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It was a pleasantly warm, clear afternoon in Firmament. Zuri and Reginald would have received some invitations from Rokarion to visit their new head quarters. While Kyth would have been directed there by the Freeswords guild staff.

The place was a slightly new looking square in the Academy district, obviously one build in the recent couple of decades from the looks of it. There were a number of alchemical and book shops here as well as one inn that catered to Shralestan visitors, having the theme, cuisine, as well as staff from Shralesta. The last building of not here was an average sized building designed to look a bit like a meeting hall or a city call, the size of the building was a bit shy of the inn here. A sign above the double doors proclaimed 'The Pathfinder's Society', and near the door step was a small noticeboard filled with rules and regulations, as well as some advertisements. The double doors itself had some ornate looking knockers on them. The one of the doors of the building were open, and a small sign on the sign proclaimed 'Official opening', looks like Rokarion definitely did not believe in big parties, or at least not for temporary locations.

Kyth took her time to wander the square, sampling a meal at one of the resturants before finally making her way to the building she was directed to. The Otter is a festive bright blue today for no particular reason as she steps up to the bullentin board and begins reading, her tail flickering slightly back and forth behind her. Upon returning to Firmament the woolen cloak the Otter was using has been abandoned, but she still carries the leather pouch affixed around her waist and use her staff as a walking stick as she gets around.

Zuri is standing outside the new headquarters, looking up at the sign above the double doors with a critical eye. "Mmm.. I don't think it's big enough..." He steps throught he double doors and heads inside, very large knapsack in tow. "Rokarion? Is everything ready yet? I brought all the cookies you told me not to eat all by myself!" He snickers and starts emptying the contents of the knapsack onto the improvised snack table near the main room. "Also I don't think our sign is big enough, we need a new one!"

Bazalt Blinks as he arrives outside the building. "well.. this is the place... somehow i expected... bigger.. grander.. mind.. you since that spirit.. party things ever-aand talking to myself.." he sighs and frowns. Realizing he hasnt dressed up at all.."I.. need to get fancier clothing..ACtually i need better clothing full stop.." HE sighs and frowns before heading in. Heres to going well.

The beings stepping inside would be greeted by a large lobby, in fact the whole ground floor is one big common room, the back of the room acting as a sort of cafeteria while the front side is decorated with notice boards and more furniture for clients and other visitors. There are two staircases that start near the front of the lobby and lead upstairs to a indoor balcony.

There are a number of beings busying themselves, either moving furniture or doing paper work. Rokarion is standing in the center of the room talking to one of the employees before Zuri enters.

The plant being shakes his head as Zuri puts the cookies on the nearby table, "I think that the size is big enough, you have to remember that we are on a limited budget. While the recent contract gave us some generous payment, we still need to store a good portion of it to buy a more permanent, and bigger building." he answers back, "Oh, and by the way. Our rooms is upstairs now. I had to move us out of the inn to cut back on some costs." the plant being continued before leaning closer to whisper something to Zuri. Rokarion then looks back up as Bazalt enters, "Hello Bazalt, how may I help you?" the plant being asks.

Reginald quickly hurries through the streets, no doubt aware that he's running a little late. He's quite a strange sight this time, not dressed up for traversing the wilderness. Instead, he sports some slightly formal clothing, complete with light cloak, and has an ageing sword hanging, in its scabbard, from his waist. Arriving at the new HQ a little after everyone else, the lynx pauses for a moment. Impressive. Proud to be a part of an endeavour that can support such a place, and legally at that, the feline enters with a smile on his face.

Kyth watches a few beings come and go as she reads the exterior bulletin board, and then decides to head on inside. The bright blue Otter-girl saunters in at a casual pace, a flick from her tail with each step in the direction her hips sway. Once she gets a little ways into the common room she leans on her staff and looks it over, a smile touching her face as she spots the Salamander laying out cookies. She looks over the others, most she's seen before either at the Inn or during the expedition a little ways back.

Bazalt Smiles to The palnt and Sighs "Nope.. I.. just thought I'd come.. You know support and all that.." He nods a few tims and sigsh, So out of place here, and not Dresed any diffrently. If anything he seems to stick out more. "I..it's a nice... place.. here.. ya know" he nods and gulps. shifting nervously.

