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This is a page wherein all coded statuses are listed for reference.

Remember that just about every status can be reversed with 'Debuff' added to the end. For instance, DamageResistDebuff would cause additional damage to be taken.

Status Name Status Effect
Accuracy Increases accuracy by Magnitude
Aggro Increases automated NPC hate by Magnitude percentage.
AoEGuard Decreases damage taken from AoE effects by magnitude percent, if you are not the primary target.
AoEMod Increases the chance for an additional target to be added to a power's effects. Does not work if the power is NoAoE.
AreaBlock Decreases AOE damage on allies and increases it on you by mag percent. Only works when you are targeted directly with the AOE.
Attack Increases damage of all powers by magnitude. Cannot increase the damage of a power by more than 1/3rd its normal level.
Cascading Increases the efficiency of repeatattacks by increasing its base percentage (50%) by 1 per point, but swiftly softcaps at 10, 20, 25, and 35, doubling the amount needed to progress at each point(So 1:1 up to 10, then 2:1 up to 20, then 4:1 up to 25, then 8:1 up to 35, and 16:1 up to 50. Hard caps at 50.
Charge Deprecated status. Currently does the same as Haste, and is being gradually phased out.
ColdAdaption If this value is lower than an area's Cold value in +haz, the player takes energy damage every round.
Confuse Has magnitude chance of causing AoEs to strike a random friendly target, and lowers damage by mag/2 percent.
Cover Take magnitude percent of damage meant for the target. Resistances still apply.
Credbonus Increase crown earned by magnitude percent.
Critical Damage Ignores everything except Juggernaut-style DamageResist. Typed EnergyDamageResist and PhysicalDamageResist do not guard against it.
(X)Damage Causes damage over time. Inflicts magnitude damage of (x) element every round, minimum 1 damage per round.
Stacked(Y)(X)Damage Causes damage over time as above, but can stack up to y times, causing more damage if a victim is struck multiple times. Duration is renewed with each stack.
DamageBuff Increases damage by Magnitude percent when attacking.
(X)DamageImmunity Reduces X damage taken by magnitude percent, up to 100% (completely immune). If no specified type, resists all damage. These are a % of damage outright negated after resistances are calculated. So if you were taking 500 damage post resist, and you have 20 DamageImmunity, you will only take 400 damage."
(X)DamageResist Causes damage of specified type(FireDamageResist, IceDamageResist, Etc) to be reduced by magnitude, to a minimum of 1 or 40% of the attack. If there is no damage specified, then it applies to all damage.
(X)DamageReturn Returns Magnitude percent of damage taken as X damage. Resistances apply. Does not work on damage over time, does work on repeating attacks and direct damage.
DebuffClear Destroys negative statuses, magnitude against magnitude. If it can't destroy, it will weaken. Does not persist, has immediate effect then fades.
DebuffResist Reduces incoming debuffs(Anything with 'debuff' at the end, DoT, Repeatattacks, etc) by Magnitude percent.
Defense Increases the chance that an incoming attack will be partially deflected, and opposes attacker's accuracy. Opponent makes three checks, at -25% accuracy, 0 accuracy, and +25% accuracy. If the first hits, 0% is deflected; the second, 25% is deflected; the third, 50%; if all three miss, 75% is deflected.
EnergyBreak Causes all powers to cost Magnitude percent less energy. Maximum amount is 50(half off). Energybreakdebuff translates to 1 knockdown per 5 units.
EnergyMod As per Regen, for Energy. Cures 1/5th its magnitude in energy every 1/5th a round.
FleeRate Increases chance to flee by magnitude.
Haste Increases the rate at which powers charge by Magnitude percent.
Healing Increases damage by Magnitude percent when healing.
HealEnergyResist Hampers powers that restore energy by 1 per magnitude, to a minimum of 1.
HealGain Causes healing effects to be increased by magnitude, to a maximum of 40% of the original.
HealResist Causes healing effects to be diminished by magnitude, to a minimum of 1.
HeatAdaption If this value is lower than an area's Heat value in +haz, the player takes energy damage every round.
HPBuffer Prevents standard damage in combat. Each point of magnitude is a kind of temporary hit point. Does not work in talk script  damage, or damage over time.
InstantCooldown Causes powers on cooldown to lose cooldown in a ratio of 1 mag per 1000 atb. Mag is expended in this.
InstantCooldownDebuff Causes powers on cooldown to gain cooldown in a ratio of 1 mag per 1000 atb. Mag is expended in this.
Knockdown Reduces your ATB(delaying when you can next take an action) by 100 per magnitude, directly resisted with KnockdownResist
KnockdownResist Lowers the magnitude of Knockdown by its own magnitude.
MaxHP Increases maximum health by magnitude percent. Softcaps at 25 and 35, hardcap at 50 and -50.
Menace Increases OVERALL automated NPC hate by Magnitude Percentage(As opposed to increasing per event hate. At time of hate gain, Aggro will increase/reduce the amount given. Once given, this hate is permanent. Menace applies to the total accrued when aggro is checked, but its effect fades entirely when the status goes away.)
(X)Penetration Causes all attacks to penetrate X type of damage resistance. 10 points of status is the same as one point of Penetration combat skill. Soft caps are at 40, 60 and 80. If no damage type is specified, will apply to all damage types. Penetration status will work on energy/physical/critical damage (and dots) where any other damage types (poison, skunk, etc) will need a specific penetration eg: PoisonPenetration"
Recharge Increases the speed at which all powers recharge by Magnitude percent.
Regen Cure 1/5th its magnitude every 1/5th round, obeys HealResist at 1/5th value each tick. RegenDebuff causes damage, but using healing stats.
RepeatAttack Causes the attack to repeat itself Magnitude times over Duration span of time. The secondary attacks deal half damage, calculated after applying resistance. Note: The RepeatAttack status does not get used during repeats, but all other statuses are!
Repel Increases or decreases your chances of being ambushed in a hostile area by its percentage in magnitude (-100 to 100).
Salvage Increases your odds of salvaging all types of salvage.
(X)Salvage Increases your odds of salvaging (X) type salvage.
Size Increases your bodysize by the magnitude. Max size is 60, minimum of 1.
StatusBoost Increases magnitude of active power statuses by magnitude percent.
Taunt Causes the victim to target the caster while active. Latest taunt overrides all others.
WaterAdaption Provides resistance to the penalties from Aquatic areas. If your WaterAdaption is lower than an area's AQ rating on +haz, you will suffer severe penalties. If your WaterAdaption is higher than the AQ rating, then you get a small energymod bonus.
<Proficiency> Proficiency statuses, such as those granted by Leatherworking Knives, Smith hammers or Glassware increase the effective proficiency of a player by their magnitude when rolling the skill listed.