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It is a hot, rainy day along the waterfront. The posting had said to meet someone calling themselves Stripes around here somewhere. Thanks to the rain, there are few beings about and only one who seems to fit the description. A zebra in incongruously fine clothes waits under the overhanging roof of a warehouse, an umbrella hooked over his wrist as he frowns up at the gray skies.

Shizuko walks down the water front, a plain bamboo umbrella held over her shoulder while her other hand rests on the small bow case at her side. The mercenary leopardess is fully armed today, and despite the weather she moves with a firm, purposeful stride as she catches sight of the Zebra and comes over to share the overhang

Serana was likewise in the area, not really having an order, she's taken to wander from time to time. Accepting a job here and there should it prove profitable and a benefit to her interests. This sort of deal was found when 'negotiating' with a contact, so she decided to follow up on the lead after said contact so generously gave her the information. Perhaps she'll pass it along to Donovan for later reviewing, should she find it a profitable venture.

Coming from her boat out in the docks, Millicent wasn't about to pass up a chance to get some potential money. She didn't mind the rain, having been working in it, but all the same she's got the hood pulled up on her yellow longcoat. She offers a little wave to Shizuko, trying to recall if she's met the woman before before looking towards the umbrella, waiting for someone else to speak first.

The Zebra looks at the three women, going from face to face, studying each in turn. Seemingly satisfied by what he sees, he opens his umbrella and steps out into the rain, waving to the others to follow, though he does not say anything. He leads the way through the streets of Firmament, avoiding main thoroughfares until the quartet of beings arrives before a rather lavish looking home in the castle district with a high gate and wall around the estate. The gate is decorated with the insignia of House Good in the wrought iron.

Shizuko bows her head towards the zebra and remains quiet as she follows him through the city, although her ears perk with curiousity. When they stop at the estate she raises her eyebrows, then gives her guide an inquisitive look, head tilting a little toward the side.

Serana not really abandoning her current state of affairs, wanders after curiously looking to the gate and making a quick couple signs to show her curiousity, she would glance at the zebra, the ostensiblly male shark flicking his exceptionally long tail as her gaze flicks from the gate to the zebra, and the others.

The zebra does not respond to Serana's signs, but looks over the trio before the gate. Through pantomime, he indicates that he will not speak, then produces three small, white cards and hands them to the three women.

On each card is written an identical message.

"I represent an interested party desirous of several documents contained in this mansion. The owner, one Denris Good is in posession of three very valuable maps that he refuses to sell to my employer. Acquire them by any means you choose. If you bring them to me, I will pay you handsomely."

Shizuko accepts the card and reads it over, then raises her eyebrows and looks back over to the zebra. "Mmmmmmhm. And what information on the estate can you provide?" she asks, settling in to wait. "Building map? Location of the map? Guards and dispotisions?"

Serana hums softly. Nodding in understanding as she looks back to the mansion. Getting in might be a bit of an issue, aquiring the maps, an even larger issue. She couldn't leverage her way in as a captain, no doubt they would have a ship or an airship at their own private disposal, she might be able to get her way in with interest in seeing some of the maps in the maproom, claiming the maps in the academy don't suit her needs... quite a dillemma. She earperks as Shizuko speaks up, listening as she goes over her plans and thoughts.

'Stripes' nods, producing a small sheaf of papers from within his coat. The papers include a layout of the estate with standard guard positions marked with a red grease pencil. The zebra taps a room on the layout, indicating the assumed hiding place for the desired maps. The distribution of guards in the mansion seems to be rather lopsided. While there are regularly spaced guard posts marked around the perimeter of the grounds and in most parts of the mansion itself, it seems that there is an unusual concentration of guards in one wing of the house. Fortunately, it is on the opposite side of the manor from where the maps are supposed to be.

Shizuko props her umbrella up with the corner of her elbow and then spends a few moments studying the notes in detail, committing them to memory. She offers them to Serana, and eyes the shark for a moment a she sizes him up. "Alright. Ideas? It looks like we can slip in through a side door if we disable or distract the guard on duty, and then as long as we avoid the patrol we should be good."

"Oh dear

Serana hrms softly, "None that don't involve handing us over to the guard as a captain and two of his crew to view some of the undoubtably more detailed maps in said room." the shark offers, his voice that of a young Isharan lad. "But, that might give over too much information and leave us open to retaliation." the shark offers "Outside of that, I'm still working on Ideas."

"Oh dear," Millicent murmurs as she looks over the map. "Sneaking around never really was my specialty. But I'll certainly do my part in whatever plan of approach we come up with." She tugs on the hem of her hood, making sure it's firmly in place.

The Zebra nods and pulls his collar up around his face. He stuffs a hand into his pocket and lifts up his umbrella against the rain. Then he turns and walks away, leaving the trio to whatever plan they might come up with.

