Sea Songs

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Like sailors anywhere, the beings of Promise have developed a number of sea songs, for boredom, for expressing the sadness of being away from home, and for warning of dangers in the waves. Here are a few.

Me and the Sea
There once was a being who pushed out to sea,

I wished him good luck, and the last thing he said to me,
Boy I'll be back soon, don't you worry bout me,
I've lived all my life, just me and the sea.

The sky grew dark, the very next day.

The storm shook the city and out to the bay.
The light of the tower, shone for all to see,
but it didn't reach his ship, far out in the sea.

When the sea had calm, and the skies become clear,

the people of the city gathered and cheered.
The ship was returning, sailing smoothly to rest,
but the being who had left, had passed his last test.

I own the ship now, the sky looks mighty grim.

I'll not back away, I'll be as brave as him.
For the sea is my home, forever it will be.
There's nothing at all, but me and the sea.

There's nothing left, but me and the sea.
Captain Sally
Sailor named Sally, captain of the Swiftshot,

carried trade goods from Sweetwater to Cliffside's docks.
She was brave and wise and never let her men down,
until the day she beheld the jewel of the heart.

Was a bright day, the skies quite clear.

Her eyes were cast far, but her troubles draw near.
'What a pretty lady, how are you in my sea.
What fortune is this that brings you close to me,'
She span in place, and before her own eyes,
a male being of enchanting beauty had arrived.

Sally's men strode forward with swords.

'Just say the word, and throw it overboard.'
But she was captivated, her heart lost to it.
She drew it along to to the captain's cabin.

For three days and four nights, their captain remained.

The noises that emerged was all that explained.
The men grew worried, for their dear captain.
She hadn't eaten or drunk, and fate seemed quite grim.
'Come out and rejoin us, we miss you Sally.
Come out and and drink with us, it's just not worth it.
You'll die if you stay in there, we don't want that.
If you don't come out soon, we'll be forced to act.'

They broke down the door, and charged inside the dark.

'Sally, we're here, we can't see where you are,'
She was gone, so was he, they were nowhere to be seen,
only a great purple jewel was left with a yellowish gleam.
They brought out the gem, and it shone in the light.
Its luster only reminded them of their sorrowful plight.
They would rather their captain, than this lovely rock.
They threw it overboard, as they offered at the start.

They still sing tales, of poor lost Sally.

They say if you listen, you can still hear her sing.
Her sounds of rapture, in the hands of her mate.
Somewhere in the sea, the jewel still waits.
Her soul has been captured, her love purified,
encased in the brilliant purple sapphire.