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Its been exactly one full day since the lady was kidnapped due to the sensitivity of the issues and a chance of her being killed by her kidnappers. The incident hasn't been mentioned to anyone except her closest friends, Now as the sun starts to set a large blue eyed Badger leans against the Orphange walls while waiting... Her eyes scan the area while her dress reveals no clan seals.

Arimia has had a large chest with a false bottom made large enough for her to fit in. She'd also called for the other members of the Ironsoul defenders to join her. She hands a large bag of crowns to them and says, "Okay! One of you two is gonna have to handle the talkin'. When the badger leaves to take the crown you follow her, sneaky like. I'll be in the chest here. Pour those crowns atop the fake bottom of the chest so it looks full. If the badger complains that it's not much, explain that Kilsa isn't rich like some nobles, 'cause she spends so much of the orphanage an' all." After saying that the 'coon climbs into the chest, curling up, and pulls the false bottom shut, hiding her from view, though without coins to cover the fake panel it's obvious that the false bottom is there.

Kiyasai carries the chest with both hands after filling it, deciding to go unarmed if only to avoid suspicion as she moves to Melinae and offers her a very neutral look. "The gold you requested, Melinae." She sets the chest firmly on the ground to let the lookalike hear the jingle of gold coins. "Where's the Lady?" She asks simply, keeping her hands on the chest for the moment, knowing how ninjas tend to disappear.

Selena glances across the cold morning air, with a slight shiver. Noticing the badger, she approaches tentatively. "Melinae, what are you doing here? This wasn't part of our agreement." She questions. "You were to meet us at the fort, not here." an ear flits back and forth in the air, and she crosses her arms.

Jera is peering from the roof of an adjacent building, keeping a little tunnel of wind for him to make a precise shot to pin the target down if he needs to, an arrow nocked securely and the bowstring drawn fully. He's on contract for a favor for a friend, and he clearly doesn't want to mess things up, listening closely to the conversation.

Kilsa narrow her eyes at Kiyasai, "This isn't the place to donate gold. So I'll just ignore that pleasurable bounty." SHe looked at Selena with complete disdain, "Get over yourself... You think kicking your behinds is my only job? I just decided to see what building I wanted to claim for myself when we own this town. I think I could turn this orphanage into a nice fighting den, folk would pay good money to see the children go at it to the death." She looked at the sun, "I suggest you get moving and don't waste your time with me. You know how to get to the fortress. Well heh.... You know how to get beat up outside." She walked off but not before droping a strange trinket, "Might want to wear that to disarm the traps on the way. Well some of them." She chuckle before walking down an alley way.

Arimia bristles slightly as the badger's words reach her inside the chest, but manages to keep from making any noise. She remains silent and still in the chest, waiting for an opportune time.

"Be careful if you keep thinking of doing sinful things. The Creators might just choose to /strike/ you down." Kiyasai gives Jera a signal, then she frowns and follows slightly behind the fake(?) badger to try to give the fox a visible positioning to take the shot.

Selena shakes her head slowly. Aparrently the disdain is mutual; she utters some profanity under her breath as the badger leaves, and snapping up the ticket with a flourish of her wrist and a puff of wind math. Still keeping a comparatively blank expression, she examines the ticket closely.

Jera hears the signal from the leopardess and steadys his breath, then takes his best shot to try to pin the target down with a pair of arrows fired in succession, aimed at the legs.

Ryusho Would finally of heard of at least where the others had gone too, as he has been checking over, and preparing for the meeting though he was not expecting them to head to the orphanage, as he would be comming back up the road from the other direction, stopping to one side as he looks to the badger, his face firm and strong, as he looked over the fake kilsa heading back up the road, with the others behind her, as he waits for them near him before he would join the group, though un-aware of the more detailed plans they had.

Wulf is actually following behind the main group of people from a distance, quietly observing ands studying. Gotta have a lookout for your side after all, don't want things going to all hell after all.

The Badger takes the hits to the legs and a loud clang is heard as the Badger falls into pieces. The Math is dispelled and only random hunks of useless metals and glass remain. To add insult to injury most of the metal seems to be made of Kilsa's gear. The Badger is no where to be found, The sky continues to darken at a steady pace, the guards begin to double their watch a normal. The street are quiet as the good folk of sweetwater return to their homes.

Arimia flicks her ears slightly in the chest as she hears the metal falling to the ground, and gives a small shake of her head.

Kiyasai reaches over to pickup a piece of metal and sees the Ironsoul crest on it, and soon it's but a crumpled scrap in her balled fist. "We'll get Kilsa out. Alive. We've got the three of us here, all Cliffside trained. We've got the best marksman in the land to cover our backs. We'll storm the damned fortress now or I'll give up my priesthood." The leopardess growls and glares angrily in the distance, her hands bleeding from crushing the glass and metal.

"Damn it." Jera curses, having hit his mark, but finding that he shot his hound instead of the fox. "We'd better get a move on. They'll know that we are coming."

