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A large stage was set in the center of the saints square, A large female pig smiles to the crowd, "Good evening folks of Firmament, I come to bestow you with a bless straight out of the creators hand book. I offer a chance for you to each to have a taste of the gift that the creators bestowed on our ancestors. I will bestow the beauty and talent of the wonderful Sirens of legend." She smiled and began to pace the stage, "who has seen the grace and beauty of the churches depiction of the wonderful beauties of the sea?" She asked the gathering crowd.

Moroko shuffles in along with the crowd watching curiously. The man has some of his tools at hand looking to have been in a crafting mood as he surveys the area curiously watching to see what mayhem is going to occur in Firmament tonight.

Petey arrived early. Sea she says? He raises a hand dutifully into the air where it may be seen, tail wagging behind him with enthusiastic curiosity towards the display.

"Not I!" The heavily armored Jera raises a hand. "Get along with the show!" He seems to have little patience for the showmanship, but upon watching the crowd's reaction grudgingly keeps quiet.

Nyx perks and ear and tries to move to a spot where she can see and watch the show, curious as to whats going on here. Tying her hair back so its not in the way and less likly to get caught on things or people.

Rainer stands with thumbs tucked into his belt, peering up at the stage from his vantage point amidst the crowd. It's nice to be Tall, sometimes. His tail swishes slowly and he cups his ears towards the pigs, keeping his thoughts and words to himself.

The pig continued advertising her wares, "Before I reveal the new family that will become common to the land of promise I am offering something else!" She held up a red vial, "This is the distilled vial of the dragon, That was able to obtain from a dear friend of mind." She pointed to the a small snake male in sitting off stage. "Now I'm going to show you how this works. Here is my second paient and watch the results." She said as a small female skunk walked on state, "This is Mary, Mary tell the crowd how old you are." The skunk blushed and held up seven fingers, "Can you drink this Mary." She gave the girl the vial, "Now this is perfectly safe before you start attacking me." The pig smiled, "Or my name isn't Rissa!"

Petey cants his head a little as the young skunk becomes the demonstration, rubbing behind his head nervously as he glances around, perhaps for a parent or other guardian nearby, but he doesn't raise any vocal complaints just yet besides his fretful glance about.

Jera stiffens a little, unslinging his large sword and letting the tip rest on the ground. He began to push his way slightly closer to the stage in case anything would go wrong. He does remain passive at the moment though, for nothing has, and studied the skunk with interest.

Moroko leans towards someone nearby, "Uh... is her name Rissa?" He asks curiously scratching his chin about this but seeming content to watch smiling brightly.

Nyx blinks a little bit, they're going to have a child drink something of dragons. Folding one of her ears over and staying back in the crowd where she can still some what see.

Rainer lifts a hand to his forehead briefly, just to tuck it back into his belt. Everyone's selling something, these days. "I'm assuming so." he remarks to Moroko with a lazy grin, hardly taking his eyes off the demonstration, for fear of missing something. "Though maybe not for long? We'll see~"

A small smile crosses her face as the skunk girl uncorks the vial and begins to drink it down. "Now this vial is a lightly concentrated version for someone of Mary's size." The pig smile as Mary finished with a cute burp. "Now watch." Mary growls and grips her head giggle, "WHEEEEEEE!!!!" She said and then there was a sudden flash and a this smoke bellowed off the stage obscuring everyones vision. As the smoke clears a large dragon peers down at the crowd, solid black scales shimmered as a white line trails from her snout to the top of her tail. The large dragon giggle cutely, "You all look so small." She giggled again while the pig looked on with a large smile.

Petey gives an 'ah', then scrunches his brow before asking out loud, "Is that the same as the full ritual?" baffled at the implications of it perhaps. "Can she turn back?"

Moroko glances to Rainer and chuckles, "Well, there's danger and war in the air. Everyone's got find their way to make a profit." He offers with a shrug and then huc chuckles, "Indeed might not last long." He blinks then watching the vial bing uncorked and down. He watches the smoke and then claps his hands, "Impressive."