Zuri finishes laying out the cookies, and immediately helps himself to one. No... three of them. Sandwiched on top of each other. Two chocolate chip cookies on either side of a triple-chocolate cookie. He munches greedily, tail flittig happily from side to side. "Okay, if you say so Rokarion.. but first thing we do next time we have lots of money is get a sign five times bigger!" He turns to spot the otter looking at him, blinking before he recognizes her. "Kyth! Welcome to the Pathfinder's Society! Come have a cookie or five, on the house!"

The beings working around stop to give the other people greetings before carrying on with their work, Reginald and Zuri would recognize some of them, while others are clearly recently hired by Rokarion. In fact the great bustard who was with the group in Braevales is sitting in the back of the lobby, checking the ledgers.

Rokarion nods his head at Zuri, "How about this, next time you get to design the sign and logo yourself?" the plant being said in his usual nonchalant tone before nodding his head at Reginald as he arrives and at Bazalt. Rokarion then looks at Kyth, raising a slight brow at the skimpy attire and odd coloring. Rokarion nods his head, "Miss Kyth is it?" he asks after hearing Zuri say the name and then recalling the recent paper work done by the great bustard, "How may I help you, miss? I recall that you have done work for the society recently, a couple of days ago in fact. Is there any problem?"

Giving a quick nod in greeting to Kyth as he passes he, and raising his hand in a wave to Zuri, Reginald then recognises Bazalt and Rokarion over on the other side of the room. Making his way over to join them, he calls out, "glad you could join us, Bazalt" before turning to Rokarion "met this wolf in the inn, seems like he can handle himself." He finishes by turning back to the uncertain wolf, "so, what do you think of this place - quite impressive, isn't it?"

Kyth's smile widens and she gives Zuri a little wave. She eyes his stack of cookies and nods to herself, "Alright I guess I just will have to try one then!" Half way to the table she turns her attention to Rokarion for a moment, listening as she finishes her movement and reaches out with a paw to pick up one of the delicious looking triple chocolate cookies and gives it a sniff, "Yes, Kyth Risahlan. Well I'm here to inquire about membership. The wanderlust grows strong within me." She grins a little as she bites into the cookie, taking a small nibble for taste testing.

Bazalt jumps slightly at REginalds speaking and looks him over."I.. Feel Terribly underdressed and that i Stick out...I.. need more clothes he mumbles. "Oh what? Yeah nice place" he nods, tail wrapped round the nearest thing.. whice was Reginalds leg and not his for once.

Zuri smiles as wide as he can. "Kyth, you want to join the Society? That's great news! Please, we can get it sorted right away, can't we Rokarion?" He turns to the plant being. "We do have stacks of paperwork ready to go so we can fast-track Kyth through the whole thing right? I can vouch for her!" His tail whips excitedly.

Rokarion shakes his head at Zuri's excitment as he picks up a couple papers from a nearby stack and hands them to Kyth, "Don't worry about it Zuri. She can join." he tells the energymander before looking back at Kyth, "Please fill those forms, they won't take you ten minutes."

A little startled by the actions of the Bazalt's tail, the lynx lets out a cough to bring attention to it, but can not help letting a smile at the shy wolf escape him. Looking at Bazalt's attire, he replies, "there really is no need to worry about it." Motioning at the rest of the beings present, he continues, "look around you. Most are dressed in a similar fashion as yourself." Then he turns to himself. This feline really does not look comfortable in his formal clothing, and to be dressed as such is no where near normal for him. He makes a point of undoing his top button. "As for me, I wouldn't normally be caught dead dressed this way ... but I ... sort of had some business to attend to that required it." Reginald keeps the remaining details of this business close to his chest ...

Kyth continues nibbling away on the scrumptious cookie as Zuri speaks to Rokarion, and has it finished by the time the paperwork has been handed to her. She shifts her staff into the crux of her left arm and dusts her paws off before accepting them, giving the papers a cursory look over and noding faintly, "Will do! And thanks. She gives Zuri another smile as she giggles at his antics, "You just never deplete on energy do you?" She folds the papers up for now, tucking them into the leather satchel resting on her right hip.

