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The Pathfinders society's building had a small buzz of activity this stormy afternoon, partly because of the storm outside no doubt. Inside some beings were chatting upstairs and others eating lunch in the cafeteria. Rokarion was sitting in the common room, a notebook in hand as he talked to a couple of other beings.

Zuri is sitting not far away from Rokarion, opting to lie belly-down on a couch with a book propped up in front of him. Oddly, he's chosen to walk around in his dedicant form today, that of a blue-feathered pegasus being. His wings waft about lazily above him as he busies himself reading, only occasionally perking up to look towards Rokarion, or towards another being walking past.

Bazalt Walks into the Building Sighing and talking to himself and He Writes into a small book. "Hrrmm.. So..yeah that sounds right.." HE closes it and Puts it away before Looking around "huh" He looks about for someone and frowns-damn not here yet. he shrugs and walks towards Zuri, eye thepalnt as he does. It's not he didnt like him but he was.. odd far too.. distant..

Reginald , once again hurrying through the streets, did his best to avoid as much of the downpour as he could. However, by the time the lynx arrives at the entrance to The Pathfinders Society, his hood and clock are wet through, water streaming down to the ground. Slowly pushing the doors apart, the feline makes his way into the building. Giving his cloak a shake at the door to get rid of most of the moisture, the lynx then moves further into the building. Upon coming across the other beings, he offers an "Evening" to them, nodding in greeting to both Zuri and Rokarion, whilst giving Bazalt a loving smile as he moves to stand beside the wolf.

Rokarion looks up at Reginald and nods his head, "Good afternoon." the plant being responds as he looks at Zuri and smiles, "Feeling bored, Zuri?" the being asks as he takes a seat next to him on the sofa, now that he is done with the other two beings, "So how have you been lately? I am afraid that I have been too busy to talk to you."

Zuri looks up at Rokarion, then at Bazalt. He sits up on the couch, having to sit slightly askew with his wings draping over the armrest in order to do so comfortably. He smiles at Rokarion. "I've been alright. We've all been busy I think." He looks up at Bazalt as he approaches and smiles. "Hi! How are you doing?"

Bazalt smiles back at the pegamander. "heh, I'm Good Great infact!" he Says shooting the Lynx a smile as he comes closer. "How've you been?" he Looks over Zuri carefully. "the Wings are new.-along with.. other thing-Wait bellamy.. said something about this.. A Pegasus.. right?" He smiles, atleast Somthing he was able to know! He chuckles a bit before grinning.

As he moves to stand alongside Bazalt, Reginald rests an arm around the shadow wolf, leaning forward to give him a quick peck on the cheek. This was not the first time the lynx had seen the salamander in his Pegasus form, and he can't help but pass comment on it, admiringly. "Those wings must really come in handy?" As he says so, his thoughts turn back to when the two of them first met, and how 'wings' might have helped him to avoid a night in a cold, stone jail cell ...

Rokarion nods his head at Zuri before looking back at Reginald and Bazalt, "Well good thing that you two are here. There are some decisions that you might want to hear." he says as he decides that Zuri himself answer about his dedication.

Zuri grins at Bazalt. "Yea, a pegasus! I've been one for several months now, it's tons of fun." He flaps his wings experimentally, one feather detaching and fluttering to the ground near the couch. He turns to Reginald, his grin widening. "Yea, it's just the thing for stealthy entrances and exits. Noone ever expects flying beings. Also the weather control thing helps, even if its really, really hard and I can't seem to do it for very long. I think 'weather control' is a bit of a misnomer. More like... 'weather nudging'. 'Weather asking nicely'."

Bazalt chuckles and nods as he leans a bit On the Lynx, smiling To Zuri. "weather control? I'd stop rain around myself." He nods and looks to rokarion. "Yes-what do you wnat?" he asks-whispering something to the lynx, grinning as he does so, Tail curling around the cats waist.

Reginald joins Bazalt in his chuckle at Zuri's joke, before leaning back towards the shadow. A playful smile graces the lynx's face as the wolf whispers to him, before he too rests his muzzle against the other being's ear, whispering a reply. Finishing with a nuzzle, the feline then keeps an eye upon Rokarion, interested in what the plant being has to say.

Rokarion looks back at Zuri and nods his head, "Well, you have done some quite impressive feats like call down rain. I would say that that was an impressive task, few water magicians are capable of such a feat." the plant being answered Zuri before looking back at the other two, "Our contract with Ridgewell to explore his ruins have been extended by a couple more weeks. I will be hosting expeditions there when he allows it." the plant being says before looking at Zuri then back at the group, "Also in an effort to improve our image and seek for publicity, we will be hosting a baking contest in this building soon. Alfred will be responsible with finishing up the preparations." he says referring to the great bustard being.

