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The Badger noble stands over a desk with a frown, "I've got one of the most strange missions request that I'm going to send you on." She unrolls a scroll, "Hello Ironsoul defenders, This is a request from the town of Heartfall." She looks over the text, "We are a small farming town based out of the north of Kindcraft, we are have had little trouble with the miners long as we kept to ourselves but we have been seeing more and more of them around they have begun to erect math and setting up dark math. We request the aid of a priest or a Crusader of the Church to purify the hearts of the people and fix some issues I am afriad to place on this parchment. I will be to the south of town to explain more." Kilsa places the parchment on the desk with a serious expression, "I am asking each of you to go in my stead to meet with this William of the heavy folk and see to his aid. I will be unfortunatly unable to join due to a Required meeting with the Good king for supplies to Heartfall." She looks at Kiyasai, "I will be sending you as representative of the Church."

Bite tilts her head at the request and takes it all in. Bite, always willing to help Kilsa out sits, ready to help out with this seemingly dangerous task. "Well sssweetie i'd be happy to help, but that's really all it says? Terrible things they don't want to inform you of in the scroll?" she hisses and shakes her head.

Selena sighs quietly. "I hate it when people don't tell you what's actually happening in their requests." She gripes with a chuckle, murmering something across to Arimia. "I suppose we'll have to find out what's happening when we're there, Bite."

Arimia flicks her ear at Selena's words, but shakes her head, instead folding her tentacles behind her and draping her cloak over her shoulders to hide them from view. She adjusts her cloak slightly so it won't accidentally reveal anything, then says, "An' if it's too much we'll turn around an' get more people."

"Good people know when not to talk about things. Gossip breeds only evil feelings." Kiyasai mutters softly, though she looks a bit overwhelmed by the assignment, not having undertaken any of such magnitude as a priest before. "We'll do what must be done." The snowmew chances a glance at Arimia with a frown, dark magic and all, but doesn't say anything. "That makes five of us, then? We'd best set off immediately."

Six considering the Semi bandaged Husky by the door, a Musket slung over her shoulder. Wulf gets off the wall with a nod. "Figured i'd come to visit and then I hear ya need help. So here I am, ready to go; and I ain't taking no for an answer if you try and convince me I should stay here."

The badger nods to Bite, "This worries me more than anything which is why I am asking for outside help. I don't want the Ironsoul Defenders to be caught unaware but its seems to be the norm when I send them out." She sighs, "If I charged for giving aid I would make the price double for cryptic letters. I have ask around the firmaments for details on Heartfall but the most I could gather is that its a town full of friendly if a little backwards folk that seem to have a knack for selling fine wines and taming Skriths. As you can tell that information is about as useful as asking whats the weather in a while underground." She grumbles, "I have a cart ready outside if there aren't any questions. Now follow me and I'll see you off if your all ready." She waits for the group to gather their things, "Now the cart will only take you a few miles off from the place. Now I expect you all to preform your best." She starts walking out of the fortress to a Bear male sitting in a cart. "Aye lass. This is the group you want me to carry? I'll do this for free long as you fix my cart later." Kilsa nods, "Alright Roger. Keep them safe." She says while pointing to the back of the cart with a look at Kiyasai and a soft smile. "Heartfell needs the Church just as much as they need the Defenders. Give them hope." She says as the cart begins to carry the crew off while Kilsa waves at them.

Bite takes a seated coil in the cart and gets comfortable, ready for a long wait before she has anything of importance to do. She checks on her dagger, then stows it away and stretches. "So what does this entail on your part exactly?" she hisses to Kiyasai, curious about what the priest will actually do.

Selena sighs quietly and looks across at Wulf. "I'm not going to say no. But really, Wulf? It's barely been a day since those bolts got pulled out of you." The wolf grumbles as she pulls herself into the cart and takes a seat, pulling a book out of her bag. "Give yourself some rest after this."

Arimia climbs onto the cart, sitting next to Bite, and gives a small frown at the husky, asking, "How you feelin'? Those bolts had to hurt comin' out." She settles back for the ride, examining her equipment as she does.

