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Gl'Amour peeks into one of the shops, sniffing to determine what the have for sale.

A large area has been cleared out for Lady Ironsoul and Associates to Peddle there wares, soldiers and fighters are getting repairs for free the large badger looks over her forge waiting on someone to occupy the other three forges. "He is late." She grumbles as she finishes hammering a small sword for a small folk soldier.

Gl'Amour waves at the Noble Badger Lady she seen last night.. remembering the challenge, the little poodle wanders over to see how its going.

The Large, Heavy-folk Gator trundles out into the market. He looked rather weary as if from a rather long journey, but this kilt-clad reptile spots the cleared area and wanders over. His soul gem identifies him as being in his crafting state and not his fighting one.

Ryusho would of been busy untill just recently as he arrives, though he was wearing a loose shirt if nto almost a robe like wrap, because he had his working outfit beneath it at this time, the large Tegu though also having a bag and belt of his various tools he uses as he somewhat hurries into the area, since he had lost track of time >.<

Bite slithers into the marketplace, seeking replacements for her equipment. They are getting quite old, liable to fall apart soon from sheer use, and this would be the place to find replacements. She smiles widely as she sees Kilsa, hissing happily as she says "Hello sssweetie! This is very fortunate." Bite moves over to her swiftly, waving along the way.

Gl'Amour looks between Kilsa and Ryusho, wondering how she should do this.

After hammering out the dent in a shield Kilsa looks up at Ryusho, "Your late. The forges have been burning for over an hour." She growls and clears her throat, "Forgemaster Ryusho is an associate of mine, Please browse he his wears and mine.Request what you can and we will forge them to the best of our ability." She smiles as she notices Bite, "Ah its been a while Bite. What would you like? I've been busy with all the nobility I've missed you." She hugs the snake covering her in soot and ash.

Gl'Amour waves a tiny paw "Hi, I'm new here. but I could use something better than the threadbare equipment my mother booted me outa the house with.

Bite giggles and brushes herself off after hugging the badger. "So formal suddenly, are you doing alright? You haven't lost yourself in your title have you?" she says with a smirk, tempted to poke fun at the badger. "I might have some requests for you after we catch up."

Gl'Amour hops up on a stool near the challenge, hoping to be seen by someone.

Kilsa smiles softly at Gl'Amour, "I'm fasinated with your form I would love to to give you an armor that brings out the beauty of your body with a fierceness that makes those that see you shiver. I would say a black armor that is adorned with a white sun but before you take my offer please listen to what my accociate would have to offer you." She smirked giving Ryusho the floor.

Ryusho would quickly move into position as he has to strip himself down from his current dress, quickly packing his 'clothes' into a bag, though this exposes his forging wear beneath, a thick pair of leather pants, and a set of 'belts' that go around on his chest to help keep them on, as he has several various tools, though most of them seem to be home made, and not quite as polished or perfected as Kilsa's as he gets himself set up, "Sorry, I know, I am late..." he shifts and glances at Kilsa, "If you want you could just assume I was hammering out a sword or two before makign sure it was polished to a sheen." he says as he slightly grins, just a bit of a joke between them as he works to get himself finishes set up real quick before he actually makes an evaluation.

Gl'Amour grins and nods "Thank you good lady. I am small and perform scout duties... so it would need to be light or perhaps moderate defense." She grins and turns to hear Ryusho's ideas.

Gl'Amour smiles "I do have coin to pay.. and a small amount of materials." she shrugs.

Ryusho does get himself so he can take a look, "Ah, Well I was going to say because of your size, though an amor like that looks good, Unless you could easily color it, a lighter set up of potentially more flexible materials, such as treated, and studded leather, with lighter metal plates or hardened leather, could make for a better setup, though it would not be as showing, it would be effective, Though A metalic mesh could be used as well, rather then leather, to make sure to get the maximum ammount of protection, with preferably minimal weight..."

Kilsa looks to bite, "Not at all. I've give been trying to show a good image in Public." She leans over and whispers something to bite before giving her a wink." She then looks to Ryusho, "Your first customer is waiting." She looks at the Poodle longingly, "I've could up charge you a bit and enchant it with something to would give it a small charge that would harm your enemies while keep you say. It would be at the cost of physical protect but it would be strong enough to deter the most common of enemies and still retain the beautiful design."

Bite shakes her head at Kilsa's business. Perhaps a large order will cheer her up. "So Kilsa, I need the following things. I need two new fire spells sssweetie, one a bit rougher than the one you made me previously, a larger widespread spell of flames, some heavy chain armor for this." she hisses and holds up her rogue soul gem. "And I need to talk to you about an effective knife for that gem to, it seems the longer I use it the better and better I get at using daggers and the like, mine is just too little for its prowess." Bite tilts her head and giggles as shes whispered to, thinking about what else she needs to order.

