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Zuri nods in agreement with the basilisk. "Do you figure we can pull that off, with this group? If we could get a nice surprise attack going it would be excellent!" He smiles. "Even better if it gives us the chance to knock them out early and prevent them from mounting a reinforcement of the main entrance."

Thelergramor continues carving the stone for... fun... Then nods at Zuri. "Maybe. Depends on if we go in the back and it's more heavily guarded than the front. It wouldn't surprise me, really. Shouldn't leave one side of your camp less guarded then another..." The basilisk stands, sheathing his dagger. "I'll go in the back when we're ready to go."

"Can't say I've heard the Snowmane name before," Lucasiel says with a hum, adjusting her helmet. "I am not exactly suited for a stealthy approach, so I shall move on the main gate. Unless you decide you want the extra punch in the back with you," she says, shouldering her large battleaxe.

Hugo has nothing more to add, waiting patiently for night fall. The lion stands looking out the mouth of the cave, his cane tucked under his arm and his incredibly long tail draped over it, tasseled tip swaying gently. He looks at Lucasiel and shrugs. "We have not had much presence in Sweetwater for some time now," he says, "Something that I hope to change in the near future."

Shizuko spends most of her time waiting for nightfall in quiet meditation, thumb slowly stroking along a bone bracelet she has around her wrist. As the time for business draws near she stands up and lightly stretches, then nods to Lucasiel and Hugo. "I will come with you, although I hope we have a way to break in."

The mercenaries wait and wait until the sun of Promise begins to set, sadly no other heavenly body replaced the missing sun in the night sky. The sellswords are then split into two groups, the larger main group and the smaller stealth group. The beings exit their hiding spot and continue on their path before they reach a certain spot. "Ok, second group go that way and we will continue on the path." the scout says as he points out at a large, thankfully climbable, rock to the side before he continues on the main path.

The stealth group's path is anything but that, the group having to climb up and down a few rocks and squeeze into some spots before they finally reach their position, a small clearing, with thankfully even ground that leads directly towards a four or five meter tall cliff, the camp obviously in the area above, "Ok, when we start hearing combat voices we will climb from here and attack. If we are lucky most of the guards would be racing towards the camp's entrance."

In the front the main group stops far enough to not be spotted immediately before a group of musketeers break off, and luckily manage to line up without being detected. In the distance the camp's gate is visible, three guard towers with a large wooden gate, not the defense around but still viable. When the signal is given the musketeers all fire at the same time with the scout gesturing to the gate, "And now charge before they know what hit them." The voice of gunshots can also be by the other group, announcing that it was the time to act.

Zuri perks up as he hears the sound in the distance. The small salamander moves up to the sheer cliff, glancing up at it, then back at Thel and the other mercenaries moving up to do their ascent. Zuri places both his hands on the cliff and closes his eyes, focusing as he opens his mind and visualizes a complex mathemagical equation - complex for him, at least. The trainee hearth magician attempts to mould the wall, ever so slightly, to cause jutting hand-holds and foot-rests to form out of the very rock, to facilitate the climb of the entire group, or at least prevent grievous disaster should anyone not be a very good climber.

Thelergramor shifts about on his feet in the clearing, listening for any signal that he should begin climbing. He stays silent, looking out his mask at the area around him, watching Zuri do his magic stuff with the cliff, crouched near said cliff listening for anyone approaching. No opposition visible, doesn't mean they're not there...

"Do we have any archers?" Lucasiel asks quietly, glancing between the others that have chosen to move on the main gate. "If we can take out the tower guards without alerting anyone, it would be for the best. Then we can get closer before we have to worry."

Hugo had no other plans, so this one should do just fine. The lion tucks both his tail and his cane into his belt, then starts to charge toward the gate. It is rather like watching one of the great mover golems start up, slow at first, then quickly building up steam to move a massive load. Creators help any being that gets in the way. As he nears the gate, still running silently as only a feline can, he makes a leap for the top, ready to pull himself up.

Shizuko follows close on Hugo's heels, the leopardess moving very fast for a woman of her age. As she reaches the gate she launches herself up, feet pushing against the gate to help her vault over.

Zuri's spell works wonders as it forms the intended handles and foot rests, draining a bit from the salamander to be able to pull it off on the large cliff. But it proves immensely helpful as the group begins climbing, most of the group ending up on the cliff within a minute or so.