Zuri giggles. "Yea, I called down rain for like.. twenty seconds, tops! And I almost fainted! Silly weather needs to do as its told, am I right Baz?" He listens to Rokarion attentively, his attention definitely piqued by the idea of a baking contest. "A.. baking contest? Here?" He licks his lips. "Tell me more.. how will this baking contest work? What exactly will be getting baked? Cakes? Cookie? Pastries? Sweet or savory? And can I have some?"

Bazalt Grins to him. "I'll take your word for it! He nods to the cat and smiles, huging the lynx a bit tighter"Extended? " he nods again. "sounds.. good." He then blinks. "I'm not baking or i'll start a fire... Alread caused five at the loft-cooking is not my skill... unless it's a campfire.." HE grins and nods. "still..i'll mkae sure to sample everything.." HE Grins shooting Zuri a Glance. "heh-maybe you and I will have an Eating contest afterwards?" he says witha broad smile.

Reginald , after giving the wolf beside him another peck on the cheek, then turns to Rokarion. "It's great to hear about the contact extension, should, no doubt, keep money and jobs flowing in the direction of The Pathfinders Society ... however ..." In all the time this lynx had spent wondering Promise, baking was something this feline had yet to partake in "... are you expecting ... I mean ... were you planning for us to help with the baking, as ... I'm not sure ... I could be of much use there ..." The lynx looks a little flustered, before hastily adding, "... don't get me wrong, I'd love to try new things ... it just that I'm not sure I could make anything that good ..."

Rokarion eyes the two and shakes his head, "I said contest. You can join if you wish, or you don't. Either way there will be a group of beings who will join as contestants." Roka then looks at Zuri and smiles, "it will be baking biscuits." he answered back, "And as for you, you will be one of the judges. After all who is a better choice than the salamander who had tried cookies from two nations and many bakers on Promise. Hmmm, perhaps three nations, I do not know if you tried them when you were in Shralesta."

Zuri blinks at Rokarion. "Judge?" He pauses, thinking about it, then grins wide. "Judge, of course! I should, indeed, eat all the cookies. I mean sample them, judgingly." He nibbles on his lip, wiggling his equine snout as he thinks. "Four, if you count Olispona, altho I only had some raisin cookies over there and they weren't particularly good. Those guys really like their dried fruits..."

Bazalt Chuckles a Regi and whispers something to him, licking his beck before nodding to Rokarion. "that's good I hope it goes well." he nods and Grins at Zuri. clearly someone loved his cookies.

"Biscuits, hmm" Reginald ponders for a moment. The lynx barely know the first thing about baking, but ... biscuits ... that can't be too difficult, surely ... The feline turns to Bazalt for a moment, and the though crosses his mind, for a few seconds, if they should consider giving the competition a go ... However, this thought only lingers for as long as it takes the shadow to whisper into his ear, at which point the lynx blushes, visible despite his fur. The feline rests his head on Bazalt's softly furred shoulder, looking lovingly up at the wolf.

Rokarion snickers and shakes his head, "Hmmm, only raisin cookies? I guess we need to go there again to let you try other types." the plant being answered back before looking at the lynx and the wolf, "You know, I bet the Freeswords have some empty rooms. Easier to flirt without prying eyes." he commented before closing his book, "On other news, any members who have a place in mind that they think is worth exploring should inform Alfred of the details and we will discuss whether it is viable with our current resources or not."

Zuri wiggles his snout. "Yea, the Freeswords' is a good idea. Also there's a few places around that are nice and scenic but hidden away enough.. good for a date." He grins at Rokarion. "Reminds me, there's a place I need to take you to, up in Eastbank." He slides closed to the jasmine and snuggles up to him, wings flapping behind him.

Bazalt chuckles "oh hush, Let me enjoy my Mat-Lovers company, not like we're Whispering sweet nthings to eachother.. mostly" he shrugs and smiles, nodding to Rokarion. "noted." he hugs the Lynx tighter and Grins. "anything else going on here We should take note of?"

Reginald would probably throw a witty comment back in the direction of the plant being. However, this lynx's attention was currently taken up by nuzzling against the being he cared for, and he did not mind who saw them. When Rokarion mentions the possibility of branching out to ruins outside of their current contract, the lynx's ears perk up a little. "Where does the society currently have permission to operate?"

Rokarion looks back at Zuri, "Hmmm, a place in the Eastbank? Sure, we can go there next week when you are free." the plant being answered back before looking at Bazalt and Reginald, "No, that is everything that you should know about. Any more information you want or need you can ask Alfred about it." Rokarion then gave Zuri's head a quick ruffle, answering the salamander's affection with his own.

Zuri quirks an eyebrow at Reggie and Baz, but doesn't say anything. He giggles when his head is ruffled. "Yea, I think you'll love it. Bring plenty of drawing supplies!" He flaps his wings to snuggle up to the jasmine, then pecks a kiss at him. "But yea, we need some official business. I still think we need to find some common-interest stuff, to build public support."

