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A brown furred otter with a clever folk seal and disheveled clothes claps his hands quite happily. In front of him are two fancy looking soul pendants, unusual for having two spaces for soul gems instead of one.

Eyeing the familiar looking otter, Monique grins, "Still got a few left for sale?" she asks, a tankard of slightly watered ale in her hand, "Must say, since the freeswords started selling them, I couldn't resist getting one..."

Bite slithers into the inn for her now daily purchase of a meal and smiles when she sees the Otter. "Hey there sssweetie, how is it going?" she inquires and comes to a stop in front of his display. "How did it go?

Kilsa move in after Bite and notices the Otter. "Ah! Its so nice to see you." She smiles and step up to him, her large form towering over him. "How have you been doing?" She tries to make a little small talk with the otter and fingers her soul gems idly.

The otter bounces up onto the table, reaching for one of Bite's hands and shaking it quite vigorously, "Yes, thanks to your report, the guild snatched them up. I am a well-to-do being now," he gushes quite pleased indeed. He moves to grab Kilsa's hand next, though is, perhaps wisely, now moving as close to her as he shakes, "You are both Creator sent, see, see, see," He points at Monique, already wearing a dual pendant, "They will be so very popular."

Monique nods, "But pricey, guess that is how you get well-to-do?" she grins though, to take the heat out of it. For some reason, the normally overly excitable girl is much more calm.

Bite smiles and hisses "They should be. You've done something wonderful for the soulless. I think you should consider contacting the castle." Bite whispers something to the otter and then takes her order of food, setting it down within talking distance to the Otter, offering to buy them one as well.

Kilsa smiles looking at the badger, "Its nice to see someone get thier just desserts for doing a good deed." She reaches down to give him a hugs and gently cradles him before whispering, "Thank you." Within his ear, She blinks back a few tears. "They will help us now and forever, and you will be remembered for this. I'm glad to have met you."

Squeak! The otter wriggles about, trying to free himself from his affectionate fan, "Oh, castle? No no no. I wouldn't get along with those noble sorts, just think. They'd want me to dress all fancy and go to tea parties or whatever they do," he huffs, clearly not of noble upbringing himself, "I'm just fine being a wealthy common being, thank you."

"Well, I agree with the others, you have helped us, I mean all of us," and she gestures to her pendant, "do more to protect and nurture our friends and families." Monique says with a grin, "And I think I need to stand you a drink or two, and A SONG!" she tosses some coins to a passing barmaid and a few up to the stage, hopefully to a waiting bard.

Bite smirks and orders a meal for the Otter anyhow. "I suppose if it'd make you uncomfortable then theres no reason to push it. You should be happy with your deed, you've been kind to the community. So how many have you sold sssweetie?" she hisses and shovels food into her face.

Kilsa smiles with a very evil grin at the Otter, "You've done well for us, if you ever find yourself in need of help I offer myself anytime." She points to her War hammer. "I can take care of many problems you may have." She smiles wider, "I am curious as well, how much did you sale?" she looks over her shoulder at Bite and waves.

"Well, actually," he admits, accepting the drink when it arrives to swig a good portion of it down, "The guild does not disclose the exact numbers, but we're scheduled for a mining trip to get more of the metal involved. Very rare, I think I mentioned before? I know where it is." He lifts his shoulders, "I guess they will too afterwards, but the Freeswords don't go back on contracts, so that's alright." And lo, hot food arrives, "Uh, I, thank you," he says, perhaps a bit flustered at all the good will coming his way.

Forgoing her own meal, having just eaten, Monique gives a nod, "And you want some more strong arms along?" she asks, raising an eyebrow to the otter.

Bite waves to Kilsa and smiles. "I could help you out sssweetie if you like. I'd be happy to accompany you." she hisses, thinking about the other things to find there she could collect. She won't cut in on his profit, he was nice, but there are plenty of other metals and untapped minerals everwhere, and she would love to get her hands on them. Bite swallows the food as quickly as she can and watches the otter for a response.

Kilsa smiles, "Ahhhh.... This is the kinda help I love to dabble in. Keep folk safe and anything that gets to dangerous gets smashed, slice and exploded into a fine mist." She take a seat at the table and orders some water. "So this mineral is rare, how safe is the mine itself?" She inquires while waiting on her beverage.

He looks unsure a moment, "Well, it's not really... my decision. I appreciate it, but you'd want to chat it up with the Freeswords I think." He pokes the meat with a fork, then devours it shortly, and looks more confident for a fully belly, "Not that I'd mind any of you lovely ladies along for the journey."

Monique grins, sipping more of her drink, "Then what did you have in mind for us?" she asks, waiting for the bard to start, pondering throwing more money to them.

Bite giggles and looks out of the inn, contemplating talking it up with the freeswords. She will when the time comes, but for now she'll enjoy her friends company and get to know this otter. "How did you stumble upon this metal?" she asks curiously, peering back from her seat to the full otter.

Kilsa smiles and blushes at the lovely ladies comment, "I think this would be a safe venture for the us to make a few good crowns and do alot of good for our soulless family." She smirks and wonders who to speak to get in on a chance to go down in history even just as a foot note to something as big as this. "Bite and Moni, I'm game for a bit of mining, I already have a big hammer. How about you two?" She chuckles and takes a swig of her drink.

He bobs his head, "Uh, well, alright then. I'll put you down as preferred. They'll probably assign you to the job. That will be lovely," he agreed, bobbing his head energetically, "I should rest though. Tommorow's a busy day, full of travel. It's past the drytongues, on dragon's peak. Quite a trip."

"Indeed." Monique replies, drainging her mug, "I best not continue this path tonight, if I need to be up tomorrow." she adds, thanking the barmaid and handing the mug to her.

Bite giggles and plans to stop by the freeswords with a request. She cleans her plate and pats Moniques shoulder as she takes it up herself. "It's a shame you didn't get your song sssweetie." she hisses.

Kilsa chuckles at Monique, "Probably for the best, If the coin is good. I'll treat you to your first drink of Ale or whatever your poison maybe." She sips her drink and smiles at the thought of more coin. "I'll even make sure that you get a nice song even if I got to sing it myself." She winks and is in a positively jovial mood.