The two large felines charge the gate before the guards could react, or rather because the guards were busy attempting to fire on the musketeers in the distance. Both of them manage to grab one of the gates doors, and they could managed to jump over to finish the job, but sadly that was not the case the gate opened and the bandit rushed outside to attack the group. At least luckily for both of them no one noticed them as they each hid behind one of the gate's door. Now both sides were rushing to meet each other in melee. As three or four more archers began climbing onto the guard towers to give their comrades some support.

Zuri huffs tiredly as he finishes the spell. The salamander sits back against the cliff as the other beings take the lead to climb ahead of him. He stands up only when the last of the remaining beings start their climb in order to recouperate his strength. He starts his ascent, trying his very best to remain quiet and behind the other beings as he crests over the top.

Thelergramor climbs up the cliff after the handholds are made, easily making it up. Still crouched, the basilisk moves off to one side as he approaches the camp, keeping a few feet between him and the rest of the group. He pulls his dagger into his hand again, starts searching for a target.

Now this is the moment Lucasiel was waiting for! The gate was open, and the melee was about to begin. Hefting her axe in both hands, she strides forward to meet them head on with the rest of the mercenary group.

Hugo heaves himself up onto the wall and nods toward the ascending archers, indicating that Shizuko should take one side. The white lion then turns and barrels toward the archers nearest him, no need to let them keep on as they are. as he rushes along, his hand lies on the head of the cane tucked into his belt, ready to strike as soon as he is in range.

Shizuko nods at Hugo and follows his lead, slipping up the rest of the way onto the wall, then drawing her sword and charging the other archer.

The battle is engaged as the two sides clash together. A nimble bandit manages to deliver the first blow on Lucasiel but thanks to her armor and positoning, the attack fails to do anything but make the lizard bandit curse. Hugo manages to swiftly climb from his position into the tower above. The lion beast swiftly delivers a crippling blow to the side of the bandit, causing the being to grunt as he falls off the tower into the harsh ground below, and just in time for the first archer to go for a stab on the lion who dodges it. Shizuko suffers a similar fate as she climbs up the tower and delivers a blow from her weapon. The archer grunts and crumbles down onto the floor, barely alive as he attempts to get up. And just as well the next archer gets on top of the tower and attempts to attack Shizuko only to dodged.

The stealth group all finally manage to climb the cliff and land in the camp, however sadly one of the guards manages to spot Zuri and alerts his fellows. As a result some of the bandits go for the stealth group, causing them to drop their cover and attack.

Those in the camps and on the towers can see another group of bandits rushing towards the gate to reinforce the first wave, while another group dart for the armory to get their weapons.

Zuri curses under his breath. The salamander was just too slow in getting down and hiding his profile, and got his group spotted. He tries to not dwell in it as he scampers towards Thel, hiding next to him. He reaches over and touches the basilisk's arm to cast a quick mathemagical spell on him, a bit of earth magic to keep him safe.

Thelergramor curses as Zuri is spotted, "Shit." Then fires a shot from his wrist mounted crossbow at the nearest bandit before his group gets in the way. Collapsing the bow, he remains low, watching for any particularly vulnerably looking enemies, he nods appreciatively at Zuri as he's touched and magic starts helping him out.

Lucasiel leers at the bandit from behind her helmet, turning to face the lizard. She plants her feet and lifts the axe high. It's the only warning, if a clear one, before she brings the heavy weapon back down in a swift, cleaving arc. Like one might split a log.

Hugo smoothly spins on his heel, sidestepping the second archer then sweeping in to sheathe his revealed hidden blade in the brigand, shoving him off the tower toward his ascending compatriot. Seeing the commotion down below, the lion decides to add a bit more confusion to the well trained ranks of bandits with the old Kitsune Mind Trick. "They've taken the armory!" he bellows down to the bandits.

Shizuko quickly turns to face the new threat as another bandit attempts to contest the wall. She leads with a heavy kick to throw the being off balance, following up with a quick shoulder slam to send them falling to the ground.

Both Hugo and Shizuko manage to throw the archers off the towers and onto their compatriots, sending all to the ground. In Shizuko's case even knocking the bandit she hit unconscious.

Lucasiel manages to strike the bandit that attacked her a moment ago, sending her onto the ground, and moving just in time to dodge another bandits attempt at attacking her. Luckily for her it does appear that her group are winning the fight and driving the bandits back.