Bazalt nods slowly "I.perhpas more of that.. Dragon place in the sewers? I know we got what bellamy wantsed but there might be more-not that i'm going back there.." He shudders.He they blinks "And.. sorry.. I.. didnt mean to snap at you!" He gulps and frowns, holding the lynx tighter still.

Reginald , after burying his muzzle in the wolf's shoulder fur, giving a quick nuzzle, then decides to contribute to Zuri's point. "Well, there's two ways I can think of achieving that - either, get rid of a threat, or present the public with something that makes their lives easier ... though, I can't help thinking that it's noble support we need, more that just the public's ..." The lynx frowns for a moment. Living his life at the bottom of society hasn't filled this feline with a lot of respect for the upper class ...

Rokarion shakes his head, "The patronage of a noble is the least I seek. For first they are fickle with it, and as such it is not a stable source of income and prestige as one might think. Which is one of the reasons why we have a monthly fee, and are planning on opening our own business. As for improving our public image then as Zuri have suggested before, we will be attempting to explore different passes through the Silvervein Pass. Also we will be accepting donations during the baking contest, however as far as we are concerned now, our financial needs are met due to our contract with Ridgewell. After we are done with it we should have enough crowns to run an expedition or two using our own resources."

Zuri nods at Rokarion's words. "The best way to get support is through the tradesmen. Coins are what talks. A new pass connecting Firmament and Cliffside would be a godsend for merchants on both sides, and a famous discovery. New resources like.. I don't know, a mine, a fertile valley, a new river. There are places out there that have been poorly explored, and are unknown enough that anything could be out there." He smiles. "And ultimately it all filters down to making the lives of the common folk better, one way or another."

Bazalt nods slowly, not really having anything to say. "got it." he says softly.

Reginald nods in agreement with the group. Although he wouldn't dare say it, part of him was glad that such a society could exist without being carried by the noble class. "However, I'd urge caution, if you plan on prodding around Silvervein Pass ... I'm not too sure, but ... I believe I've heard some quite worrying rumours about that place ... especially the mines ..."

Rokarion shakes his head, "Rumors are a dime a dozen, and it is our job as explorers to actually sort the fact from the fiction of those rumors, so what exactly did you hear about the place?" Rokarion asked before looking back at Zuri, "You also bring a good point, we can expand into sea trade in the future when we have a more stable financial revenue. It will provide us with both means of transportation and a profitable business venture." the plant being then rubs his chin and opens his book again as he begins to write things down, "Also remind me to hire a scribe to draw a large map for us. We can plan things more easily if we had one for sure." With a giggle, Rokarion gives Zuri's head another ruffle, "I think that we might attempt to find a new path through the Firebough, since I hear that the Craige activity there has been reduced, they might have left paths opened by their tunneling that we can discover and use as trade routes."

Zuri giggles. "Yea, good idea! I bet there's loads of paths through Firebough that can be discovered. And sea trade is a great idea too. What little I've learned, sea trade right now is in the hands of some really dodgy beings, barely better than pirates. And smuggling is rampant." Says the former smuggler. Cough. "So we could handle things in a better way."

Bazalt nods angain and just listens, at this point he wasnt much use-being too new to know much of the land and it's goings on's.HE justs rest's he head on the lynx's shouder and Watches them, a small smile on his face.

Reginald hesitates for a moment. The plant being had a point, but ... "you don't need me to tell you how rumours are - always light on details and differing slightly depending on who you ask, yet ... as the name implies, there's a lot of silver mines in Silvervein Pass, and a number of them have fallen into disuse. However, it is said that not all of these mines are abandoned because they are tapped dry ... and there are tales aplenty of beings journeying out to them, looking to make themselves rich, to then never be heard from again ... and whispers of something lurking in the depths there ... I know it all sounds like nonsense, but, if you've ever spent some time around that place, you might not be too sure ..."

Rokarion raises a brow at Zuri, "Oh? Is that how it is in Sweetwater?" the plant being asked with a shrug, "I have never went on a sea ship on here before, so I would have no idea. I thought they would keep some better taps on their sea trade since they had plenty of it, but then again they have the Longtail organized crime, so I can see it being quite corrupt." he mentions as he shakes his head, "Heh, I only know about Andrussian sea trade, and it is fairly tight and peaceful there. In fact their navy by now is just for show as few pirates try to assault their trade lanes....but you do bring an idea Zuri." the plant being says as he pecks a kiss on the salamander's head, "There is a low Andrussian presence here in Sweetwater. When we break into sea trade we can contract some merchants from over there, this should bring more prestige for us for bringing exotic goods to Sweetwater." he comments before looking at Reginald and shrugging, "Well no matter, even if we find a vein there i think we will be hard pressed to gain rights for it. I think that the Good Crown will claim it for the nation."