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A rare sight is the little mouse sitting in a cotner with a bottle of wine and a wine glass. Her attention seems to be focused on the red liquid in her glass.

A heavily cloaked shelled folk enters the Diseased Pig, dropping a few crowns with the bartender and moving over towards the dark corner gradually, as though they were looking for something and did not find it, and were mearly settling for the corner. They take a seat and stay silent for a few seconds, inspecting the mouse.

Agrona give a small slutry gaze at the crab, "I know you didn't come to visit me to admire my form. There is a nice place call the twin pillow for that." She says before taking a long drink of her wine. "Though I must admit that I don't mind the gaze of any who find little old me appealing."

Garma laughs. "Though you're beautiful I'm taken, I couldn't uh... yeah. I came to speak to you to see if you'd heard some of the things going around lately about.. me." he says, looking slightly nervous.

"Well the rumor mill is something I try to keep in the loop of but other than rumors of a romantic interest I haven't hear anything." She says with a coy experession. "Would you like to indulge a little mouse about the tales of my most trusted friend." Agrona speaks softly and shakes hear head. "You look afraid. Shadows have fangs but you have much more power than a common creature of the night."

Garma sighs. "Well... my love interest is... prying. She says shes going to find out with or without my words, and... she voiced her concern about something I had been saying in my sleep, nothing substancial but it gave her suspicion that something might be wrong. I made sure to keep her in the dark but her wishes for me are that I back out of whatever 'contract' i'm in, asking to the point of who she would have to kill to do so. This complicates things, if she finds out I think she'll shoot me. If I back out, I know you'll kill me, so far it's not been in your nature to leave loose ends lying around. I figured you should know there may be some kinks coming up along the line. Her suggestion to me, was to dissapear. An accidental misfire, I vanish, this is what she expects of me. What do you think, of all this? My initial concerns were the quip I'd picked up, but that can wait." The crab seems very nervous, watching the rodent carefully. He knows this isn't a good position to be in.

"You've already made yourself out to be a loose end yet you still breathe. I would not be the type of monster to kill my second just because I feel that they may have a fault. Now your love interest is another thing, I suggest you tell her whatever you need to because she is also a loose end." Agrona chuckles and drinks her wine, "If you love her you will protect her if not I can easily make her less... of a problem." She reaches over and places a hand on Garma's face. "If you need someone to replace her I can ease that tension during your crisis of the heart. I can also assure you that nothing you do under me is pointless."

Garma contemplates the rodents words and nods, the hand on his face recieving a smile. "I will do what I can to impede her prying, for her sake. I do love her, and I don't want to see her dead. If it comes to me having to 'dissapear', can I rely on you to help me vanish from the world and remain in your services?" he asks. "And er.. I uh... you're quite generous." he says, laughing and flexing a little, falling prey to his old vices.

The mouse smiles, "I'm not a monster, I'm a female with a mission. There is a difference. Now please cheer up, I don't want someone that is going to be very rich and successful being upset over matters involving the heart." Agrona gives a wide grin. "I could make you disappear but that would take a lot of funds I would need you to earn in the first place. I mean getting you the right identification, getting my contacts in a few villages to rewrite their records then your sudden disappearance when I require you." She shakes her head, "Play this wisely my big sexy crab and things will go great for you and you even get the benefit of being on my good grace." She leans in and whispers to the crab. "So other than that how have you been?"

If the crab turns an even deeper shade of red a second and nods slowly. "That's uh... alright." he says, apparently agreeing with everything she said. He shifts in his chair and orders a drink, falling into casual conversation for when it's brought over. "I've been well, Lady Ironsoul had a couple of common folk over to her fortress for some story swapping, in exchange for weaponry. I got a new cannon." he says and laughs. "Things are going great for me, couldn't be better. How about you?" he says and smiles, turning red again and whispering to her.

Angel walks into the Diseased Pig, and orders a drink, dark beer before glancing about. The very drab and plain looking wolf spots Agrona and Garma taking the beer and walking over to them, "Pleasure to see both here..." and he takes a seat, "So, what were we talking about before I walked up?" he says. He has a perpetual frown, like something was always bothering him, or always causing him pain.

"I've been well." Agrona look at Angel, "We been chatting on working conditions. How about yourself? I see your looking a little grim but that seems to be the course for you." She smiles widely and look to the wolf, "How has life been treating you this day?" The spike mouse finishes off her glass before pouring another.

Garma eyes the newcomer and nods, shaping up in the presence of company. "Just a couple of odds and ends I needed to address, although I do have one more. There were some feathers laying around when I departed, was this intended?" he asks, unsure of how they were meant to implement anything.

