Targeting Information

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Area of Effect Information

Name Effect
AoE Area of effect. Defaults to four targets.
Single One target.
Minor AoE Two targets.
Small AoE Three targets.
Large AoE Five targets.
Nuke AoE Ten targets. When fired, inflicts a new status, Fatigue. While suffering fatigue, you do not regenerate energy naturally(in combat), and positive energymod statuses do not function. The accuracy of enemies targeting you is increased by 20. Fatigue lasts 1 round per 10 base damage of the source, 5 at most. Effects that directly modify energy(such as firing a power with a negative energy cost or using a power/item that directly replenishes energy without a status, work normally.

Target Information

Name Effect
Ally Targets allies (including self).
Dead Affects dead targets. Mostly used for resurrection abilities.
Enemy Targets enemies.
Master Targets a summon's master.
Petonly Can only target minions.
Mypet Can only target the caster's minions.
Random Picks a random target.
Self Targets self, can spread to allies if AoEmod is present.
Spread Damage and Magnitude of the power decrease with additional targets.
NextHostileAction Affects the target's next hostile action and immediately fades after.
NextFriendlyAction Affects the target's next friendly action and immediately fades after.
NotTarget Will target a random valid target other than the primary target. If the primary target is the only one remaining, this effect will rebound on it.
NotUser Does not affect the user.
NoAoE Can only affect one target, even with AoEMod status present.
UntilStruck Power's status will fade next time the target is hit by any effect that is not self or ally targeting.