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While the beings of Promise have scattered to all parts of their world. Only a small portion of it has been mapped by the people of Sweetwater. Specifically their nearest neighbors.


The city of Firmament and its surrounding countryside make up the small nation of Sweetwater. While much of the country is agricultural, it has some remarkable geological landmarks and once boasted a second major city.


The capitol of Sweetwater and the home of the Good King. Firmament is a bustling port city filled with merchants, workers, nobles, and very notably, the Freeswords' Guild.

Shanty Town

A little discussed, often ignored offshoot of the prosperous town of Firmament, Shanty Town, or The Shanties is a collection of hovels and old warehouses a short distance outside the Eastern city gates. Probably not the best place to linger.

The Waste Pipes

Where the Sewer meets the sea! Just south of Firmament, the waste pipes and water treatment facility put in place by the ancient colonizers of Promise are still in amazingly good condition! Almost pure water flows out from these tunnels into the Aqua Magna, but who knows what mysteries lie in the depths of this Creator Made wonder?

The Old Ridgewater Farm

To the East of Firmament, still in easy reach of the city militia, lies the Old Ridgewater Farm. It is not the only homestead out in the countryside, but it is one of the most prosperous holdings that is not owned by the noble Strongheart family. Owned and operated by the Graceful Folk Clanned Lynx, Zarin, Ridgewater is a thriving community of farmers.

Eastbank Forest

Mostly an untamed, wild woodland, the Eastbank Forest has been home to mostly brigands and beasts. Though some good folk do manage to scrape out a living there. The forest lies Northeast of Firmament.

Ironsoul Fortress

Home of the Ironsoul Defenders and of Lady Kilsa Ironsoul herself. Situated on the West bank of the river that winds through the Eastbank forest, it stands as a northern bastion of the city.

The Quarry

North of the forest lies the great quarry of Sweetwater. Cities and fortresses, statues and aquaducts, all of Firmament's stoneworks come from this quarry! Every now and then, creator ruins and other strange things can be found here as well.

Serenefall Lake

Just West of the quarry lies Serenfall Lake. A beautiful lake where the river cascades from the great northern mountains into a deep, cold lake. The temple of Ser'ther, the water Spirit rises from the center of the lake.

Saltide Swamp

Southwest of Firmament, along the coast of the Aqua Magna, lie the foetid, festering, Saltide Swamps. The deeper you go, the fouler it gets. These dark swamps are dominated by mangroves and muck, though some hardy beings manage to eke out a living on the edges of the marshland.

The Kindcraft Mine

Far to the west of Firmament, skirting around the great northern mountain range is the Kindcraft Mine. Meant to seek out new riches in the wealthy depths of Promise's crust, the miners here found something they weren't looking for and the horrors that have emerged from the mine have not yet been fully explained.

Drytongue Flats

The flats are a vast desert Northwest of the Kindcraft Mine, occupying a narrow pass in the Northern Mountains. An anomaly in fertile Sweetwater. The plains and grasslands suddenly give way to a vast sandy pit populated by savage sand cats and the most feared monstrosity in Sweetwater: Bone Dragons.

Firebough Mountain

Far away from Firmament, on the Western edge of Sweetwater lies the quiet volcano known as Firebough Mountain. Hot and inhospitable, the mountain is nevertheless a popular destination thanks to the bathhouse and fine tea house at its peak, along with the Phoenix shrine nestled in its caldera.

The Green Valley

Lush, verdant and indisputably deadly, the Green Valley sits opposite Firebough in the embrace of the Northern Mountains. Deadly razor grass keeps the valley uninhabited by even the most foolhardy of beings.

Silvervein Pass

The only pass through the Northern Mountains lies to the east of Sweetwater's Quarry. The road is well kept and the scenery fine, but one must always be careful of wild beasts and the occasional brigand.

Bandit Encampment

Not so much an encampment any more as a settlement. Just outside the northern mouth of the Silvervein pass lies a semi-permanent (And slowly becoming more so) camp of nere-do-wells and the good folk who care about them. Many of the disenfranchised and the lost of Sweetwater gravitate to this place. While living may be a bit rough compared to the cozy city life in Firmament, many have found this rough and tumble camp a good place to call home.

Griffon Shrine

North of the Bandit Camp lies a shrine to the Sacred Family of the Griffon. It is a simple stone slab off the side of the road, not too far from Silvervein. Amazing how wonders appear in simple packaging.

Mossy Stone

The second city of Sweetwater lies far to the north of its sister city, Firmament in the fertile valley north of the Silvervein Pass. Once a bustling town supported by the farmlands surrounding it, Mossy Stone now lies silent aside from the moans of the unquiet dead. The city was overwhelmed when the shadows first came to Promise and has since been claimed as a suitable seat for the Old One Pyrrha, Mistress of Bones and Lady of Death.

Manor Descrato

The Old manor was once a fine place, but since the fall of Mossy Stone to the south, it has fallen into disrepair and decay. Though it seems like someone may have been making use of the old family sepulchre.

Northwarden Canyon

To the north of Mossy Stone lies the only overland route into the Northern Country of Thera'Dor. The icy pass is never hospitable, but in the warmer months it is negotiable. The canyon is guarded on the Thera'Doran side by Northwarden Keep.

Aurumrock Isle

A small military outpost along with a well maintained outpost are all that distinguish this small island from any other rock in the Aqua Magna. That and its abundant, if sometimes violent, sea life.


To the north of Sweetwater lies the expansive country of Thera'Dor. The Country of Thera’Dor is a vast, mountainous country rich in ores and metals. While much of this large domain is unpopulated, many of the high valleys contain minor villages and other cities can be found along the great river Negila. The river is the lifeblood of Thera’Dor’s capitol city of Hilrock, where the country’s government lies. Negila is a wonder, flowing fast and deep enough to carry the largest barges and galleons out to sea, while the almost constant westbound wind is strong enough to bring them upriver to the city. Thera'Dor extends far to the north and west of Sweetwater, with the Great SOUTHERN (Sweetwater Barbarians don't know the MEANING of North!) Mountains barring most overland travel out of the country that way. The nations Western border is a range of volcanic mountains called The Giant's Chain. There is some trade with the xenophobic clan of bears to the West, but the Chain makes travel in that direction very difficult. Most travel and commerce remains either within the country's borders or goes via boat along the nation's expansive coastline in the east. A coast that it shares with the southern country of Sweetwater.


The Capitol city of Thera'Dor where the seven great houses meet. It lies far to the Northeast, not too far from the coast on the Northern bank of the Negila river.


The nation of Cliffside, Sweetwater's western neighbor is often at odds with the Good King and his people. The city of Cliffside is a gleaming jewel on the rocky cliff it calls home. Home to spires of dizzying heights, a rich culture of pride and pursuit of knowledge, it is little surprise that the world's best divine mathematicians are trained within its walls.


Beyond Sweetwater's Aqua Magna, far across the great eastern ocean lies the shining city of Shralesta. Built between the sea and one of the hottest, driest, deserts that Promise has to offer, Shralesta is a Jewel of commerce in a barren wasteland. One of the city's most prominent feature is the great creator statue that wraps the bay in its colossal arms.