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The Silver fox is busy adding wood to the fire place as he await the fox of his dreams, he feels uplifted at the chance to finally see her again. He has been unable to focus on his training or anything but that fox that captured his eyes. He places the final log into the fire as he dusts himself off an paces the room making sure everything is picture perfect.

Mirana walks up toward the caben that Yuric had directed her toward. She is very cautious going. Last time she was out here, she had to help fight with a very fat feline with a dragon, and the time before that she was up all night training at Arimia's command. Seeing her destination, she walks up to it hesitently at first. Well, she had her scholar soul as a back up if this was a trap. The woods weren't the safest place, so she decided on the battle dress Kilsa had made her.

Yuric smile and heard steps on the pourch of the cabin and walked to the door. He opened it with a smile, "Hello again, I was a little afraid that you wouldn't show." He winked and stepped aside to allow her in. "I've prepared a little snack for use before we travel further to the lake." He points the small table in the room which has a few small meat and some fresh bread. "I know the trip here can be a little tiring." He said before pulling a seat out for the Noble fox.

Mirana looks to Yuric with a smile, "No it wasn't too bad at all, I've come out here a few times before" she says then walks in and takes a seat. "Well, my good Mister Yuric, what do you have planned for one such as myself? I must admit, I almost thought you'd be trying to trap me in some way." she says blushing a bit. Looking over the meet and bread she wonders a moment, "How did you get this good food Yuric?" She tries to keep her mind off of his story and how nice he looks and more on learning about him.

"Why I hunted it myself, As part of my training I track and hunt my own food." He said proudly, "I have little devious in my plans, I would like to enjoy a nice snack here while getting to know the beauty before me then I would love to enjoy some more food by the lake side and hope we catch a glimspe of some of the beautiful native creatures. I hope to catch a peek of some of the gentle beast that come to drink." He says as he sits down across from her and look across the table.

Mirana looks at the meat and bread then up to Yuric, she takes a fork and knife and sets to eating a bit, wondering if it was safe. She prepares to take her meds and a bit of earth math and water math to help purge her system, just in case. After swallowing she looks to Yuric, "This is.. very good! And you made it?" she asks, before taking another bite. She eats like a proper noble would, small bites, and slowly eating, even taking a moment to dab at her muzzle. "Well, I, think that I'd like that, but, what about you too? What island did you come from again?" She asks.

Yuric chuckled, "Well you learn alot when your too young to work in any heavy lifting. My mom taught me before the bandits came." He said when she asked him about his Island he got very quiet. "I would like to forget but the Island really was too small to have an official name, We always called it Erick Island after the Creator Saint." He said with a smile, "The way you eat it seems so focused, In the military I never saw anyone eat like that except the officers." He said never really understanding the concept of nobles or refined eating.

Mirana fights back a giggle till after she as swallowed a mouthfull of bread, "Oh.. umm well, I've always eaten like this. My Mother made sure of it." she says with another blush, "And, I am, or was, an officer." She says rather planly. She listens again to him talk about his island. "Erick Island.. humm.. I'll have to see about it." she offers. She'd have to talk to her cousin, Sally, who was more the sailor type then she was. "Well, I've asked a lot of questions about you, do you have any more me?"

The fox grinned, "Well I do have a good one, I've wondered. I can tell by your walk that your confident enough to handle yourself but your not a fighter or a weapon user that I can see. Are you a math user or do you have some other way to defend yourself." He blushed, "Sorry that is the warrior in me, I guess I'm curious I see that you wear something around your neck but I don't see a soulgem. Will by Being soul gifted bother you at all?"

Mirana as she is chewing on her next bite as Yuric asks his question and she litterally chokes on it. She is left caughing and sputtering very unladylike for a good while before dislodging it and swallowing it very roughtly, "Ex.. oh.. excuse me, and yes, I'm well, A math user, but I'm fairly capable with my staff here too. " Her face turns bright red as he asks about a soulgem and weither him being soulless would be a problem. "Umm, no, it .. it wouldn't be ... a problem at all Yuric.. being.. soull.. er.. soul gifted."

A pitiful look crosses his face as she looks so flustered, "I can see its an uncomfortable topic but I can tell you that we soulgift are good folk and that you can't look at our history without seeing the good we've done. Even Robert of Mossy stone was a soulgifted and he is the biggest hero I know of." Yuric blushed a little, "I just want you to know that we are good folk and what we are is really a gift to Promise."

Mirana looks up to Yuric as he explains about soulless and she looks down at the food before her. She sniffles a bit as he goes on, and even smiles as he mentions Robert of Mossy Stone. "Yes... the soulless have been a... big help to all of Promise, a very big help, but, also," while she keeps her head down and her composure in her voice, her eyes seem dampened and a tear rolls down her downturned muzzle, "But.. how can you really know for sure that you are you, and not just your soulgem? I've had someone explain it to me before, and it did help my understanding, but, well, also, don't you feel... chained by it too?" she asks, idly fingering at her locket when she finally looks back up after collecting herself again.

The fox chuckles and grabs her hand in his own. "A soul gem didn't vow to become stronger I did. A soulgem didn't fight through the military, I did. I have allowed others to borrow my spare soulgem in an emergency and they didn't suddenly become Yuric." He winks, "Do I feel chained, In an hour with a performer soul gem I can learn the basics of flute playing, fencing, fist fighting. No I don't feel chained I feel a responsibility to use this gift, and make no mistake beautiful it is a large gift, to help every male, female, child and senior. I am soul gifted and I thank the creators every day I am."