Shizuko watches Stripes head off, then looks over at Milli and Serana. "Mmm. Well, if you think you have the chops to pull it off mister shark. There are only so many elderly leopards with glowing stripes in the city, but if you think you can talk your way in I would go with it. Otherwise I vote the sneak in."

Serana heads Shizuko off at the idea "It's honestly too much of a risk. Talking our way in won't get us anywhere. I'm a captain, not a noble. I don't do those things often enough." he flicks that tail again "Sneaking in might be our safest bet, if we have the people to manage it."

Millicent tilts her head, eyeing Serana over before shrugging. "Well. I heard there's a window on the second floor that someone got into, once. Though since it worked last time, they may have guarded it or blocked it up or something. And it's not much more than a rumour, as far as I know. Hmmm."

Donovan spoof The gates loom, closed and locked before the trio. The front door opens and a fox in a guard uniform steps out, closing the door behind him. He marches down the short walk to the gate. "Can I help you?" he asks.

Shizuko turns her head to look at the guard, then smiles and faces him fully. "Hello!" she greets, her tone immediately one that is bright and cheerful. "I am a visitor to your city and I managed to bully my poor tour guide into taking me to see the grandest, most impressive estates in Fairhaven, but this is not her usual route. Can you tell me, who lives here?" she asks, tone curious. "Is it the King himself? It is certainly a remarkable place!"

Serana nods "Not the grandest of things to see." he huffs, flicking his tail "Can we continue on please? There are other things to see besides the mansion." he wanders along the path leading to the right a ways making a habit of just looking around before turning and tapping his foot in feigned impatience.

Millicent tucks her hands in her coat pocket, offering a smile and a nod to the guard. "I'm just seeing what kind of tours people go on these days." She probably wouldn't be able to pass off the tourist act, herself, given that she owns a cafe. But she could still work some related angle! "It sounds like the guard is getting impatient, though!"

"This place?" the fox says, looking back at the ornate house, "No, this is not the king's house, Ma'am. This is the home of one of his cousins, Denris Good. I can't let you tour here, Lord Denris doesn't like visitors even when he is expecting them." The fox salutes respectfully. "Please enjoy your stay in Firmament," he says, then turns and marches back toward the house, producing a key and letting himself back in through the front door.

Shizuko smiles at the guard's visitor comment and bows her head, then follows after Serena. "Terrible," she murmurs, "he should have watched us leave. Very well. Around the side, then onto the grounds."

Serana shrugs "Sweetwater is peaceful in this area, no-one really plans on wandering into a manor and taking stuff from it." she shrugs, leading the way for the moment "we told him we were tourists and he has no cause to believe otherwise." flicks tail some "So, after you?"

Millicent nods and turns to move off with the others towards the side of the building. "He should have, but he didn't. That'll be their undoing, I guess," Millicent says with a shrug. "Hopefully there aren't an unexpected nmber of beings in there. I'd rather not go to jail."

There is a small side alley that runs between the wall of this estate and the next. The wall is high, but a talented climber could probably manage it. There are not even spikes atop the wall! And the room that the group is after should be just on the other side.

Shizuko makes her way to the alley, then folds her umbrella. She studies the wall a moment, then starts climbing up to take a look over the top.

Serana hrms, does her best to slip up the wall as well, pulling herself up from hand-hold to handhold. She would try and inspect what was going on on the other side of the wall, directly below them.

Millicent eyes the wall up and town, her fluffy tail flicking behind her as she rolls her shoulders. "Well. Let's see if I can manage to get over," she says, bouncing a few times before taking a vertical leap, trying to grip the top edge and haul herself over, cautiously, peeking over the edge first to make sure nothing was awaiting them.

The climb is pretty easy, loose bricks in the rough wall making for perfect handholds. Looking down from the top of the ten foot wall shows a small patch of garden with ornamental trees and shrubberies. Just beyond lies the house proper, a pair of large windows looking out into the garden. A large guardsman of uncertain species has just turned the corner around the back of the house. Looks like the coast might be clear. As long as no one inside is looking out.

Shizuko lets herself over the wall, carefully dropping into the garden on the other side. She darts across to the house and presses up against the wall, then peeks into the window, trying to show as little of herself as possible.

Serana looks to Millicent, before dropping over the wall herself, slipping her thin frame behind some of the plants in the garden, to get a better view. She wouldn't rush anywehere else, just watching for the most part.

Millicent keeps a firm grasp on her blades to keep them from rattling as she drops over the edge of the wall herself, following after Shizuko to press p against the wall opposite the window. She let's the other woman do the peeking, though she does gesture to the window with a nod of her head, before shrugging, as if in question.

