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It's high noon. The great bell tower/light house tolling out across the city to summon the faithful to mass. Church works a bit differently on Promise than one might think, back on that... other place. People gather and sit on padded benches, facing a female priest on a podium. This part at least looks familiar, a book before her. There is no choir, the audience is expected to sing well enough if it came to it.

Meepes wanders into the room with a slightly confused look upon his vulpine face. The slender almost feminie looking gray fox, who swears his fur is silver, in a simple tunic and cotten jeans looking for a seat in the middle rows of seats. Taking a seat the fox's hazel eyes began to scan the room before focusing on at the female priest at the podium.

At ease, making her way toward the church building, Monique smiles a little at the tune of the bells as she nears the main church, nodding a greeting to those she recognizes, a warm smile for those she doesn't. Entering the vaulted doors, she makes her way slowly for a bench. Forsaking her worn leather armor today, she wears just a light shirt and pants.

Bite enters wearing a concealing lightweight cloak, slithering up to a bench and taking a seat. She adjusts and attempts to coil but opts for sitting as it is both more respectable and easier for the time being, before looking up front. She does not regularly attend mass, she is usually occupied elsewhere and the time simply eludes her so being here makes her a tiny bit uneasy.

Kilsa is standing in fine robes of a priest Attendant, under her clothing is a light armor and sitting only three feet behind her is her signature hammer. She watches as a few new faces enter the church, she sighes and wishes for a reason to use her hammer on some unruly patron. She listens only half-heartedly as more folk enter. "Hmmmm..." He eyes lock on the snake wondering what brings her here. "Interesting." She mumbles under her breath.

As is tradition, the priest selects a passage to start the mass, "Though your brothers and sisters will wear skins strange and unusual compared to your own, you will know them as kin, for you are all siblings under the Creators," she quotes, and looks up at the gathered mass, "In these times, we find ourselves tested. The shadows approach from the north, leaving ruin behind. But are we united, as a people?" she asks. She gestures out over the crowd, "Tell me, who has extended a hand to a stranger since your last mass? Share with us." Not a rhetorical question at all. Audience participation is the norm.

Smiling a little brighter, Monique starts a conversation with those around her, waiting for a wolf to finish his story before telling her tail of the rescued farmer and his kin.

Meepes had decided to stay quiet for the first part of the mass waiting for others to respond. Soon a image of a younger looking Meepes appeared in his head giving supplies to many who were needing of a little helping hand. "I admit this is my first mass of your church ma'am and I would like to thank you for having me." The fox starts before adding on. "I have throughout my life given various things out to people who had needed them. Water food basic but life saving in some cases to others." The fox explains in a quiet resevered tone as he looks around hoping he had not spoken out of turn.

Kilsa smiles at the priest question, "My lady, I was with those brave souls that I have personally seen helping others." She points to the Snake and the Thylacine, "I've seen them both save a farmer son when they didn't have to do anything more than kill a bandits. They reunited a poor folk with his son. They are good folk, I'm sure the creators would be proud." Kilsa makes a sweeping hand guesture to the two. "Creator blessing upon them as they prove that even folks of strange skin can unite to do a common good."

Bite runs scenario after scenario through her head, coming up with very little worth standing up for. Sure she has been helpful, she has aided others in their times of need but never purely out of good will. She always has an underlying motive, there was money, treasure, or just flat out greed involved. Does helping someone for your own benefit amount to anything worth speaking of? She decides to keep her mouth shut. The most recent good hearted thing she did was buy her friend a meal, and even then only as an extra expense to her own second meal. She tilts her head and smiles, saying only "I'm not so sure that counts."

The priest offers Meepes a smile, "A newcomer in our city? We're going to have to come right back to you and give you a proper welcome," she assures, and nods at Kilsa, "That's a great example. Coming together to battle evil directly. This is what I'm talking about. At the end of the day, we're on the same side. Think of the most inhospitable neighbor you ever had. They're still several steps up from the shadows, or the bandits that are taking advantage of the chaos." She moves back towards her podium from where she was wandering the pews, "Now, don't misunderstand me. I'm sure many of you don't want to fight anything at all. You've already served your militia time, you have a job that doesn't involve swinging swords." She sets her hands on her book, "But a hero is born out of the heart, not a sword arm. Be the one to keep their cool when things go sour, and you can make the difference between disaster and salvation. As the Creators have written, 'We have fashioned in you the potential for everything, if you will act.'" She gestures towards Meepes then, "That said, step forward. What is your name? And welcome to Firmament."

Meepes smiles doing just as he was told. "I admit my name is a bit strange but it is Meepes and I would also like to thank you for your welcome ma'am." The fox smiles as he reflects on the word fighting. While he wasn't much of a fighter he has had his far share of training. Though one would wonder if a comander yelling at you which side not to stab yourself with counts as training. Standing before the priestess Meepes could not help but flush his cheeks, which were thankfully hidden by his soft fur. Though his shacky stature did allow others to guess he was not use to being the center of people's attention.