A shadow crosses over the crowd from an airborne creature. The shadow is of a creature with wings outstretched. Those who are curious would note a familiar dragon circling the area while gazing down at events.

Nyx eeps and hides a bit more in the crowd at the little skunk girl becomes a big dragon. Hiding more as the shadow passes, more dragons they're multiplying!...

"Aw, geeze, right up my nose." Rainer hacks and wheezes, turned aside and fanning smoke away from his face. He turns back to see a full-blown dragon where skunk once stood, and, after a raised-brow eyeing up and down... joins Moroko in applauding the results. Really can't argue with that!

"That..." Jera frowns, not seeing any problems with the vial. "Wow, just wow. Thats nice!" He spots a familiar-ish dragon watching from above and offers a wave, then returns to watching the girl quietly.

Rissa chuckled at Petey's question. "No No its not nearly as powerful as the permenant ritual, the vial she took will wear off and she will be back to her cute little self." Rissa smiled at the crowd, "Are you not sick of those who seem to be bless with great power yet so few of them exist to aid in the fight against shadows?" She looked at the other dragon entering the area, "How would you all feel if your friends, family, and eveyone else in your town could use the power of the Creators to fight the shadows?" She asked the crowd, "Bathe them in dragon fire! Kill them with the claws of a giffron! Know that nothing they could do would ever hurt you again long as you buy my product." She smiled and with another powerful flash the skunk was back and looked around with a smile.

"I like my form." Jera admits. "But how is this different from the elemental dragon ritual we already have?"

Ryusho Would ..partly be arriving into the area though as he stops he blinks and rubs his eyes, as he thought he had seen -something- but he was confused as he then blinks, "..>What is this about dragons going on here??"

Mazurek is gliding in the air, circling the area slowly. Those who can see him well enough would be able to notice that the fabric of the shorts he wears is flapping a bit in a breeze that isn't there. He's apparently using Wind Magic to help him stay aloft. When the dragon on the ground returns to being a skunk he snorts, unimpressed. He shouts down to the crowd, "It is not as great a power as you might think! There are limits to what even we, with the gifts, can do! If you expect to fly forever, think again! Even a dragon's breath attack is limited to how much energy you are able to store within yourselves! We are not immune to the elements, either. We just do not feel it as keenly as everyone else."

Moroko grins at Rainer, "Careful with that who knows what the smoke will do." He says leaning away in case any smoke gets near him and then blinks, "another Dragon? Oh.. I know that one." He watches curiously and then blinks as Mazurek lays out some differences and then goes back to listening to Riass curiously, "Hmm could make for an interesting study."

Nyx doesn't really have many herself having just moved here so keeps quiet. THough didn't seem the vial lasted to long during the demonstration so would it last long enough for drawn out battles...

Petey rubs at his snout now, looking confused a little. Thoughtful, but perplexed a little. He doesn't look convinced one way or the other, but remains where he is, watching the large skunk/dragon and the pig saleswoman.

Rainer's hands go back to his hips with a mighty "Ha!" Then, hearing the voice from on high, he casts his gaze skywards and brings up a hand, shielding his eyes from the sun. Back down to Rissa with an expectant look, hoping she'll have a good rebuttal to Maz's points ... for her sake!

Rissa chuckled at the crowd, "WE all have? Miss or um Mister?" She said to Jera, "How many of you here are dragons?" She asked and looked at Mazurek. "Look at him trying to convince you that a power he himself is using isn't worth it. I say NO to the consolidation of power, I say that this power should be for everyone and not just this! Dragons, Sirens, Griffrons and all that the creators bestowed on our ancestors." She placed a hand on Mary's head, "Do you think she would be better defeneded from bandits as a little child or as a giant black and white dragon?" She asked. "Are you willing to risk her life on the ideal that its not as strong as a perfected math? or be happy that you've greatly increased her survival against the wild and dangerous elements of Promise?"

Ryusho looks around slightly as he reaches the crowd before he notices Moroko, Rainer, Jera, Kilsa, other people he knows at least slightly as he hums slightly, "What really is going on here, Didn't I see a big dragon a moment ago? I kind of missed things somewhat."

