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Crux had told Molly to put on her best clothes, make herself look nice for an evening out. He even dressed up well himself, spent a few hundred crowns on a nice pair of slacks, shiny new shoes with spats, a smart looking white shirt and a vest. He'd never looked so clean and proper, taking her out for a nice... walk. But he seemed to be in a good mood, casually strolling along to let Molly comfortably keep pace. "It's a lovely day, isn't it?" he asked, chest out, a wide grin on his muzzle as they entered saint's square.

Molly nods, a bit suspicious, but looking positively glowing with her meticulously groomed white fur in the warm light of the city. "It is.." she says quietly, looking up at the church and leaning against her lover. "You look so handsome," she adds with a giggle, looking up from beneath her old bonnet, washed to look brand new.

Crux looks down and grins, then stoops lower to pick up his partner, carrying her in his arms as they continue to stroll. He kisses her on the cheek and nuzzles at her belly. "And you look radiant my dear, a thing of beauty, truly," he said, walking towards a church. He sets her back down as they approach a church and opens the door for her, bending low to offer his hand. "Seems improper to walk in with you in my arms like that, but doesn't mean I can't be a gentleman."

Molly squeaks as she is suddenly swept up by Crux, soon stopping her squirming and settling in against her lover. "Oh, hush," she replies, her usual response to his flattery. She holds his hand softly and squeezes as they enter the church, peering at him. "Thank you mister Crux," she chitters, giggling quietly at him as she strolls with him.

Crux nods his head, helping her through the door, walking with her hand in hand as he led them down the aisle of the church. The church was quiet, mostly empty, save for a priest waiting at the altar; an elderly looking possum that seemed to smile as they walked up. "One moment sir, and we'll be with you," he said as they came up in front of the priest. He turned to Molly, still clutching her hand as he reached into a pocket on his vest. He slowly knelt down, drawing out a large ring. It looked like it would fit easily on one of his large fingers, but compared to Molly's own hand it was massive. And yet, as he drew it in front of her she would be able to see a hinge and clasp added onto the wedding ring, a few simple gems laid into the gold metal. "Molly Ironfoot, would you do me, Sebastian Strongheart, the honor of becoming my life partner?" he asks, ears flat against his head.

Molly seems to grow in confusion as they walk into the nearly empty church. She had thought there would be a service, with all the fancy wear they had, but the church was barely populated. She gasps as Crux gets on one knee and tugs her ears down at the sight of the ring, looking like she is about to burst into tears, ears reddening to a nice pink! She offers her hand to Crux and nods her head, letting out a teary 'ahh-huh!'

Crux smiles wide, taking the hand and opening the ring, slipping it onto her wrist and closing it. It's not quite snug, or so loose it would fall off, but it does seem to fit rather comfortable. The priest smiles and nods as Crux stands up. "Do either of you. Have family in attendance?" he asks, Crux shaking his head. "I don't, but... well..." he grins and turns. "Mister and Missus Ironfoot? You can show yourselves now," he calls out, trying to keep his voice respectful but loud enough to alert them. A pair of ears pop up from the pews of the church and a pair of rabbits come out to the aisle.

Molly shudders as she holds back a sob, her eyes glistening with tears as Crux slips the ring onto her bracelet. She opens her eyes wide as the presence of her parents is revealed, an older rabbit gentleman, grey around the edges of his ears, stops out beside a spritely woman about Molly's size. Molly shakes her head in silence, mouth hanging open slightly as she looks to Crux, and then to the priest, the girl's parents watching with delight.

Crux smiles, his own eyes a little dewey but keeping it together. "I couldn't ask you to do this if I didn't have your parents' blessing," he said boastfully, squeezing her hands in his own. He looks down at her then decides the better of standing, kneeling back down onto both of his knees before her. He nods to the priest and the possum nods back. He moves around before them and produces a silk rope. "Alright then, are we ready to begin?" he asks, not only to molly and Crux, but to the small rabbit's parents.