Mirana looks to him again, and sniffles a bit again, "No.. it wouldn't both me that, that you are soul gifted, not at all, and.. I thank you, you are the second person to tell me such, though the first to say it so kind. I.. I think I've been wrong, I think, that maybe I am not limited by this thing, I think you could be right." She says. Upon the locket there is a very unusual locking mechanic. She spins it a few times first one way, then the other, practiced fingers doing this countless times, she then looks up, "Tell no one. My standing in court would drop faster then a stone, I've already had my right of inheratence taken from me, though no one really knows why. So, promise me, tell no one." she says as she opens it up. Inside are two soulgems, one above the other.

Yuric looks at Mirana, "Interesting. I will say nothing but I would like you tell you something." He shook his head, "Do you want to be yourself or what the noble make you out to be." He smiled softly, "I don't know much for nobles but I don't think it worth trying to mmake them happy if you can't face yourself as you really are. I won't tell a soul but I would gladly stand with you against a Promise that would disown you over something that you have no control or choice over."

Mirana looks up with a blush, and just stares at him for a while. Her heart begining to beat a bit faster, and, even though she is a phoenix, and gives off a great deal of warmth herself, she feels that the temprature of the caben must have jumped up quiet significately. "Umm, well, no.. I'd.. I'd rather be.. me, but my family you see.. it's just. I can't disappoint them, I can't bring such disrespect to them.. its.. I just couldn't Yurik, I couldn't!" she says almost pleadingly. That short time where she was disguised, and could do what she wanted, she felt so freed, but at the same time, if she did half of what she did has Holly, then, she shutters at the though.

A soft smile graces his face as he feels the torrent of emotion coming form Mirana, He calmly stands up and walks over to the female Fox. "I feel that they have disappointed you and will never know of the great female fox they have raised and stuffed into the corner. I know we have only just got to know each other but I want to you to know I support you, Your gifted like I am but youf family doesn't see it that way I bet." The fox then lean over and give her a large hug while whispering in her ear.

Mirana blushes ever more deeply, and she looks up to the still standing tod. She nods a bit, and thinks very hard on things. "But... I couldn't do that to them Yurik.. don't you understand?" She dabs at her muzzle a bit before drinking down some tea. She thinks about the whisper she recieved, and pulls down at her dress. Her feelings of lovesickness pushing her onward past embrassiment and... maybe a bit of something else is helping her stay where she is right now. "Really...?" she says almost childlike, "Always?"

The male moves closer and cups her chin, "Even against the Good King himself, I don't want anything happening to the little flame in my life. Just being around you makes me feel wonderful. I will not push you to do anything that would upset you but I would gladly face anyone enemy of yours." He leans in and gives her a soft kiss on the muzzle, "I would do this for as long as you would allow me to bask in your presence." He smiles before wrapping his arms around her and hugging her tightly. "Even this embarce warms my cold life." He says his heart beating like a drum as mind is consumed with a budding love for the fox before him.

Mirana she sits there, stunned, as she listens to Yuric. "You wouldn't... and you would..." is all she gets out before she is kissed. And almost as if a switch were flips she softens into it. Her eyes closing as she kisses back. Never having been kissed before though, she... has little to go on besides how wonderful it feels and instinct. For her, though it was a soft and short kiss, it lasts for days. And as she is hugged she stays very silent and still, till, "I... must be dreaming...." she says very softly, her mind and heart overwhelmed.

A soft grin crosses Yuric's as the kiss breaks and he releases the hug, "If this is a dream I hope neither of us wakes because this is loveliest dream I've had." He winked and offered a hand,"I think its late enough for me to show you something that makes this place special to me. Would you like to see?" He offered as the sun outside set.

Mirana looks up to the standing tod, and raises her hand to touch at his chest. She leans into him and just listens for a bit, hearing him. She nods softly, "Yes... I think I'd like to see." Is all she says. She isn't even trying to feign disinterest, caution, or anything at all. She is just overwhelmed... overwhelmed and bordering on giddy.

The Fox grabs Mirana by the hand and leads her out of the cabin and to the north were a small lake sat still as ice. Yuric smiles and keeps his voice low while speaking, "Listen carefully." He says as the sounds of soft ringing as several large deer-like creature gather in a group and being making a wonderful song. "I don't know what they are but they come here late at night and sing."

Mirana listens carefully, her ears twitching, she even tries to hold her breath. She listens to the beautiful song. She looks back to Yuric and her eyes twinkle with slight tears. She leans into him and just listens. It isn't long till she is yawning, and dozing softly as she hold the tod there. "Mmm.... I .... I think.. ... I'm falling for you..." She says so softly, softly enough it doesn't even wake herself.

The fox smiles and looks at Mirana while letting the song finish and the animals time to drink and leave. "I feel like I am the same for you." Yuric says softly as he lifts up the female and carries her back to the cabin, "You should sleep comfortably but I would rather not wake you." He murmers softly as he places her into the bed not wanting to disturb her he removes his own armor quietly and crawls besides her in just his undergarmets before pulling the covers over the both of them.

Mirana as she nods off slowly more and more, lets herself be lifted up, and actually wraps her arms back around Yuric as he carries her. She murrs and mubbles a bit, but nothing that remotely seems like words at all. She'd slept in her work leathers before. As he slides in with her though, she seems timid at first, but eventually slides up next to him, never saying a word as she falls deeper and deeper into sleep. All through the night, she'd sleep far better then she ever had before.

Yuric dozes off shortly after Mirana and rolls over in his sleep his arm wraps around the female as he sleep even more contently feeling that warmth. He nuzzles her deeply as he can in his sleep and smiling as he snore softly his breath against her ears.