Thieves' Guild

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The Thieves' Guild.

My name is Little Tarin. I am the Guildmaster of the Firmament Thieves' Guild.

Few of my comrades will take the time to read this, but it must be written. For posterity if anything.

The Thieves' Guild is not a band of robber heroes as the Creators' stories tell in their own histories. We are not the knights of the oppressed. We do not steal from the rich and give to the poor. The Thieves' Guild is a business. Each city of a large enough size with a man of enough talent is approached by the Thieves' Guild. In turn, the Thieves' Guild is run by a council with each Guild Master also on that Council. Obviously, I cannot write where this Council is located.

The Thieves' Guild attempts to control business of a non-legal variety. Alchemical substances deemed illegal by cities. The shipping of contraband. The redistribution of wealth from nobility explotation. Oh, yes, there is that too. Our goal is to make 'crime' civilized. But we also will not allow people to take advantage of their status to take wealth on the blood of others.

Take a brothel. Brothels should be clean. You should not fear going into one. A good reputation breeds more customers and higher profits. A strong hand on security keeps the employees of that brothel feeling safe and more inclined to work. Children are not exploited in this fashion. Similarly, alchemical substances are a nasty business. Many are poorly created, given to younger beings to get them addicted, or made in places that can harm the citizens. It is not our place to stop the world from taking these substances for whatever reason. Simply to create a business from it, that follows the rules of business.

We are only two dozen strong at the time of writing this. And every one of them follows the rules to the letter. This is a business. People who pay for our services are customers. If they treat us well, they get service. If they attempt to deny us payment, we will exact repayment bloodlessly if possible. The City Guard turns a blind eye to our illicit business now and again, but they take very seriously the act of violence against their wealthier citizens. To continue business, we do not want to give them trouble. The less they turn their gaze to us, the better.

Any member caught in a major crime not relating to the Thieves' Guild will be left to deal with this on their own. Any member caught in a major crime, murder or rape or the like, in the line of Thieves' Guild duty will be executed. Their body will be given to the City Guard with our deepest apologies.

This is a business. Not a den of vipers.