Ryusho turns his head to look at Kiyasai after looking down at the metal pile of metal peices, as he gives her a look, "..As Kilsa's Retainer...You better be more then willing to honor that promise if it comes to that." He says softly, his voice almost a scary tone compared to his normal, friendly voice, this showing he is feeling...-cold- in a way, as he looks through the metal, to check if Kilsa's soul stone necklace had been on it, like it was on the one the other day..."This shows though we can't trust our eyes in there, we need to be carefull...because what we see, may not be what it is...We don't want to end up tricked into fighting someone..and that turn out to be Kilsa herself...but diquised from our sight..." He says simply."

Selena can't help but roll her eyes. "Agreed, Kiyasai." She says simply, ignoring the clatter of armor to the ground barring a subtle flick of her tail. "We've wasted enough time as it is." A subtle movement of a paw to grip something on her chest and a solemn shake of her head are her only further actions before she begins to walk unerringly towards the city exit, completely disregarding if anyone else is following her.

Wulf ooc Hey I Resent that Jera is being called the best! XP

Wulf notes that there weren't any ambushers it seems and rushes out of hiding to the group. Growling at the trickery having been played and catching the hind end of Kiyasai's statment with rolled eyes. Coming to a stop with Musket in her hands she jumps on her feet. "All right then, I have some blasting poweder if we need it just so ya all know."

Leaving the nasty little surprise behind, The group makes it further into the woods. As they walk they come across an over turned cart that has been picked over clean. Two rotting pack beast and a dead Porcine girl are laid out on the ground were a large pack of sand cats pick over the body while fighting amoungs each other.

Arimia shifts about in her chest, and slides a piece inside to one side, glancing through the peephole it reveals. She notes the sand cats and speaks up, "Are you going to need me to come out to help with this?"

"I think we should bypass them. Can't risk injury." There's a grimace worn across Kiyasai's face as though she recognizes the cart even, but she remains firm even as she carries the chest.

"Agreed. Saving Kilsa should be of our top priority. Not a dead cart with nobody left to save." Jera frowns, but keeps an arrow ready in case it's needed and they're jumped."

Ryusho shifts slightly, "....We need to keep going.." he says softly, "..The longer we take the less time Kilsa has.." he says softly, though he does shift his position and try to make sure there is no one there to save that was hidden from the sand Cats...

Selena shakes her head somberly. "Probably not. They're just fighting over some corpses." She shrugs, an obvious hint of sorrow in her voice. "I agree with Kiyasai. There's no use in disturbing them." She sighs, checking the scrub nearby for anything out of the ordinary.

Wulf frowns, these people deserve to be avenged, not spurned as if they were nothing but meat. Sadly the group commands and she must follow; giving the cart a longing look before continuing on her way, Musket at the ready.

The Sandcat roar at the group but make little action than fighting over the choice bits of the dead. The group traveling brings them far when suddently the parchment Melinae gave to the group begins glow and hum softly. Each step Selena takes causes the parchment to glow more till the glow surrounds Selena in a bright blue aura made of misting water.

Arimia doesn't notice the glowing, being inside the chest as she is. Occasionally a soft clanging or clinking noise can be heard from inside as the 'coon does something, but it's quiet enough to be mistake for the shifting of coins.

"Arimia..." Kiyasai frowns at the magic but tries not to decipher it, trusting Selena's experience with such powers greater than her own. "I think this whole thing is a setup. We might just need you in a bit." She stays quiet and watches though.

Jera watches Selena for a moment as well, but falls silent to keep vigil, keeping air magic swirling around Selena to dampen any potential explosions, and to try to obscure the glow.

Ryusho glances to Selena as he pays attention, though scoots a step or two farther away from her to be safe, not sure how that is going to act, or if it is some sort of signal to basically help others locate them...or something as he glances around, checking the surroundings as they continue towards I am guessing the original meeting place?

:Selena's hackles rise, not incredibly apparrent a motion in the haze, whispering something through a channel of air magic to group. "I don't trust this tag. Be ready to do whatever you have to if it's trapped." She growls, and readying herself for the event something does go wrong. "I'm going to surround us in fog. There's no reason to let this thing light us up like a beacon." She growls.

Wulf retreats from the glowing Selena, readying herself, slipping her musker over her shoulder to draw her Sabre as she watches the gal go about the motions for magic.

The moment Selena casts her spell to dampen the light, A shrill cry is heard before a large elemental made of water in the shape of a dragon beings to stomp through the wood, The creature makes a beeline to the group. The creature glows the same way the the parchment does it seems furious as it eyes narrow on the group, It pauses before increasing it light. The parchment Selena has attempts to glow for a moment but doesn't seem to get very bright the creature give a angry cry as the liquid inside of it turns a blood red and it opens it mouth and fires pressurized watch powerful enough to slice through trees.

Arimia watches as the creature goes down, then takes advantage of the cover of the fog to climb back into the chest, saying, "Make sure to recover the top with coins." She curls up in the chest again, and pulls the false bottom over her head, waiting for everyone else to get ready to move again.

Kiyasai has taken quite a few hits, though protected by her armor, she's perfectly well. Helping Arimia recover the original disguise, she walks ahead again.

