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Yeah, I pushed my sister from the cart when she was six. So what? You looking for a sob-story about how I turned evil? You're talking to the wrong person here. She threatenend my right to rule, and I took care of the problem, like Father taught me. 'Course, I was barely starting training back then, and I forgot rule No. 1. Information is EVERYTHING. Had I made sure she was gone, well...

In either case, Mother and Father taught me everything they were once taught by grandfather himself. Every trick the Spyguard of the past used, and a few they didn't. I know how to fight, how to remain unseen, how to kill. You name it, I know it. And of course, I will never forget rule No. 1 again. Information is Everything.

We cover our tracks, we uncover others', and we work until we know the perfect moment to strike. Of course, that doesn't mean staying silent, either. When we strike, we leave our mark, because the name Longtail deserves to be feared. It deserves to be shunned. Because when you control the beings' fear, you control the beings themselves... Like puppets on a piece of string...

I am Katrina Longtail... The True High Lady.

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  • Nobility -- There are those that are born to rule, and there are those that are born to be ruled. And I WILL take what is rightfully mine.
  • Longtails -- There's far more of us than you think... And unlike what my sister would have you believe, we don't needs to be loved... We took our power, and we'll hold onto it.
  • Cliffside -- Backstabbing, conniving... A perfect breeding-ground for Longtail spies, of course.
  • Apostates -- Quite definitely useful pawns. Some of my closest allies are apostates... Not too close, of course.

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  • Flora -- My litttle sister. Suffices to say, we don't get along very well. She's on the defensive right now, as she should be.
  • Fenris -- An... Interesting specimen. Not one to fall for my advances... Somewhat close with my sister. I'm sure that in time, he'll... Turn around.
  • Sven -- Loudmouthed, foreign, and bulky. I'm sure he can be of use later. Just need to find the right way to wrap him around my finger.

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RP Hooks
  • Information -- Everything revolves around knowledge. Though my network is vast, there are still things that require further investigation... And every bit of information can be found... For a price.
  • LongTech Industries -- My sister's... Pet project. Right now, they are running well, but we'll see how long that lasts once the foundations start crumbling beneath her feet.

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Full Name: Katrina Longtail

Clan: Graceful Folk.

Species: Panther.

Personality: Extroverted, seductive, calculating, thrillseeking.

Motto: 'Information is Everything.'

Dedicated to: Unknown

Sacred Family: Unknown

Parents: Marius and Rosalyn Longtail.

Grandparents, maternal: Reginald and Solana Longtail

Grandparents, paternal: Thomas and Samantha Swiftpaw

The above is unknown to all but the highest ranking Longtails within the 'old' family. Below is her public alias.

Full Name: Katrina Silkenfur

Clan: Graceful Folk.

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