The stealth group and their enemies clash together, Theler's arrow hitting one of the bandits before he dodges a heavy clan being's axe while Zuri dodges another bandits short sword.

Hugo's kitsune ability affects one of the bandits causing him to randomly attack, sowing some discord in the bandit lines, while his diversion also work causing some more of the bandits to move to the armory to check for the attackers. Meanwhile the second wave of bandits exit the gate and reinforce their lines.

Zuri dodges out of the way of the bandit's shortsword, the small salamander throwing his opponent a dirty look. He raises his hands and focuses on a protective incantation. The earth under his feet begins to churn, somewhat growing to resemble mud, bubbling under his feet as the spell unlaces itself. The salamander practically dares the bandit to try again by standing there smirking at him.

Thelergramor sidesteps the axe easily, then steps in past it's reach. Using his dagger to hook the weapons haft and pull it in, then shifting his weight and violently wrenching the axe in an awkward direction for the bandit to keep hold of it. He spins the axe back around in his hands, then swings it once at the bandit, merely grazing him with the blade.

Lucasiel doesn't move to finish off the bandit she'd just driven to the ground. Instead, she just tries to kick whatever weapon they were using aside while moving out of the way of another attack. This time, she slides her second hand up the shaft of the axe and uses it like a bar, trying to reach behind the bandit to pull them close- Right into a helmeted headbutt.

Hugo looks around at his current position, satisfied that he has done what could be done from here. The lion wipes his blade clean and sheathes it, then swings himself over the edge of the tower and descends quickly, ready to join the fray.

Shizuko takes a moment to sheath her falchion and survey the bandit encampment, then quickly makes her way down the tower to ground level, drawing her miao dao as she goes. She mutters to herself on the way down, then gets ready to cut her way through the camp to the other group.

Both Hugo and Shizuko are attacked by two bandits which they dodge. The rest of the bandit encampment eyes them, and they two groups rush towards each being.

Lucasiel's attack manages to knock the other bandit to the ground as well. Looks like the mercenaries are easily winning this one, handling the second wave and the remnants of the first wave. Some of the mercs then break off and move towards the camp proper, Lucasiel can either finish the remnants of the bandits off or rush towards the camp as well.

Theler's fancy attempt attacking the large rhino with his own weapon does not go unnoticed by the group, as they press on. The rhino being attempts to punch Theler, but fails. And Zuri's own friend's attack is met with a small landslide than sends him onto the ground, struggling with the mud underneath him.

The leader's tent opens as a regally dressed tiger being steps outside, dressed in fine leather armor, and flanked by two big well-muscled brutes each with a large warhammer.

Zuri takes advantage of the now-unbalanced bandit to disengage from him, dashing to the other side of friendly mercenaries where he might be safe. The small salamander pants tiredly. So much magic is really taking it out of him! Instead he focuses on hiding in the crowd, trying to avoid getting attacked again.

Thelergramor keeps the axe, dodging the punch easily, then pulling the axe back behind him, his grip a bit awkward from holding both the axe and his dagger. Which likely contributed to his lack of accuracy previously... Thel glares, then rushes in and tries to shoulder tackle the rhino. Just slam himself into him to knock him down...

Given that the rhino is... large... Might be a poorly thought out plan. Which is normal.

Lucasiel turns to make her own way into the camp. The bandits she faced were knocked down and subdued. She had no interest in killing them, and hopefully they'd have the sense to not get back up. Or at least run off if they did. And just in time, it seems, to rejoin with the others for what looks to be a final confrontation!

Hugo gives a congenial nod to Shizuko, then gives a mighty shout as he draws his sword Kingsblood from its concealing cane. The white lion charges into the fray, his finely tailored suit still immaculate so far, though against so many enemies it may not stay so for much longer.

Shizuko lets out a loud roar as she surges forward to meet the two bandits coming for her. The leopardess agilely slips party past the bandit's attacks, then counters with a set of sweeping slashes.

The tiger being eyes Hugo as he apparently attempts to rush in for a duel. The tiger being rubs his chin for a moment, the bandits standing and waiting for the leader's decision. He then sighs and gestures dismissively to Hugo, "Finish the rabble." he orders his troops as he idly watches the battle unfold. Hugo is immediately set upon by four bandits at once, he manages to dodge two of them but the other two find purchase on his body, luckily the lion's armor staves off both attacks. Shizuko as well mortally wounds both archers before quickly dodging the attack of two other bandits.