Jera seens to be having a thrill of a time with the fight, launching arrows that hail down incredibly precisely even in the mists surrounding them and cutting the dragon open with one large slash of wind. "Easy." He murrs softly and draws a dagger, the low visibility making it hard for him to use his bow.

Ryusho Brushes himself off as he promtly would resheath the ewapons and begin walking, "Enough, It's down, Keep moving, NO time to delay, or waste, each second is a second longer of risk for Kilsa." he says simply as he glances over at the others then just resumes walking after brushing some more off, already seeming to of healed from the few wounds he had taken as his face is steeled as he continues walking...even if the others may take a bit to catch up

Selena watches as the elemental collapses in on itself, and offers the parchment to the group. "Anyone want it?" She offers, looking unlikely to keep it if nobody takes it. "The fog's not going anywhere while I'm holding this." She adds, an ear twitching slightly. "I don't like having a target painted on me."

Wulf goes about reloading her Musket with ease and proficiency before slinging it over her shoulder again and unsheathing her Sabre once more and marching foreward, letting people figure out who will take the Tag next.

After the group collected themselves and continue onward, The fortress itself loomed in the distant. The moment the parchment is passed on to Kiyasai it takes an entirely different property. The Parchment take on a soft red glow while the humming take on a different tone sounds almost like a low growl, a loud screech is heard but the parchment glow bright red and whatever creature is out further in the darkness can be heard moving away allowing the group to walk freely.

Arimia continues her work in the chest, occasionally pulling the hidden peep-hole open to peek, until she judges the group to be too close to do so without putting them at risk of getting caught.

Kiyasai has decided to carry the parchment, but the change in color seems to scare whatever it is that's lurking within, and continues walking along ahead of the group, juuuust barely in sight of the others. "Hmm. This thing is shadow infested. That's why it doesn't seem to hurt me...I think." The snowmew frowns and still has Arimiachest with her, leading the way.

Jera seems very uncomfortable with the deep fog. He remembers storming a fortress of shadpws before, and still remembers the hprrible nightmares that came with it.

Ryusho remembers it as well, but he does not care right now, His focus is on the fortress, and on the rescue of Kilsa, And becomes onto things that might be in the way as he continues his walk, glancing back at the group occasionally, "Lovley, Not too supprised if this is a shadow fortress yet again then..."

Selena surveys the castle walls and ramparts, trying to make out anyone atop them and failing miserably. "The tag itself didn't hurt me either." She calls ahead to Kiyasai on a channel of air math and readying herself for whatever lies ahead, contemplating clearing the fog hanging overhead since they're so close to the castle.

Wulf shrugs quietly as she continues onwards with the group. "Could very well be kind of like the lair Em, Ari and Zev raided when investigating the dissappearances of people. Nasty bit of work those fellows were, name started with an R but it escapes me."

It only takes moments before the group is standing before the fortress. Melinae can be seen sitting from the top of the Rampart as two small scared Chinchilla males look at the group. The pair appear to be twins, "Hey." The Chinchilla speak in oddly perfect unison, "Your here for who?" They ask looking over the group with business like demeanor. "We don't have time to waste and I'm sure you all don't either. So hand over the tag and treasure."

Arimia flicks her ears catching what she can of what is said. She goes still in the chest and waits. She does say, attempting to not be so loud that those on the ramparts can hear her, "Put the chest down and leave if you need to, but don't go too far."

"This is a ransom. You aren't getting the money until you show us that the Lady is safe. You know that." Kiyasai says stoutly, trying to buy some time.

Jera has slipped away from the group to try to look for a shooting vantage point. He never misses his mark twice.

Ryusho stands there as he shifts slightly, "She is right though, considering this is a ransom, We need to see, and know that lady Ironsoul is safe, and alright." he says after a moment, "...That was the deal, that we get her, you get the ransom..." He says simply,

Selena hangs towards the back of the group, keeping a close eye on the proceedings and preparing herself to intervene if necessary.

Wulf watches on as well, her Sabre idly swinging forewards and backwards and looking ready to jump at someone on a moments notice.

The Chinchilla brothers smiles at each other, "Oi, The boss did say that we were going to be dealing with angry group." They both call out in a sing-song voice. The other badgers look at Ryusho and Kiyasai, "Of course of course, We could walk down there takes a piece of skin and walk back. Oh wait.... We already did that." They pull out matching strips of hide from beneath their tunics, the hide is white and black with dried blood on it. "Now I know what your thinking you could kill us but we figure that badger is important enough you all wouldn't want to have the folk really work her over. Now crown first and ugliest noble later."

Arimia remains still in her chest, ears perked as she listens, catching what words she can from inside it. "Just put the chest down and take a few steps back. They'll send someone out to get it. Let them. I might be able to create a distraction once in the fortress."

"Work her over? Don't you dare. Or I promise you won't have a death. Not one that can be written down." Kiyasai growls at looking at the skin being flashed, but keeps quiet as she tries her best not to lose control, leaving the chest behind and stepping away from it.