"I wish Jera were here. He'd rattle off to you a whole stack of information about wine. Still remember some of his notes. Heartfall...famous for their Heartwood barreled red vintages with nutty undertones an- Ok, maybe not useful." Kiyasai folds up the piece of note paper she is holding (where does she keep all these??) and follows behind Kilsa, taking her back out of habit as she turns to Bite. "I'm a priest. It's our job to cleanse any unethical uses of magic. It's part of our duty to answer and give help to anyone who asks for help. Kilsa's senior, but she's busy, so it's my assignment now." The white feline crawls into the cart and gets as comfortable as she can sitting in full dress, squeaking a bit at pinched hairs.

Wulf places her musket in her lap, poking at one of the wounds as she takes a seat. "Worry not, I'll be firing my musket only if I can help it... If things come to blows I still have my sabre. Besides I can't just sit by when someone needs help, it doesn't seem right." The Husky takes a rag out of her belt pouch and starts to polish the Barrel of her gun. "I suppose after this I'll take a break and go work at the pillows or something."

The cart right is safe and peace for a while Roger scratches his fur as they near the drop off point. "So your all kinda tough looking for a bunch of females. I guess. I am not so brave as to go into Heartfall without a dozen soulless...err soulbless or what ever you call yourselves now." He grunts as the cart creek to a stop. "Now this is as far as I'll take my big brown butt, I don't like to go to place where there is going to be fighting, drinking or stupid dangers that could kill me. Now go north of here and don't screw with Kindcraft to the south." He chuckles, "Though I might go a little further if I could get a date with one of you beautiful ladies." The Bear smiles revealing a set of yellow and rotted teeth. "Otherwise get out and walk." He grunts again before spitting on the dirt near by.

Bite giggles and shakes her head. She hops out of the cart and waves to Roger before preparing herself for danger. She quickly eyes her soul gems, her dark magician soul in hand. She finally puts it away and waits for the others to get out and come with her.

Selena scowls at the bear's comments, muttering something under her breath as she disembarks, putting her book away. "That was a short trip. Doesn't look like the town is too much further, though."

Arimia vacates the cart insultingly quick at Roger's suggestion, "checks her gear to make sure she has everything, then turns to the north. She doesn't start to move that way yet, however, simply seeing what can be seen from here while waiting on the rest to be ready to move along.

Wulf smiles and shakes her head. "No thanks buddy, I need to make sure I get some good excercise and get the blood flowin." She hops out of the cart, Musket in tow and looking at the people gathered.

Just moments after a landing off the cart Roger chuckles, "I figure this old bear wouldn't get a pretty date. Oh well. Best of luck to you beauties, I wish you the best." He give another yellow smiles and turns his cart around. "I won't be coming back so find your own way home. I know there should be a someeone that could take you home." The cart departs and the area is oddly quiet, not a single animal can be heard. The trail leading north into deeper and darker woods. The feeling of being watched seems to crawl at the minds of the party.

Bite sees the dark woods and begins preparing a spell, keeping in mind that burning the forest down probably isn't in her best interest. She does her best to stay with the group.

Selena glances at Arimia. "Any clue what that is, up ahead?" She asks nobody in particular, walking along behind the snake cautiously.

Arimia gives a small shake of her head, moving to examine the object spotted on the ground, stopping once she's near enough to see.

"Sorry!" Kiyasai waves to Roger and slides off the cart. She's quick to notice something very marked though, and she trudges forward in brisk steps with her hammer out, using the butt of the hammer to path the ground in front of her to check for pitfalls as she moves along the path. "Careful. There's something strange afoot...might be people waiting to ambush us..." She grumbles, slowing down as she approaches the...thing.

Wulf looks at the people stopping and the like, readying her musket now that someone has given warning that something may be afoot. "Right... well I am not moving till we figure out what is going on here."

The item on the ground is a black stone that seems to darken the ground around it but rust can seen on it. The math on it seem to be erroded to the point of uselessness as it seems to try to spread the dark aura further out. Further ahead there is a broken sign leaning against a tree, 'Welcome to Heartfull, we hope your heart falls for our lovely wines.' A picture of a skrith riding a heart is under the lettering while the the number of the population was scratched out from 100 to 50 to 30. The last number is also scratched out.

Bite frowns at the sign. "I don't think there's going to be much wine here sssweeties." she hisses, trying to be light-hearted about the fact that a town's population is down to below twenty people. She moves back to inspect the stone.

Selena shivers slightly. "I thought we were supposed to be meeting someone here." She comments. "Ari, you know more about this kind of math than I do. Can you make any of it out?" She asks the raccoon, keeping a watch on the surrounding landscape for any signs of movement.

