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August 475 SA


Valente is present, wielding a frothy mug of... something... in his hand. It's about the right color for beer, and it was cheap. Good enough for good times. "To life," he toasts, draining half of it.

Bite slitheres into the... uniquely named bar and looks around, havinig nevere been here before. She had heard of a theives guild, something that interested her sense of greed. Upon seeing Valente she smiles, and waves to the drinking rabbit. "Hey, you sure get around sssweetheart, how are you doing?" she asks, moving towards him and looking to order something for herself, preferably something a little more expensive.

Valente tips his mug of hopefully-ale towards Bite, seated at the bar but facing the rest of the room, "Enjoying a tall cold one after a hard day of adventuring and the like," reports the rabbit born, "Didn't feel like performing for dinner, so I stopped here instead. You come by often?"

Bite shakes her head. "This is my first time hear, I herd about... a guild." she hisses, looking around for a bit. "And it peaked my interests." she admits, unsure if its a good or bad thing to be seen in public taking a liking to a place like that. She gets herself a drink and rejoins the rabbit, coiling at her seat. "You have wonderful musical talent, whats your name? And thank you again for that tip the other day, it was a forunate event for me." she hisses and smiles.

Kilsa walks into the bar with a grunt. "Aaaaah." She sighs happy and move over to the bar. Fingering her soulgem and glacing around she notices both Bite and the hare. "I swear on the Creators, I see more and more you each day." She shake her head and orders a very dark ale. Within the first she sticks out her tongue. "Ewww... Tastes the underside of an outhouse. I see how this place gets it name."

"I didn't say?" asks the hare, "Val, short for Valente, but who needs that many syllables?" he asks with a grin, "And look, someone else I know." he waves the beer towards Kilsa lightly, "Come and join us," he beckons, "Plenty of piss to go around for everyone, I swear it." A glance about, and he leans to nudge Bite lightly, "Side note, you don't talk about the guild."

Bite smirks and nods, taking note and planning to never speak about it again. She visiably is pleased with the conduct that this guild exhibits, and takes a drink from what she ordered before wincing and swallowing slowly. "I suppose price doesn't improve the taste does it?" she hisses and giggles, waving to Kilsa with a smile. "I guess this can count as our chat after the dinner, we never got around to it with the offer that came up did we?" Bite sways a little and looks around the room again, sighing at the thought that to test the floor she would have to use her legs or thump her tail about.

"Plenty of piss is right. Either way long as it gets me to that spot where I'm nice and happy I'll keep drinking."The Badge laughs and drops in the nearest seat. "I suppose we didn't Bite. So lets talk." She smirks and burps a little of the Ale. "Its alot better coming out. So what brings you two together?" With a disgusted look she drinks another bit of her ale.

Valente drains the other half of his mug, proving himself not a timid drinker, "Brings us together? Fate? Creator's Will? Or maybe we're both cheap and thirsty and in need of a good sloshing." Probably the last one. He slaps the counter and the mug vanishes off to be refilled with whatever the house has on top that day.

* Tap

Bite looks between the two and tilts her head. "Well I was just inspecting the place, heard it was pretty interesting." she hisses and giggles, before trying to shoot back her entire drink in one go. She manages to do so and flicks her tongue out in satisifaction of this accomplishment. "Is the same true of you?" she says to Kilsa, using her tail to slip a crown to Valente.

Laughing in a deep baritone Kilsa give the table a light slap. "I'm as cheap as it gets. My weapons are my only flashy purchases." She look over to bite with a smile. "I sleep in a church. I perfer to get out when I can if I'm not forging steel, praying, or taking jobs, I'm looking for a place to drink till the church bells ring again. This was just the new place of the week." She smiled at the pair. "But since the two most interesting folk I've met frequent here this might be a more permanent spot for me. Can't afford to miss out on good work." She says and sips a little more of the horrid ale.