"They didn't call me the best of the windrunners for no reason." Jera chuckles and primes three arrows with wind magic to make explosive sounds when they thud against the castle walls, loud and resonant. And then he manages to play with the lights in the fog, a tiny burning branch creating the illusion of black badger fur as he shouts up. "Thank god we found you, Lady Ironsoul! Going to carry you back to the Orphanage and get help...I promise..." An elaborate deception.

Ryusho stands there, as the skin patch was flashed, he would refuse to let any alteration of emiotion show on his face...though he would jump at Jera's ..sudden act most likely as he shifts, and looks around confused himself, as...he turns around without thinking in confusion, since he was not expecting it, but also..then part of his mind cursing, as if this was a trick he did not know about and it didn't work out....well he felt some heads might roll.

Selena keeps her position though quietly fuming at the progression of events, her tail flicking back and forth with malicious anticipation at Jera's ruse. She softly counts down to herself, waiting for another move to be made by someone or other.

Wulf quietly snarls as Kilsa's hide is shown, though as Jera makes a ruckus she takes the distraction as a chance to slip away unseen, moving to hide in the shadows and foilage then edges her way to the flank of the current spokesmen of the bandits, and hopefully by them to get into the area behind them.

The Chaos that break off is amazing the ninja drops off of the rampart and uses math to slow her descent before rocketing toward Jera and the fake Kilsa. The two Chinchilla runs inside the fortress during the madness leaving the ninja to fend for herself against everyone else, "You won't get away!" She screams charging her focus on Jera as many clone made of earth magic attack.

Arimia peeks through her hidden eye hole, watching as the ninja runs past, then pushes on the front panel of the chest, causing it to swing open. This reveals a mass of gears and mathmagic inscribed parts. She flips a switch once out and the chest starts to whir and change, the parts twisting and reshaping themselves to form a golem. Much smaller and more compact than her usual golems, of course, but a golem none the less. Without even waiting for this change to finish the racoon quietly and stealthily starts on her way into the fortress, leaving the others to deal with the ninja.

Kiyasai notices that Jera's made a wonderful distraction and decides to follow up, chasing after the ninja to try to help him out.

Jera is a math expert. Using the air itself to locate the position of the ninja, he gives himself...two minutes before the fake badger catches up and probably does him in.

Ryusho starts to run for the gate then stops, glancing back at the Ninja charging towards Jera, then back to the gate as he had drawn his blade, as he glances back and f orth several times, cursing softly, He better help Jera, Kilsa better be alright even though he does really want to try to go in to find her, he will try to help Jera first, as he turns around and begins to advance in the opposite direction ..err..opposite from the gate anyway and towards Jera and that charging ninja

Selena growls a curse to herself quietly, her attempts at unraveling the magic poweing the golems unsuccessful. With a hopeful glace back to the windrunner, she prepares to throw down a smoke bomb and run into the castle the second her wits are back with her.

There's a flash of Blue Light that comes off of the Barrel of Wulf's Musket as it's fired and flame bursting out the front end just behind the ball, Divine math shining brightly as it helps speed the Musket Ball through the air and towards the Ninja's head. Time for wulf seeming to slow just a bit as the Musket ball starts to press into the back of her skull, caving it in and causing sickening, yet quick craking sounds and then time speeds up again. The Ball spearing out of her eye is a bloody spary of ichor and grat matter. "Well thats that..."

The Ninja goes down hard, blood pools around the corpse before it crumbles into dirt as the rest of the earth creature crumbles into dirt before rushing around the ninja who stands up. A sicking plant has grown out of the wound and the ninja moves like she is on puppet strings as roots fail about viciouls, A flower bloom from the top of the Ninja's head as the monster still has kilsa's soul gem embedded into it roots.

The creature creature screams as it dies, flames whip around its dieing form, The plant wilts into nothing but ash and flesh as the group defeats it. Standing in the doorway of the Fortress is a Venus Fly-trap growing folk that was glowing from Divine math usage. The Plant woman grumbles an the ground around her swallows her up as she huffs at the party. The Gate is slowly closing, meanwhile the chest that Arimia is in has been brought to the treasure inside the Fortress, She is drop there by the Chins and left as they rush off to other parts of the fortress.

Arimia slips out of the chest, flipping the switch inside that transforms it into a compact golem. With her golem following along glances around the treasury before slipping out and starting to search for where they keep prisoners.

Kiyasai is really rather winded from the fight. It's no surprise, considering that she's been carrying the box the whole way to the fortress. "You guys go ahead. I'll just make sure...nothing comes our way..." Mewpantmew.

"You call that a fight?" Jera giggles and unleashes living hell on the ninjaflowerpetalmonster, using even branches and swords as arrows. He demonstrates the effort needed to make two bows rain arrows on the field, having pulled off a critical shot followed up by an executing slice of wind. Flashiness done, he turns to the group and grins cockily.

Selena slinks into the castle under the cover of smoke and distraction from the fight, narrowly avoiding notice from the plant guard. She sets off unerringly towards some lower floor of the place.