Nyx just continues to watch really, never having met dragons before moving here. Still not seeing what the whole dragon experiment had to do with sirens though, wasn't that most of the begining thing she was talking about.

"The pig speaks reason..." Jera agrees, not much else to say to the matter, although he's still very suspicious.

Petey shakes his head a little, "Seems a bit chancy, giving it to children like that. One tantrum and a block of the city becomes rubble and smoke. And for what, an upset child's mood swings. A natural thing, turned much more... interesting."

Mazurek finally stops gliding around the area and settles to the ground, landing rather gracefully before turning off his air magics. He approaches the gathering and strides right up to the merchant, "There is a reason why it is not available to everyone, Merchant! I have helped expose another who would take advantage of the citizens here with their desires before. I do hope you are not going to be another. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. To transform it requires concentration, it takes time and energy to accomplish. I would very much like to see your child here transform again and keep her clothes at the same time that she shows her potential to stave off an assault." He turns his head upward and breathes a blast of ice into the air.

Moroko shrugs to Ryusho and offers, "She has an elixir that turns people into Dragons. It seems very suspicious." He shrugs his shoulders, "If the creator's wanted everyone to have such powers wouldn't they have done so. Couldn't such elixirs be used for..." He trails off and nods gesturing at Petey's depiction."

Rainer folds his arms over his chest, closes his eyes and heaves a wistful sigh. "At this rate she's never going to get to the bit about the Sirens." he remarks, mostly thinking aloud to himself.

Moroko watches for a time longer and then smiles nodding to the others scooting back out of the crowd. Apparently he forgot something on the forge or something.

Rissa smiled, "I will not yet you use the child for a punching bag." Divine math glowed on her skin as she began to stretch and shift. Her skin became a flawless pink and her eyes changed to a clear blue. "I will let you in on a preview of the siren early." She smiled as her hear sprouted beautiful flowing hair and her neck formed slits that looked like gills before anyone could speak she begain signing a beautful hymn and looked at Mazurek. "If you wish to test your brutish way, I would like to dissaude you." She smiled as her lower half became covered in scales with fine behind her ankles. "Now you all get a look at a Siren." Her voice was like pure honey as she spoke, a sharp contrast to her porcine form. "I wish to bestow this happiness on everyone." Her voice seem to be amplified by divine math to have a mild claming affecting everyone.

Jera watches Rissa change forms with some wonder in his violet eyes that blink, and blink, and try their best to spot something wrong. He lets his sword rest on his hip as he watches. "Wow. The siren form looks beautiful." He's more or less completely convinced now.

Mazurek ceases the breath attack and lowers his muzzle and gazes back down, "It was not aimed at the child, but you. You apparently are only concerned about giving the power to the children, as others have already stated." He crosses his arms, "Children do not know what they are doing and will abuse their power when they do not get their way. You would be letting loose mass destruction whereever they were to go, no matter what the gifts you try to bestow." he doesn't seem to be impressed by the change, tail swishing slowly.

Nyx blinks a bit at how this is going, moving farther back in the crowd incase she should flee, more so if those two start fighting up there. Glancing around, though not knowing anyone here at the moment.

Ryusho stands there as he..stares a bit, and..starts to open his mouth to speak, then...stops and closes his mouth again, repeating the act..three or four times before he shakes his head as he.....adjudsts his stance a bit..and works at slightly adjusting his mindset as well, as he finally opens his muzzle, "...Well...That is an....Interesting form......to say the least, in the...most appropriate way I could phrase it here....as anything else that comes to mind would probably not be suitable for speach in a public location like this."

Rainer shifts uncomfortably as Rissa herself begins to undergo a transformation, his brows knitted and lips pursed. By the time the process is complete, he's leaning forward and hanging by her every word, a broad smile plastered across his face, tail swishing and flicking. "Well if you really want to, go right ahead~" he murmurs to her declaration of bestowing happiness... seems to be working wonders for him!