Luckily for Hugo and Shizuko, Lucasiel and her group finally manage to reach the main camp, causing most of the bandits to switch focus on the threat of the mercenaries that just arrived.

The bandit group that went into the armory earlier now have returned outside to join their comrades, all having taken the time to arm themselves with anything they could find and rushed into the fray.

Thelergramor some how, probably due to velocity and the rhino being recovering from the attack, successfully tackled the much bigger rhino into the ground as the stealth group finished off the back guard. Now they were in view of the main camp, and they could choose to attack at the perfect opportunity. It does help that from their angle as well they could easily go for the leader.

Zuri moves with the back-line group as they survey the battle and prepare to assault, noting (as with everyone else) that the bandit leader seems to be within reach of them. He runs in with the backline group and decides to turn this into the perfect ambush. With both feet planted firmly on the rock underneath, the salamander lets flow a mathemagical phrase intended to give him control over the very rock that makes up the cave, trying to reshape it to make the leader's escape impossible, raising walls out of the very earth to isolate him from reinforcements just as the back-line groups charges down.

Zuri's spell is pulled off as the ground in front of the bandit leader and his body guards is raised, separating the three beings from the frontal assault group as well as his minions. The tiger snarls and turns around to spot the group standing behind him before taking out his long sword and moving in, "Kill those fools and we will take care of the rest later." he orders as he and his brutes move in on the stealth group. In the front, some of the bandits lose heart when they notice that their leader either is being ambushed or was escaping without them.

Thelergramor has tackled a rhino... Even he wasn't sure that'd work. Pinning him down (Kind of, very unlikely he can hold him there) he pulls his mask off, letting it hang around his neck and breathes a cloud of poison over his enemy's face.

That done... Well, there's an enemy leader probably worth charging soon... Grins at the use of magic to cut off his escape. "Good job, Zuri!" At least he's pretty sure it was Zuri's doing...

Lucasiel frowns as the wall pops up between her and her quarry. She would just have to make due with the other bandits around and hope the others could handle the trio. She slides her axe onto her back and pulls her shield around once more, drawing the longsword from her hip to go with it. "Come on then, give me your best," she challenges.

Hugo is less than pleased to see his quarry escaping. The strikes slipping inside of his guard don't help his mood, since they have superficially damaged his fine suit. Seeing the enemy's spirit shaken, he decides to break it. The lion flicks the blood from his blade and sheathes it in one smooth motion before brutally laying into the beings within arms reach. There is nothing quite like the sound of breaking bones to lower moralle.

Shizuko continues her deadly assault, slipping the attacks of the next pair of bandits before swinging her long blade in another cleaving slash. Then she turns to continue darting towards the bandit leader, or at least, where the tiger was last spotted.

Hugo begins his advance as he damages two of the bandits attacking him, sending one to the ground and the other gasping for breath, the two other bandits on him fail to act properly this time. Shizuko's attack manages to leave gaping wounds in the chests of the two bandits that attacked her, sending them to the ground, her advanced is stopped by more bandits surrounding her as he is joined by some of the mercs.

Lucasiel's challenge is answered by a couple of the mooks who charge directly towards her.

Theler is attacked by the bandit leader, the wolf fails to dodge his attack but thankfully his armor and Zuri's spell protect him from the attack. The two bodyguards clash into the rest of the group as the battle is joined.

From another tent a small clan fennec lady clad in robes appear with another big, dumb bodyguard, rubbing sleep from her eyes, "Would you stop shouting?" she says as he raises a brow at the scene.

The rest of the bandits are slowly being defeated but it appears they are now regaining some spirit as they surround what appears to be one of the lieutenants, a being in heavy plate, one wonders where did he steal it from, and the ever so standard sword/shield combo.

Zuri grits his teeth as he sees the bandit leader engage on Thel. Sadly all he can do right now is watch and assist indirectly, such is the oddity he's found himself in. There's little water in this cave, but perhaps enough to give Thel the boost he needs. He makes an upward motion with his hands as if willing the earth itself to lift, concentrating on the basilisk as he urges both water and earth to come to his aid and shield him from harm.

Thelergramor takes the longsword to his chainmail, Zuri's calcified flesh keeping it from doing much more than leaving a minor bruise. The basilisk steps back with the blade striking him, still gripping his dagger tight. He looks over his enemie's leather armor, searching for a weak spot... Then gives up and lashes his blade towards the tiger's face. All stabby like.

