brightly at Rokarion, although most of that smile is hidden behind tusks and trunk. "Just imagine the surprise when they figure out who we are." He giggles. "Thank you sir, your service was impeccable!"

"Of course, of course," the coyote says, "Always glad to have your business. Please tell your friends." The coyote follows the pair out into the rain, throwing up the hood of his cloak again as he goes.