Arimia bends over and picks the stone up, turning it over in her hands while saying, "It's a hex. It's been expended though. Might be able to do somethin' with it." She tucks it into a pocket of her cloak before moving to join the serpent in looking at a sign, giving a small frown at the dropping numbers. She then turns her gaze to the dark woods and says, "Well. I don' think they're going to brighten up any more, so I dunno that we should wait around."

"Always room for good wine, Bite. Stuff's worth a lot." That isn't where the snowkitty's attention is though, the feline still tapping the floor, and then she stops as she looks at the sign and sighs. "So many people lost to dark magic. It can't have been a direct attack...they'd have sent the report straight away." A light kick is offered to the spot where the stone lay. "Looks like whoever's been doing this has had the attack planned for a while. "Let's go in and see if anyone is up, and if I need to do any final rites."

Wulf Hrums atr the sign as she waits for the group to get moving again. "Let's hope there is someone alive at least... it would be saddenin to see a whole village get wiped out."

A soft flap is heard as a gold feathered chicken land in front of the group. The tail feathers on the chicken seems to be spourting a wicked set of spiked tentacles, "Are you the priests we sents for?" The chicken speaks softly as his tongue seems to be pierced with a stud of Charkra crystal. "I would have been out here sooner but we had... problems." He says as his feet make a soft squish on the ground. "You were supposed to be meeting with Will correct?" He says with a slight slur, "Unfortunately he is no longer with us." The chicken says with the best frown a beaked creature can manage.

Bite tilts her head and frowns. "I see, and is there still danger in the village?" she hisses to the chicken, noting the tentacles. She does not drop her prepared divine math, unsure what to expect.

Selena looks at the chicken a little suspiciously. "May I ask what happened? His letter wasn't very informative." Selena asks politely, though keeping a safe distance. "We'd appreciate any details you can offer, it would make our jobs a lot easier."

Arimia gives a slight nod of her head and says, "Frankly, all we know is there's some trouble an' you asked for the help of the church." She gives a small shrug of her shoulders and looks the chicken over, apparently unconcerned about the tentacles. "Such as how many of you there are, what the opposition is, an' the source of it."

"You waited for almost everyone in the village to die before you called for help. What gives?" Kiya doesn't hide her suspicion at all, pointing to Selena. "That. What happened to the priests here? And do you need me to put the dead to rest?" Her tail hangs low behind her, and anyone can sense her disappointment even underneath her heavy uniform, watching the chicken.

Wulf peers closer at the Chicken's mouth, flicking his ears. "Wait wait wait... is that a Chakra piece piercing your tongue buddy?" When she recieves an answer she nods and then looks to the group. "Right, I'm going to go scout the surrounding area to see what I can find out. If i find something I will try and get back here to report what I've found, all right?"

"We... Are under attack by Kindcraft. We didn't expect anything at first, we honestly thought they were just a few odd balls with a habit of trading valubles for petty things such as wine and food. We continued to trade for their amazing black and yellow crystals, we didn't know that there was a war going on till they made their move. In the middle of our festival we recieved a large black stone that watered our crops and made them grow, we aren't math users so we didn't expect anything bad our local priest warned us against it but we often ignored him and that proved our undoing." He heard wulf and shook his head, "I can't removed it without becoming like the others.. The folk without crystals became mad and began killing and eating others in a wild frenzy. We fought them off but then even us with the crystals started to eat the others we couldn't help it..." He began to sniffle, "The more you eat the bigger the crystals get and the stronger you become. I've only eaten one during my frenzy.... if we step too far out of the village these crystals begin to burn us, William got the letter out before his crystal ignited him. He....He left me his remains. We hope that a priest can help purify us and do something about that stone I think it has something to do with all of this." His eyes lock on Kiyasai, "If you are a priest please say a prayer for my village and help us be normal again. William didn't want to mention this to prevent us from being killed for becoming monsters... please understand we didn't want to decieve."

Bite blinks and watches the chicken for a while before looking for anyone else nearby. "So there are hostile frenzied beings running around here, eating other beings, and you can't leave. This crystal, if we approach it what do you forsee happening?" she hisses.

Selena purses her lips for a moment, and nods to the chicken. "Thank you for the information. I'm sorry to hear what's happened." She sighs quietly. "I'd like an answer to Bite's question too."