Lucasiel glances towards the fennec for only a brief moment before turning her attention to the bandits that had approached her. She steps forward to meet them head on, taking the first one to come within range with a shield bash to the face.

Hugo hardly seems interested in the fight any more. That tiger fellow had looked like a challenge, but this rabble was hardly worth his time. "I am sorry to have disturbed you, Miss," the lion says to the fox as he slips a heavy knife into hand, slashing rather boredly at the bandits around him.

Shizuko takes a moment to survey the battle field, then nods her head; she turns towards the current bandit leader she can spot, and begins moving towards him, intent on further violence.

Thelergrmaor manages to score a hit at the tiger's cheek, earning him a growl and an attack from the tiger, which theler dodges.

Thankfully Zuri's spell increases Theler's defenses even more as, armoredwolf.

Lucasiel manages to throw one of her attackers to the ground with her shield bash, quickly turning the shield to stop the attack from the other bandit.

Shizuko manages to reach the plated opponent and also dodge his attack swiftly.

The fennec looks at Hugo as he stabs one of the bandits and dodges the attack of another before motioning for her bodyguard to attack him. The big brute rushing towards the lion with a mace in hand.

Zuri has magicked all he can magic for now, the small salamander panting tiredly. He stalks forward, trying to remain hidden as he repositions to be closed to the melee, preparing a new spell for once he's had a bit to rest. Just a little bit of rest... He shakes his head quickly, trying to rouse himself.

Thelergramor continues to win today, nimbly ducking under the swordblow. Stepping in even closer where his shorter blade will give him an advantage, the basilisk tries to bring his knee up between the tiger's legs... Badwolfilisk. Who is now even more armored.

As soon as the blow contacts her shield, Lucasiel swings the shield arm to the side, trying to leave him exposed for a riposte. One she delivers swiftly with a pommel strike towards the face. "Hey! You, in the dress," she calls out over the din of battle. "Take a look over the battle and think hard on if you really want to linger." Now certainly -would- be a good time to escape.

Hugo sighs. This had not been the opportunity he had hoped for, but perhaps he could impress the lady. The lion drops his kukri, steps forward and whips his sword from its sheath with blinding speed!

Shizuko slips under the sword strike of her opponent, then quickly throws all of her considerable strength into a crossing slash, then another, seeking to open her opponent for a deadly armor puncturing thrust through brute force.

Lucasiel's attack is successful as she stabs the other bandit letting him fall on the ground groaning.

The fennec's bodyguard grunts as Hugo manages to deliver a nasty wound to his chest. The bodyguard grunting and aiming to punch the lion, which he narrowly dodges.

Shizuko manages to collide with the plated enemy, piercing his armor and leaving a gaping chest wound, the armored opponent lets out a feminine grunt before, she apparently, falls down on the ground, the wind knocked out of her.

The fennec nods her head at Lucasial, "You are indeed correct." she says as she slowly changes her form into the that of a nothing less than a griffon and quickly bounding off into the night sky.

The bandits quickly begin to surrender as they see that none of their leaders are here, deciding to avoid joining the death toll.

The tiger being manages to dodge Thelergramor's knee strike, reading himself for another attack before he hears the commotion beyond the wall dying down, looking at the group out numbering him, he pulls the oldest trick in the book and points behind the group, "Look, Saint Theodore." he says as he throws in a smoke bomb and attempts to escape.

Zuri feels nicely rested after that pause, watching the fight as it develops in front of him. He stands at the ready to heal of shield any of his allies that need it, but they seem to have the fight well in hand - that is until the tiger tries to escape! No way that's going to happen! The small salamander pops out from his hiding and runs after him, then when he has clear line of sight he abruptly stops and stomps his foot on the ground, trying to use his earth magic to knock him down by amplifying the shaking in his direction.

Thelergramor does not look for Saint Theodore, no. "You run and I'll kill you!" But, smoke bomb... As the smoke bomb is thrown, he lunges right for the last spot the tiger was at with his blade, trying both to stab and tackle the tiger. And probably missing, because smoke bombs. Probably means he can't see Zuri working his magic at the tiger...

Lucasiel nods at the fennec's parting before looking back towards the bandits she struck. "That wasn't so bad. You'll live," she says, returning her sword to its scabbard but keeping her shield ready. "Is everything clear out here?" She asks, glancing around at the scene on her side of the wall.

