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It was a nice sunny morning on Emerald Isle, the sea was clear and calm, and the island was poised in all her green beauty, no wonder it was called the Emerald Isle. In the distance the port city of Olispona stood in the center of the isle, it's harbor as busy as one would expect from one of the centers of trade in Promise. The City of Merchants stood there beckoning for all seekers of trade and exotics.

Sven stands at the helm of his ship, the Aurora, pride of Snowhame, calling out orders to his crew as they make their way to the port. Gods above and below, it had been too long since the noble puma had really SAILED. The robust feline hands off the helm and lets his boys do their work as the ship is prepared for docking. "Anton!" he calls to his greying advisor, "Sven has business! Will return soon!" The hefty cat then procures a small boat and rows to shore ahead of the ship, mooring quickly and heading out along the wharf, looking for the Sunstrand.

Interestingly, the noble Snowmark has retained the clothes he purchased in Braevales, a heavy kilt and light shirt with all the trappings, including a tartan tam o shanter perched jauntily on his head.

Sven reaches the harbor, where he is as is standard questioned by the guard about his business here before he is given entry into the docks.

The docks are extremely busy, with beings from Thera'Dor, Cliffside, and even as far as Shralesta are here for trade. However, the Snowmark would finally find the Sunstrand docked in the dry docks undergoing repairs. There does not appear any of the ship's crew there, only a couple of Olispona City Watchbeings and the multitude of dock workers.

"OY!" Sven calls out to the watchmen near the Sunstrand, "Where is Sven finding pretty captain of pretty Sunstrand?" The burly puma swaggers up and looks over the hull, curious about the ship's maiden voyage. "Maybe you are seeing her?" he prods, "Pretty otter with pistols and short temper?"

The bored looking sea lion being shifts his gaze towards Sven, "Eh, I am not sure, Thera'Doran." he says before a dock worker who overheard the conversation pipes in, "Oh, Captain Cassandra should be in the Drowning Whale tavern, it is a popular tavern four blocks from here, can't miss it. One of the classier establishments in the docks too."

Of rather minimal note for the puma is perhaps the fact that both guards seem to be armed with muskets, rather than the usual melee weapons of other nations.

"Spasiba!" Sven crows before swaggering off in the indicated direction. He carries no weapons of his own, aside from his burly arms, and looks around the city with interest. It had been years since he had last come to Olispona on his father's ship. He had been too young to be anything but Sasha Snowmark's cabin boy back then. Everything seemed bigger back then. He takes in the city and its people as he keeps an eye out for the Drowning Whale.

The dock worker waves the puma being off before leaning closer to the watchbeing and whispering, "A Thera'Doran wearing Braevalian clothes, you don't see that everyday."

Sven continues his travels out of the dry docks and towards the harbor proper, rubbing shoulders with all manners of beings. The docks are indeed quite impressive and clean, as clean as any heavily used port is. The Adrussians made sure that most of the official buildings of the harbor were built from smooth stone, the architecture best described as a mixture between Venetian Gothic and Phoenician.

As he walks along the harbor, Sven would notice a large bulletin board with a lot of beings around it, mainly Andrussians and the occasional curious foreigner. "Those new taxes set by the council are unfair. The mainland totally had a greater boom in trade than us." a grumbling voice could be heard saying. It appears that this is where the local Andrussians post the new laws and rules concerning trade and port administration. Not far from the board is one of the more decorated buildings in the docks, a sign over the door proudly declaring 'The Drowned Whale Inn And Tavern' It is obvious from the facade that this is indeed one of the classier inns in the port, most likely a place for captains and merchants to spend a day or two.

Sven is only marginally interested in the bulletin boards. Maybe if he is incredibly bored, he will check it out later to report to Anton, but now his goal is in sight. The hefty puma swaggers to the door and shoves it open, smiling around the taproom and looking for Cassandra.

The guard at the door allows Sven in with an idle glance before the puma enters the quite fine establishment. Inside he is greeted by a rather clean and luxurious looking tavern, relative to this being the port and one for merchants and captains. Inside is a flurry of activity, with merchants and captains discussing work and trade while enjoying the finest of Andrussian cuisine. There is a hallway to the right that declares 'Private Booths' and stairs leading upward to the rooms. Cassandra is not hard to spot in this place. The otter captain is seated on a table with three other beings as she regales them with her maiden voyage, "...I sure didn't expect that much excitement from my first run, but all of a sudden spots and strange noises suddenly started appearing and I got really confused. The investigator who I talked to said that this might have been due to a spell or a dedication power..."