Arimia gives a small nod of her head, turning her attention to the woods, as if to keep an eye out for any beings moving about.

Kiyasai trembles on the spot. She shivers, and stops on the spot, armor rattling with a reserved rage, far more potent than anything that shouting or wild violence can express. She takes her hammer, and swings it with brute force, though only throwing it onto the ground next to the chicken. "I don't get what's so hard to follow about scripture. Most of it is common sense and morals. Don't anger the Creators. Don't do anything you wouldn't want done to yourself. By right I can just walk away and leave things to finish to their entirety. The reach of the church ends where you guys first drew the line." She steps forward and shakes the chicken by the shoulders twice. "But I won't. I'll purify his remains."

The chicken shivers a bit, "We didn't ask to be this way, what was any of us supposed to do?!" He shouts but his legs are trembling, "I just want to see William and the others again... We can't help it atleast with the yellow stone we can fight it a little. If you have to kill us all then do but just don't leave us...to...to this." He gesuture to his form. "Attacking the stone is useless for us with the stones inside of us. My brother tired to strike it with his warhammer and he exploded. I don't know what it would do to you all but I know that every night a gang of those monsters that made us like this come and place a little yellow stone against it. I don't know what it does but me and the other sane ones ended up cornering another out here and killing him but we lost the black stone he was carrying." The chicken sighs, "You can have me hanged afterwards, Priest but atleast help cure the children that are still alive here. I'm going to head back follow me if you want to get to one of the few safe areas in the village." He turns and begins to walk away as he gets out of Kiyasai's grip.

Bite slithers behind the chicken, her magic at ready and on alert. Not only are there aggressive frenzied beings running around, there is a chance that any one of the party could be drawn under this little understood influence. She warily looks back from time to time to check on the others.

Selena shoots Kiyasai a venomous glare as she shakes the chicken, obviously disapproving of the angered outburst. The wolf sighs quietly. "A black stone? You don't say." She comments, looking over at Arimia as she follows Bite's lead warily.

Arimia fishes about in a pocket and pulls out the stone she'd picked up from the ground. She hands it to the snow leopardess and says, "You go help them. I'm going to hang back here an' make sure none of these Kindcraft visitors of theirs come back this way to try an' get back in an' stop you all." After saying that she looks around for a good concealed vantage point and settles in to watch and wait.

"That's the stone done, then. And thanks, Arimia." Kiyasai mumbles and picks up her hammer, then shudders a little as she notices the tentacles. "This is sick. I'm not sure if I want to step into the town anymore." But she knows she has to as she starts following behind the chicken into the forsaken place, gripping the stone she was given tight. "It's almost nightfall, Selena, Bite. Think we could take on a pack of dark magic beasts?" She seems solemn more than angry now.

The chicken continues to walk forward leading the group, his golden feathers are slowly turning a reddish hue as they come into the town. A few dozen Skrith skeletons dot the path way. "Now be quiet... Long as we don't talk to loudly or go near the stone we won't run into Megan." He turns down the first alley way before cursing. A small group of male and female Pomeranian small folk are growling back at him, the are covered in dried blood as they begin to slowly walk toward the chicken, "Ah. Its the one that go away..... We were looking for you. We wanted to invite you to dinner. We found your little lair but nobody would let us in. Oh well we don't mind a mine a picnic in a nice alley way. Won't you be a good little chicken, Terry, and feed us?" Tentacles sprout from all of them in various places as the chicken starts to step back.

Bite examines the situation before lashing out with her explosive force, directing it at the approaching would be picnic goers.

Selena stares down the cannibalistic cohorts, quickly lauching a barrage of debris towards them.

Kiyasai certainly has a slightly better reason to trust the chicken now as she smites one with a blast of her divine faith, powering up any magic that her two companions might be trying, then charges to intercept.

The moment the explosive force hits the chicken dives out of the way and tries to get behind the fighters. The Pomeranian's are knocked back by Bites explosion as the first one to stand up from the blast is blown away from the divine blast of Kiyasai. The canine screams and begins to claw at his gem embedded with his eye. "STUPID CAT!!! I'll-" His words are cut off at a Turtle the size of a Cart lands on him. The other creatures scurry away as the turtle snaps on up in its jaws. Its head has spikes of Black and Yellow stones as it looks down at the group with a beastial hunger, as it finishes it meal it roars and charges the group.

