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Social actions are a feature that allow players to collect rewards using their social proficiencies, rather than combat or RP. By visiting various locations within Firmament such as the Castle District or the Freeswords' Inn, one may find actions to perform, depending on the proficiencies present in your equipped soul(s), or one may choose to do social actions from the web interface when a social soul is equipped. When the action is performed, you get a dice roll based on the proficiencies the action is based on. The higher your proficiency, the higher chance you have to succeed and possibly critically succeed! You'll be rewarded with XP, crown, salvage or influence, depending on the action taken and how well you succeeded; note that some actions also cost crown to partake of, but yield other benefits disproportionately. For example, debating in court will yield no crown, but disproportionately rewards influence. Similarly, commodity trade costs crowns to perform, but has a chance to give salvage as a reward.

Performing Social Actions

Before starting, it's assumed that the player has at least one social soul. These may be obtained via purchasing them at the Freeswords' or other locations, or in the case of the Noble soul, at character creation or buying a new noble line item. While it is not necessary that you be in a social soul, as some combat souls have social proficiencies as well (eg. bard), it is nevertheless highly recommended as social actions are the only way a social soul can earn XP, apart from RP and non-combat social missions.

A list of social proficiencies currently applicable to social actions are as follows:

  • Commerce
  • Deceit
  • Entertain
  • High Society
  • Intrigue
  • Oration
  • Underworld

Once you're set, head out to the location and type sa list. This will bring up all the actions in that area you're able to perform. Now that you know the action name, type sa <job name> and you'll automatically perform the action at the cost of patrol points. You'll find varying amounts of XP and crown as your reward. Generally speaking, the more patrols that are consumed at once and the higher the challenge you have to beat, the higher the patrol point/reward ratio, especially when it comes to XP. Find a good balance between the two to see what you're comfortable with - small challenges you can excel at or large, risky gambits.

In order to critically succeed at any action, you need to roll a 6 or more above the action's rating. So if an action had a rating of 6, one would need to roll a 12 or more to critically succeed.

You can increase your odds of succeeding by employing social tools, such as entertainment tools or jewelry. RPinfoing the item will tell you what status it grants, for example, a base set of entertainment tools will cause entertain status of 1.0. This means that any roll you make for entertain will have 1 added to the final result, such that a roll of 12 becomes a roll of 13. The enhanced/first rate/exemplary set of crafting modifications may be applied to increase this number.

Social Puzzle - Mastermind

When performing a job, one may occasionally receive a little puzzle akin to the game Mastermind. If this puzzle is completed, you'll receive a very large reward for your troubles; dice are not rolled to determine the result, and instead the fewer attempts you took to reach the correct answer, the bigger the multiplier will be for your rewards. The objective of the game is to try and deduce the hidden four-digit combination of numbers. To guess a combination, type sapuzzle <four digit combination>. After your guess, there may or may not be two numbers on both side. The number on the left represents how many correct numbers are in the correct spot. The right number represents how many numbers are correct, but in the wrong spot. If a correct number is in the correct spot, it shall not appear on the right number.

If you fail to figure out the number within the requisite number of tries, you lose your patrol points and gain nothing. If you do not like the sound of this, the Direct Negotiator perk will cut down heavily on the number of puzzles you run into.


Each social action shall yield a certain amount of influence that can be used in two main ways: Gathering salvage and research. Additional information can be found with help influence. Entering a hostile area and typing inf list will show how much people have influenced in an area. At the bottom, it shall also show how much influence you have. By using inf spend #, you can spend your influence to compete against others. Over time, you'll automatically receive salvage dependent on the area's salvage density, how much of the area you have control over, and how many people are battling in the location. Influence will decay over time by percentage, so keeping a tight grip on a popular area will require ever-increasing amounts of influence.

Influence may also be used on research topics. +research <topic> will bring up an option to allow you to spend your hard earned influence.

Additionally, the Social Networker merit will yield influence by the act of roleplaying, even when not in a social soul.