Petey was alreeady mostly relaxed, if curious, but now he just stares at the Siren, tail thumping the ground lightly as he is captivated, "She's almost as pretty as Lady Ironsoul, almost," he murmurs, glancing away, then back at her, enraptured.

Smiling warmly Rissa addresses the crowd and turn away from Mazurek, "I don't wish to fight.. as it goes against what the creators would have designed for some like myself. Mr. Dragon, I would politely ask you to not to interfere with this." She begins to open her mouth widely and begins to hum a sooth tone powered by divine math. "Do you feel this everyone. Do you feel the love?" She smiled and looked at Mazurek, "Will you defend everyone here alone? Can you protect everyone you've ever encountered would you not want to give them the means to protect themselves?" She asked while walking across the stage, "I was only using the dragon vial as a demonstration, I am working on a smaller and more portionate vial for youth to use in times of emergencies." She looked at the crowd her eyes shimmering with every blink.

Ryusho stands there as he adjusts his postiion and clothing very slight, "...I can feel the love." He says after a moment, "Though I can feel the Manipulation as well." he says as he stands there, though some of his tone might say he would not mind feeling the love in quite a few ways......I will leave it at that.

Mazurek does not say another word on the matter. After a few moments longer he merely turns to head out of the area. His thoughts are unreadable due to a poker face being in place. Then again, his tail is still twitching. Seems someone isn't interested in hearing, or seeing, more.

Jera hears the song, shaking his head as he tries to get rid of the sounds playing, even though the tune is soothing and rather nice to listen to. The sword is picked up and gripped tightly. "Get out of my head." He warns, looking at Ryusho and half thinking that he needs a slap. "Magic or no."

Nyx continues to listen for a bit, as it almost seems like a back and forth now. She liks how she is and isn't to intrested being a large dragon at the moment anyway...would make it way to hard to dance or be cute.

Rainer draws in a long, deep breath and holds onto it, his eyelids drooping and ears fluttering. Her every word is sweet honey to him, and he starts to lean further and further, until he has to put an arm over the gentleman neighbouring him to keep from tipping over ... the other soul also so enraptured that he doesn't seem to even notice the wolf's added weight. ...which leads to both of them ending up on the ground, in very short order. "...oof." The wolf doesn't even bother to get up, enjoying the melody where he lays.

Rissa looks at rainer with a scared expression. "Oh my I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to use my power that much." She glanced around the crowd. "I've not been truthful, While I am selling a potion to become the divine forms of old. Its not truly the forms of Dragons or Griffrons but Earth math for a body, Wind math to mimic voice and elemental breaths, and fire math for the smoke and fire." She looks very said for moment before smiling, "I wanted to spread hope. I've been working to mimic the true math but the Church keeps it secure and wouldn't sell to me." She opened her mouth before a hard fruit caught her in a face form a irritated mouse in the crowd. "FRAUD!!!" He screamed.

Petey Squeaks from the crowd, coming awake as the crown turns agaisnt her. With a quick recitation of the golden ration, he forms a protective barrier of clay around Rissa as he scrambles forward to interpose his small form between the revealed peddler and the angry crowd.

Jera clambers up in front of the pig to cover her from being pelted as he frowns. "She had good intent, and that's what matters most, doesn't it? There's always room for more hope in what looks like an eternal war." He gives an acknowledging nod to Petey as he hands Rissa his cloak to wipe her face off.

Nyx eeps at the thrown fruit and tries to get far off to the side and out of the way. Folding her ears over at just how fast the crowd shifted. Of course she's not much of a fighter or mage so hiding away from the chaos incase it turns worse is about the best she can do. Let those that know what they're doing handle it.

"What?" Rainer gives his head a shaking out soon as the melody is interrupted, climbing to his feet, and shortly after helping up the fellow he'd knocked over. He balks, finding himself amidst a souring crowd, he puts a hand to his sword, but quickly relents, seeing no clear path out. All he can do is stand there looking around, and he appears none too pleased for it.

