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My hands are heavy, for tending to forge.

My heart is large, for loving both my enemies and my friends.
I'm a big folk and a strong folk and my beauty is in my actions not my looks.
My power will keep your safe and your kindness will keep me fighting for you.

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  • Bite - Scales and spells, things seem to die fast when she is pissed. Watching a farm house explode has cemented her as a warrior to me. I'll never admit it but I am envious of the slender snake natural grace and open greed.
  • Valente - An enigma, A friend to be sure but even gazing at him and picking apart his pretty words and songs. He just knows too much and is in too much. Maybe he will open up one day or maybe I will get a good secret form him and stop trying to snoop.
  • Monique - Ok..... This chick is insane. I wouldn't mind her company on in a war zone but tact seems to be her weak point. May the Creators calm her down when she needs to be otherwise she is going to place an axe in the wrong folks chest.
  • Petey You know I wouldn't expect a little guy like that to be interest in the female that could hurl him in to the distance with a single hand but hey I thank the Creators for that. He is a small charming little fellow with a big heart and seems to think I'm worth being engaged too. So I won't doubt the cuddly little fella.
  • Selena A good friend and a wise back up to Arimia, Selena has come along way since being my third employee and a good friend. Where I can count on others to have brains, heart or combat skill, I can count on Selena to be a perfect mixture who balances out the group and eases any conflict that would arise outside my presence. Like all my Ironsoul Defenders I trust her with my life and will support her actions just as if they were my own. In the absence of either Captain Selena is the leader of the group, I feel a hidden talent in the Wolf but I haven't seen her really break out while I've been around but my reports tell me otherwise.
  • Arimia One of my Captains of the Ironsoul Defenders. A Pragmatic math user of extreme skill and cruel inefficiency, I made her captain not for her formidable prowess with math nor for her survival skill I made her captain because she can make the hard decision that few can. She is always a ally of extreme cunning that I have no doubts could easily ruin or save Promise with the right motivation. Her love for the unfortunate and the down-trodden is something I embrace whole heartedly, If the Good King has any sense to him he would not let her get an ounce of power but that is exactly why she should get power she is the commoner that everyone fears getting into power but she is the fresh blood promise needs. So Arimia.. What will you do with all that talent and clear vision, My Pink Raccoon friend?
  • Mirana Now this would be a member that I would consider the Heart. Mirana is soft at heart even more than myself but it does make her more endearing that most Noble born I have met both as a noble and as a commoner. Mirana wanted to do and felt inspired by my own story which I assure her isn't so great I'm just a Priest and a Blacksmith that got a fancy title and an orphangage, I feel she can be so much better than I am but I feel that I have let her down. In my care she has died..... I don't know what caused her to come back to life but I plan to find out. But that doesn't change the fact that I must do better and I will by training her through my fathers favorite method. Path's of Pain.

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RP Hooks
Looking to enjoy a journey with this Badger?


She is a priest, more practical than holy. If you done something wrong and want to talk about it. She will help. If you need a good word and good healing she is ready to assist. She has trained in the Priesthood to the point of being eligible for Crusader.


If something needs killing by hammer and fire she will be there. She will keep you safe and chat you up the whole way there.


She will hammer iron into blade and fix your weapons. Donations are accepted.


She is a noble now and is confused on how to approach such a title, She is looking to expand her house by adding members. She has a fondness for orphans but is open to all folk who aid both the crown and Sweetwater.

Ironsoul Defenders

Someone's gotta fix everything that gets broken by every angry bandit and mad shadow that comes along. That is where we come in the Ironsoul defenders. My Captains are Arimia and Petey, other in my employ are Selena and Mirana. We don't just solve threats we strengthen the victims to the point the treats aren't a problem. We have been approved for a fortress to hold our resources and send aid to anyone that would need it.

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Common Souls

Priest 20 Parent 4

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