First Steps

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So! You've finished creating your character, either through the web inter face or through direct connection. But... What do you do now? Well, that depends!


Direct Connection

Before you can go out and do anything else you need to make sure you're prepared. If you've created through the web interface you've already picked a soul and gotten some equipment. So make sure to check your INV and EQ to equip what equipment you want on.

If you created through direct connection, however, you still have to pick a soul and grab some equipment. You will have started on the Main Concourse in Firmament, so where do you go to get a soul? You just head to the Freeswords guild! Northeast(NE) from your current position. There you can type list to see a list of all the souls for sale there. It is highly advised that your first soul be a combat soul. You can find a list of combat souls here. For more detailed information on any of the souls you can check the rpinfo of the soul through the direct connection.

Once you have chosen the soul you want you can type starter in the guild and you will be provided a set of starter gear tailored for the proficiencies of that soul. The first set of starter gear is free, but any subsequent sets you request in this way will cost 60,000 crowns.

Web Connection

So you're playing through the web interface! What do you do? Well, pretty much the same thing. If you created that way you've already been provided equipment and picked a soul. If you go over to the left hand side you can click character, then inventory, and go through and equip anything you haven't equipped already. That is pretty much all the preparation you need to do to get started!

However! It is recommended that you also try out direct connection. You can connect using a MU* client, like MUSHclient. The address you are connecting to then is and the port is 9630. You can also connect through the web interface. You go over to the left and click game, then direct game control.

What Next

So! You've got a soul, and you've got equipment, and you can't wait to get started! But... Started doing what? Well you have a few options.


You can jump right into the combat aspect of the game. To do this in direct connection you have to find your way to the old Ridgewater farm! It is located west of Firmament, the city you started in. If you're in the Freesword guild, fresh from picking up your soul and equipment, make your way back southwest to the main concourse, then head west until you can depart to the overworld map. Having done that you should see a few numbers. Look for the one that is listed as being the farm. You head that way, then enter. Having done that you should be at the farm! From there you can use your items and powers to beat the cackles and such that plauge those poor farmers.

If you are on the web interface you just need to look over on the right side of the screen, and you'll see the options for battle and quick battle. Either one puts you into a combat, at the cost of patrol points. You can fight as many battles as you have patrol points in the web interface. Through direct connection you aren't limited by patrol points, however.


Maybe pure combat isn't your thing. You want your fighting to serve a purpose. For this you should go to the web interface, then on the left click game, then missions. You'll be presented with a list of missions you can do. These missions often have a reward of crown and experience, and sometimes a badge, or other rare items. However, missions come at a cost. Each step of a mission requires eight patrol points. But patrol points return, and the mission rewards are usually worthwhile.

Anyway, for your first mission the one called Training Day is a decent starting point. It isn't too long or difficult, and acts as a good starting point.


So neither of those really appeal to you. You've gone through and described your character, you've figured out their personality, and you're ready for some roleplay! So... How do you manage that? Well! First you should wander around Firmament, the city you start in. Find various important locations, decide which ones your character would be seen at most often, and make note of where you see others. Then you can decide on which hooks you want to use for your roleplay. These can be as simple as getting a drink, or as grand as being chased through the streets by an upset street gang. You can also check who and see where people seem to be gathering, as if there's a group of people standing around, perhaps in the inn, then they are likely engaging in some RP, or wouldn't be opposed to starting some up.