The damp little garden is silent aside from the patter of rain on the leaves. Seems like no one has been spotted yet. Millicent and Shizuko are fortunate enough to find themselves under the eaves of the house, but Serana is quickly soaking through in her ferny hiding spot. It seems that the windows here are cracked open a bit, trying to let in some of the cooler air during the rain storm. Within is an amply decorated trophy room. Strange beasts and familiar big game are mounted on the walls and stuffed in threatening poses amidst treasures and souvenirs of far off places, several beautiful maps adorn the walls in frames and a number of glass display cases are scattered around the large study. From here, there seems to be only one guard in the room. A rather bored looking Hare is having a staring contest with the mounted head of some sort of purple buffalo.

Shizuko perks her ears. The leopardess stands there a moment, then motions the other two for silence and reaches out for the open window, giving it a push and ready to duck out of sight if it makes any noise.

Serana is a sailor, getting soaked was a prt of the job. Managing it by pulling her hat off and shoving it into her belt she glanced about the garden, keeping a good eye on the two as well as any guard patrols from any areas, hopefully Millicent would be watching her, just in case someone might be coming, that Serana would be able to catch before he sees them.

Millicent nods an affirmative at Shizuko, remaining silent as she keeps pressed to the wall. Instead, she covers the surroundings with her gaze while the leopard works, keeping her ears alert for anyone that might be doing rounds of the yard.

The window swings open silently. A special thanks to the maintenance staff was probably in order. As well as to the nobleman who had requested such large, open windows for his trophy room. The Hare on guard is still intent on the purple buffalo, but he is sure to move along soon.

Shizuko bites at her lip for a moment, holding still as she weighs her options. She settles in against the wall next to the window with a small shake of her head, deciding to wait for the guard to move on. She keeps glancing towards the corner of the building, though, as she waits.

Millicent rests an arm on the pommel of her sword, more for comfort and reassurance than any intent to actually draw. Another nod given to the feline as she holds her position, waiting for the guard to take his leave. She might be doing shady business, but she was never a murderer.

Inside, the guard leaves off his examination of the mounted head and turns to walk toward the window. He notices that the pane is open wide and shakes his head. "Get rain in here," he mutters, "And you just see who gets blamed for the wet floors!" He steps up to the open window, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath of rain soaked air. Meanwhile, the guard is returning from the front side of the house! Serana can just make out the armored form of a polar bear in a guard uniform tromping along the path through the ferns and ornamental trees.

Go time. As her ears catch the guard's muttering, she quickly strikes, using her rising momentum to try and place a solid knock out uppercut under the guard's jaw, then follow in through the window.

Millicent grimaces over towards Serana and shakes her head before ducking into the room just after Shizuko. She gives a thumbs up in way of complementing the action, but quickly moves to get out of sight of the window, should the polar bear pass by.

Shizuko slams into the unlucky Hare, mid-sniff! Her brutal attack cracks the poor rabbit's teeth together and sends him on a round trip to dream land. Pity the headache he'll have when he wakes. She is able to roll in after the falling guard and cushion his fall quietly.

Leaving Serana behind in the soaking rain, Millicent and Shizuko are left on their own in the expensive clutter of the room.

Shizuko crouches just inside the room, carefully pulling the window mostly shut before she ducks out of sight and listens for other guards that might come in. She gives Millicent the nod to take the lead in securing their loot, her tail slowly flicking back and forth.

Millicent looks over the maps on the wall, rubbing her chin. "What do you think?" She all but whispers, tail flicking behind her. "Should we just try to take them all, to be safe? Any look particularly unusual?"

It is quite for a short moment, then comes a rapping on the mostly closed window. "Ebb?' comes a grumbling voice from outside, "You're not messing with that stupid buffalo thing again are you?" The polar bear is at the window and peering into the room. "Ebb?"

As much as 'punch him!' sounds like the quickest solution, Shizuko remains still and quiet, hopefully out of sight of the window. Milli's question elicits a small circling gesture with her finger, but she tries to keep her motion to a minimum.

Millicent flicks her ears at the sound near the window, quickly moving to find cover near it, and hoping whoever it was didn't decide the quiet was worth investigating. Her hand drifts towards her sword's hilt again, just in case.

"Ebb?" come the suddenly worried voice from outside, "Ebb? You okay?" There is a sound of splishing footfalls as the bear steps away from the window. "Hang on buddy! I'm on my way!" calls the bear, the sound of heavy footfalls running quickly away from the window toward the front of the house.

Shizuko spits out a quick curse, then darts to the wall. "Take them all and go," she suggests. "We're out of time." She starts pulling maps off the wall, although if any are too big to carry... well, she will have to break the frame.

Millicent nods and jumps into action with Shizuko, scrambling to collect all of the maps that she can so that they can beat a hasty retreat. No more time for playing it safe and cautious!