Valente raises his brows, "Now now. You won't find me sharing those kinds of tales around here too often," he hastens to explain, reaching to accept his incoming mug, "Most of the people around here aren't 'our' sort. Don't send a random chap to do a soulless' job." he says, raising the glass, "To destiny," he offers in toast.

Bite looks at her empty mug and toasts anyhow, hissing "To fortune." Bite smiles at the notion, unable to quite agree about destiny, but quite willing to wish the two at the table a taste of good fortune with a hearty toast. She orders another and whispers something to the hare, looking away as though nothing was said at all.

Kilsa smiles warmly and hold out her mug. "To Fame." She blushes a little and begins to down her drink in one glup. Her brow rises as she notices Bite whispering. "Hmmmmmm. So between us soulless, Have you heard anything on special soulgems, Val?" She tries to look as innocent as possible. "Just on curious badger to a bunny? You seem to get around enough to know more than I do." She bares all her sharp teeth in what is meant to be a grin.

Valente shakes his head quickly, "Nothing conclusive. A lot of scrabbling around. Some stupid things." He drains his mug a quiet moment, "Now, you didn't hear from me, but if you tip the bar man three coins and ask for one back, you might get him riled up. Just saying."

Bite tilts her head at the hares remark, looking over to the man at the bar. "I see. So where have you been hearing these stupid things?" she directs to the hare, givlooking back over at Kilsa and smiling. "I'm going to get it done, you don't have to put so much effort into it." she giggles, taking a new drink and kicking it back.

Kilsa gives a mocking look to Bite, "Don't blow it up with your magic." She turns back to the hare, "I would hate to see someone who makes Ale this badly poison me. I couldn't enjoy the fact I've been poisons because I wouldn't know the difference from this spit." She chuckles and decides to try another beer. The feeling of being with friends keeping her in light spirits. "You know I heard a rumor that if you tip a priestess at the local church she uses the money to buy ale but of course that just a rumor."

Valente snorts softly, "Which one?" she asks, "Littly Sal or big Paula?" he asks with a raised brow, "Sure both of them need a little libation once in a while. As for stupid things, well... Friend of a friend, you know how it goes, says one of the high muckity mucks in the castle yonder decided he'd cement his kid's future by hiring a big band of soulless to go fetch a rock for him."

Bite smirks and tilts her head, interested in this development. She drops her previous line of thought to consider what this would mean. "Well... I suppose if those rumors are true, my resolve does not shift so long as the kid is smart, strong, kind, and fit to represent the people." She says that although seems to be thinking it over, more curious about the child in question thatn her possible reward.

"I'm curious... What else did your friend of a friend tell you." She scratched her chin and thought over the ideal of someone else trying to pay their way to HER soulgem. "I wonder what they know that we don't, I would think some information gathering is in order." She puts a small sack crowns onto the table. "I have fifty crowns to my name, Val. I'm sure it means little to your but a poor preistess would like to be a little more informed." She leans over and whispers in his ear before smiling in her seat.

Valente shakes a hand, "Your coin tempts direly, m'lady, but I can only tell you what they didn't consider." He taps the counter lightly, "The challenge is not to get a new gem, but to duplicate it. A wonderous gem of untold power can still lose the contest."

Bite smirks, having remembered this little detail. "Basically they want you to get a powerful gem, then make more." she hisses with a nod, sure she is correct in this assumption. "While this would normally be outside my field of expertise I think I can safely say i'll have no trouble." Bite turns her attention to the priest, considering what to do about this. "So tell me... Kilsa? What is it like being a priest, what do you do?" she queries with an elated interest.

Kilsa smiles, "I take it your an honest hare, keep the fifty. At least I have some ideal what the good king wanted. Anymore helpful information will be happily reward." She chews her lips to bite question. "I'm more of a subset of priest, I'm rarely in one church but I go from place to place enforcing the Creators will with all sort of task. I've feed homeless, I've built a church but I find my best skills are helping warriors out on the field against creatures. The church appreciates me forging weapons the most, My father is a blacksmith and always wanted me to be one but I took to religion more than forging. This is my best work." She pulls a hammer off her back that is shaped like a angry badgers head. "I made it with my father before I left home. It's his face." She chuckles and passes Bite the large hammer.