Wulf snerks at Jera while she rolls her eyes, calling over. "Ya would never had the chance to be so flashy had I not blown her brains out ta begin with Girlyboy!" Smirking she turns about as her Musket gets shouldered and her Sabre is drawn once again, heading towards the fort. "NOW! To get Lady Kilsa!"

Ryusho Would shift as he mprhs glancign to the ground, "Thats not right.." he says simply as he looks up and over, befor eturning to sheath his weapons as he begins running towards the gate, to begin in, without waiting as he motions, "FORWARD!" he calls out to everyone

Ryusho..does shift and scramble back to grab the soul gem if needed in one hand...

All the rooms on the upper floor lead to single room. There is a single female badger working on giant Golem, She is wearing a pair of goggles while working on the golem, "No No No.... Need more....FIREPOWER!" She screams out with mad chuckle. She is right out side the treasury but hasn't noticed anyone Selena yet as she sneak inside but Wulf catches her attention immediately. "Um... Miss. You can't be in here, I am working on a delicate Calibration." The goggles gleam in the candle light, "Unless of course you want to best my first trial run..." She speak menacingly while her dual soul gems gleam.

Arimia slips up to the giant golem, not having been spotted, and does a few little adjustments of her own. She hums softly as she works, but alters the mechanisms and mathmagics on it so it can't activate. She smiles and steps back observing her work then orders her much smaller golem, "Go ahead and disassemble it until I tell you to stop." After that she steps around so the badger can see her, while her small golem starts to tear the larger one to pieces. "I don't think I'll be letting you use them as targets. Now! Lets chat."

"Order me around again and I'll make sure you can't move for a week." Kiyasai is infuriated enough to mrowl that to Ryusho before she stumbles into the fortress, exhausted, and taking the first available routes that she sees without any real direction in mind, still very fatigued.

"Am I the only one who noticed that something's right underneath us?" Jera grumbles and tries to scale the wall towards the ramparts, lightening his step with wind magic. He wants to get up asap, so that he can see what's coming.

Ryusho glares back at Kiyasai, "Everyone was going that way anyway I was saying it for effect now shut up it wasn't an order to -you- since you already said what you were going to do." he says even as he continues beginnign to make his way around and through the fortress himself in search hopefully for Lady Ironsoul...with that would gen in one had, but he had other he called out to Jera, "I just know something was wrong with the land there! You check it if you want!" He calls out, as he continues forward/in...

Selena whispers over a stream of air magic to Arimia. "Get the goggles off. Check her eyes." She whispers urgently. "There's something big happening in the basement, I'm going to check it out." She adds, melting away into the background of the castle walls to head down, leaving no trace of her existence behind her just in case.

Wulf smiles and sits vack

Wulf smiles and sits back, letting other people take care of things now. "Oh don't mind me, you have more pressing things to worry about miss..." Finding a wall she leans back against it watching the small Golem tearing the bigger one to shreds.

The Badger smiles at Arimia and pulls a large hammer with off her back, "Yeah lets..." She looks at the few folk that she can see. A clang echo through the common room. "Hmmm." She notices the little golem dismantling her larger one. "A shame. I guess I got to rely on my other skills." She grumbled but didn't make a movie. As Jera makes it too the roof her notices that there is a few sleeping goat bandit with a parent soul gem around his neck. A Wulf hangs she notices that the floor is glowing slightly, almost unnoticeable by anyone moving around.

Arimia arches her back in a stretch and holds up a hand in a placating gesture. "Calm down," the raccoon says, "You can get out of this without gettin' beat down. All you gotta do is tell us where you're keeping special prisoners here." The tentacled raccoon's shake shifts and she grows into a serpentine form, eight foot long with four sharply clawed legs. A dragon. Still pink though. "Or we can make you tell us."

Kiyasai has caught up to Arimia, but is really too winded to do very much but watch the coming carnage.

"You have to beeeee, the moooost careful...when you taaaake, aaaa sneeeak.." Jera breathes out the popular assassin song before flinging a dagger into his hands and sneaking towards the sleeping guard, ready to kill in case of hostility.

Ryusho shifts, "Make sure who they are." he says as he continues on trying to move quietly through and down towards the basement...wondering...

Selena continues her passage across the corridors as expediently as possible without notifying anyone of her presence. Done with the floor she's on, she heads for the nearest flight of stairs down.

Wulf blinks as she watches the floor begin to glow. "Het Ari, might want ta get out of the room, I know I'm about too, the floors are glowing you see." getting off the wall she looks around and gives shorter warning to anyone else in the room as she backs up to stand a foot or two out of the rooms entryway.

The Badger smiles and takes off her goggles. "Subject... Is a dragon. Pink in color, living." She grins, "Estimated survival in 35,432.02. Those are better than my odds if I reject Gilda." She look around nervously before making her decision. "Escape is my only choice." She slams the hammer into the ground causing some of the math to activate allowing her to sink rapidly into the ground. Leaving a travel point deeper for Arimia and the others in the common room. Selena fines a starway that leads too the same area, she notices the Badger with goggles running away to the northing most tunnel. As Wolf warns Arimia the moment the Badger departs the earth math in the common room deactivates. On the roof Goat cracks his eyes and notices Jera, the bandit just whimpers and barely breath before toppling over as if paralyzed.