Going quiet, respectful of the priest, Monique smiles happily to Meepes, remaining quiet while they relate their tale. While they talk, she ponders the things that have happened to her of late, and a reassurance comes over her that even though she dislikes her work, it is a good thing she does.

Even if you're a lowly street urchin with a sword, a piece of old armor, and hopes and dreams of eating nut stuffed goose with those fancy forks. Maybe a salad fork. Do you eat goose with a salad fork? Olan knows they have salad forks.

The mouse kicks his legs, paying close attention. Some of Mange Square may not like Church, but he's into the stories. Olan likes stories. There's nothing wrong with being eighteen and liking stories!

Kilsa smiles widely at the newcomer and remembering why she loves attending church sometime. She watch the same people that she drinks with the same people she sells armor to and the same people she would die for gathered together and being civil. Her heart swells at the thought, "I love this jobs." She whispers under her breath with a wide dopey smile.

Bite watches the shakey fox and smirks, turning her attention to the rest of the attendance. Although coming here may not have been the best use of her time, it was entertaining and enlightening as always. She half-heartedly listens as she thinks over her plans. Her eyes glance over a badger with a wide goofy smile and she tries to suppress her giggling as much as possible.

The priestess' hand settles on Meepes' shoulder as she gestures with the other, inviting others to welcome him properly, producing a chorus of hellos and welcomes. "You're always welcome here," she assures, "And your timing is just amazing. We're having two weddings today that you're here for, after we get through discussions," she announces, to the positive murmurs of those who didn't already look up the schedule ahead of time.

"Speaking of which," She says, gently nudging the welcomed Meepes towards his seat, "Let us speak of our current events. Does anyone have good news they want to share, or trouble they would like help or support with?" she asks. The communal celebration and trouble solving a bit of a curious addition to the old church equation. "Old mister Hanson is recovering well," she announces, "And expects to be on his feet by week's end." Polite applause, and a few 'Creators Bless'es from the crowd, and some time is provided for people to bring up their own good, bad, or puzzling subjects.

Monique bites her tongue as she fights to remain seated. She knows she has a problem, when she fights, but this, this happy time is not where to bring it up. Looking down at the back of the seat in front of her she shuffles a little, adjusting her tail but ultimately keeping quiet.

Meepes takes a seat sinking back into his seat wiht a somewhat embrassed smile on his muzzle. Meepes however went back to intently listening in on the happenings around the town hoping to maybe help out where he could. While being rewarded with money is nice the most he asks for the jobs he does is a warm meal and maybe a bed to stay in. Though rarely does he stay in one place for too long as he loves to wanderlust constantly nips at his scenses. For better or for worst.

"Hello Meepes." Olan offers with the group. Then. A groan comes up from Olan. He stifles it with his hat, out of respect. Wedding/s/. Multiple?! He peeks under his hat at the exits.

Kilsa clears her throat, "I'm starting a fun raiser, to help out a local group of sailors who lost their ship in an unfortunate accident. If anyone would like to donate a few crown I would be happy to accept. Every crown counts." She give the crowd a stern gaze, "These proud sailors keep goods coming into our fair community. I'm sure they would apperciateed every crown."

Bite looks fairly curious at the mention of weddings, stretching out just enough to be comfortable to attempt and attend. She smirks at the mention of sailors, and stands up saying "I'll donate 100 crowns to the sailors." with a giggle. She sits back down and plans to hand it out after the service.

"A whole ship?" asks the priestess, "That's terrible. That's their livelihood." Not that it wasn't obvious, but her saying it does get a few in the crowd to dig into their moneypurses where otherwise they might have opted out. Not everyone donates, not every can, but in the end, a small pile of crowns is collected to add to the pot, but the pot is in the priest's hands, "I'll get this right to them. See me after service and tell me where to deliver it." Well, they're not entirely gullible at least. A few other things are brought up and nodded at, nothing too interesting, and then everyone is waved to rise.

Assistants hurry in and start moving the benches, making more room in the center aisle, and making them facing each other at an angle. Two couples are led in by olders, parents or mentors likely. One is a bobcat and an ocelot, the other are a pair of beavers. They're all dressed quite finely, but that's little hint without knowing if they're rented for the day or owned.

Smiling widely again, Monique puts in some crown for the ship. Helping move a few benches herself, the thylacine takes a seat again and marvels at the wonderful clothing, particularly since she was raised on a farm.

Olan fishes out a crown. He is loathed to part with it because it's a /crown/, but he flips it in. The mouse helps with the moving and sits back down, trying not to fidget. His mom isn't here to clout him in the head for fidgeting, but he remembers. That doesn't mean he has to pay full attention.