Sven makes a short stop at the bar to acquire two bottles of Snowhame's best before swaggering over to Captain Cassandra's table and flopping into a seat. The hefty puma sets the two bottles on the table and starts to pour. "Hello, pretty captain," he says in his thick accent, "Sven is hoping he finds you here!"

The otter being continues her story, "...so because of that I fired my first pistol, and apparently I almost hit that bastard of of ferret, but....", Cassandra stops as the strapping puma comes with his alcohol. The otter's face goes from surprise to rage in but a split second, and in the next second she already has one of her pistols trained at the puma, that temper sure puts berserkers to shame, "You are brazen, I will give you that." she growls.

By now the whole tavern have stopped what they were doing and swivled their heads to look at the commotion coming from the captain's table. The bartender rolls his eyes and sighs, "What is this time Cassandra? He looked at you funny?", the bartender quipped. The otter gives the bartender a death glare before looking back at Sven, "You attempt to steal my ship on my hers and my first voyage and now you return? You really want me to throw you into ocean don't you?"

"Sven is like ocean," the puma says with a smile, continuing to pour and distributing small glasses to the other beings at the table, "And Sven did not try to steal your ship." He tosses back his chosen paint thinner and gasps happily at the burning sensation in his throat. "Is good stuff!" he says, encouraging the others to drink. "Sven is told you are pirate," he says simply and pleasantly to Cassandra, treating her pistol as if it was not there at all, "But you are not pirate and other Freeswords are not so smart as Sven, so Sven is come for to apologize."

Outside, a salamander being weaves his way around the unfamiliar streets of Olispona. The small being is, for once, actually doing a courier run as opposed to pretending to do one. He checks the address on the package he's supposed to deliver. It requires a lot of asking directions from helpful beings, but he finally does manage to find the Drowning Whale tavern. He walks inside and starts making his way towards the barkeep, intending to ask him if he knows where he can find this 'Captain Cassandra'.

The otter being scowls at Sven, "So the Freeswords were the ones who took the contract? Your friends attacked after standing down, and you escaped, honor-less bastards."

From the opposite side of the tavern an audible tutting noise can be heard, "Now, now Cassandra. That is not the language a lady as beautiful as yourself should use." a baritone voice could be heard saying, the origin a strapping orca being, dressed in gaudy captain finery with more than a few buttons loosened on the front to show a good amount of his well-chiseled chest. "The poor being even came all the way here just to say he is sorry."

"None of your business, Girardino.", she says as she returns her attention to Sven. The barkeep looks down at Zuri as the conversation keeps on going before pointing him to the otter being as he leans closer to Zuri, "There she is, the captain with a temper shorter than the fuse of her cannons." The barkeep then raises himself again and shouts, "Cassandra, put that pistol in its place or I will call the watch. Also you have a package."

The otter being sighs and holsters her pistol, "Then bring it here, and I am still reporting you, Sven." as she eyes Zuri.

Sven gives an appreciative look at the orca. "Da!" he says, "Handsome friend is right! Sven is not hurting anyone! Sven even comes to make up for not so smart Freeswords." The hefty puma pours another glass and slides it across the table to the orca before pouring another drink for himself. "You are naming price or quest and Sven is doing this thing for you," he says, "Is best Sven can offer. Jail is not hold Sven long anyway. All Sven is doing is say Stop fighting and falling off boat."

Zuri nods at the barkeep, smiling gratefully. From this distance he can't quite recognize her, but as he walks over his eyes widen slightly, the salamander's gaze shifting from Cassandra to Sven and back, and then back again. "I.. uhm..." He paces forward almost timidly. He knwos Cassandra never spotted him during their failed assault on her ship, but still this is rather uncomfortable for him. "Hi, miss? Uh.. Captain Cassandra?" He asks, giving Sven a sideways glance before reaching into his satchel and retrieving a paper-wrapped parcel. "This is for you 'maam."

The tavern's crowd by now have mostly went to focusing on their own business. "Did nothing? Three of my crew were injured because of you and your friends." the otter scowls again. Another tutting noise and the orca is standing up, idly sauntering towards Cassandra's table with a cocky grin on his face, "Cassandra, dear. He is offering to pay you back, this is not the first time a misunderstanding of this sort ever happened now is it?" he says with a chuckle as he leans on the table, "Aren't you a Snowmark? See even if you put him in jail his family will bail him out."

Cassandra keeps an annoyed eye on the two ship captains before Zuri steps near her. The otter being takes the satchel from him and throws a couple of cold crowns in his hand, "Very well then, you nudist pervert. Ship repairs cost me fifty crowns, and a compensation for each injury to my crew, a hundred crowns each. And five hundred crowns for the trauma and delay caused by your attack. Make that eight hundred and fifty crowns, pay up, and I will drop the charges, but if I ever see you again doing that to me, I will have your head." she squeaks. Gesturing for Zuri to wait a minute.