Valente is not one to turn down funds, and slips it into a pocket, "It's a good calling," he agrees, "To speak the word of the Creators and help others through life. I'm better with my hands though. Hands for playing, hands for swordplay," Shaggy brows raise upwards, "What use are deft hands when giving sermon or leading discussion circles?" he asks, and drains the rest of his mug.

Bite smirks and hisses. "I have suppose you could day i'm good with my hands." as she thinks of looting, only to follow up with "Although I do have talents in the way of magic. I've been working hard at it and considering all of my possibilities to produce the best possible combinations for weeding out the Shadows. Of course anything I gain from doing so happens to be well worth while." She contemplates a display but decides against it, deciding to leave it up to her word, lest she fall in debt for destroying this establishment. "I"m also an accomplished swimmer, but I suppose that's to be expected of me." she says, drawing attention to a desgination of her clan.

Kilsa smiles with slightly reddish eyes. "Deft hands? Look at these hands!" She chuchkles and shows that her hands are nearly the size of the hares head. "I have heavy hands. They are very useful when lifting a giggling child into the air, When hauling grain to a hungry folk. While I'm not as pretty as even the homeless graceful folk or as swift as the slowest small folk, I find my body is well suited for when you just need someone to move a mountain. The only things my hands are good for in a sermon is to box the ears of a mouth or undisplined child." She smiles, "But I'm a big softy, I would rather heal but this badger blood calls for action and if I can channel this rage into love then I feel that the Creators will love me for it." She blushes and looks into her empty mug.

Valente sets his mug on the counter, "These are far from loving times, so don't you worry yourself. The will of the Creators gave you the power to defend those giggling little people and drag food across a country if need be. No wrong in that," he says with a solemn tone. He looks towards Bite, "And you forget, you're a soulless, you got whatever talents you put your mind to picking up. Don't trap yourself in one field." He reaches back to tap his guitar, "Why I don't put this down, even if I spend a lot of the day weeding the countryside of shadow touched things."

Bite smirks and giggles. "I don't feel trapped at all, I'm quite happy with magic. I just wish I could expand more upon it, can only do so much right now." she hisses and looks to Valente's guitar. "Do you ever play it while you do so? I bet if you could you would be the best guitarist in Sweetwater." She considers ways to bolster her magical output and work towards this task she has taken on as she idly flicks her tail against the ground.

Kilsa sighs, "My skill at the forge was something I was taught each time I stood in front of that forget I had to remove my soulgem. My father seems to think it would help in some way. It was only an hour at a time but I think no matter what if I lose this soulgem I would still be with the church and with the heat of the forge. Its my love and what it means to be a folk for me." She smiles almost satisfied with herself. "Even if being a soulless is a probelm to some, My soul is not this bauble, its in my actions." Kilsa strokes her soulgem in thought.

Valente wrinkles his fuzzy snout lightly, "Doubt I'd make more than the bounties on clearing the country, except that run at the palace last night. The Good King pays well for his entertainment, but he doesn't run those shin digs every week." A lift of the shoulders, tap tap, he requests another mug, and sets some coins to belly up for what he's already devours, "True words. Let no being begrudge the virtue of success," he repeats from the night before.

Bite ponders the meaning of these words for a split second before turning her attention to Kilsa. "I suppose it is not, but it is an acting stand in is it not?" she says with a giggle. SHe stretches and excuses herself for a second, approaching the man behind the counter and offering him three crowns, then asks for one back. She expects the worse, her body tensing up as she awaits a response.

A grunt of annoyance, but instead of giving the coin back, he rises up and out of the way, allowing Kilsa over towards a concealed hatch. The three coins remain his though. Moving pay.

He, in this case, being the barkeep.

Kilsa notices the open hatch and decides to take the path. "Hmm." She leaves her coins just as well to give the barkeep another three coin. She desends with a with a smiles and a nod.