Gl'Amour ponders and nods "good points from both." she looks to Ryusho "Could I beg of you to make me a small sword... a quick Rapier style?" then she looks to Kilsa "I do like you vivid armor, will it work in chain and scale? If so can I ge that from you." then to both "what do I own for these?"

Kilsa smiles at Bite and looks to Ryusho, "I would be happy to fill that order but out of fairness, I'm allowing forgemater Ryusho to see if he can improve the request as well." She looks at Gl'Amour with a large smile, "Armor takes time. Lets work each piece at a time. I'll handle your armor if you've chosen me. I can do it in each style, Now Bite I can work on yours as soon as Ryusho has giving you his counter offer."

A rather lean and well dressed sparrow lands in the marketplace, uprighting quickly and walking straight up to the badgers stall. "Miss Ironsoul, Sir Rogna has a few requests for you." he states, handing Kilsa a rather fine tan envelope before bowing and taking off.

Gl'Amour's eye gleam as she watches the 2 hammersmiths engage in their work. The perky poodle stands on tippy toes to get a better look.

Ryusho hums slightly as he shifts, "A light, and fast blade hmm? I can do that.." he says thinking for a moment, "That would be a blade..designed..." He slightly begins lightly almost drawing at the air with a finger before he shifts, and "One moment.." he say grabbing a peice of measuring tape/string to quickly cehck about the average sword length, then slipping out of where he had been standing, "One moment..please." he says as he takes the string to quickly go and average out with it from rather close, the poodles Height, and then aproxamate arm length, before he nods, sliping back into the forge and promtly grabbing some metal to slip it into the forge, also checking and beginnign to very precisely arange his tools from his belts and the like on one of the tables in what some would say a 'creepily' precise manner...yay for draconic manenrisms showing...

Gl'Amour holds her arms out and stands straight as Ryusho measures her tiny form.

Kilsa chuckles at Ryusho's reaction and begins to hammer out the poodle measure ments without needing to closely analyze her, "I've going to work on this armor. It will be a little heavy but I think you'll be pleased. Seriously your such a beautiful canine." She blushed a bit as she continued to work her hammer on the forge. "Bite I'll take a request from you as soon as I am finished or my rival here can take one." She smiles at her oldest friend in sweetwater.

Gl'Amour beams at Kilsa, bouncing eagerly on the stool "Thank you Ma'am, your too kind."

Bite giggles and waits patiently. "It's a large order, I can wait my turn." she hisses as she looks between the two rather busy craftsmen and women. "Perhaps we can talk about daggers while we wait?" she says with a smile.

Kilsa smiles as she holds up her armor after an hour of hammering. "I present the Siris Armor! Forged to be as beautiful as the sun and just as deadly. A fitting armor for someone so beautiful..." She winks at the poodle, "I will only charge you a mere 500 crowns." She chuckled and showed the canine the armor.

Gl'Amour grins brightly and claps "oooh, its beautiful.. thank you!!" she fishes in her purse for the coins.

Ryusho would quickly after a moment, pull out the metal, that had been heating to get it ready, after he finishes his aranging of the tools, just glad he had it right, though once he gets the metal out, he shifts, peers at it for just a moment, before turning towards one side, where the place is opening, and with a sudden 'blast' of heat from his forge area, he lets out a..rather -startling- blast of -flame- that quickly gets the metal tot he heat he was wanting, not wanting to wait in a way as he hums softly and quickly begins hammering away at it, for quite some time, occasionally turning, shifting and -re-heating- the blade quickly with his breath, though after a while he would shift and re-examine the blade, shaking his head, as he works quite hard before he finishes as well a bit later...

Gl'Amour's eyes gleam brightly as she sees the sword. "oh wow, you both are fantastic. thank you thank you... what do I own you Sir Hammer Smith?"

Kilsa smiles and wipe bit off soot off her nose, "Please Miss Gl'Amour, His name is Ryusho. For a blacksmith just starting names mean alot, everyone your sword was forged by Ryusho not just a blacksmith." She smiles and turns to the Reptile, "Having fun?" She chuckles before looking at her snake friend. "Tall orders are my favorite."

Gl'Amour looks at the slender blade and armor. she beams "You both are fantastic. thank you soo much."

Bite giggles and looks over Gl'Amour's equipment. "I see you haven't lost your touch, and that he is a capable craftsman."

Ryusho quickly looks, "Considering if I was charging nomally, I would only charge for the materials, then the work, though materials seem to be somewhat supplied here, I suppose I can charge around.....Three hundred and fourty crowns would be enough..." he says after a moment with a smile, though that is quite a bit less then he would normally charge for a blade of the same quality...since this is to replace the rather worn, and not that good gear the poodle has at this time.