The outcry from the retreating polar bear is quickly caught up by a general frenzy from the front of the house and joined by nearer voices as the two thieves are forced into a smash and grab! They manage to gather up five valuable looking pieces before the first guard, the polar bear again, bursts through the door! "Ebb!" he cries out, seeing his friend on the floor, then narrowing his eyes and drawing a heavy sap from his belt!

Shizuko doesn't plan on giving the bear time to react. As soon as he enters the room she snarls and charges - at the window. She shoulder checks it to throw it open, then attempts to roll out into the garden.

Millicent double checks her hood, once more making sure that it's properly on before moving after Shizuko, following her out the window. She still doesn't want a confrontation if she can avoid it.

Serana blinks softly, well, goes to show her what happens when you don't get much sleep. mumbling under her breath she removes a pistol and prepares herself for the oncoming rush of guards, the sailor's adrenaline starting to rush with a smirk, a bit of water magic would pool water in specific areas, slicking it a bit more then normal, and making any running guard trip. She didn't make herself known yet, but she would possibly take a person or two in the confusion and allow the others to escape, possibly aiming from the bush.

The polar bear, along with a cadre of his fellow guards crash through the room as Shizuko and Millicent tumble out the window and across Serana's increasingly slippery trap. "Don't let them escape!" comes the roar from behind as the guards slip and stumble over each other.

Rolling back up to her feet, Shizuko takes off across the garden at a sprint. Once she reaches the wall she stops, then turns to offer Millicent a boost. "Once you get up I'll hand up the maps I grabbed," she offers.

Serana meanwhile, continues to slick the ground after Millicent runs past, using air magics to keep the guards flipping about and sliding. She was rather enjoying herself. However, her time was slowly running out, and taking a potshot would probably invite the guards to open fire. They had best get over quickly.

Millicent hastily secures the maps to her person, nodding at Shizuko. "Sounds good," she says, accepting the help to try to get herself to the top of the wall before turning around to reach for the maps.

The guards are not faring well against the sudden freeze and blasting winds created by Serana. Good news. The bad news is that momentarily there is another group of guards careening around the corner of the mansion, catching the trio in a pincir maneuver! Time to get out!

Shizuko boosts Milli up the wall, then quickly hands up the loot before she starts to scramble up herself, then reaches down to give Serana a hand up.

Serana flicks her tail softly, satisfied for the time being and clambering up the wall with the aid of Shizuko before slipping her legs over and falling to the ground, the shark automatically making his way to the end of the allyway, telling Milli to hurry.

Millicent is already up and over by the time Serana makes it to Shizuko, the maps all in her hands. She waits just long enough for the others to get over before she turns to start booking it out of the little alley, their prize in hand. She wants to dump these items and get back to her boat before anything catches up to her.

The Alley is clear! But probably not for long, judging by the shouting from the other side of the wall. Somehow, they got in and out with only one KO and no blood shed! Now to make good on the escape! Stripes did not mention where they should meet. . .

Taking just a moment in the alley to collect her umbrella and catch her breath, then moves down the alleyway at a quick jog. As soon as she feels she's safe from immediate scrutiny she drops to a brisk walk - jogging draws attention - and then heads for the docks and the original meeting location.

Serana was different, dropping out of sight and weaving into different allyways and staying out of the main roads. the sharky captain looking to make it to her ship and switch her clothes, hang what she wore to dry. Thankfully she's spent enough time within the allyways of sweetwater that she could navigate her way and not draw suspicion. After all, what's a soaked shark slipping in and out of allys but one looking for a shortcut home?

Millicent rolls up the maps as she goes, stowing them away under her coat to keep them dry, pattering after Shizuko. She didn't recall being told wwhere to meet the contact, but Shizuko seemed to know where she was doing, so she was just going to follow the leopard!

As anticipated, the zebra is waiting at the maritime district in the same place he had been earlier. He stands under the dripping eaves of the big machine shop. He does not raise a hand in greeting, but he nods a little as the three make their way back. The zebra silently holds out three heavy bags of crown, without even seeing the goods.

Shizuko flashes the zebra a smile and then bows her head. She collects one of the sacks of crowns, weighs it in her hand, then nods. "Excellent. A pleasure working with you."

Serana flicks her tail some, accepting her crown and moving out of the way of Milli, who held quite a bit of the maps. Not bothering to count it just yet she tucks it away somewhere safe, heading back to her ship with a light wave "enjoy yourselves." she hums slipping into the drydocks to wander over to her ship.

Millicent hands the map collection over to the zebra without fuss or question, taking her coin and smiling at its weight. She and her sister would be pretty well off for a bit, with this. With a nod of thanks and a waver to her companions, she starts back towards the docks, herself.

Stripes tucks the maps into his coat without inspecting them. He stands and watches the others walk away with a smirk on his face.