Arimia lets out a soft frustrated sound as the badger slips through the ground, quickly moving her serpentine form to follow after. She gives a small nod of acknowledgement at Wulf's words, but doesn't let it stop or slow her. She mutters under her breath as she goes, "How many damned blue-eyed badgers do they have?"

"They're cloning her. A hundred Kilsas would make an unstoppable army. Each Kilsa is a fragment that needs to be returned to the earth to reassemble her. Kilsa betrayed her long lost family and they're back. So many reasons." Kiyasai somehow finds the energy to pen all her random theories down. "But we really shouldn't wait much longer."

"You're no fun at all." Jera grumbles and starts looting the body. Well. Actually he's trying to look for a way down with unconsciousgoat.

Ryusho would continue down the stairs his steps a bit fast, but trying to keep an eye open just incase of traps as he hurries, deciding that Jera had been somewhat right as he begins trying to make his way down to investigate, since he had said somethign was wrong down below and that was his curriosity there, taking him down stairs at a semi accelerated rate as he moves, weapons sheathed but ready to draw at notice...

Selena points emphatically towards the corridor the Badger ran down, still keeping a low voice. "She went down there. I'm going to head to the source of the magic. If you're coming with me, get a move on." Selena quickly disappears, heading towards the magical nexus. "If your theory is right, we need to stop these fragments from ever being made."

Wulf peeeeeeers through the doorway to where the badger dank down into the ground. "Three dragons really.... chance of survival would have been lower than she thought." she remains outside of the room though, quite wary of the floor.

The Basement has three paths, Northern path has a sign having over it that has the words prison on it. To the West is a path that is listed training room and the final path to the east has a sign that has the words carved off. Voices can be heard come from each path, glancing on the floor reveals most of the foot prints go to the north and the west path.

Arimia starts toward the east path, and says, "Kiyasai, Wulf, this way with me. Selena, you take the others to the prison. Find that blue-eyed badger there, and see if you can find Miss Ironsoul." After saying that she and her small golem head down the east tunnel, moving as quietly and cuatiously an eight foot long, tentacled, pink dragon can.

"Fair enough." An exhausted Kiyasai follows behind Arimia. "D'you think there's an ancient curse running in the blood?" Conspiramew isn't out of ideas just yet.

"You heard the pink lady. Move to the prison and bust Kilsa out. I'll take this person to safety and give some treatment in the medical room. And don't follow. Medicine takes room." The fox starts sprinting off towards the Western path.

Ryusho nods, "Right..if we don't find her, we may come join you as far as wel know.." he says motioning lightly, as he shifts to begin heading that direction though keeping eyes and ears open, and looking for -brown eyed- badgers that look like kilsa, not blue eyed there are apparently a lot of those...

Selena beckons the group she's been 'assigned', having already made it partway down the hall by the time Arimia mentioned splitting up. "Be ready for anything. This might not end well." She whispers through a zephyr, and presses on without any pause for dalliance at a pace that would easily belie her calm tone.

Wulf shrugs quietly and starts to folllow Arimia, her Sabre drawn in one hand and Musket held in the other hand, dark brown eyes scanning the path that they are taking with obvious caution. "All righty... lead on Ari, way to intimidate that badger back there by the by."

Jera walks into the training room to find that it really an infirmary with only a single patient, a very sickly looking ferret with a plant growing out of his side. The male groans in pain while a large badger in gaudy robes begins to cast spells over the poor creature making the plant growing from him moves around in a sickening way. "Don't cry Falion, Gilda doesn't want you dead yet." She coos. The East path crew entire a room that has a badger inside of a plant like pod filled with green liquid needles are embedded on ever part of her skin. Standing in front of the Pod is a single badger with a Venus flytrap growing fold sitting on her shoulder. The bader is in dark armor and wielding a Kilsa Warhammer. "So you all have come for fatty here. I figured that you would be here for little old me." Over in the prison there were many many many pods all filled with half plant half something creatures. From Skirth to bone dragons to bandit all of them have been turned into a hybrid monstrosity.

Arimia utters a mathmagic equation, tearing vitality from the armor clad badger with her dark magic, before sending her small golem stomping toward them to attack, following along with her large bulk, not wanting to give the badger time to recover.

Kiyasai sees the pod and tries her best not to tremble on the spot and lose it entirely, nerves getting the worse of her, as much as she's trying her best to keep herself under control. "You'd better give her back. GIVE HER BACK!" And that cry seems to inspire anyone nearby, strengthening faith and almost doubling their power, her armor glowing a little and almost seeming to sing in the air as she expends the last of her energy in faith.

Jera prepares a knife in his hands. "Beeee the moooost carefuullll..." And then when he sets the goat down on the bed and he throws his knife, the resultant description is far too graphic for an R rated game. Critical hit.