Bazalt Blinks and shakes his head at the lynx "I ah sorry!"he tail curls and he blushes under his fur "S..sorry i thought it -Hwy cookies!" HE says before rusing to the plate and napping one, chewing it one and swalloing it.. before coughing and gulping it down hard, poor guy.

Zuri smiles down at Kyth, beaming a bright smile following her question. "Sometimes, but that's what the cookies are for. And all that adventuring we do." He starts moving towards the bigger adjacent room. No use standing around in the lobby! "So, any questions about the Society you'd like to ask? You know, on account of possibly wanting to make an informed decision."

Shaking his head, Reginald moves over to join the others. "I take it that business is good, Rokarion. This place can't have come cheap." He pauses for a moment to admire the surroundings. "Is there a high demand for what the Pathfinders Society offers, then?"

The snacks table does not only have cookies but also small sandwiches, some home-cooked pies, filled with cherries, berries, and the last one with lamb and onions. The drinks were simply orange juice, water, and exotic Andrussian pineapple juice.

Rokarion looked at Kyth and pursed his lips, "Miss, you know you could fill them right now on the bench." he says as he points at the table with some stationary on it, and a couple other beings filling the forms, "You know, just to speed up the process." the plant being adds before looking down on Zuri and leaning closer to whisper into his ear.

Bazalt Gulps and takes a breather "Shhh.. it's ok.. just your nerves.. RElax Bazalt.."He smiles and nods to himse turinging round and heading back to the rest. "So... if i was thinking of... joining up.. what'd be happening?" He asks, still sound quite.. on edge, his tail does wag on the ground behind him a slight bit however even if it's a bit twitchy.

Kyth 'ah's softly, "Yes cookies, unlimited energy source." Another airy giggle escapes the otter's snout. Before moving off she snatches up one of the sandwiches and gives it a nibble before turning to follow Zuri, tilting her head a bit, "Oh no not really, except I assume no one is going to tell me I cannot continue my street performances?" A nod is given to Rokarion, "I'll get around to filling them out before I leave good sir!" The otter's tail slowly wraps about her right leg to avoid it bumping into people as the work on rearranging the furniture and such.

Zuri blinks, turning to smile at Kyth. "You're a performer? Wow!" He nibbles on his lip, then smiles. "I should introduce you to a friend of mine, maybe you two could put an act together! And no, not at all, you're free to continue doing all the things you normally do, even take Freesword contracts and whatnot. The Society is after all just a group of fellow sharing interests and working together to uncover more of Promise. We're about opening doors, not closing them."

Rokarion nods at Kyth, "Very well, and as Zuri said, the society does not stop you from doing anything else you want. In fact the society is not taking any legal responsibility for anything done by its members outside the society's, eventual, halls and expeditions." Rokarion adds, "However, members can ask for permission for using the halls for their own purposes, given that it is legal and agreed upon by the appointed officials." The plant beings looks at Zuri as he mentions a 'street performer' and rubs his chin, "Who is your street performer friend, Zuri?" the plant being asks curiously before looking back at Bazalt near the snacks table, "You will fill the paperwork, and we will do a background check, and accept the vouches by other beings, before letting you in." he adds.

Bazalt Blinks and nods. "I.. See-and. -ah b the way nice place here." He says and smiles "oh and Hello Zuri, My sweettoothed friend!" He chuckles and grins before blinking as his eyes Drift to the otter. "o..-h He..hello..." He stammers. "I.. how.. ..Hi.." he mumbles

Zuri turns to smile at Rokarion. "Yea! That Jester that sometimes shows up here in Firmament, or sometimes up in Eastbank." He turns to Kyth again. "The Jester is quite strange, but very talented. I thought I was good at acrobatics until I met him. Boy was I ever wrong." He smiles brighter as he sees Bazalt. "Hey there! Come on and join us, have some cookies! How are you doing Bazalt?"

Kyth flicks her gaze between Rokarion and Zuri, nodding softly in comprehension. Noticing Bazalt looking her over she smiles and dips slightly at the waist in a soft bow towards the wolf, "Good day to you and hello. We met at the tavern last week." She offers Bazalt and charming smile and turns back towards Zuri, nodding gently, "Yes I dance and perform small tricks with my magical talents to turn a crown or two."

Reginald , not batting an eyelid at the fact that his questions had gone unanswered, was busy still taking in the surroundings. Having lived his life at the bottom of society, he was way out of his depth here, barely avoiding bumping into the workers as they busied themselves.