Gl'Amour smiles and looks to Kilsa "milady, might I ask a question? Are you looking for retainer's for your house? I realize I am but a small puppy, but I am in search of a house to join." she smiles "And yours seems to be a happy hearty one."

Gl'Amour nods pulls coins from her purse "thank you great Ryusho."

Kilsa smiles down at the Poodle, "A retainer? I would be interested in expanding my house even if its just a retainer. How about this afterward meet me in the saints square and I will give you a proper review." She smiles before looking at Bite, "I'm a Blacksmith first and formost only the creators themselves would be able to stop me from working the forge." She smiled, "Now stop teasing me and tell me what can I do for you or what he can do." She tilts her head over to the Tegu.

Gl'Amour wags her tail happily and nods "in the Square, after the challenge. Yes Milady."

Ryusho bows his head lightly, "Your very welcome, and thank you for your compliment."

Bite giggles and smirks. "I've said before, but lets talk one at a time. I would like some heavy chain armor for my rogue soul." she hisses holding up her soul gem. "And a far more rough fire spell to work with, this one has lost its flare." she hisses and giggles at her own pun.

Gl'Amour watches the Snake woman bargain and talk about equipment. The puppy tilts her head and tries to learn.

Kilsa smiles and looks at the Snake. "Alright I'm looking into spell crafting so I'm willing to work on putting a bigger burn on your flame." She begins to take a blank slab of enchanted stone and begins carving divine math into it. "Yes Yes.." Unlike her other work she has become extremely focused on the Divine Math involved.

Ryusho hums softly as he shifts and glances over..The arcane, and the like he has not had much practice with, and ..well he would have trouble doing anything but the most basic of such right now, but he does continue working, beginning to make other things that he can potentially sell at a later time.

Kilsa grins as she finishes the spell crafting, "This is best of what I can do with spells, This is too powerful for me to cast with my current knowledge but please cast this and tell me if there is still an eastbank forest afterward." She sweats the concentration taking alot of work out of her as she passes Bite the spell. "This will be 3000 Crowns."

Bite smiles and nods. "I appreciate the hard work, do you think roasted cackle taste good?" she hisses and giggles, pulling out the crowns swiftly. She smirks and hands it over, taking the spell with glee. "So then armor, another fire spell of high caliber, and I still need a dagger of great weight and power." she hisses and giggles. "Thank you for such hard work." she says and then looks to the dragon. "Are you sure you would not like to make an offer?"

Kilsa looks to Ryusho, "Please. Choose which one you would like to make for my friend." She smiled sweetly as she ponder what would be his choice. "I'm sure she would like to see your craft. This is your opportunity to shine."

Ryusho mrphs softly, I am not skilled with the arcane, so I could try my best to do the armor." he says after a few moments of thought...

Gl'Amour watches the exchange, tail wagging feverishly. Of course she has more decorum, than to let her tongue hang out panting.

Gl'Amour watches wondering if the challenge is over.. Hopes she doesnt have to chase her tail to determine the winner.

Kilsa gasps tiredly as she finishes her next bit of spell crafting, "This is something I learned while trying to create a better spell for myself as a mage. I think you are better equipped to cast it without setting yourself on fire." She chuckles and showed Bite her bit of divine mate. "This will help you burn down everything."

Gl'Amour figures since Kilsa is busy making magic, she'll ask Ryusho "Sire, Do you think you could craft me a smaller blade to match this fine one you made earlier?"

Bite smiles at the product and sways a bit excitedly, thinking of what she can accomplish with such a spell. "Well then ssweetie, how about eight thousand crowns?" she says just throwing out a number, pulling it free from her person and counting it for the badger.

Ryusho nods a bit to Bite as he begins looking and..stops, blinking as he begins to search the area, "..Now..wait a minute..I thought I saw that right here.." he says after a moment, beginning to look and trying to find either a certian tool or some material of a certian type as he seems just a bit confused...

Kilsa smiles and nods, "I'll take that. Thank you my friend." She look at the crowns and pockets them. "Are you looking for something else Gl'Amour and Bite would you like me to work on something for you like that dagger?" She smirked and give the reptile a wink.

Ryusho soon finds it after a few moments, "...I thought this was over -there- I swear.." he says scooting the bag of materials over to where he wanted it to be before he would promtly begin to work on making bite the armor for her....

Gl'Amour blinks and looks both ways.. then nods to Kilsa. "If its not an imposition.. could you make a smaller blade, that resembles the one Ryusho made?" she blushes

Bite giggles and begins thinking over the specifics on her dagger as both of the smiths are busy. "I'll let you make me that dagger but I have to talk to you about it first." she hisses and then smiles.