The turtle goes down hard crushing the last remaining Pomeranian. "By the Creators... You beat megan." The chick looks dumbfounded but cannot stop licking his beak hungrily at the beaten turtle, "I've never had turtle before....." He grips his hand tightly, "We have to go. Megan isn't the biggest or most dangerous out here..." He starts running towards a small chapel his eyes darting this way and that inspecting for dangers.

Bite giggles and whispers something to Selena before following the chicken, looking around. A fight is sure to draw onlookers, she doesn't want to stay here.

Selena shivers a little in disdain for the waste of life and a little in apprehension, nodding to Bite and replying in kind.

A chapel! A welcome sight for a priest. She's seems too distracted to finish the deed on Megan as she swings her hammer hard against Megan. One could swear it make a squeaking sound like a rubber toy as it took out the corrupted picnicker, and then she's racing the chicken to the chapel, trying to get ahead in case their escort pulled more aggression from other corrupted things.

The Chicken knocks on the Chapel seven times before a knock is hear of the otherside and he nods before knocking five times. A click is heard as the doors open and a elderly Tapir woman open the door. "Terry... You've brought someone to help?" The female left eye is covered in crystal as she speaks, "Please purify the children first." She gestures to a series of cages that have various children growling and snarling at the group, "I'm Yinna, I was a cook till this terribleness filled our village. I hope you can help us. I know there is a much worse thing happening to the children but I don't know enough to help it."

Bite shakes her head. "These children are sick sssweetie." she hisses and moves closer to one in an attempt to see if there's anything she can do. She doesn't get close enough to touch them however, as the children are clearly out of their mind.

Selena looks over at the children, examining them as best she can through the bars but unsure of how to proceed with the situation, she turns back to the group. "Kiyasai, Have you heard of Rabid fever?" She asks in a hushed tone, hoping to jog the leopardess's memory for any further information. "I remember hearing something about priests 'smiting the illness' and using some fire math. But there's some dark magic on these kids too. I can't do anything about either." The wolf sighs a little dejectedly, cursing the absence of Arimia for the latter.

"We need to tear the evil right by the roots. Where is the other priest here?" Kiyasai stiffens on closer examination of the children though, brushing past Yinna to look at the cages. "Heard of it. I can almost feel their fever from here. I don't remember any cases of Rabid Fever ever being so damning." She turns to Selena. "I don't think we have supplies to treat this at a place like this. We have to stop the dark magic. What's taking Arimia so long?" She grumbles, muttering a soft incantation to soothe the fever of the child she thinks is having it worst by clearing a bit of addle from the child's mind.

The child look at Kiyasai as the gems on her body crack a little. "It hurts." The child look at Kiyasai before the gems start to refrom and the little German shepherd girl slams against the cage growling once again. The old tapir sighs, "I've been keeping them feed from the churches provisions but we are running out and that stone in the center of town is getting bigger now that the stupid miners have begun doing something to it with that stupid yellow stone. I swear I hate them, I hope they all die and that Creator damn the very bloodlines that made them." She spits on the ground in a rage before sitting back on pew. "My old bones can't take it, Terry.... Will said that we had to hold out hope. I'm still holding but poor Will is dead, my husband is dead and you've gone mad and even sweet Megan is terrorizing the whole village..." She whimpers.

Bite winces and shakes her head. "I'm not sure that Megan's going to be any more of a problem sssweetie." she hisses to the tapir. "I'd be more than happy to attempt to blow up the big crystal for you sssweetie, but i'm not sure how much we can do for these children at this time." she adds as she looks to the others hopefully.

Selena looks across at the tapir. "Could you point us towards the stone?" She asks, flinching at the poor German shepherd child's thrashing. "Once that crystal's gone, the kids should be at least a little better. We just can't do anything about them now." She explains. "The faster we can destroy that stone, the better."

"I might be able to purge it...untwist the magic, if you two can cover me. I'm not sure how much strength I'll have left after that." Kiyasai nods solemnly and finds a sheet of paper from that spot in the chapels that list local curatives. "Looks like the children will be find if we can stop the magic though. Local cure for this Rabid Fever is Heartwood smoke. Burn a wine barrel. And no drinking, Selena."

