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August 475 SA


A fine afternoon. The summer heat drives many to the comfort of places just like this, where alcoholic and chilled drinks are available. Work is also available, drawing others to seek the cool shade of the Freeswords' Inn. Playing to the right as one enters is a bard, deft fuzzy fingers running over a guitar in soft strumming. A tin cup in front of him encourages tips.

A badger enters the room her large frame dressed in a simple robe. With a simple grunt she takes a seat at the and begins looking over to the room while listening to the soft sounds of music. "Aaaaah." She relaxes watching the bard with almost envious fascination of his musical talent.

Bite slithers into the Inn, using her legs to add a bit of swagger to the movement, in an attempt to find something to do. The drop in temperature bothers her slightly, making her visably wince as she seeks a seat to coil upon. She looks towards the guitarist and giggles for what to others may seem like no reason at all. She finally takes a seat and seeks out ways to order a drink.

A young cat-boy ambles into the in. He is shirtless and panting to cool himself from the heat outside. His tail swishes side to side in an almost agitated manner while his ears flatten down on his head. It isn't long before those keen ears are perking at the sound of music, his body shifting back and forth to the rhythm of the bard. "Oooooh, you play nice." A clawed hand slips into a pocket. It's flipped into the air and lands nicely into the little tin cup.

A serving wench, a raccoon with a Small Folk seal on her shoulder worn proudly, takes Bite's order with a smile, recommending, "The Peach Fizz. Just in season. You'll adore it. Not too hard for the middle of the day," And off she goes to fetch with tray held high.

Walking in, a canine looking thylacine gazes around, their eyes taking a few moments to adjust to the interior. Long mouth curling into a grin, they tap their foot in time to the bardic tune as they pause then, dropping some coins into his cup they prepare to head toward the bar itself.

The guitar player smiles at the sound of coin striking his cup. He has a Clever Folk seal, though his is worn on the front of his tunic. The rabbit inclines ears towards Kas, "And you're full of the Creator's own spirit. Let me tell you a tale more interesting, in return for your generosity. An opportunity, awaiting talented folk, like yourself," he says, giving the guitar a soft strum, "If you're looking for work."

Kilsa ear's perk up at the mention of work and she stands up. "Hmmm." Her large frame doesn't allow for any discretion as she ambles close to the guitarist while pretending to be looking for a crown that she dropped. Her ears perked up as she takes a much closer seat near the rabbit.

The cat boy grins wildly, hopping from foot to foot, excited at the prospect of a story. It's with an almost child-like anticipation that he grins at the clever rabbit. He himself has a seal of the Graceful as a belt buckle. "Oh please do, I like stories. Work too."

Bite perks up and begins to listen to the guitarist who speaks to the cat, curious what work this could be. She also anxiously awaits "The Peach Fizz" as she does so, flicking her tongue out in anticipating habit.

Raising an eyebrow, Monique grins a little, showing off her big smile, "Work would be just as welcome as a story now, friend." she says, finding a seat nearby and trying to get the serving girl's attention to bring a drink.

The wench is not hard to draw forth. She comes along, moving around other beings to reach Bite first, dropping off a tall mug of amber colored drink with a fizzy top. Its smell is a mixture of ale and fruit, promising refreshment. A smile, and she is off to Monique next, dutifully tending the bar as it were. The fizz is offered, clearly a special going on.

The rabbit nods his head once before he begins to play a soft jaunty tune, "There once was a being with muscles of steel, he tended the land of his humble farm. He knew only the sweat of a day's hard work, and by the Creator's good will he swore. Twas a mighty shame when bandits came around, the patrol they waited to pass. Not a man of his family left still standing, just a sad farmer returned to the ash." Strangely chipper music for a somber tale.

Kilsa frowns a little at the creepy rabbits tale, "Not a fan of this tail." She grumbles under her breath. Her mind still focused on making a few crowns and filling her own pockets. She watches the rooms and notices she isn't the only one listening in.

Nodding to the racoon girl, Monique doesn't want to say a word to interrupt the bard's tune, happy to be out of the sun and have a tune to listen to.

Kas's happy little bouncing comes to a slow stop, his ears and shoulders drooping a bit. "That's... Kinda sad," He shuffles from foot to foot.

Bite takes the drink and kicks most of it back, taking large gulps and wiping her lips. She looks to the rabbit and frowns, not at all liking the progress in this story at all. 'Hopefully it has a happy end' she thinks and flicks her tail tip about on the ground. (seriously had this typed out before kilsas pose x.x)

Waiting for her drink, the thylacine girl thinks over the tune so far, trying to think of any other ways the story could be looked at.