Ryusho would begin working, though he seems to start -quite- odd as he starts almost with 'shards' of metal, rapidly smacking them into certian shapes after heating them momentarily, and beginnign to make various 'scale' like shapes, as he smacks them out one after another, occasionally shifting to work with some leather, as he begins to attach and mesh them in quickly while he works, slowly beginning to cover it with the metalic scales, though it is supprising as each one is about the size of a persons fingernail, but the way he seems to quickly, precisely make each scale almost exactly matching the others as he works, the scales actually meshing together to make what almost appears to be a super flexible 'sheet' of metal.

Gl'Amour bounces excitedly as she watches the creativity and hardwork. Her tiny tail whips back and forth excitedly.

Ryusho soon would finish up with the armor after a good deal of work, as he then presents it for Bite's inspection, "..I hope this is suitable for your expectations and request?" he asks after a moment, though not sweating really, he does roll his neck slightly, though the almost lack of clothing he has does show while he works that he has quite a good bit of muscle, even though he lacks definition from his rather thick/heavy build.

Kilsa smiles and begins to work on the dagger for the Poodle she begins humming and moving to a beat only she can hear as she fold the metal as thin as possible her foot steeping down over and over. She finishes quickly and giggles. "How do you like this dagger? I thought this would fit you nicely." She showed off the Ebony blade to the Poodle.

Bite smirks and looks it over. "Oh would you look at that." she hisses pointing to a spot on the armor and giggling. She waits just long enough for Ryusho to think there might be a problem with their work before saying "I'm kidding sssweeetie it's perfect, what do I owe you?"

Gl'Amour claps and nods "yes YES... thank you.. thats awesome! It'll match my suit."

Ryusho shifts slightly to peer curriously, then chuckles, "Ah, well, It will be 1380 crowns actually." he says with a chuckle, "But It is a pleasure to make such for you, Felt this was best considering you do look quite flexible, so I wanted to make sure you could keep that in combat or out."

Kilsa smiles at the poodle, "500 hundred crowns and we will call it even." She winked at the poodle, "I can't have someone who may be my frist retainer going around poor because I overcharged her."

Bite giggles profusely and counts out crowns for Ryusho's payment. "Thank you for the compliment sssweetie." she giggles and hands him the money.

Ryusho smiles though he blushes a bit, a noticable bit of red going to his cheeks as she giggles, "You are quite welcome." Though he then shakes his head a bit with a laugh, as he goes to get back to work after putting the money away.

Gl'Amour grins and nods profusely, looking over her new equipment.

Kilsa smiles and looks to bite, "So about that dagger?" She smirked and look to Ryusho, "How are you feeling Ryusho? Feeling proud?"

Gl'Amour smiles and thinks both crafters were great.

Ryusho chuckles a bit, "I am proud of any good work I do, but I suppose I am feeling at least good about myself, since I seem to be keeping up with standards that you have set in their minds." he says jokingly, "...Why do you ask?" he says with a chuckle, "..But it does feel nice to actually be able to work and..not feel like I am being chosen because they think I might be cheap for a lack of skill...." he then shifts, "..well..a lack of skill with smithing..."

Bite smiles and tilts her head. "I think I want it for future use, my rogue soul keeps bestowing me with more and more knowledge of dagger use. I want it to be useful when I have achieved the potential it possesses."

Kilsa smiles and Bite, "I would be happy to make you a dagger like that. I'll make sure its amazing." She looks to Ryusho, "Your a good folk, I'm looking to expand my house. I would like you to craft in my name for others, I'm giving you the offer today but I will give you till tomorrow this time to give me your answer. You will get alot of jobs and folk will be asking for you by name." She look to bite, "Give me a second to craft your blade."

Ryusho blinks as he stands there, though after a moment, he bows his head, "I would be more then willing to craft for a noble house...such as your own, if that is what you would like of me, Though I would of never expected such an offer to come from one such as yourself...let alone an offer considering how I let myself loose my temper somewhat the other day..."

Gl'Amour grins and claps "wooo" she winks "I think it is awesome to say my Blade is Dragon-forged by Ryusho" she brandishes Swiftfang.

Kilsa smiles as she works on Bite blade. "The way I see it that you have spirit. Long as you don't get out of line I'll let that pass for now come by my orphanage tomorrow. We will discuss thing in detal." She finishes the blade, "How do you like this bite?" She hold up the dagger.

After giving Bite her dagger Kilsa stands up and looks to Ryusho, "Tomorrow I, Lady Ironsoul, expect your presence at the marketplace this time tomorrow. Failure to arrive will forfiet your chance to be the first blacksmith to represtence the Ironsoul name." She gives him a wink before head off to wash the soot and ash off her body. "I will see you all later." She winks allowing the soldiers that got the free weapons earlier to clean up the mess left by the two blacksmiths.