Ryusho would shift looking around as he makes a face, "...This not where we need to be..I see everything -but- badgers here..." he says softly, "....We should go check on the oth-" He says as he turns his head, he swears he just heard a scream or battle cry or something back the way they came from

Selena glances about the room. "...For what I'm about to do." she sighs quietly, and suddenly the ambient temperature rises slightly as she prepares to immolate the twisted mutants and plant pods. "I hope they'll forgive me." She mutters quietly, clasping her hands together as the twisted abominations burst into searing flames. After a brief moment, she throws down a smoke bomb and flees in the direction of Kiyasai's yells. "Come on!" she barks her command, again leaving no time to waste with waiting - There are more pressing matters at hand.

Wulf fires a shot out into the groupo on the left before slinging her musket back over her shouldr and charging, Sabre alread poised to srike down on an opponent and slices them to ribbons. "Ooooorah!"

The Pods pop and sizzle cause the entire area to smell of burning flesh but the sounds for screaming continue for a few moments before silence. In the 'Training room' the ferret looks at Jera, "Thanks... I got a 40,000 bounty on my head. I'm no good to the cause like that. Kill me and collect." Falion moans out. Meanwhile in the east room, The Armor badger grunts and drops to one knee allowing the Flytrap to land on the ground. "Ah. Allow me to introduce myself I am Gilda Venus. Greatest Earth Mathmatician if I do say so myself. Also the most beautiful."

Arimia is busy moving to attack the plant, not stopping to chat with it, letting her golem go in first and following after.

Kiyasai collapses in a corner of the room, completely spent.

"Noooo way. Nuh uh. No. I'm out." Jera smiles and begins to perform amateur surgery with his hands, little slicing winds covering his fingers as he himself starts to bleed. "If I save you, you pay me the 40,000 crown some other time for my surgery is worth more than that. If you die, I get your bounty. Easy deal." The fox is trying his best.

Ryusho would be hauling his big dragon ass to the main basement, and right across down the eastern hall in a rather quick run, as he gets in there, already in the mindset to fight, and if needed to die to rescue and protect Lady Ironsoul, to get her out safely.

Selena rounds the corner to the room Gilda, Arimia and the others occupy, tossing a dulling potion to the leopardess almost as a reflex despite her being unharmed before glaring back at the armored assailant and readying herself for what could come, the smell of smoke and fire still on her fur from the other room.

Wulf doesn't waste time trying to talk either, much prefering to hack and slash away at foes though she is listening to the lady over all the other sounds.

Kiyasai mewls softly as the potion hits her and stains everywhere.

Jera performs surgery with his knives. Sharp, and precise, he does his very best to cut the plant out by the roots without causing too much damage, working ambidextrously, and using an arrowhead to dig out the last of the plant. "Easy! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll patch up your wounds later. Put some coagulant to help the vleeding stop." Then he runs off to Kiyasai's direction. "Dumb mew."

Gilda Clamly speak while meeting Arimia, Wulf and a Golem head on. Her body is hard as tempered steel as she uses a extremely level of Earth magic on herself to make her body so dense. "Well if you insist." She start going on the offense. "You just might die...."

Gilda is knocked on her back as the Armored badger is back on her feet. She grab up the down Gilda and makes dash to the Pod containing Kilsa. Gilda's badger opens the pod tosses Kilsa to the ground while she is coughing and sputtering. As Gilda gets into the Pod the armor badger she left behind raises her hammer to smash open Kilsa's head like grape....

Jera says, "That's two for one, Wulf. But well done." Jera's grin, though exhausted from his surgery, is no less wide."

Wulf is there at the scene in a flash, snarling as her Sabre's blade slices upwards to slice the hammer clean off the shaft before it could even be brought down to swing at Kilsa, using the upwards slash's momentum she rolls around the Badger's backside, jumping up so her arm is head height to the badger and swinging with the spin. "Decapatation!" The blade slices clean through the thick neck, barely leaving a hairline for the neck to even seem cut off from the head. As Wulf lands her Sabre's slashing blade darts in from the side and slices through the knee, getting through the armor via a weak area and slicing the leg off from the knee. Standing there the large beast hobble and then falls as it's lower leg tumbles, it's head falling to the other side and landing on the ground with a thud. "Damn amatuer..."

Arimia starts forward to stop the armored badger, but is nowhere near as fast as Wulf. She watches the quick dispatching of the husky's foe and says, "Good job, Wulf." She then turns to Selena and says, "Selena, get Kiyasai on her feet so she can tend to Miss Ironsoul. ... Fox, I am afraid I have yet to catch your name, but if you would please go through the fortress and round up whatever may remain of the bandits. Wulf, please make sure that that damn plant is dead." She then turns to Ryusho and growls, "You. I have ignored the blantant threats toward those in my command and your bluster because I wasn't going to turn down any help in finding Miss Ironsoul. But now that that is done I am no longer doing so. Leave. Go back to Firmament, and stay the hell out of our way. And if I ever hear you insult or threaten anyone in my command again, I don't give a damn your relation to Miss Ironsoul, I will end you."