Molly nods, both of her parents doing the same, having a seat at the front pew to watch the private ceremony. Molly's words catch in her mouth as she lifts her hand to wipe the tears from the fur of her cheeks. "Uh-yes.." she murmurs, staring ahead at Crux and shaking her head softly in disbelief.

Crux nods as well, holding Molly's hands firmly with in his own. The priest smiling as he starts to wrap the rope around their hands. "As I bind your hands, it is but a symbol of your lives, already bond fast together, your souls progressing in blissful harmony. There will be arguments, there will be anger, but they will only hone your love, not break it. You will have understanding, and there will be peace and fulfillment." He steps back, their wrists bound to one another, hands secured tight to one another. "You are now bond to one another. Let any that would speak against it, speak now, or hold your peace."

Molly squeezes as best she can on Crux's hands, her quivering fingers making her grip weak. She seems to flinch at the mention of their souls, in the ceremony - as do her parents, with sympathy - but she nods along with the priest shakily, squeezing his hands tight. There is silence in the church, except for a quiet sniffle from Molly.

The priest nods in response to the silence and crosses his arms. "Then, speaking as proxy for the Good King, and under the rules set forth under the First Text, I declare you bond. May all know you two are now one." He looks away chastely and adds, "You may now kiss." Crux smiles wide, leaning down as he pulls her close with their arms bound. His hands reach to sweep her off her feet, but the bound hands control him a bit, noses pressing against one another as he gently lays his lips against her own.

Molly squirms in the bind and kisses him back, keeping her eyes shut tight. Tears form at the corners of her eyes and stream down through her glistening white fur, swaying slightly during the kiss. Her parents look on and give eachother a quick peck as well, holding eachother's hands as they watch their daughter be wed. Molly leans against Crux, showing no intent to move until he does.

Crux draws their hands up, one of his large hands letting her own go to wipe away her tears as they kiss. He breaks it and pulls back, wiggling his wrists to loosen the knot before sliding the rope off and handing it back to the priest. He sweeps her up and hugs her close against his muscular chest, giving another kiss on the lips. A forceful peck that he reels back swiftly. "I love you Miss Molly Ironfoot," he whispers, stroking back her long ears.

Molly seems a bit disappointed as the binds fall away, her smile renewed as she's swept up, grabbing onto his shirt to keep herself held up against him. "I love y-you," she murmurs back, tugging at his shirt to pull him down for another peck. Her parents awww quietly at the display, Molly rubbing her face against Crux's shirt to wipe her tears.

Crux chuckles, kissing her on the top of the head before standing. He nods to the priest then begins to walk, only to stop and turn back. "Actually, could I have that rope? To show to the bunnies when they grow up," he said. The priest smiles and hands it over, draping it aorund the back of his neck before he nods again and walks to his in-laws. "Thank you for coming, truly. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure it means plenty to Molly too. I just couldn't stand the thought of her being a mother without getting bonded, and I couldn't do it without you two being here for her."

Molly sniffles and looks down from her perch in her husband's arms, barely able tosee her parents before she blinks away her tears. She opens her mouth to speak, but her incomprehensible squeaking just elicits a laugh from her mother and father. "We'll be around when you're a bit calmer," her father churrs, his old grey ears flopping by his shoulders. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and she sniffles, curling up a bit more.

Crux nods, kneeling down so the smaller rabbits can have their hugs, kisses and congratulations. He picks her back up once they're done and holds her close, taking her out of the church. "Hmm, and now, we get to honeymoon my darling little lapine lady," he said with a grin, kissing into her neck the moment they leave the grounds, drawing a few eyes, but ignoring them and the whispers.

Molly seems at peace, lying still in Crux's arms until the kiss at her neck rouses her awake. She squirms and sighs, choosing not to playfully argue with the suggestion and opting instead to simply bask in the glow of their new bond.