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It's a pleasantly warm enough day as summer approaches its final days. The crane priestess arrives, dressed far less formally than seen the night before, wearing general priestly garb instead of the more ornate machine priest regalia. Her Clever Folk badge is hung at shoulder, displayed openly.

Kilsa is dressed in a long priest and has her noble soulgem hanging from her neck as she walks to greet the other priest. "Hello, Sister." She greets the crane with a sweet smile on her face. "Shall I offer you some tea while we retire to my study to talk in private. I would not like to have the children interrupting us.

The priest curtsies politely, "My mind still reels from the ritual," she admits, "But it is good to get away from the words for a time, so I am glad you invited me," she speaks, "That would be lovely."

Kilsa nods and leads the crane to the her study, "I already have the batch boiling in case you might be parched. So how long have you been a Machine priest sister?" She asks as she opens the door to allow her inside the small study.

The crane steps in, glancing about as she goes, "You have done surprisingly well for one declared noble so shortly ago. Surely the Creators watch over your fate closely," she compliments, "I have served the spirits since I was but fourteen years of age, when I restored an artifact thought broken. I can hear their soft whispers, and to care for them is my joy."

Kilsa smiles, "My noble title only allowed me to grasp this property, I'm an accomplished blacksmith." She prepares the tea while talking to the crane. "I can understand a love for just like I love my weapons and armors. So sister I wanted to speak to you about something, I feel as if my faith is slipping. Please have a seat your tea is ready." The Study was in truth more a storage room than a really study with queit a few odds and in but mostly books and children toys stored everywhere and a divine math using iron stove.

She moves to settle herself into position lightly, "That is a grave matter. I am told you are a most faithful sister of the order, high of mind and virtuous of spirit," she says, waving a hand, "But I can guess what troubles your mind, if you do not mind the insolence of it."

Kilsa nods her head grimly, "I accept the compliments but I must know sister. Why did you not tell them what you read? I don't mind the insolence, I would prefer it if your honest with me. I'm a sister just like you and normally you would be my superior."

Her shoulders lift lightly, "Tell them what? I would not, should not, could not," she emphasizes each with a finger, "What the Creators speak is far too grand for one lonely priest to decipher. Many of the words used are delicate things, beyond my study. I copied them faithfully, so that those most versed in the ancient tongue can worry out the true meaning of it. I could have spoken my guess, and when it turns I was incorrect, what then? Do I apologize for putting false words upon the Creator's lips?" she asks.

Kilsa nods, "I saw a date and I understand that its passed and was in the summer. Tell me you copied it correctly, Also I want to know what message you are planning to give to the public?" She sits down happy somewhat that the crane is being a little open. "I'm confused sister, I thought we were supposed be the link between the creators and the folk."

She nods quickly, "We are! But that is exactly why a rushed statement would be disastrous. I am a machine priest. I hear the word of their devices. It is not my specialty to speak to them directly. I have copied it as faithfully as I could, and, with faith, I will allow others to determine the truth of it." She leans forward, "My duty was done. The machine spoke, and its holy word is in our hands, and now, we must bring the word to the people. But what word? I couldn't say. How much did you read?" she queries, "The date was not that far distant, if you know the..." she pauses then, crossing her arms, wings fluttering lightly on her back, "Tell me, sister, you have not spoken to others already, I pray?"

Kilsa looks at the crane, "I have told not a single soul. I read as much as I could but I must admit my skills are not as sharp as yours. Sister I'm begging you tell me everything you read. I'm your sister and I am in need, I need to know to clear my mind and my heart of guilt.."

She hrms lightly and waves a hand, "Do you know the Creator's time?" she asks, "It is different from our own, measured by the passing of their home world around its sun, much as ours does around our own. The years do not pass as our own, though we have copied their names in tribute to them. The year placed is only a few years past." She leans forward, "Approximately when the moon shattered." She leans back, "I must emphasize that no word spoken should leave this room. We do not know what this means. We seed small pieces of a much grander puzzle. One I sorely wish to solve, but one that will do nothing but bring worry and terror if revealed in this state."

Kilsa sighs, "You know I understand where your coming from but I will ask this. What message are you going to tell the people?" She looked at floor in thought. "I wonder what the connection is, If you keep me informed about the development I will keep this silent and not tell a soul."

She lifts her shoulders then, "You seem to think I am the mouthpiece of the church, but I am a machine priest. Respected and high ranked, for sure, but a machine priest, not a scholar of the languages, and not a noonday mass giver," she says, holding up her hands placatingly, "I don't know what to tell the people, and it's not my job to decide. I would be doing a disservice to try. The machine spirits do not panic, they do not fret, they follow their sacred rituals faithfully. It is why I prefer them, sister." she says with a little smile, "I will introduce you to the scholar who was given the scroll, have him come speak to you, if that will help ease your troubled spirit?"

Kilsa nods, "I think that would be the best for me. When could you arrange a meeting because I need this to get off my heart so I can return to helping others as a priest does. I did think highly of machine priest when I was first studying the word of the Creators you all were my nobles." She blushed a bit.

"And now?" she asks, "Has seeing us in action caused you to change your mind?" She produces a quill and looks around for an ink tank to dip into and scribble out a name, "He is not a priest. He works for the King, but I know of no one else who knows the words better. Mione, royal scholar. You can find him at the castle most often, but I will have him visit, as soon as he is able."

Kilsa sighs, "Honestly I'm just trying not to question my faith. I've met Mione once before during the testing of the Beserker soul gem. I've missed him. Please do send him as soon as he can come see me." She sits and looks at the crane sadly, "Thank you for trying to help me. This is a tough moment for me. I've never had my faith shaken."

"We must trust in the Creators designs, for we are them." She rises to her feet, wings fluttering for balance, "I fear something may have gone awry. But I dare not speculate too far until Mione has worked over the scroll."

Kilsa nods, "I'll try to remember that. I would like to see what Mione has to say about this, from what I rememeber they seem to be pretty level headed and wise. THank you for your time sister and Please keep me in formed with any developments." She stands up and looks at the priest, "Do you have many kids in need of adoptions if you ever get the notion sister." She winked trying to lighten the mood.

She flushes suddenly, "I would not give up a child to adoption," she stammers out, pauses, "Oh, I misunderstood you. I have no lifebond to share the duties of child raising with, but thank you, sister. Creators watch over."

Kilsa chuckles a bit and nod, "Creators watch over you as well, Sister." She leads the the crane to the door and clap her hands around the Machines priest hands. "Thank you again."