Ryusho stands there..staring at Arimia, "..I will never listen to a corrupted, -shadow spawn- like you.....How you can call yourself an ironsoul -defender- when you and your party took such -incredible- risks, Not even -bothering- to inform her first, personal RETAINER, One of the more majore baically personal GUARDS of her...of any of your plans..." he says shifting, ".and you are blaming -me- for it?" he says with an incredulous look, "Are you -serrious-..." he hisses softly.. "...I have not -slept- since the instant she was taken, doing more research then you probably could -imagine- trying to figure out where she might of been, what her situation was, how I could save her, even at the cost of my own -soul- and your claiming -I- was the one here at fault?" he says as he trembles in a barely restrained rage, "...I would suggest then, You consider changing your names...unless your willing to be the -defenders- you claim to be of the Ironsoul family." he says softly, "......If you want me to leave this room you better start trying to kill me right now....because You will be -lucky- to get me more then ten feet from her..." As he walks over..removing his -own soul stone necklace- as he dropped the ninja one durring the put it upon Kilsa so she was -safe from the shadows, as he turns, though as the s oul wears off, his eyes fading as he begins to zone out from it, ".....You have no call...yoursef....something.." he says blinking once or twice, of course his draconic side fading away as well

Selena's eyes go as wide as dinnerplates for a moment as Kilsa tumbles out of the pod, the moment her mind registers the badger actually being Kilsa she bolts over to the noble. For a moment, she glares down at the noble with a degree of austerity rivalled only by a guard regarding a criminal, before slowly beginning to sob quietly and dropping down next to the badger, giving her a close hug despite the situation and her own sensibilities. "Don't you DARE let this happen again!" She chastises, incapable of keeping herself in check anymore. "We were so worried about you! I- I thought..." She allows her sentence to be cut off by her relentless sobbing, though she manages a nod to Arimia, unpacking a medical kit and trying to wake the leopardess just in case the noble needs any medical support, though making no attempt to stop clinging to the badger. "Ryusho, cut the holier-than-though act!" She roars. "I could care less who Kilsa's first retainer was, and some good job you did of that!" She fumes. "And don't you dare insult Arimia! She's done more good than you in this escapade." She roars with a bitter resolution at the dragon, placing a small locket around the badger's neck regardless of any other actions.

Wulf moves her hand up to her head and starts to rub her temple as she moves over to the plant thing and starts to chop it up and look about for a fire to toss the remains in. and burn them to ash. Turningto the arguers she starts to wipe her Sabre on her pants leg. The Husky bites her tongue, keeping her own opinions about the spat to herself while back over to Kilsa, grabbing one of the Badger's arms she places it around her own neck and lifts her off the ground. Sadly though she isn't tall enough for keeping Kilsa all the way off the ground and the Badger's feet drag across the ground, knocking the head of the decapitated one off to the side to rest inbetween Ari, Selena and Ryu. "If I weren't afraid of loosing my clothes I'd go dragon..."

Ryusho mrphs slightly, as he hears Wulf talking, and..looks to her, blinking slightly, "..Oh...uhm...I I think.." he says quietly, as he slowly shifts...and goes the Tegu, in his not the best fitting clothes, would go to help as best he could, in his large eight foot nothing tall self..maybe enough to help more, but he seems lost as can be otherwise...barely seeming to even remember why he is here in the first place from the lost look on his face otherwise...

Arimia waits until Kilsa has been moved, then walks up behind the soul gem-less Ryusho, unhesitatingly swiping a dragon claw along the back of his legs, tearing through flesh, tendon, and muscle. After doing that she calmly moves around him, taking his soul gem off of the badger, and roughly shoving it against his chest, so she can be sure her words get through to him. "I was not calling your... Dedication... Into question. That was never the issue. The issue was the attitude you took to those in my command. You threatened to kill them, or make the attempt anyway. I will not stand for that." She gives a small grin before saying, "And for now, with that damage to your legs, neither will you. And for your information, we are not tasked to defend the Ironsouls. We are not the Ironsoul defenders. We are Ironsoul's defenders, taking our name from our leader, Miss Ironsoul. We defend Promise. Not a single person." She unconcernedly pulls the gem away from his chest and tosses it across the room then"

Wulf shrugs as the Tegu comes to help her, offering only a few grumbles of protest but nothing more before speaking, her eyebrow is twitching madly as grows ever more annoyed about this pointless, at the moment, arguing. There is still a job to do after all, personal matters can wait can't they?

Kilsa gets up on woobly legs. "Is.. she...... dead?" The badger wheezes before looking at the chopped up Badger and reach down to pick up the sheared off Hammer handle. Without even asking she half dragged and Limped with Selena and Wulf over to the Pod where Gilda was. "Thank you." She looked at the chopped up remains. "Good, I'm so tired. I want to sleep then drink this away." She wheezes out as the needle holes give her back a reddish appearance. The group takes the weakened badger back to the city. The next day Jera recieves a mystery deliver of a bag of exactly forty thousand crown, Kilsa is treated in a hospital by mages and given new soulgem to replace her lost ones. After a long meeting with the Good King, The Ironsoul defenders are giving the deed to the Fortress. Those that added in the removal of Gilda each recevied a reward of 10,000 crowns.