Hugo flicks the blood from his blade and sheathes it as fast as he drew it, leaning on the cane once more as if it was never a weapon. "Good work, big fellow," he says, patting the hippo on the shoulder, "It looks as though you are suddenly between jobs. Let us get that cut looked at and perhaps we can negotiate something." He looks off after the retreating griffin. "We should have coffee sometime!" he calls after, though she may not hear, "Bring your angry friend, we should talk."

Shizuko delivers a kick to the wounded bandit she is facing, then stands, sword raised, as she eyes the remaining bandits to see if any more dare forfeit their life this day. If nobody volunteers, then she wipes her blade on a small cloth and then slides the sword away.

the scout leader starts surveying the location as he orders some of his men to look into the armory and orders another group to tie up the bandits, "Well, looks like this was a success. Lord Popplewell would be pleased. Your payment await back in the village." the being says as he continues his inspection.

The tiger leader had instead of using the smoke bomb to retreat actually brazenly charged force, dodging the group and moving out into the camp's cliff edge. Zuri's little earth quake actually managed to make the tiger lose his balance right as he was about to throw another smoke bomb and jump. Unfortunately this made the tiger fall off the cliff.

Zuri blinks as his little bit of magic has... a bit of a different effect compared to what he had originally intended. The small salamander paces forward slowly, getting to the edge of the cliff and peering down.

Thelergramor has fallen in dirt, due to missing dive and stab. "...I'm gonna kill that guy..." He whispers to himself, having missed the man falling off a cliff. He pushes himself to his feet, looks over the battlefield/camp... then seeing as things are in hand, heads off to start searching tents...

Lucasiel rests the point of her shield on the ground and leans on it, sighing heavily. "Well. What now? Do you think the other group needs help?" She asks, looking amongst the others that had aided in the gate charge.

Hugo shrugs. "Perhaps," he says, moving toward the barrier. "Someone take care of. my new friend here!" he demans.

Shizuko shrugs her shoulders at Lucasiel, then draws one of her short blades. "I do not think they would have done what they did if they could not handle it," she answers calmly, then smiles. Then she begins to check the wounded and the dieing, quietly offering Mother's mercy to any beyond help.

Zuri peeks from off the cliff only to find a dagger going his way to greet him, the salamander quickly dodging it. Then a smoke bomb went up there as the tiger kept running, a hand on his face as he was lost, to hide his escape as he disappeared behind one of the many rocks into the mountain.

While Shizuko went on about her business, her 'services' were refused by most of the mercenaries who opted for choosing their own comrades in arms in how to finally die. No one cared about the bandits however.

When Hugo gets around the barrier he would see the leader's two body guards in chains with the rest of the stealth group.

Zuri flails to the ground as he narrowly dodges the incoming dagger. He gets up on his knees and shakes his fist at the escaping tiger. "Hey, get back here!" He peers down at the steep cliff... and decides to stop his pursuit of the tiger right there.

Thelergramor rummages through the tent, finding a few coins, weapons... shields... jewelery... The basilisk pockets a few of the coins, grabs a wooden shield, rolls up one of their blankets and throws it over his shoulder. Then exits the tent, pulling his mask back on as he goes... Peers around, squints in Zuri's direction, assumes that's where the tiger went... Decides he'll hunt him down later.

Lucasiel makes her own way around the barrier with the others, shaking her head. "Did he get away?" She asks, voice rumbling within her heavy helmet. "I don't see the tiger..." She murmurs, glancing at his bodyguards.

Hugo saunters over toward the bound guards, his cane in his hand and his long tail draped over one arm. "A pleasure, gentlemen," he says, "I do hope to see you again soon." The snowy lion surreptitiously slips a pair of little cards bearing a red hand into their clothes as he pats them on the shoulders. "No hard feelings, of course."

Shizuko finishes her work and then slips her weapon away. She takes a moment to check on where the rest of her party is, then nods and makes her way towards the city, where her promised payment is being held.

The mercenaries are herded together and directed with one of the scouts back to the city, it is however noticed that one of the Cliffsider mercenary companies were left with Malcolm's men to continue securing the prisoners.

The trip is another two to three hours before they reach the village. There they get their payment from one of Malcolm's men without any fanfare, hard to celebrate in the middle of the night. The sellswords are then sent on their way.