Terry opens a hatch behind the pew and smiles, "Creators must love you, Priest. The local priest here was a notorious drunk. I've had a few bar brawls with the old cat myself. I knew he had a stash, I don't know if this is Heartwood but I know this is some of the best wine we brew out here." He dragged the large barrel over to Kiyasai and stepped back. "I think that all we got. If you need more the best bet is the Chiefs house but the stone is right there." The Tapir look at Selena, "The stone is where he says, Outside behind this church and past many houses is a large manor where the festival is heal and were we put the stone before things really got bad."

Bite giggles and sets about her divine math, employing fire magic with intent on burning the barrel.

Selena quickly moves to stop Bite from setting the barrel ablaze. "If you set a fire in here, it's going to be noticed!" She chides. "Then what? They're safe here for now, at least."

"So what if it's going to be noticed...? Maybe we'll have more tentacled not-raccoons to fight." Kiyasai smiles weakly as she looks at the barrel, no idea what she's doing.

The two look on at the group waiting to see what they will do next. "If your going to cure the children. Do whatever needs to be done. We can always rebuild if it gets out of hand." Outside the building the sound of a low howl can be heard along with the sounds of villages hooting and hollering as the crystals seem to gain power at night and drive them all into a frenzy of fighting each other.

Bite plans to continue but stops when she hears the howls. "It's better to do it now, while we're here but I suppose it can wait until they're ready to do so. If you want to wait, tell them what to do when the smoke is released so that they don't need us here, assuming it becomes safe to do so." she hisses and pouts.

Selena curses quietly. "...Just be quick. We don't have time to argue." The wolf growls, and heads to the door. "Either set it on fire or not, but we need to get rid of that gem now. I'm no priest -- Kiyasai knows what has to be done better than me." She explains hastily.

"Yeah...I think I can smite it. Watched the Priests in Shralesta handle one victim of the taint. They had a whole circle of priests though. I'm alone, but I can do it...if you guys will protect me...I'll be out cold right after, if I'm still alive." Kiya looks at Bite. "The children just need to breathe the smoke. Just a bit of it. That's what the papers say anyway."

Bite pouts. "Then i'll start a tiny fire for them to snuff, so that they can breathe it, then we need to leave." she hisses and refocuses on the barrel, moving closer to it and flicking her wrist to provide a spark for the barrel.

The spark hits the barrell causing it to ignite the flames casts an eerie light as shadows of the gathered folk dance against the walls. There is no smoke but the barrel continues to burn. Luckly the barrell is void of all of the alcohol that would normally have filled it, as the wooden lid is nearly consume Kiyasai says a long and powerful prayer as Math known only to those of the creator church spread out to the sick children and even to the two other adults of the village. A sound similar to glass breaking echoes from each of the infected folk as Kiyasai works her prayer, only minutes pass before the children collapse into a peacefull slumber as their gems turn a brillant white that is slowing darkening, The adults aren't nearly as affected and only feel the hunger fade for just a few moments. Kiyasai feels powerful weariness on her as she finishes the immense purification ritual.

Bite giggles and smiles. "Well sssweeties we better get going and fix things in a hurry." she hisses, swaying a bit. She's clearly happy about the effects.

Selena nods to the priest as she finishes the spell, lobbing a dulling potion over to Kiyasai. "Make sure you keep them safe." She comments to the the Tapir and chicken, waiting for Kiyasai to join herself and Bite.

Kiyasai crumbles to the floor, mewling in discomfort as she struggles to stay on her feet, armor feeling like a drag rather than something to really be proud of. "Still gotta...handle the big crystal..." She falls to one knee but manages to keep herself up. And drag her hammer behind her. And gets a dulling potion spilled over her again. "Stop that!" She mmrowls, seeming to recover for the wrong reasons.

The chicken smiles for a second, "You know when you first showed up I expected you to be a clean up crew to kill us. You've done all I've wanted so I'm going to help you out." He unbarred the front door. When you hear my signal I want you to run north around the building and keep running till you reach that stone and fix it." He give the old Tapir a kiss on the cheek before running outside. Everything thing is quiet besides the occasion growl from the villagers or the loud snore from the sleeping child. Then... "Hey! DINNER IS ON TERRY TONIGHT. I'M IN THE SOUTH OF TOWN AND I BET NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU CAN GET ME!" The rooster screams as the sound of rabid folk running path gets everyones attention before its slient again.

Bite reacts swiftly, slithering off and following directions, going around the building as quickly as possible.