When he hears the wolf express a interest in the group, he snaps back into reality, and moves alongside the plant being. The lynx bends close and whispers to Rokarion, his voice carrying a serious tone. "I don't know what your stance is on shadows, but how many have you met who are nervous, or who show remorse for their actions? ... And don't forget about the dangers ruins frequently hold. There are few as martially trained as a shadow. Might be worth some serious consideration?"

Bazalt Blinks "Oh.. Miss.. miss. Kyth?" HE bows his head and Sighs "Yeah sorry.. I'm just.. outa my depth here.. like... so outta my depth i'm probally drowing.." he chuckle and rubs the back of his head, sighing.

Rokarion nods his head in understanding at Zuri, "Ah, that trouble maker. I see, didn't you hear? He was being chased by some guards in the Castle district when he removed an aristocrats wig during one of his performances. I hear that the assembled beings really liked that unexpected chase 'performance.'" the plant answered, voice as apathetic as usual. The plant being raises a brow as Reginald begins whispering in his ear, whatever he was feeling was obviously almost impossible to tell with his frigid expression. Rokarion raised a brow at Reginald before simply pointing to the paper stack nearby, "As I just said, applications are there, anyone who wants to join should fill them." After he finishes his response, Rokarion's attention is grabbed by the great bustard, "Now if you would excuse me, Mister Reginald. I have things to attend." he adds before he moves towards the bustard.

Zuri smiles at Kyth. "Oh, well, you should not worry about having to perform to turn a crown or two from now on. If anything, do it for love of the art, or because you like it. We in the Society will ensure that you are well paid for your services, you won't be left wanting for anything!"

Kyth takes a bite of her sandwich and chews it slowly as she listens to the conversations around her, another smile giving to Bazalt and his akward nature. Kyth leans her head against the top of her staff a moment as she thinks, "Well that's good to know at least. I come from a family of wanderers, so that's why I'm drawn to the Society. Since I'm not good at haggling prices to take over my father's business, I must find another way to wander freely."

Reginald , after accepting Rokarion's goodbye, and returning it in kind, retrieves a pours himself a drink from the buffet table, before finding a place to stand a little away from the three other beings. Keeping to himself, he mostly busies himself with watching the goings on in the humming hall, only every now and again glancing back over to the group.

Bazalt Blinks And Sighs "family..." He trails off. Ahh one of those things he'd probally never have. He grabs anotehr cookie and munches on it slowly as he glances over to the papers. To join or not?.. "What kida work do you expect to do?" he asks as he debates it-anything to get his mind off.. how.. lonely he was.

Zuri perks up and turns to Bazalt, grinning. "Well, first what we won't do. We're not the Freeswords. We're not going to get involved in bandit clearing and dodgy, pseudo-military work like that. Mind, there's nothing wrong with us members taking Freesword contracts on the side, not at all!" He reaches over for a piece of the lamb pie, rather than a cookie. "Now, what will we do? Surveying, exploring, scouting. New paths, newly discovered mines, ruins, forests no being has seen before. We want to see more of Promise than any other single being has seen before, and we want to find things no other being has found."

Rokarion spends more than ten minutes with the bustard before he returns back to the front section of the hall, the plant being pets Zuri's head before looking at Bazalt, "Didn't check any of the fliers? Exploration whether new lands or ruins, lore collection, planned side businesses in the future." he says before looking at Kyth, "What Zuri said is a bit optimistic and romantic, but that is the idea. However as you might have noticed there will be a small fee for the society, to keep it funded, which also gives access to the rest of the society's perks and services. While the planned constant fee will be four crowns a month once everything is finally set up, currently it will be a crown a month. The current services are the dorms for any member to sleep here, I am afraid we don't have personal rooms, but we have both female only and male only dorms. There is also access to free repair services, with a blacksmith that we contracted down in the market, and finally free trips to any other nation on Promise, if on work for the society."

Kyth nods softly as she listens to the details explained, "That would be fine, I'm sure I have enough saved up and will make enough working for the Society to keep up the cost of membership." She finishes off her sandwich and dusts her paws off again before taking her staff in both hands and leaning on it, "Definately sounds like my cup of tea!"