The rabbit's fingers dance lightly across the strings, "Oh don't give me that look, good beings. You're searching for the happy ending, but have no fear, that is where you come in," A soft tickling of claws across the strings creates an upward scale, "Because the farmer yet lives, and he has not given up. He wishes his farm returned. The guards would rather wait for them to grow bored and leave on their own." A strum, "But I think some are more willing to act than lazy city guard, braver and eager to collect the farmer's bounty as well?" he trails the last, a teasing offer to be sure.

The waiting girl settles a drink before Monique, nodding in thanks and moving behind the bar. No money is forcefully collected at time of delivery, but all soulless have to return to the freeswords at some point. No tab stays unpaid for too long.

Kilsa smirks at the ideal, "Now this is better..." She smirks known that the rabbit has caught most of the ease droppers. "Alright, So where is this place? Sing of where the services of a battle priest may be needed." She blushes not used to being so forward with her request for work.

Bite seems a little excited when she hears the word bounty. "Where?" she hisses out in a hurried tone, then seems to look a little embarrassed as she goes back to her drink.

Taking a long pull of her drink, Monique tilts her head a little, not quite as forward as the others, she is clearly waiting for the bard to tell where the job is.

"You warm a being's heart," says the bard, "To hear such eagerness for justice." He withdraws a hand and tucks into the tunic, pulling out a small paper, folded, and setting it aside on the table he is beside, "I'm sure the farmer will be all the more pleased to see the lot of you. Don't think bandits should be allowed free reign over good citizens." A soft plink on the strings, and he slips to his feet, leaving the paper behind.

A young squirrel pads into the Inn, little nose twitching as he moves along on all fours. The young lad's brown eyes move across the inn's customers, and he makes his way to an empty seat, a distance away from the others. His paws fiddle with the rope that ties his shorts, and he watches the group quietly.

Bite moves towards the rabbit and ensures that they accept 15 crowns, smiling at them. "Thank you for the wonderful story and music sssweetheart, I hope to see you again sometime." she hisses and bows as best she can before returning to her drink, finishing it up in one swoop.

Rising and reaching a paw out to the bard, Monique introduces herself, "Monique." she begins, "So, they need some help? Fair days work for a fair days pay, that is all any of us want." she adds, looking down at the paper.

Kilsa smiles at the rest of the crowd as the bard leaves. "What do you all say about going at this together? A gang of bandits versus a gang of righteous soulless?" She give a toothy smiles showing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. "I'm Kilsa." She point to the soul gem around her neck. "Priest."

The rabbit accepts money, and his original cup. Then a hand, shaking with Monique lightly, "Exactly that. I leave it in your capable hands." He stuffs his things away quickly before he tosses out, "Val," His name, one hopes, "Nice to meet you. Looking forward to hearing a story worth singing about." All taken care of, he moves to take his leave. The paper he left behind is a simple map with instructions scrawled beneath of a patrol point just outside of the city gate, where travelers are often made to stay if they arrive at the city after sun down.

The little squirrel moves closer, padding over to the much larger badger. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it, not sure what to say. His ears flick a bit and he scritches the back of his neck, before simply saying, "Hi."

Bite smirks and slithers to the map, looking it over carefully before moving out the doro, stopping only to pay the crowns she owes for her Fizz. She waves with a smile to everyone and heads off towards this chance to do both good and get money.

Watching the back of the reptile, Monique turns to Kilsa, "Wonder if they have this under control?" she asks, gesturing to Bite as they leave.

The bar wench snatches up the coins as she scoots by, also gathering the used mug, "Creators watch over," she calls out to those departing, and on she goes with her work.

Kilsa grumbles at the snake leaving. "Well I guess she isn't on the team bandwagon. Hey anyone that wants to join me on this hunt please follow." She loooks down at Monique, "Can't be helped, I've not met too many reptiles that like being around others during business. Probably something to do with their cold blood. Oh well lets go!" She waits for someone else to lead the way since she doesn't know how to read maps well.

Gathering their things together, the group sets out to the gates. The way-station is but a short stroll away. Practically a tavern, designed to house people and beasts of burden waiting to get into the city. The farmer is not hard to find, sitting on the patio, sullenly toying with a hand scythe, though he perks up when such a gathering of soulless approach, all those shiny crystals and gems easy to spot at a distance.

Gathering their things together, the group sets out to the gates. The way-station is but a short stroll away. Practically a tavern, designed to house people and beasts of burden waiting to get into the city. The farmer is not hard to find, sitting on the patio, sullenly toying with a hand scythe, though he perks up when such a gathering of soulless approach, all those shiny crystals and gems easy to spot at a distance.(re)

Bite inspects the area and looks around, stretching before approaching the quite obvious farmer. "Hey there sssweetie I heard what happened, is there anything I could do to help you?" she asks, looking back and urging the others to offer. Easier to do things with more people, even if the payoff isn't as much usually.

Striding up beside the serpent, Monique gives a nod, "I am sure we can deal with them, let you return to your home." she offers, giving a soft smile to the farmer.