. o O ( Maybe it was a sea monster? So awesome. )

Kilsa smiles as this is one ceremony she never like to preside over but loves to attend. She stands to the side and leans near the entrance, "Another round of lovers." She smiles warmly trying to stay out the way while still watching the marriage.

Bite shifts eagerly and watches the proceedings, taking note of their dress. Little as this tells, it offers her some knowledge for the future if it's ever needed. She feels fairly happy seeing lovers like this, but something inside her wrenches when she realizes it can lead to something terrible she has seen first hand.

"We have two happy couples today," announces the priestess, "The first," she gestures to the felines, "Tad and Elaine," They step forward towards the priestess, "Have known each other since they were able to walk. They've stuck it out through fights and rivalries, and have decided on their own that they are meant to be." She clasps hands with both, individually, then together, "They are being blessed by their parents." She gestures to the male and female felines with them, "Tad's mother, Elaine's father." She steps back, and the guardians step up to have their peace. They talk about what a wonderful couple they are and how they hope for a long happy marriage together. Hugs are given all around.

Monique watches the happy couple and ecstatic parents but then looks down at her hands and, seeing the hard calluses from her time spent on the farm, remembering her own family, she gives a sigh. Brightening her expression as she looks back up, she urges herself to stay happy, here, if only to not ruin this day for the couples.

Kilsa smiles and wonders how she is going to find a lucky folk to convince to be her mate. "Heh. First things first." She mumbles to not one while dreamly watching the couples. "Just too many short folk here and none of the tall ones are cuddly." She thinks on the blubbery form of the good king and shivers. "Maybe I'll settle for a shorty." She eyes some of the smaller males in the room with a mirthful smirk.

Olan mutters, "Stupid tall people."

Bite giggle at the muttering and low comments going about, and in glee at the happiness of the moment. The gigglebox breathes heavy to calm down and flicks her tail against the bench before letting it drop to the floor and slithering for a better view of the events. SHe claps gently for the couple and tries to think of something she could give them as a gift.

The hands of the two are tied together with a soft silk like rope, and the two exchange personal promises of things to do and not do. The priest wishes them well, and has them sign a book of official documents before they move to the side and the next pair is introduced, "An arranged marriage between their parents, as is tradition with the eldest children of these two lines for over two centuries," says the priest, "Susan and Marcus are no strangers. They went to academy together, he a skilled earth magician, and she a talented fire magician. With perserverance, they'll make magic together." she welcomes them to the front, then gestures to the two male figures with them, "Their teachers, from the academy." And it's their turn to speak, emphasizing the great potential of the both of them, and their bright wishes for the future.

Smiling, fixing the couples in her mind, Monique promises herself to buy any of them a drink if she sees them in an inn. Stretching her legs a little, she waits for one part, the part she always enjoys in church. The music.

Uuuugggggghhhhhh. Olan sits straight, trying not to slouch. Stupid noble weddings. He mutters to himself, "When I am a hero and I marry a princess, it's going to be way less boring..."

Kilsa hears Olans remark and her eye twitches a bit. "Everyone wants a princess, A battle maiden is where its at." She mumbles under her breath while claping soflt for the couple. "Fire and Earth, I bet those two are going to go down in history. I hope to see their skills in action." She geniunely please at the ceremony.

Bite sits up in her seat to see the two, smiling at just the prospect of mage marriage. The "they'll make magic together." line makes it so hard to keep a laugh that might come off as disrespectful from escaping her mouth. She contains herself through the commends from both the badger, and the mouse and seems to sway as she listens to the remarks from the teacher. She tries very hard to find a gift for the two of them, but just decides to pull together some crowns.

The couple is less exuberant than the first. They'll have to learn love, rather than entering with it. Different strokes for different folks. Still, they are at least dutiful, and accept well wishes before the two beavers move to stand beside the two felines. And there's the music. A familiar bit of guitar playing as Valente pops up seeming out of nowhere, well, from behind that curtain. Entrance is had, and he plays his way up to the front to stand behind the priest as she says her final blessings, and announces the reception is on, which means food, drink, and booze in generous quantities. Mass is officially over.

Rising with the other attendants, Monique makes her way forward to congratulate the couples and tries to seek out the presiding priest. With the mass over, she would really like to find out just what is wrong with her and the church seems to be the best chance, their records would likely be quite complete.

Olan bounces up to his feet. "Finally, the good part!" If the beavers were well off, that might mean good food!

They might have salad forks!!

Kilsa eyes widen at the Hare. "Figures.." She smirks and continues to monitor the crowd. The large badger makes her presence scarce while the family friends and community move in on the couples, A somber sigh echos from her almost like a deep growl as she makes her way up to the Hare. "Hey." She gives the hare a wave before leaning a against the wall.