Sven shoots a grin at the Orca. "Is not Sven's fault," he says smoothly, "Is Snowmark luck! Trouble is just follow us around." He turns icy blue eyes on Cassandra. "Nyet," he says simply, "Is too high. You think Sven is stupid? There is no delay, there is no trauma. Good captain is not sailing in storm like that one. Sven is gladly pay for repairs and is give gift to injured crew for stupid mistakes, but for troubles to you? Sven will pay for lost cargo from deck and take pretty captain to dinner."

Zuri smiles gratefully at Cassandra, and pockets the coin. He peers between the two of them as the conversation continues, but he knows his place in this conversation is nowhere near it. He starts to take a step away when Cassandra stops him with a gesture, and he nods obediently. The small amphibian glances at the orca that seems to be intent on joiing the conversation, trying to read his body language and intentions as he approaches.

The otter being stands up again and looks up at Sven, "Excuse me? I had to spend an extra day in there to treat my crew members, and I had to suffer watching a naked idiot jump into my cabin. You owe me for the lost business, and keep your dinner invitation for yourself."

The orca remains standing there in confident swagger, seemingly just enjoying this argument before noticing Zuri. The orca smiles and leans closer extending a hand to the salamander, "Captain Girardino da Ferrara, at your service. To whom I owe the honor?" he asks, voice polite but oozing confidence.

Sven waves a hand at the angry otter. "You are losing no business," he says, "You are not free merchant ship. You are having noble patron who owns lovely Sunstrand, you are lose no work, only little face." The puma sighs and looks at the orca. "Maybe you are help explain," he says to Captain Girardino, "And Sven will take beautiful orca to dinner instead." He seems a little confused by Cassandra's offense at his nude appearance in her cabin. "For why pretty Cassandra is angry about cabin?" he asks, "Sven did not touch cabin."

Zuri smiles nervously at the orca, his gaze shifting between the various participants. "I uhm.. I'm just a courier, sir, only here to make a delivery for Miss.. I mean.. for Captain Cassandra." The small 'mander would rather be anywhere else but here now.

The otter being squints at Sven, "And that money would have went for my patron's lost business." she squeaks. The orca pets Zuri on his head before smirking and standing up looking at the two, "How about we say five hundred crowns, three hundred fifty crowns for the damages, and a hundred fifty for the rest of the grievances?" the captain says with a smile, "Wouldn't you agree that that is fair, Cassandra, dearest?"

The otter being looks back at the other captain and growls, "That is Captain Cassandra for you, Girardino." To which the orca reacts to with a smile, "I will take that as a yes then. Now kiss and make up, while I treat our little friend here. The poor fellow must be tired." with that the whale turns towards Zuri and smiles as he gestures towards a seat at the bar, "You look new here, allow me to be the first to give you a proper introduction to Olispona."

Sven claps his hands once with a huge grin on his face. "A Bargain!" he crows and pours a glass of spirits for himself and one for Cassandra. "Your health!" he says, then tosses the drink back like water. He then produces a heavy sack of crowns and sets it on the table. "Eight hundred," he says, "Fifty for Sunstrand, two hundred each for wounded men and families and one fifty for captain to buy something nice, eh?" He gives her a hard stare, his smile temporarily dimmed. "You are asking fine price," he says, being careful to say things correctly, "But is foolish to think you are more important than your crew, Captain Cassandra. Pride is fine thing, but men are more important." The hefty puma's grin returns in full force and he pours another glass for himself. "Now!" he says, knocking it back, "Tell Sven about handsome friend."

Sven spends 800 Crown to: Vergelt

Zuri keeps following the conversation back and forth, until the orca turns it on him. The salamander is more than happy to take this out and move away from the table, so he offers the orca being a grateful smile and nod. "I would love to sit for a drink, sir!" The amphibian being lets himself be led to the bar counter, his tail swaying happily behind him. "This is my first time in Olispona, and in fact this far west of Sweetwater. It's a lovely place!"

The otter frowns even more at Sven, "That money was for my patron, not for me. Don't try to lecture me, pirate." he says as she takes the satchel from Sven before throwing it in front of one of the beings on the table, "Itthobaal, go and deposit this in the ship's coffers, I will hand them to the crew later." With that the otter being sits down back down, looking at the satchel, "Girardino? Go pester him yourself. I have other business to attend to." she says as he begins looking into the satchel.