Kilsa smirks at the reptile attemptes at negotiation and steps in. "Hello, Sir. We've heard about what happened and we came in force. Are you hurt in anyway?" She approaches ready to tend to the wounds of the farmer. "I assure you. We can take care of those bandits before the day is over." She smiles warmly at the farmer.

The hand scythe is tilted, reflecting the sun's light brilliantly a moment. The farmer is a large sort of person, with a matching seal. Though the seal is on the table in front of him rather than worn at the moment. "You heard?" he asks, "Creators be praised." says the bear of a being, "You tear those sons of shades in half," he says with a cool but terrible anger, "I'll pay extra for every finger, detached." He reaches into a pouch beside his chair and pulls out a handful of crowns, setting them on the table, "This is for the job. Bonus when I can sit in my own dining room." Simple negotiations.

Bite's eyes glimmer at the sight of the crowns, and shes straightens out and prepares to get into the mix with the farmers problems. "That's very generous, we'll take care of them in the most efficient of manners."

Shaking her head, Monique says, "No, I wont take a crown from a good, honest, follower of the Creators such as yourself. All I ask is, whatever they have that isn't yours."

Kilsa smirks at the large being, "I'm sure the creators wouldn't want me to removed the bandits fingers buuut. Maybe I might miss a few shots and happen to nick a few fingers off." She give a hardly laugh before giving the large farmer a hug. "I might heal them up a few times to get a few extra fringers." She smiles and flexes a bit. "I think we can handle it don't you?" She smiles.

"You're welcome to be as inefficient as you like," says the bear. Perhaps he's heard rumors of some of the dark things attributed to soulless. All slander! One hopes, but perhaps this one does not hope against it. A dark vengeance upon those that killed his family. He nudges the coin towards Bite and Kilsa, "You have a good heart. I hope your blade is just as well made. Do you know the way? It's not far." He points up the road, "Follow it until it branches, take the right side. Take a left at the next one, look for the cube shaped barn, red bricked."

Bite takes mental note of the directions, heading that way swiftly after accepting the coins and bowing to the farmer. "I will do my best." she hisses and heads off down the road, looking for the others to join her. She does not judge him for wanting vengeance, it's a natural wish.

Giving a nod to the farmer, Monique pats one of her axes and sets off with Bite. Despite the marsupial girl's seeming familiarity with all this, she is actually quite inexperienced with such things and looks partially to the others for cues on what to do.

Kilsa bows awkwardly with a smile, "You know I think I like you guy. When this is over we should have a drink. It'll be on me." She give him a wink and a turns toward the path. "Everyone ready to earn a bit of coin and make some free stuff from the bandits." She arms her crossbow with a bolt and point it to the ground. "I know I am..." She begins to walk down the road with Bite and smiles, "I'm glad that your with us every hand means less of a chance that we get over taken by bandits." She fingers the soul gem on her neck.

A hike out. Fortunately, the sun is starting to lower, and the heat is bearable for the hike. The narrow dirt roads lead the way through the farmside, where all the farmers work to earn a living, and keep the city of Firmament fed and clothed. The cube shaped barn sticks out, with so many of them shaped in different soft curves and odd shapes. A trail of smoke curls up lazily from the main farm house's chimney. No one appears to be out at the moment except for one scraggly looking dog that's by the side of the road, leaning on a two handed sword and looking bored. Guard?

Bite slithers very quietly, nodding to Kilsa in late reply with a smile, before looking for a way to approach the dog. She goes off the road a short distance and approaches them from the side, although her chances of not being seen are likely low. They can't just outright attack them without knowing if they are hostile or not.

Kilsa looks at who she really hopes is a bandit, with a smooth motion take her crossbow and fires lines it up with the throat of the canine. She notices Bite moving around and waits for any sort of hostile reaction form the Dog. "Make one move I don't like and you'll be meeting the Creators." She whispers to herself.

Not knowing what to do in this circumstance, Monique goes with Bite's lead, her body, crafted by the creators to slink through long grass well, she keeps one hand by one of her axes.

The approach is noticed, as is expected. The dog wears no clan seals of any kind. Apostate, as is common amongst outlaws. He hefts his sword from the dirt, "You stop right there, or Creators won't recognize you." he growls out. Thwip, a bolt lodges into the poor fellow's neck, missing the throat. narrowly. He yelps and falls back, crashing into the tall grass, grasping at the shaft and trying to get it out even as blood escapes all too quickly.

Bite sighs and approaches them swiftly, striking them quickly. Her attempts are solely aimed at working the bolt into them and putting them out of their misery. She looks very alert as she does this, expecting someone to have heard them cry out.

Seeing the action having started, Monique springs forward with the speed of her ancestors. Hatchet rising, she aims to bring it down over the canine's windpipe, intending to both silence him and end his suffering with a quick, if likely overkill, chop.