Ryusho shakes his head out then growls, "Come on people!" he says after a moment, "IT might nto be a -true- transformation, but it -Still- would cause at least a bit of a temporary work in very similar ways that would still potentially boost the combat abilities of those who are -not- Soulesss....Soul gifted..."

Rissa wiped the blood off of her face and smiled warmly at petey, "We must all pay for our crimes." She said and move petey to the side. "You feel angry... I can feel it aswell. I can hear your every emotion as if your screaming it out at me but its still better than the hopelessness I've been hearing lately." She begins to hum in a dark and sorrowful tones, many in a crowd start to cry and sob at her before a graceful folk lynx in armor stands behind her and covers her mouth. "Ma'am please stop. We would like to have a word with you." A second guard lynx approaches, "Before this crowd gets anymore upset, We will escort you to the castle." The guards begin to walk her off amid the boo's of the others while the Skunk girl follows.

"This isn't right..." Jera sighs, keeping his sword and watching Rissa getting taken away. "This isn't right at all..."

Nyx blinks a bit watching the guards take the woman away. Wiping her face, "Maybe its what she gets for forcing her power on people?"

Petey allows the guards to step in when they arrive, looking instead at the crowd, "Should be ashamed of yourselves. The Creators bid we treat one another with respect and understanding, not hurled fruit." Huff! And he clambers back down.

Rainer can only watch with a growing frown as the pig-turned-siren is hauled away, clenching and unclenching his fists. As the crowd beings to disperse he squeezes and slides between folk of all sizes until he comes out by Ryu, giving the tengu-dragon an up-and-down glance and a quiet "hey," then he rushes the stage, slowing to a stop before it just as Petey is climbing down, worry written all over his posture. "Isn't there something we can do?"

The lizard from eariler grunts and sets a box on the stage, "I already got paid for my work by that lovely porker." He smiled wistfully, "Your lot don't understand the genius that you just booed off stage." He growled, "Take these and realize that you were wrong." He took a box of potions and began throwing them out at the groups. The mouse that threw the fruit got his bottle hard enough to smash it across his face. Before he finished he moved Petey, "Here is a few extra, thanks to sticking up for Rissa but she is used to getting arrested sadly." The lizard gave Petey a few more potions than everyone else.

Jera shakes his head sadly. "Nothing we can do apart from letting her serve her own way out. I doubt we'd win in a jailbreak anywho, heck, you'd be arrested to even suggest such a thing." He nods with thanks at the lizard, holding the potion in his hands and keeping it safely in a pouch. "Such is life."

Nyx takes a few herself, can't hurt to try them...much later...in private...with no one around since she isn't sure what it would do to her. Though really she's more of just a dancer than a fighter.

Jera walks beside Petey and sighs, mumbling something in a low tone of voice.

Nyx ponders heading back to the inn, not up to dancing on a stage after that near riotous crowd.

Petey lifts an ear at Jera, "Have faith," he says, "The Good King will not deal too harshly with her. She has done no great crime, and her talents could be useful for the nation."

Rainer folds his arms with a dejected sigh, only perking up briefly to thank the lizard as he accepts a handful of potions from him. Having ... nowhere to put them, he carries them in his arms and stalks quietly along behind Petey and Jera, for lack of knowing what else to do.

"You know the punishment for fraud is severe. Especially when it comes to magic. Rissa might have escaped from the other cities but there's no guarantee she's not going to be stuck in a jail cell for months, if not years." Jera shudders a little and makes his armor rattle, almost as though he had some bad memories of the place. "And by then it'll be too late for us to do anything." He raises eyebrows at Rainer, not knowing him but assuming that he's following along out of interest.

Nyx slips off back toward the Inn to get another one of those fruity drinks.

As the crowd disperse the lizard frowns and grumbles at the crowd. "Is hope so dead that even a peddler gets boo'ed off stage for trying to give just a little ray of sun in this shadow infested land?" He finishes packing before his eyebrows perk up at hearing how severe the punishment for fraud is. "Oh Rissa, why couldn't you just given this city a pass and gone to the Cliff." He mumbling thinking of how to help his friend.