The orca captain and Zuri are now seated back on his table, the orca grinning, "She is pretty, but that temper of hers is a problem, she is a good lass by the end of the day." he says with a grin, "Oh? First time here? Then allow me to welcome you to one of the finest islands of Andrussya. I must insist you try the spritz, it is one of the finer drinks here, a bit heavy however." the orca beings says as he stands up and walks towards the bar, "You know, I never been to Sweetwater before either, might visit sometime."

Sven laughs heartily. "Ah! You are angry one!" he chuckles, "If patrons are having problem with agreement, you are just send them to Sven. Was only mistake. Sven is sorry he falls overboard. This is cause many problems for all." He pours again for himself and tosses back another drink. "Drink, Angry Captain!" he says jovially, "We make you proper seaman!"

Zuri smiles brightly at the orca. "I'll have to try some of that then! And if you ever visit Firmament I will be more than happy to return the favour and introduce you to some of our wine and ale. Just ask for the Freeswords' Inn, everyone knows where it is. I'm usually there when not out on assignment." He offers with a grin. "Which to be fair isn't very often these days. Lots happening to keep us busy you know?"

The captain continues drinking her own beverage as he closes the satchel, "I am more of a seaman than you will ever be." she comments idly as she takes another swig. The two other beings on her table drinking as well without commenting.

The orca grins and nods is head at Zuri, "Of course, of course. We know all about the troubles brewing in Cliffside, terrible for business. I hear the council is even considering changing some of our business arrangements with them, things might get even more interesting soon." he says with a chuckle, "But a lot of the councilors still believe that our old alliance with them is more important than a temporary difficulties in trade."

Sven sighs. It seems that this woman was as strange and unapproachable as the barbarians in Sweetwater. The puma empties the first bottle of spirits into his own glass and raises it to Cassandra. "If you say, Angry Captain," he says after downing the strong drink, "Other bottle is gift. Sven wishes you the luck. Take care of pretty Sunstrand, eh?" Then the hefty puma rises from his seat and swaggers over to the bar to plop down beside the Orca on the opposite side from Zuri. "She is new captain, da?" he asks, "She is not having sea in her blood yet."

Zuri nods at the orca's words. "A lot of beings trying to take advantage of the situation too. Any vacuum of power, any lapse in supply, any excess of demand.. all opportunities to be taken advantage of, yea?" He smiles as Sven takes a seat across from him. "She seemed rather upset, Sir."

Quaffs his drink and guffaws as he eyes Zuri, "What did you expect, kid? Such is the life of Cliffside, at least that keeps only the best in power." he says as Sven comes in, bringing another snicker from the orca. "She is a fiery one. Orphan as far as I know, she started working in the docks when she was about ten. She got into her first fight when she was fourteen." he says with a laugh, "Worked here and there until she got offered the position of a captain for the Kanmis. They are a minor merchant house here, they recently had their break when the trouble in Cliffside caused a short supply of fruit wines, and also a delay in the shipment of some novel by a Cliffside writer or some such. Got enough to buy a ship, and they hired her for the ship." The whale captain orders another drink for himself, Zuri, and Sven, "Here try the spritz." he tells the puma captain.

Sven grins and accepts the offered drink, taking a long swig! "Ah!" he sighs, "Sven is always happy for trying local culture!" And booze. Always the local booze. He looks the big orca up and down. "And sometimes Sven likes trying some of the locals," he says, "You have been on Thera'Doran Clipper before, Captain? Is very steady ship. Maybe you are like to see?"

Zuri looks between the two of them, the salamander grinning a bit wider at Sven's words. He nods. "That certainly does seem to be the Cliffside way. And the folk in Firmament are more than happy to capitalize on it if they can as well." That grin has died down to an amused smirk as the salamander slides off the stool and excuses himself. "Unfortunately I really should be going, I have a long trip back to Sweetwater after all, and my work here is all done. Maybe I will see you again someday?" He asks more to the orca being, before waving his goodbyes and exiting the establishment.

Raises a brow at Sven and guffaws, "Smooth sailing there." the orca being says as he waves at Zuri, "Pity, you could have joined us kid." the orca said with a wink before looking back at Sve, "Thera'Doran ships and sturdy? Hah, if you want to check a real ship then an Adrussian galleon is your target kid. I will show you around The Brazen Cavalier, and then maybe I will show you my captain quarters." the orca says with a grin.

Sven grins so big that it looks like his face might split in half. "We are needing to test this!" he says, "We will see how sturdy Cavalier is!" The puma waves to the bartender. "Three bottles of best drink you are having!" he calls, "Sven will take bottles with!"