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"Some fight for crowns, some fight to protect, and others fight for themselves. Me? I fight for my past."

Zero upon being question on his reason for fighting.

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Nobles: Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Soulless: We are powerful, yet a mystery.

Shadows: Everything has a reason. Maybe they are here to keep chaos and peace balanced.

Crowns: The things that deems your place in society for the most part. I could do without them, but it helps to have them when you need them.

The Church: I have mixed thought about them. They seem to be willing to help those that ask for it, yet something about the church doesn't seem quite right....

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Walden: The dillo that is there to help people through thick and thin.

Kilsa: The Noble Badger that I've only had the pleasure of meeting once or twice. Despite her status, she's full of surprises!

Rogna: The Noble Hippo whom I've had the honor of meeting. I truly wish to see this man's skills with a sword in hand.

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RP Hooks
Swords: Anything Sword related gets my blood boiling.

Exploring: There will always be new things to discover in the world, and I intend to help find them.

The Creators: The 'Big Fish' so to speak. I'm always interested to learn a thing or two about them.

Community Work: Yeah, you heard right. If I'm asked to help, I will.

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Full Name: Zero Kurai Shori

Clan: Adaptive

Species: Wolf

Date of Birth: August 25th, 456

Age: 19

Personality: Outgoing, Cold, Saddened

Job: Rogue and Fighter mix

Height: 6'4"

Weight 150 lbs

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Combat Souls:

Rogue: Lv.26, Fighter: Lv.21

Social Souls: Craft Apprentice: Lv.5

RP Souls: Rogue

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