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When one became separate from the darkness, one does not recall clearly. It is...unusual and one is not sure there are words to describe being part of the whole. But one remembers experiences in this new skin.

This one seems to have inhabited a young Spotted Hyena named Noosha, the daughter of a hunter and a tinker. Once this one merged, Noosha...changed. Apparently, she had been an affectionate, emotional child who loved nothing more than the arts. This one gleaned these impressions from the lamentations of her vessel's parents

A group of Skunk scholars studied this one and shook their heads, saying she had been been "infected by shadows" and there was "no known cure" for it, though they could bind the 'shadow' to the 'shell' and prevent it from destroying its host and moving on.

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Dark Magic - Why are these abilities 'dark, and what makes 'dark' a bad thing? The aim of living is continuing to do so, and these abilities keep one alive. One sees no problem with it.

Performers - One of the most curious and wonderful things off this material world: to create something out of nothing, to possess a new persona without leaving one's body, to make art that move the very souls of the Soulless...done well, it's a power as great as any mathemagics.

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RP Hooks


Estranged from her family and touched by shadows, Noosha has no real home to call her own. She has found a way to live on her own, though it also includes her own superstitions, moral codes, and keeping a bit of distance around strangers (i.e., everyone).

Money Money Money

Other folk may dismiss her fixation on coin as simple greed, but during her travels and tribulations, Noosha has noticed one constant: money is power, and a gypsy with nothing but her name needs all the power she can to stay alive. To her, it is not just wealth; it is bread, water, health, and even the air one breathes.

Soul of an Artist

Despite her cold calculation and seeming detachment from regular Folk, Noosha is enthralled by all things artistic. Things like discussing the nature of art, talking shop with her fellow performers, or watching the performance of others are effective ways to melt her iciness.

"This One"?

As a shadow inhabiting a Soulless, Noosha has a different perception of self than most, viewing herself as a piece of Shadow detached from from the whole. In conversation, she refers to herself as "one" or "this one" to emphasize the separation, although she uses "me" and "I" in poetry and song as a matter of convention.

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