Angel caughs a moment and drinks from his mug, "Don't worry about the feathers, no one will find much to trace off them." He says very very quietly. "And, pay no attention to my grimness either, just keep paying me and all will be good and happy," He says then takes another swig, "so, what odds and ends need addressing, and anything I can do for you?" He slides Fang out slightly to indecate his main meaning, but that isn't all he is good at. "And life? Life is hell, then you die. I'm just trying to make it a little more bareable." He looks distant a moment, a bit of a snarl on his features a second before he fakes a smile, "But, how about the progress we're making boss?"

"The state of affairs are going better than expected, The blackbacks will be on trail, the Bad King and all his subordinates seem to be busy fighting shadows, bone dragon raids and bandits to even notice the noose closing in to our goal." The mouse gives a soft laugh, "You've been my key players, the lower end folk in my works are doing stuff to keep tensions high. A very good deal for us, makes it easier and allows for much more leeway in our projects."

Garma laughs. "Well if we're the key players, then lets play the game. I can only assume you are working up some big plans, is there anything you need from us right now?" he asks as he downs a portin of his drink and smiles. He does take a minute to eye 'fang', reaching for his back strapped and bound weapon, working it free he sets the heavy object on his thighs.

Angel looks to Garma and thinks a moment, "Far to big and heavy for my tastes, but I can see where it would be useful." he says, before looking up to Agrona "And I do agree with our crustation friend, what is our next task?" He looks a bit uneasy, but focuses on the Spiky Mouse's words. "And friend, while that thing can get many a job done, if you need something done a bit more... quietly, just ask, but be sure you have the crowns for it too."

"I see that your both eager and I like that. I do have a job comming up soon but I need you to stay out of visual range. Now the blackbacks are going to be busy at the trial. Now that will have the King and others busy..." She peers around with a smile, "We are going after mange square but we are going to do it under the guise as the solacious clan, they have a sizable number of war golems. I need you, Garma to drop a bombardment to the trial it won't do much against the defense but it will stir up the beehive. Angel I need you to activate and send the golems through shanty town, I have a target that I need to make dead myself during the chaos. My target is the shadow that is a almost as well guarded as the kind himself." Agrona smiles wickedly, "If that fails I will target a few shadows that are less guarded."

Garma nods. "I will do my best, but none of us are fox, and getting away after bombarding a trial will be tricky. Do you have plans to distract the city guard?" he asks curiously, trying to plan out his best method of carrying this out. "And thank you for the offer, but I don't see those situations very often. I'm simply not hired for that task."

Angel thinks a moment, "And I'm no golem controller, but I'll do something to figure it out." he says "Do you just want them to run down Mange square or actually trash the place?" He thinks a bit more, "And as for the guards and such Garma, I wouldn't worry too much about them. Last I checked I could out fly anyone." He drains his beer and orders another, "Now, payment for this. Do you want to talk piece meal? A price per golem I get to run down the square, or flat cost?"

"This mission isn't developed yet. The distraction that I had was a series of minor explosive math that is triggered on step." The mouse smiles at Angel, "Payment is a non-issue for me. I want them to trash the place, I would like to see it burning from my own vantage point. A flat cost is much better than looking at a long recipet I got to remember but I'm waiting on confirmation on my other plan before I set this in motion because I would like to stir a few shanty town residents in this mix looking for a bit of skunk to skin." Agrona smiles and drinks another sip of her wine.

Garma laughs. "You can sort out my pay on your own, I don't need to discuss it with you. I'm sure i'll be compensated properly." he says, moving his cannon back to strap it on his back. He orders another drink and starts to speak casually, saying "Well how much would you say a new set of chainmail would run a shelled folk like me?" He doesn't really need it, his armor is perfect for him but he can't outright talk about the subject at hand until his drink arrives.

Angel shurgs, "Ok, flat rate it is then, and... humm.. well, you have compensated me well so far too, but you'll know if I feel you didn't pay enough." As his next drink comes to him he wonders a moment, "I've, got something I need to do, in Shanty town. If you need me, just send up a signal, I'll see it and come to you." he says. "I don't know how much that would cost Garma, now, if you'll excuse me." He says rather bitterly, fingering something in his pocket as he goes, leaving the drink behind but paying for it. The details, he wasn't too concerned about. He had to figure out how to get an army of golems to chase him down the square and run a muck, that was all he needed to know.

The mouse nods, "I think it time that we all depart. If everything goes according to plan I will find you all again." Agrona smiles and give Garma a little kiss on his cheek. "Remember to be good while I'm away my friends. I don't want to have to clean up a mess that I didn't plant." The mouse picks up the unfinished bottle of wine and begins to walk out of the Inn with a little more shake in her hips and her tail raised happily.

Garma blushes once again as he's kissed by the rodent, letting out an "Er... right." before he stands up, pays for his drinks and collects everything, working his way out of the diseased pig quicklyl.