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After the sun sets it is just starting to get cold. Mira needed to do a great deal of thinking. Between Arimia trying to cut her off of all drink, and just about everyone telling her to not be a noble anymore, she couldn't keep her head straight. Angus said he'd never tell, but, oh, her head hurt and she needed a drink. But Arimia was at the bar, and while that was true... maybe she should just have that 'coon thrown in irons. She goes to the edge of the beach and sets her bare paws into the water. She ment to go talk to Kilsa, but... she couldn't find her, not at the fortress and not at the orphanage. She picks up some sand and uses math to make it a stone. She tries to skip it across the water, but it only sinks and she sighs as she looks out.

The Fox is at the edge of the beach dress only in his pants as he practices with a wooden sword. "Remember the sound and remember the target." He begins to swing harder and harder until the blade whistles, "Good job.... Now focus and make it sing." He does a complex series of moments that causes the blade to whistle in a very odd way. "Not good enough." He sighs and stabs the wooden sword into the ground. "I'll get there." He says calmly before sitting on the sand as his ear twitch and his body feel a familiar warmth. "Mira?" He looked around and noticed the Fox Noble. "Hello!" He starts to slowly get up his body feeling better than before as he approaches the female.

Mirana looks up over to Yuric and blushes deeply. She gets up and runs over to hug him, the warm sand feeling good between her toes, "Oh.. how fortunate I am to find you here..." she says as she nuzzles against him. Her staff and most of her reservations left where she was sitting. "What are you doing here? And so late?" She nuzzles over him many times, her hand upon his chest as her thoughts are, for a moment, forgotten.

Yuric smiles, "I think fortune smiles upon us both. I feel truly bless by those Creator saints." He smiled and moved closer, "I am training my skill with the blade, I once saw an eagle slice hard enough with a wooden sword to leave deep cut along the sands and I wish to get my own glad to the power that his has." He chuckles, "What brings you along to the beach at this hour? Come to see the waves?" He moves closer to give the fox an embrace.

Mirana sighs as she is held there and holds Yuric. "No, I came to try and think, to solve my problems, but I think I'm more confused now then when I first started." As she runs a hand though his fur she feels oddly comforted, but even he was a source of problem, "I don't know what the court would think if someone saw us out here like this." she says, looking into his eyes a moment. Then, a question comes to mind, "When... when you see me, for the first time each time, what do you see first?" she ask tilting her head.

"I saw a beauty that looked down and needed some company but just moment from talking to you. I wasn't just looking at the fox with titles, I was staring into the sun, I wanted to enjoy that warmth as much as I can and help it shin brighter and brighter." Yuric smiles and releases the hug, "Everything about you is warm and pleasurable. I want to be a good source of kindling for that magificent fire."

Mirana blushes and just stares for a long, long time. She looks up into his eyes, then pulls into him and cries. She just cries and cries. Her clothes scream a confident noble woman, but her mind yells at how false that is. She takes a hand and balls it into a fist, gently beating on Yuric's chest, "Why can't others see something like that...." she sobs, "I need a drink... or.. something.. I just need something."

He takes the soft punches calmly, "Others have thier own standard, I was seen as homeless street filth and a bandit before I got my name cleaned. Even then I am looked down upon for my lack of knowledge of the customs of the firmament." Yuric took Mirana's hand and started to walk with her, "Lets walk off some of that sadness. No matter what I think your great, I'm happy to be around you and anyone that doesn't see the brightness that I see is a blind fool." He said while giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

Mirana looks up to Yuric's eyes again and nods. She lets him lead her around the beach, "You know... I've been thinking. Maybe joining the priesthood would be a good idea. I grabbed a journeyman soul to help me with My Lady Ironsoul in teaching me to craft and build. I have to admit, I liked the feeling I got from patching people up. It was... nice." She brushes a stray hair out of her face and leans against Yuric. "It is awful cold out these nights, are you doing ok with no shirt?"

A knowing look crossed his face, "I know I should be but being near you has me feeling warm and happy." Yuric smiled and put his arm around the female fox, "There Now I'm very warm and happier!" He said before answering her question, "I know little of the church we don't have many folk of the church come by the island so I don't know their rules or how they work. The only priest I have seen was only a user of the soulgem." He admitted.

Mirana continues to walk along for a bit, then stops, letting Yuric walk on a bit, but never letting his hand go. "I need to know, what would you have with me. My friends, my team, and even you say to put my title by the wayside and just be myself. What would you have of me? If I were a commoner, what then? Or, if I were royal instead? If we had all the time we wanted, and all of Promise was ours, what would you have of us?" She looks a bit hopefully up to Yuric's eyes, her tails wagging for the first time in a couple of days.

"Well that is the best part. I am not your other friends, I would have you be you. If your a noble then make with that. If you are a commoner then make with that but with us you are above any silly station. I want you for you. I would have everything yo uwould want to have with me." He blushed a little and his tail wagged. "I want you in my life and I want you happy, I am not noble and my origins are lowly to the folks of this place. I don't want to drag you down but if you request it and desire it." He bows to one need and takes her hand to his muzzle giving her a soft kiss. "I will be whatever my sun needs of me."

Mirana blushes deeply and just looks up to Yuric. She couldn't... she shouldn't. He was just an outsider, a commoner, and ... her father wouldn't approve. Not for a second of them even talking except if Yuric managed to get an audiance. She comes in close to Yuric and sighs, "So... this is what it is like to not have anyone judge you first, or have expectations..." she thinks back, all her life, expectations, judgements, or both. Even Arimia, Selena, and Bite had judged her first. Then again, she had to admit, she didn't give them much to not judge her with. She shouldn't... but, she does. She pushes Yuric, very playfully but very firmly, intent to push him on the sand and fall herself after him.

"This is the chance for the sun to shine as brightly as she want." He smiles as he allows her to fall on top of him and gives her a big kiss. "Your choices are you own and I won't ever take that away from you." He said being playfur and planting kisses along her muzzle.

Mirana giggles and rolls with Yuric, getting her Ironsoul dress completely covered in sand. Eventually her giggles break into laughs. She blushes at all the kisses planted on her, and returns them. Eventually she leans back on the sand with a sigh, looking into Yuric's eyes with ... an almost wery look. She leans up to him and whispers something before, with another giggle, she settles herself into the sand.

A large blush goes across Yuric face as he looks at her. "Well..." He hugs her tightly before whispering into her ears before blushing even harder at his confession. "I would be love to....so very much." He says before giving her a far more intimate kiss.

Mirana murrs softly under the kiss. When he is done though, she leans up to him again, nibbling his ear and whispering something else. Then she just nuzzles against him for a while, giving a lick to his muzzle. Her tails swish through the sand under her as she waits his answer.

"So we shall." Yuric responds as he continue to nuzzle the affectionate fox, "You are great, my little sun." He nibble her neck affectionately and rubs his hands up and down her back. "Creator bless this day forever." He thanked everything saint that he could remember which only totalled to one. He leans in and whispers in her ear.

Mirana thinks a moment, some of her old reservations coming back to her. She blushes and squarms a bit a moment before resolve hits her. He was right though, so, she gets up, wiggling out from her laying position, to lead Yuric off, "I have just the place in mind..." and she leads him to her room in the freeswords inn, caution, "Now, I'll go in first, you follow a few minutes, bring some sweet wine, my room number is ..."

The fox looks a little disappointed as she leaves him and smiles, "I'll be there right after I get my things and the best wine a warrior can afford." He winked and chuckled to himself watching her as she left him. "I'm so lucky and..." He shivered as she took her warmth with her. "...cold." He hurried to get his things.