Kilsa loads another bolt with a smiles smile and decide to hang back ready to snipe a few more bandits. "Welcome to my Palor." She chuckles her eyes hard as nails. "Creators bless us." She shakes her head at Monique's exaggerated kill of a dying dog. "Gotta admire her energy."

A thorough killing to be sure. With the distance to the house, it is unlikely much noise reached it, and the do puts up no further struggles. Perhaps his next incarnation will be more pleasant than this one.

Bite attempts to approach the house swiftly and silently, dragging the body with her for a place to dispose of it. All the while she half attempts to rob his corpse, feeling confident in the groups ability to handle themselves.

Frowning at her companion's thieving already, before the farmer has had a chance to recover his possessions, Monique advances, giving a 'thank you' wave to Kilsa for her work. As her arm drops, however, she draws her second axe, the thylacine's grin widening more and more as she lifts the two weapons and motions to the front door with her head.

Those inside have not reacted yet, or perhaps remain unaware of the looming danger encroaching on their headquarters.

Kilsa smirks and quickly goes closer to her group but attempt to stay away enough to look over the farm. Seeing that its safe she walks over the crew and whispers. "Anyone have a plan?" She says with a cool look. "Wanna look for back doors?" She smirks as she drags the body to block the door. "tripping hazard...." She says to no one in particular.

Bite flashes a grin and thinks to herself. "I suppose an explosion of magic would be out of the question?" she asks the two, not entirely sure what else to suggest. "We could do something to draw most of them out and then cover the exits."

Monique has, unfortunately for any stealth or surprise attacks, stalked to the door and is right at this moment, bringing her boot up to kick it in, wide, disturbing looking smile on her face, eyes staring.

Bang! The door opens to surprised sounds inside. A female deer, clanless, approaches the front, "What is going on out here?" she complains loudly as she comes.

Kilsa eyes widen at Monique. "Shit!" She groans and rolls away taking the time from the surprise to run around the building. He body moving quick as she looks for a back door. "Shit Shit Shit!" She grumbles.

Bite jumps and seems prepared to produce an explosive force if needed. "Hey there sssweetheart, is this your house?" she asks, looking genuinely interested. "It's a ver nice place. Excuse my overeager friend here, we're looking for a big farmer man. Have you seen him?" she hisses, slyly prepping her magic. At this point, even if they're the wrong people theres going to be trouble. May as well get on with it.

A soft giggle is all that comes from Monique as she steps into the room, mouth now open in a wide... almost amazingly so, smile as she brings her axes up.

There's a dead guy... in the door. She squeals and flees right back into the house, leaving a trail of profanity behind her, and noise rises up. Descending from the second floor, a ferret holds a younger male bear at arm's length with one hand, a dagger in the other hand, "Everyone just calm down. We don't want this little guy to get into any accidents," he shouts over the sudden ruckus, "We can talk this out like 'sponsible adults."

Kilsa kicks in the the back door and does a quick glance and notices the bear being held by a Ferret without even thinking she puts a bolt in the back of the ferrets head and begins load a second one ducking back outside the to load the bolt. "Damn bandits."

Turning her attention from the fresh pincushion, Monique stats to trot after the deer, jumping any furniture in the way, the sound of giggles following her, one axe still bloody, the other wanting to be.

Boof! The house suddenly shakes as the upstairs gets a new skylight with a light shower of dust and dirt. The female's voice can be heard as the calls to the creator's for mercy, then she leaps free of the house from the new hole and makes a break for it towards the North. There don't seem to be any other bandits in the house. The young bear is standing there with a shocked look on his face, probably unsure what exactly is going on.

As the room shakes from the force Kilsa swears to herself. "Damn... We wrecked the place." She moves out and sees the girl running away and makes a judgment call and attempts to snipe her in the lower back to paralyze her.

Chasing the deer femme, Monique has the sound of pumping blood in her ears, all thoughts of bandits and hostages forgotten as prey runs from predator.

Bite looks back at the house to see if there are any more bandits, but decides Monique can handle them and the hostage. She takes off after the woman as quickly as she can.

Bite sees that Monique has taken off after the woman and slinks inside, inspecting the child very carefully, ready for any tricks as she searches for remaining bandits.

Kilsa groans as Monique runs off. "Nobody thinks about the victims." She looks at the young bear. "So whats your name?" she attempts to speak to the child but is also preparing to smite him in case him being with bandits. "I'm Kilsa." She checks her crossbow and smiles. "Are you ok?"

The little bear has no weapons. Really just some basic and plain looking clothes that look like they've been worn for several days, smell it too. He starts to introduce himself, shaking like a leaf, when a piercing cry comes from outside as the last bandit is dealt with most painfully. Mission Accomplished.